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Making America Mentally Healthy. Miller, Joel E. Jun 22, 2020 705
Linking Family and Intimate Partner Relationships to Chronic Pain: An Application of the Biobehavioral Family Model. Signs, Tara L.; Woods, Sarah B. Report Mar 1, 2020 6617
Potential of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) for Youth in Alcohol and Drug Education. Sharma, Manoj; Lukhan, Ram Aug 1, 2019 1307
All Systems Go: An Ecological Perspective of Behavioral Health for Youth With Type 1 Diabetes. Wagner, David V.; Koskela-Staples, Natalie; Harris, Michael A.; Barry, Samantha A. Report Mar 1, 2019 11801
Assessing the social determinants of health care costs for Medicaid-enrolled adolescents in Washington State using administrative data. Patton, Deleena A.; Liu, Qinghua; Adelson, Jaimie D.; Lucenko, Barbara A. Statistical data Feb 1, 2019 8851
Many Teens Are Concerned Over Societal Discrimination; Increase in concern in 2016 linked to increase in behavioral problems such as substance use in 2017. Aug 30, 2018 253
2018 BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE CHAMPIONS. Valentino, Tom Jun 22, 2018 1809
A Case Report of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) for a Japanese Patient with Recurrent Depressive Disorder: The Importance of Layered Processes in CFT. Asano, Kenichi; Shimizu, Eiji Jan 1, 2018 5093
PEER INFLUENCE ON THE PSYCHOSOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL HEALTH OF AFRICAN AMERICAN COLLEGE STUDENTS. Ford, Kentya H.; Meshack, Angela; Peters, Ronald J., Jr.; Lin, Mi-Ting; Yu, Sheila Report Sep 22, 2017 5647
The Best Practice Spotlight Organizations (BPSO) Program Experience in Australia/Experiencia en el programa: Las mejores practicas de las organizaciones mas destacadas (BPSO) en Australia/Experiencia no programa: Melhores praticas de organizacoes lideres (BPSO) na Australia. Hurley, Jenny; Dabars, Elizabeth; Bonner, Rob Report Aug 1, 2017 4200
Group cognitive behavioral therapy for children and adolescents with ADHD. Coelho, Luzia Flavia; Barbosa, Deise Lima Fernandes; Rizzutti, Sueli; Bueno, Orlando Francisco Amode Jan 1, 2017 9381
In search of a perennial philosophy for behavioral health integration in primary care. Mauksch, Larry B.; Fogarty, Colleen T. Editorial Jun 1, 2016 1414
Effect of group cognitive-behavioral therapy on the quality of life and social functioning of patients with mild depression. Zhang, Boyuan; Ding, Xuefan; Lu, Weihong; Zhao, Jing; Lv, Qinyu; Yi, Zhenghui; Zhang, Shaoping; Chen Feb 1, 2016 6217
Current, continuous, and cumulative trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy: a new model for trauma counseling. Kira, Ibrahim A.; Ashby, Jeffrey S.; Omidy, Andrea Z.; Lewandowski, Linda Oct 1, 2015 8456
Warm handoffs serve as the first step toward accountable care: the accountable approach requires integration and coordination among disparate providers. Sammer, Joanne Jun 22, 2015 1251
Annual design showcase brings balancing act to light: consider special populations when incorporating aesthetics. Brown, Julia Report Jun 22, 2015 6607
Adopting evidence-based medically assisted treatments in substance abuse treatment organizations: roles of leadership socialization and funding streams. Blum, Terry C.; Davis, Carolyn D.; Roman, Paul M. Report Jun 22, 2014 9243
Family mode deactivation therapy (FMDT) mediation analysis. Swart, Joan; Apsche, Jack Report Mar 22, 2014 14091
Social network: today's behavioral health treatment centers for adolescents and young adults offer healing designs that support a peer-driven environment of care. Sanders, Rebecca Kleinbaum Nov 1, 2013 938
Tele-mental and behavioural health: implications in glocal context - a hope to meet the needs of the underserved. Jun 30, 2013 1223
The ethics of complex relationships in primary care behavioral health. Reiter, Jeff; Runyan, Christine Report Mar 1, 2013 5301
Effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy a long with conventional treatment in asthma patients compared with solely conventional therapy. Jamalimotlagh, Maryam; Rezaei, Omid; Fata, Ladan; Jamaati, Hamidreza; Masafi, Saeede Report Sep 1, 2012 4102
Nocturnal enuresis. Akman, R. Yavuz Report Jun 1, 2012 3956
Risk and strategic decision-making in developing evidence-based practice guidelines. Wilczynski, Susan M. Report May 1, 2012 8021
Impact of treadmill exercise on efficacy expectations, physical activity, and stroke recovery. Shaughnessy, Marianne; Michael, Kathleen; Resnick, Barbara Report Feb 1, 2012 6302
An assessment of the evidence-base for school-wide positive behavior support. Chitiyo, Morgan; May, Michael E.; Chitiyo, George Clinical report Feb 1, 2012 6359
Health services research and global health. Bradley, Elizabeth H.; Fennell, Mary L.; Pallas, Sarah Wood; Berman, Peter; Shortell, Stephen M.; Cu Dec 1, 2011 2936
Examining the social, emotional and behavioral needs of youth involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Neely-Barnes, Susan; Whitted, Katheryn Report Sep 22, 2011 8028
Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal: 'Knowledge of and attitudes towards behavioral health services among older youth in the foster care system'. Munson, Michelle R.; Narendorf, Sarah Carter; McMillen, J. Curtis Author abstract Jun 22, 2011 109
A program description of a community-based intensive behavioral intervention program for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Leaf, Ronald B.; Taubman, Mitchell T.; McEachin, John J.; Leaf, Justin B.; Tsuji, Kathleen H. Report May 1, 2011 9646
The psychology of organizational structure in integrated health systems. Zismer, Daniel K. May 1, 2011 3363
Anger and violence prevention: enhancing treatment effects through booster sessions. Bundy, Alysha; McWhirter, Paula T.; McWhirter, J. Jeffries Feb 1, 2011 4402
Remembering why, how, and what for. Grantham, Dennis G. Editorial Nov 1, 2010 520
Finding an ABA program that's right for your child. Huhtanen, Shelly Oct 1, 2010 1037
Understanding the cultures of prescription drug abuse, misuse, addiction, and diversion. O'Neil, Michael; Hannah, Karen L. Report Jul 1, 2010 3259
Reframing mental health and psychological well-being among persons of African descent: Africana/Black Psychology meeting the challenges of fractured social and cultural realities. Myers, Linda James; Speight, Suzette L. Jun 1, 2010 6707
Ready, set, integrate! After last month's lesson in overcoming fears, staff must learn their roles in implementing peer support and physical health integration. Ashcraft, Lori; Anthony, William A. Column Apr 1, 2010 1489
Bullying status and behavior patterns of preadolescents and adolescents with behavioral preadolescents and adolescents with behavioral disorders. Cho, Jeong-il; Hendrickson, Jo M.; Mock, Devery R. Report Nov 1, 2009 5599
Provider resilience: the challenge for behavioral health providers assigned to brigade combat teams. Applewhite, Larry; Arincorayan, Derrick Report Apr 1, 2009 4657
Introduction to the BAT special issue on bridge studies. Wacker, David P.; McComas, Jennifer; Borrero, John C. Mar 22, 2009 1725
Strengthening the addiction workforce: combating recruitment and retention challenges will require bolder initiatives. McEneaney, Kevin E. Dec 1, 2008 1864
Subjective wellbeing and the city. Morrison, Philip S. Survey Jul 1, 2007 12248
Resisting peer pressure: characteristics associated with other-self discrepancies in college students' levels of alcohol consumption. Novak, Katherine B. Mar 1, 2007 7389
An exploration of students' perceptions of empirically supported treatments: the significance of gender and ethnicity. Jacobucci, Ray Clinical report Mar 1, 2007 6242
Warning voices in a policy vacuum: professional accounts of gay men's health in Aotearoa New Zealand. McCreanor, Timothy Mar 1, 2007 7024
Implementing behavioral intervention components in a cost-effective manner: analysis of the Incredible Years program. Olchowski, Allison E.; Foster, E. Michael; Webster-Stratton, Carolyn H. Dec 22, 2006 10568
Preventing behavior problems and health-risking behaviors in girls in foster care. Chamberlain, Patricia; Leve, Leslie D.; Smith, Dana K. Dec 22, 2006 5691
State of the research & literature address: ACT with children, adolescents and parents. Murrell, Amy R.; Scherbath, Andrew J. Dec 22, 2006 6526
Demographic and academic trends in drinking patterns and alcohol-related problems on dry college campuses. Turrisi, Robert Dec 1, 2006 6478
A review of behavioral treatments for persons with dementia. Buchanan, Jeffrey A. Sep 22, 2006 8390
Rule-governed behavior and self-control in children with ADHD: a theoretical interpretation. Barry, Leasha M.; Kelly, Melissa A. Sep 22, 2006 6872
Self-directed behavioural family intervention. Morawska, Alina; Sanders, Matthew R. Sep 22, 2006 4388
A review and empirical comparison of three treatments for adolescent males with conduct and personality disorder: mode deactivation therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and social skills training. Apsche, Jack A.; Bass, Christopher K. Sep 22, 2006 6102
Self-directed behavioural family intervention. Morawska, Alina; Sanders, Matthew R. Jun 22, 2006 4389
Problem solving treatment for intellectually disabled sex offenders. Nezu, Christine Maguth; Fiore, Alicia A.; Nezu, Arthur M. Jun 22, 2006 5386
Behavioral activation for anxiety disorders. Hopko, Derek R.; Robertson, Sarah M.C.; Lejuez, C.W. Mar 22, 2006 11167
Parent training for families of children with comorbid ADHD and ODD. Danforth, Jeffrey S. Mar 22, 2006 10487
Effect of behavioral activation treatment on fibromyalgia-related pain anxiety cognition. Lundervold, Duane A.; Talley, Chris; Buermann, Michael Mar 22, 2006 4530
A treatment study of mode deactivation therapy in an out patient community setting. Apsche, Jack A.; Bass, Christopher K. Mar 22, 2006 2583
Application of functionsl analytic psychotherapy: clinical analysis of a patient with depressive disordes/Aplicacion de la psicoterapia analitica funcional. Un analisis clinico de un trastorno depresivo. Garia, Rafael Ferro; Aguayo, Luis Valero; Montero, M. Carmen Vives Jan 1, 2006 10773
The relationship between treatment acceptability and familism. Pemberton, Joy R.; Borrego, Joaquin, Jr. Dec 22, 2005 4448
Project STOP: cognitive behavioral assessment and treatment for sex offenders with intellectual disability. Nezu, Christine Maguth; Greenberg, Jeffrey; Nezu, Arthur M. Sep 22, 2005 6055
Preventing problem behaviors: primary, secondary, and tertiary level prevention interventions for young children. Tobin, Tary J.; Sugai, George Sep 22, 2005 6039
Social skills versus skilled social behavior: a problematic distinction in autism spectrum disorders. Romanczyk, Raymond G.; White, Sara; Gillis, Jennifer M. Report Sep 22, 2005 8746
Keeping families in once they've come through the door: attrition in parent-child interaction therapy. Fernandez, Melanie A.; Eyberg, Sheila M. Sep 22, 2005 2800
Current behavioral models of client and consultee resistance: a critical review. Cautilli, Joe; Riley-Tillman, T. Chris; Axelrod, Saul; Hineline, Phil Jun 22, 2005 6950
Interlocking patterns of conditional probability: the reinforcement matrix. Cautilli, Joseph D.; Hantula, Donald A. Jan 1, 2002 6672
Personality, personality "theory" and dissociative identity disorder: what behavior analysis can contribute and clarify. Phelps, Brady J. Sep 22, 2001 7773

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