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Upcoming star-studded superhero series Team Muhafiz to teach history and tackle social issues. Jun 14, 2022 721
Why we should be alarmed with #MaJoHa. Apr 18, 2022 1294
Hope's Foundation: When our current situation appears hopeless, we can look to examples from history of people who have overcome much worse odds than ours. Thornton, James Sep 20, 2021 4758
'History never repeats itself' Webinar on discourse of history. Jul 6, 2021 329
It's time to stop teaching history with the Pinoy as 'kawawa'. Mar 2, 2021 969
Time and race in history education. Elias, Hannah Dec 22, 2020 5084
Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of the "Public Displays of History" Debate. Wellenreiter, Benjamin R.; Noraian, Monica Report Oct 1, 2020 13566
Anti-racism protests turn spotlight on icons of US history. Jun 25, 2020 679
Studying the forms and functions of legal translations in history: the case of 19th-century Belgium. van Gerwen, Heleen Jul 1, 2019 6330
Combatting racism to create a better Australia: the potential of the national cross-curriculum priority of teaching Aboriginal histories and cultures. Heaton, Adam Report Mar 22, 2019 6022
Why write about history? Hochdorf, Race Essay Jul 1, 2017 689
Believe history? Jul 1, 2017 1099
Thinking about race, history, and identity: an interview with George Yancy. Davidson, Maria del Guadalupe Interview Mar 22, 2016 9077
Promoting the Loyalists: a Rocky Road. Johnson, Peter W. Sep 22, 2015 533
History in the age of fracture: program on American citizenship. McClay, Wilfred M. Essay Jun 1, 2015 7044
Grounded in the past? Reflections on youth work and history. Timm, Birte Sep 1, 2014 4701
Beyond the ivory tower: doing public history in the digital age. Rosenbaum, Judith Essay Apr 1, 2014 2159
On the sources of inspiration and their price: history for schools, for academia and for the public. Vansover, Yaron Essay Dec 22, 2013 7345
Retelling history: inspired by Mississippi's flawed teaching of American history, Dr. James W. Loewen has changed the way the country views its history through his best-selling books. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Dec 19, 2013 1228
The certainties of history and the uncertainties of representation in post-holocaust writing. Aarons, Victor Essay Sep 22, 2012 6674
Become history: learning from identity texts and youth activism in the wake of Arizona SB1070. Paris, Django Jul 1, 2012 5501
Following their footsteps: tracing Puerto Ricans' sociopolitical activism in New York city from an Afro-centric perspective. Denis-Rosario, Milagros Essay Jun 15, 2012 7739
Victoria. Ferguson, Robert Brief article Mar 22, 2012 309
Postcolonial history, memory and the poetic imagination: interrogating the "Civan" metaphor in Joe Ushie's eclipse in Rwanda. Tsaaior, James Tar Mar 22, 2012 4999
History, memory and identity in Nelson Mandela's autobiography: Long Walk to Freedom (1918-1962). Badra, Lahouel Jan 1, 2012 3663
Social studies, citizenship education, and the search for an American identity: an argument against a unifying narrative. Journell, Wayne Essay Sep 22, 2011 7824
Church at odds with preservation group. Winter, Joe Aug 5, 2011 384
Australian labour history: contexts, trends and influences. Bongiorno, Frank Essay May 1, 2011 10496
Etruscan origins and Italian nationalism. Forte, Valeria Report Jan 1, 2011 4189
Time and memory: a cultural perspective. Halas, Elzbieta Essay Dec 1, 2010 7075
Heroes of science. Fara, Patricia Aug 1, 2010 816
'Ethical positioning' a strategy in overcoming student resistance and fostering engagement in teaching aboriginal history as a compulsory subject to pre-service primary education students. O'Dowd, Mary Report Jan 1, 2010 6197
Teaching race in California history beyond domination and diversity. HoSang, Daniel Martinez Dec 22, 2009 222
Changing the Canon: Chinua Achebe's women, the public sphere and the politics of inclusion in. Nwagbara, Uzoechi Report Oct 1, 2009 7471
Stories and things: the role of the local historical society, Campbelltown, Camden and the Oaks. Willis, Ian Essay Jun 1, 2009 8182
Dispersionism, pluralism, and the nebulous contours of post-Jewish identity. Kraut, Alan M. Mar 1, 2009 3722
Women, colonialism, history: publishing on women's history in race and colonial history journals. Lydon, Jane Nov 1, 2007 2040
The post-war years 1947-1986. Janzen, Linda M. Sep 22, 2007 965
Battle histories: reflections on Civil War military studies. Noe, Kenneth W.; Rable, George C.; Reardon, Carol Sep 1, 2007 2818
It pays to take your company history seriously. Jul 18, 2007 500
Chilliwack. Dargatz, Shirley Mar 22, 2007 447
Col. Edward Jessup. Johnston, Myrtle Mar 22, 2007 264
Edmonton. Fladager, Betty Brief article Mar 22, 2007 281
Grand River. Lemon, Doris Ann Mar 22, 2007 333
Heritage. Wilkins, Robert C. Mar 22, 2007 665
Little Forks. Loomis, Bev Mar 22, 2007 619
Sir John Johnson Centennial. Beban, Evelyn Mar 22, 2007 543
Victoria. Huffman, Al Brief article Mar 22, 2007 297
Major League baseball and myth making: Roland Barthes's semiology and the maintenance of image. Ogden, David C. Mar 22, 2007 5074
Past perspectives on teaching about the Vietnam War: implications for teaching about Iraq. McMurray, Andrew J. Mar 22, 2007 1889
Performing the history: contesting historical narratives in Trinidad and Tobago. Trotman, David V. Essay Jan 1, 2007 13586
A history lesson: remembering our story is a full-time job. Brownworth, Victoria A. Nov 1, 2006 1006
History prompts more questions. Compton, Kathryn Brief article Oct 1, 2005 403
Aesthetics of exile: the construction of Nuyorican identity in the art of El Taller Boricua. Caragol-Barreto, Taina B. Report Sep 22, 2005 6406
Researching female public toilets: gendered spaces, disciplinary limits. Penner, Barbara Interview Jun 1, 2005 7677
Middle School, the Middle East, and a war: debunking myths and stereotypes. Parks, Marguerite W.; Hilscher, Deborah Apr 1, 2005 2967
Lessons from history: Alan Ereira, producer of many broadcast historical documentaries and presenter of a new series on the Kings and Queens of England for UKTV History, explains why history is important, despite all doubts. Ereira, Alan Jul 1, 2004 1610
Ignorance of recent events endangers America: students today are failing U.S. history. But more important, they will fail the nation in the future unless this trend is reversed. Lefever, Ernest W. Sep 1, 2003 1020
Immortal goodness: ideas of resurrection in Rebecca West's Back Lamb and Grey Falcon. MacKay, Marina Mar 22, 2002 7626
History, hard-boiled. (Pulp Culture). Phillips, Gary Mar 11, 2002 2382
People and place: Don Henson explains the importance of archaeology in today's social and political environment. (Today's History). Henson, Don Dec 1, 2001 1557
"Cultural Amnesia" Threatens Democracy. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 207
Coming Home.... MacLennan, Andrew Feb 1, 2001 1868
Cultural Amnesia: A Threat to Our Future. Bertman, Stephen Jan 1, 2001 4414
Anne Clifford and the Gendering of History. SUZUKI, MIHOKO Jan 1, 2001 13645
The Ghost of Tom Joad. MCDONNELL, LYNDA Nov 1, 2000 3383
European History and Cultural Transfer. Middell, Matthias Mar 22, 2000 5202
Public Memory, Private History: Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day. LANG, JAMES M. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2000 8305
Textual Reasoning, Modernity, and the Limits of History. Meskin, Jacob Critical Essay Dec 22, 1999 6431
Battles and Hastings. Hastings, Max Column Nov 1, 1999 1446
Bearing Witness to Apartheid: J. M. Coetzee's Inconsolable Works of Mourning. DURRANT, SAMUEL Sep 22, 1999 13846
Solicited and unsolicited history: the transformation in Omie self-presentation. Rohatynskyj, Marta Adrianna Dec 1, 1998 8671
Pre-Columbian North America was no eden. Brief Article Aug 1, 1998 401
From the steam engine to DNA: revolutions. Burke, James May 1, 1998 4808
Tales of the Alhambra: Rushdie's use of Spanish history in 'The Moor's Last Sigh.' (Salman Rushdie)(Postcolonialism, History, and the Novel) Cantor, Paul A. Sep 22, 1997 8807
Pope's cultural critique lacks perspective: deriding the West as a 'culture of death.' (Poe John Paul II in his 1995 'Evangelium Vitae')(Column) Domning, Daryl P. Column Sep 19, 1997 1506
Feminine gender, past imperfect. Martin, Tony Apr 1, 1997 1942
Dances with myths. Anderson, Terry L. Feb 1, 1997 3760
Interview with Joan Jensen. Adelson, Roger Interview Jan 1, 1994 6465

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