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288 American organizations demand Biden administration to condemn Israel's crackdown on rights groups. Oct 29, 2021 378
Experts: Treat people with dignity to thrive as an egalitarian society. Oct 21, 2021 532
Pakistan urges UN Human Rights Council to boost efforts to halt growing Islamophobia. Oct 6, 2021 507
China, like-minded countries voice concern over racism, racial discrimination in some countries. Oct 5, 2021 325
Appeal for human rights. MAHFOOZ UN NABI KHAN-Islamabad Sep 29, 2021 196
Lawyers pay tribute to late NBA Chairman, Dr. Shekarau. Sep 22, 2021 484
Lawyers pay tribute to late NBA Chairman, Dr. Hauwa Shekarau. Sep 22, 2021 484
International Day of Democracy: Joint statement by the High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell and Vice-President Dubravka A uica. Sep 14, 2021 533
Appeal in the name of conscience. MAHFOOZ UN NABI KHAN-Via email Sep 7, 2021 187
UN chief invokes Nelson Mandela's 'calls for solidarity' amid threats to social cohesion. Jul 19, 2021 368
UN chief invokes Nelson Mandela's 'calls for solidarity' amid threats to social cohesion. Jul 19, 2021 368
Sri Lanka signs China sponsored statement raising concerns on human rights in UK. Jul 13, 2021 349
Constitution gives equal rights to minorities, say speakers. Jul 6, 2021 280
Human Rights Council urged to support UN chief's call for a 'new social contract' after COVID-19. Jun 21, 2021 603
Democracy Day: CISLAC concerned over shrinking civic space, lingering social injustice, dwindling democratic values. Jun 11, 2021 784
2021 Africa Day: CBO calls on Africa to take stronger stance against racism. May 25, 2021 571
EU on IDAHOT: Consensual same-sex relationships criminalized in 69 countries. May 17, 2021 449
Displace to conserve? The next Big Green Lie. May 10, 2021 605
We must increase the focus on equality and human rights - Lucy Mulvagh; Covid-19 has been devastating for many of us, and as Scotsman readers will know, this has been particularly true for disabled people, people with long term conditions and unpaid carers. Lucy Mulvagh May 1, 2021 600
Restoring Kenyans' dignity from ashes of the pandemic. Apr 18, 2021 676
Tribute For Yinka Odumakin: Buhari, Jonathan, Atiku, Governors, Others Mourn. Apr 4, 2021 3828
Police IG, DSS, Human Rights Commission Petitioned Over Ebonyi Crisis. Mar 31, 2021 410
Europe must wake up to racism, Afrophobia. Mar 23, 2021 731
Ashamed Indian democracy. Dr Mehmood-ul-Hassan Khan Mar 20, 2021 1097
Call for safeguarding rights of minority women. Mar 10, 2021 384
The quest to identify Fela's successor: why it's time to end it. Feb 24, 2021 1235
Social justice protests: HRW calls for investigation into police violence. Feb 5, 2021 280
Augustine for societal behaviour modification. Feb 5, 2021 201
Egypt holds 3-day hearings in preparation for National Human Rights Strategy. Daily News Egypt Jan 12, 2021 610
Kashmir - The Burning Heaven. Jan 5, 2021 974
Social Protest Folklore and Student Critical Consciousness. Brenner, Elise M. Report Jan 1, 2021 6999
A Call for Enhanced Training and Action on the Intersections of Mental Health, Decent Work, and Career in Counselling and Psychotherapy/ Un appel a l'amelioration de la formation et des mesures favorisant les recoupements entre la sante mentale, le travail decent, et la carriere en counseling et en psychotherapie. Hudson Breen, Rebecca E.; Lawrence, Breanna C. Jan 1, 2021 9502
Insecurity: Report Lauds Nigerian Army On Human Rights, Rescue Of Abductees. Dec 23, 2020 1423
Corbyn's new peace project. SOPHIE MORRIS Dec 14, 2020 336
Cambodia's Ministry of Health responds to rights' NGO's on COVID-19 measures in prisons. Dec 12, 2020 462
Overcoming gaps in legislation, implementation critical to protect, uphold human rights, says Shireen Mazari. Dec 11, 2020 874
Overcoming gaps in legislation, implementation critical to protect, uphold human rights, says Shireen Mazari. Dec 11, 2020 955
Slovakia still lacks better education for Roma and anti-discrimination legislation for LGBTI people. Dec 9, 2020 899
A belief in universal human rights and abortion cannot co-exist. Stark, Paul Dec 1, 2020 625
Women Identity Crisis: Root Factors of Violence in Modern Era. Nov 29, 2020 1017
Restructuring Nigeria. Nov 1, 2020 2018
CHR backs universal social pension. Oct 19, 2020 357
Rights defenders concerned over rising trend of xenophobia, cast system, intolerance in India. Oct 7, 2020 819
Human Rights Council: Morocco Reiterates Unwavering Commitment to Fighting against Racism. Oct 1, 2020 389
Decolonizing the Womb: Agency against Obstetric Violence in Tijuana, Mexico. Espinoza-Reyes, Ester; Solis, Marlene Report Oct 1, 2020 8291
City to create diversity, inclusion position Diversity: Creating position 'long past due,' mayor says. Lauren Rohr Sep 3, 2020 440
Naperville plans to create diversity, equity and inclusion position. Lauren Rohr Sep 3, 2020 440
A Statement Against Racism. Sep 1, 2020 290
Racism: UN Human Rights Council must be forthright over Africa's petition -Dr Mou. Aug 31, 2020 1698
Katiba at 10: Landmark that deepens democracy. Aug 28, 2020 536
Katiba at 10: Landmark that deepens democracy. Aug 26, 2020 536
[PHOTOS] Demos held in Kisumu, Nakuru over Covid funds 'theft'. Aug 24, 2020 611
Speakers stress minorities' safety, seek tolerant, inclusive Pakistan. Aug 12, 2020 429
Xinjiang growth and peace are the answer. Aug 11, 2020 1723
Racism: UN Human Rights Council must be forthright over Africa's petition -Dr Mou. Aug 10, 2020 1697
Peter Tase: Open Society Foundations' headquarters in Armenia - real political risk for Caucasus region. Aug 5, 2020 467
Peter Tase: Open Society Foundations' headquarters in Armenia - real political risk for Caucasus region. Aug 5, 2020 464
To stride with pride: A human rights movement in Thailand (Chiang Mai Pride parade 2020). Jul 31, 2020 266
Report: Half of capital residents in danger of floods. Jul 27, 2020 700
FG Sets Up Committee To Eradicate Sexual, Gender-Based Violence. Jul 23, 2020 440
OP-ED: Statues have fallen, but racism hasn't. Jul 19, 2020 1090
Saudi Arabia calls for the elimination of Islamophobia. Samir Salama, Associate Editor Jul 17, 2020 365
Biafra Sets the Alarm Clock at Midnight, Time to Wake Up. Jun 29, 2020 1739
Murray: Equality isn't radical IT'S A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT; BLACK LIVES MATTER STARS SPEAK OUT. NEIL McLEMAN Tennis correspondent @NeilMcLeman Jun 25, 2020 372
UN agrees to urgent debate on US racism. Jun 15, 2020 399
Black lives matter, Wherever they are. Jun 14, 2020 974
Indian Americans Forum statement on George Floyds death and Unrest in America and around the world . Indian Americans Forum Jun 6, 2020 624
Police still violent despite Uhuru apology, UN says. Jun 1, 2020 505
Rights lobby to sue IG, DCI for failing to probe 'Kiamaiko 3' case. May 19, 2020 559
Kashmir an issue of social justice, human rights: British MP. May 7, 2020 405
The Communal Violence Bill: Women's Bodies as Repositories of Communal Honour. Ismail, Zara Essay May 1, 2020 7717
COVID-19 Lockdown: ActionAid Nigeria Condemns Human Right Abuses By Security Agencies. Apr 24, 2020 465
Economics of social justice. Muhammad Azhar Khan Apr 10, 2020 846
Assessing the Role of Host Country Human Rights Protection on Multinational Enterprises' Choice of Investment Strategy. Rao-Nicholson, Rekha; Svystunova, Liudmyla Report Apr 1, 2020 15456
Security, Islam, and Indonesia: An Anthropological Analysis of Indonesia's National Counterterrorism Agency. Nakissa, Aria Report Apr 1, 2020 14487
Coloring the UN Environmental: The Catalytic Rote of the UN Environment Programme. Ivanova, Maria Apr 1, 2020 5267
Trump and Modi: Champions of human rights violations. Nighat Leghari Mar 13, 2020 867
IHC throws out petition seeking to stop Aurat March. Mar 7, 2020 261
Respect privacy. Mar 4, 2020 667
Global gag rule is cutting off funding for much needed health services. Feb 13, 2020 979
Kartarpur Corridor an opportunity to bring peace and people of the region together: Peter Jacob. Feb 2, 2020 323
Kartarpur Corridor an opportunity to bring peace and people of the region together: Peter Jacob. Feb 2, 2020 323
Citizen rights under spotlight at seminar. Feb 1, 2020 406
Human Right situation in India is deplorable: Dr. Yaqoob. Feb 1, 2020 315
Govt to ensure social justice to promote tolerance: Augustine. Jan 12, 2020 476
Indian brutalities against minorities. Malik Ashraf Jan 7, 2020 1008
Slavery and Racism in American Politics, 1776-1876. Book review Jan 1, 2020 126
Social Factors Causing Low Motivation for Primary Education among Girls in the Slums of Karachi. Iffet Sultana Dec 31, 2019 4628
The Left's "ABC" Syndrome: The Left has an "anything but Christianity" attitude because it wants to erase individuality and God-given human rights--both products of Christianity--to empower government. Scaliger, Charles Dec 23, 2019 2747
GBV violates human rights, dignity, integrity - Alexander. Dec 12, 2019 558
Filipinos urged to stand up for justice, equality, dignity. Dec 11, 2019 358
Human Rights Day: Minister Schweitzer. Dec 11, 2019 295
Filipinos urged to stand up for justice, equality, dignity. Dec 10, 2019 358
Opinion: Why is Anthony Joshua fighting in Saudi Arabia, a country with one of the worst human rights records in the world? Dec 5, 2019 916
How public private partnerships must evolve to create social impact. Chirag Jain Dec 1, 2019 1370
Introduction, Special Issue 'Development, Democracy and Culture'. Clammer, John; Vickery, Jonathan Dec 1, 2019 3946
KSA Calls on International Community to ensure that Counter-terrorism Operations are Consistent with Human Rights. Oct 30, 2019 151
IP leaders relearn basic rights, privileges in Bicol summit. Oct 17, 2019 616
SA commits to protecting immigrants. Oct 9, 2019 404
Quebec's human rights calls for combating racism against Muslims, blacks. Sep 25, 2019 207
Sign language protects 'linguistic identity, cultural diversity' of all users: UN chief. Sep 24, 2019 426
'Rioting in Ghotki was conspiracy to undermine communal harmony'. Sep 24, 2019 666
Le droit civil quebecois: exemple d'un droit a porosite variable. Samson, Melanie Sep 22, 2019 12856
Lebanon detains Sudanese-Sri Lankan family of seven. Aug 29, 2019 1128
When Will MLK's "Arc of the Moral Universe" Bend in the Direction of Palestine? Aug 27, 2019 1361
Draft of Christian Marriage, Divorce Act needs amendment: experts. Aug 21, 2019 510
Revolt against tyranny. Aug 15, 2019 1148
UN rights chief urges States to do more to stop discrimination after U.S. mass-shootings. Aug 8, 2019 464
All States have 'primary responsibility' to protect against hate attacks: UN's Bachelet. Aug 7, 2019 488
ODP urges social justice, peace promotion. Jul 15, 2019 210
Lidl: 'there's more to do' on human rights. Jul 13, 2019 284
Speakers call for making peace education part of curriculum to promote interfaith harmony. Jul 5, 2019 425
Speakers call for making peace education part of curriculum to promote interfaith harmony. Jul 5, 2019 373
De Lima to re-file Human Rights Defenders, Prison Reform Bills. Jul 1, 2019 509
A Reflection on Inclusion and Human Rights for Occupational Therapists. Hocking, Clare Jul 1, 2019 3530
HRCP marks 5th anniversary of SC's Jillani judgment. Jun 20, 2019 239
Non-implementation of SC order on minorities' rights regretted. Jun 20, 2019 806
HRCP marks 5th anniversary of Supreme Court's Jillani Judgment. Jun 20, 2019 231
Long wait for justice: Jillani judgement conference. Conference news Jun 20, 2019 517
Analyzing Chinese counter extremism measures. Jun 16, 2019 880
UN report says UK has violated human rights. Jun 14, 2019 615
UN report says UK has violated human rights. Jun 12, 2019 615
In human rights report UK says will push Sri Lanka to show progress. Jun 5, 2019 839
Perpetuating Racism: the Motivations behind the German Anti-BDS Motion. May 24, 2019 1357
UK violating human rights obligations, says UN poverty expert. May 23, 2019 273
Twenty families receive keys to their new homes in GoraA3/4de. May 22, 2019 640
La accion social empresarial como instrumento de Justicia Social: la empresa como garante de los Derechos Humanos. Gomez Navarro, Carmen Maria; Fernandez Riquelme, Sergio May 7, 2019 9839
Zionist Problems with Intersectionality. Apr 24, 2019 2044
Increasing Faculty-Librarian Collaboration through Critical Librarianship. Gosselin, Adrienne; Goodsett, Mandi Apr 1, 2019 4475
Human rights are fundamental and universal. Mar 22, 2019 257
Time for social justice in Lamu is now. Mar 22, 2019 713
'Only through cooperation can we peacefully coexist'. Mar 11, 2019 533
Speakers in workshop urge for provision of fundamental rights. Mar 11, 2019 429
Speakers in workshop urge for provision of fundamental rights. Mar 11, 2019 429
Minorities rights: Need for implementation of SC directives underscored. Conference notes Mar 10, 2019 662
Minorities' empowerment package on the cards. Mar 10, 2019 616
Unaccompanied Young Migrants: Identity, Care and Justice. Book review Mar 1, 2019 571
Social justice centre opens in Mombasa. Mar 1, 2019 605
UN chief warns against 'groundswell' of anti-Muslim hatred. Feb 26, 2019 869
HUSSEIN KHALID: Carol's death was not in vain. Feb 22, 2019 717
De Lima: 142 bills, 146 resolutions filed despite 726 days in detention. Feb 19, 2019 753
Kuwait keen on bridging generation gap, integrate disabled people in society. Feb 15, 2019 443
Kuwait keen on bridging generation gap, integrate disabled people in society. Feb 15, 2019 457
UN voices concern over racism in Belgium. Feb 11, 2019 359
#FindCarolineMwatha: Human rights group to hold night vigil in Dandora. Feb 11, 2019 265
DCI urged to probe disappearance of human rights defender. Feb 10, 2019 318
Educacion y derechos humanos en Chile, una relacion necesaria. Alvarez-Bravo, Paulo Jan 1, 2019 8868
Meanings and scope of solidarity-based action among young people in Medellin/ Significados y alcances de la accion solidaria en jovenes de Medellin/ Significados e alcance da acao solidaria em jovens de Medellin. Giraldo-Giraldo, Yicel Nayrobis; Ruiz-Silva, Alexander Jan 1, 2019 8196
Gestao escolar e parceiros--elementos imprescindiveis na promocao da paz no ambiente escolar, com vistas a aprendizagem/School management and partners - essential elements in promoting peace in the school environment, with a view to learning/Gestion escolar y socios - elementos imprescindibles en la promocion de la paz en el ambiente escolar, con miras al aprendizaje. Melo, Genilda Alves Nascimento; dos Santos, Andreia Quinto; Silva, Celia Jesus Dos Santos Jan 1, 2019 5852
From Human Rights Aspirations to Enforceable Obligations by Non-State Actors in the Digital Age: The Case of Internet Governance and ICANN. Zalnieriute, Monika Jan 1, 2019 20514
Citizens Commission on Human Rights to Hold Forum on the Cause of Racism. Dec 12, 2018 310
President AJK urges int'l community to play role in redressing severe human rights violations in IoK. Dec 9, 2018 530
Harassment faced by women with disabilities global issue: Dr Mazari. Dec 8, 2018 1035
Education, social support to help check violence against women: Minister. Dec 6, 2018 216
Citizen education in curriculum to boost war against corruption. Dec 5, 2018 716
CHR: End violence with development, not troops. Nov 25, 2018 667
Austerity cuts a 'social calamity', says UN expert. Nov 17, 2018 874
Lawmakers laud missionary nun's service to PH 'better than any Cabinet member'. Nov 3, 2018 463
Karapatan condemns Duterte admin's 'contempt' for Sister Fox. Nov 3, 2018 300
Elgin youth scholarship:. Oct 30, 2018 375
OIC: Additional legally binding instruments to tackle new manifestation of Islamophobia needed. Oct 18, 2018 332
'More women from rural settings should participate in decision making'. Oct 17, 2018 503
Crime and architecture. Oct 13, 2018 865
Inter-Ethnic Relations in Albania: The Causality Between Inter-Ethnic and Inter-State Relations. Demjaha, Agon; Sela, Ylber Oct 1, 2018 5267
Enshrine socio-economic rights. Sep 25, 2018 369
Social Justice Warriors' War Against the Enlightenment. Salzman, Lorna Sep 22, 2018 2160
'Parliament is weaker today due to disconnect with public'. Sep 11, 2018 458
CLC hosts immigrant rights advocate Sept. 12. Sep 11, 2018 293
Scrapping Section 377 worries India's ruling party. Sep 9, 2018 701
Sept. 12: CLC hosts immigrant rights advocate Enrique Morones, Ph.D. Sep 6, 2018 396
Democracy, Human Rights and Governance in the Gambia: Essays on Social Adjustment. Brief article Sep 1, 2018 113
Democracy, Human Rights and Governance in the Gambia: Essays on Social Adjustment. Book review Aug 1, 2018 113
Rights group: Philippines a 'far more dangerous place' under Duterte. Jul 20, 2018 671
Conflict Minerals Disclosure Requirements and Corporate Social Responsibility: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities. Alali, Fatima; Wang, Sophia I-Ling Jul 1, 2018 3201
Diverging Ecologies on Bali. Brauchler, Birgit Jul 1, 2018 11727
The Violences of the State of Exception and the Defense of Memory Against the Invisibility of Vulnerable Groups/As violencias do estado de excecao e a defesa da memoria contra a invisibilidade dosgrupos vulneraveis. Brepohl, Marion; Goncalves, Marcos; Gabardo, Emerson Jul 1, 2018 11033
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: RESTRICTING ABORTION ACCESS IN THE NAME OF WOMEN'S RIGHTS. Dalvie, Suchitra Jun 22, 2018 1792
WARNING RACISM RIFE IN ULSTER; Report finds more than half won't accept Traveller or Muslim in family. Jun 14, 2018 501
Dementia and Human Rights. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 276
The Value of Medical Students in Support of Asylum Seekers in the United States. Jun 1, 2018 1564
Food scarcity imminent in Edo, ERA raises alarm. May 30, 2018 361
Youth engagement indispensable for human development: UNDP. May 28, 2018 427
Youth engagement indispensable for human development: UNDP. May 28, 2018 427
Food scarcity imminent in Edo, ERA raises alarm. May 23, 2018 361
Why Taiwan Should Participate in WHA (World Health Assembly). May 10, 2018 665
Five Questions with filmmaker. May 7, 2018 1109
Tennessee United for Human Rights Stands Against Racism. May 5, 2018 346
PLO Condemns Israel's Passing of 'Jewish Nation-State Bill'. May 3, 2018 244
La transformacion de los conflictos sociales y juridicos relativos a ninos, ninas y adolescentes. Escenarios de Colombia y Argentina/The transformation of social and legal conflicts concerning children and adolescents. Scenarios of Colombia and Argentina. Lora, Laura N. May 1, 2018 11807
'We can do anything; we just need a platform'. Apr 24, 2018 569
Call for ensuring fundamental rights to all citizens. Apr 22, 2018 346
Civil society demands protection of fundamental rights. Apr 21, 2018 991
'Allow us to join 2018 World Health Assembly to enhance global health services'. Apr 18, 2018 768
Special Issue Introduction: Cultural Rights and Global Development. Vickery, Jonathan Apr 15, 2018 2541
The Recognition of the Right to Cultural Identity under (and beyond) international Human Rights law. Ferri, Marcella Apr 15, 2018 20502
Cultural Rights, local cultural policies and sustainable development: constructing a coherent narrative. Pascual, Jordi Apr 15, 2018 13348
Promoting the Cultural Rights of Refugees in the Context of the Syrian Crisis: the case of the Ideas Box. Gursoy, Deniz Apr 15, 2018 5906
NGOs & Cultural Rights: reflections on the Serbian legal framework. Jakovljevic, Miljana Apr 15, 2018 6854
Cultural Rights, Sustainability and Development: are they related? If so, how? Clammer, John Apr 15, 2018 7396
Let Taiwan participate in 2018 WHA. Apr 10, 2018 740
Only education can resolve problems of terrorism, poverty and inequality: Razina Alam. Apr 6, 2018 580
Only education can resolve problems of terrorism, poverty and inequality: Razina Alam. Apr 6, 2018 524
Seminar on 'Right to Education without Discrimination' at ITU Tomorrow. Apr 5, 2018 197
Walk out of deal with Uhuru, lobby tells Raila. Apr 2, 2018 280
Is Education a Basic Right for All? A glimpse into the Successes and Challenges in Enrolling this Marginalized Population. Reza, Fawzia Mar 22, 2018 2930
"Unashamed bigotry": Rise in racism, xenophobia alarming - UN rights experts. Mar 21, 2018 686
Borovac: Racism is often rooted in fear, but it must not be tolerated. Mar 21, 2018 446
World Day of Social Justice observed. Feb 21, 2018 219
PGILJ observes World Day of Social Justice. Feb 20, 2018 300
'Pakistan and Asma are known together'. Feb 17, 2018 529
Speakers stress upon promoting inter-sect harmony. Feb 16, 2018 407
Citizens Commission on Human Rights Holds Conversation on Racism. Feb 10, 2018 348
Human rights are under serious threat. Jan 27, 2018 453
At the Special Prosecutor's Office, cases of racist attacks dominate. Jan 22, 2018 353
The rock and the magic beanstalk. Jan 17, 2018 2655
Tennessee United for Human Rights to Participate at Nashville MLK Day Event. Jan 13, 2018 349
The Plight of the Rohingya: A minority group of Muslims has been violently driven out of Myanmar in what experts are calling a case of ethnic cleansing. Smith, Patricia Jan 8, 2018 914
History and Victimhood: Engaging with Rohingya Issues. Leider, Jacques P. Essay Jan 1, 2018 8049
A Cross-Sectional Multicenter Study of Workplace Violence against Prehospital Emergency Medical Technicians. Hosseinikia, Seyed Hamid; Zarei, Shekufeh; Kalyani, Majid Najafi; Tahamtan, Sepideh Report Jan 1, 2018 3599
Education solution of socio-economic problems: NCHD Chairperson. Dec 28, 2017 512
Civil Society Expresses Deep Concerns on the shrinking spaces for civil actions in Pakistan. Dec 21, 2017 619
Patients need social justice as much as treatment, forum hears. Dec 10, 2017 406
The Life Esidimeni tragedy: A human-rights perspective. Ferlito, B.A. Report Dec 1, 2017 3711
ASEAN, EU agree to promote and protect human rights. Dec 1, 2017 418
Human rights must be central in all discussions on migrants - UN experts. Dec 1, 2017 379
Human rights group urges EU to tackle Afrophobia. Nov 23, 2017 264
Constitution gives right to fair trial, free education to all citizens, prohibits forced labor. Nov 16, 2017 733
Constitution gives right to fair trial, free education to all citizens, prohibits forced labor: Experts. Nov 15, 2017 734
Kit kids out for football - not war; in brief. Oct 30, 2017 178
Cultural Rights and the Politics of Recognition. Cojanu, Daniel Essay Oct 1, 2017 5034
'Rohingyas pose threat to India's internal security'. Sep 18, 2017 829
Pope's visit to Cartagena to highlight inequality. Fraser, Barbara J. Aug 25, 2017 683
Experiences of adolescent crack users and their relatives with psychosocial care and institucionalization. de Paula, Milena Lima; Jorge, Maria Salete Bessa; de Lima, Leilson Lira; Bezerra, Indara Cavalcante Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 5761
Guerrillas, marxists, terrorists, or trouble-makers? Doing sociology in high-risk violent conflict areas. Hristov, Jasmin Aug 1, 2017 1002
Corporate Social Responsibility and Peacebuilding: Analysis of a multinational company from Colombia/Responsabilidad social empresarial y construccion de paz: analisis de una multinacional colombiana/Responsabillite sociale des entreprises et la consolidation de la paix: une analyse d'une multinationale colombienne. Lopez-Santamaria, Monica; Hinestroza, Merlin Patricia Grueso; Romero, Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Ensayo May 1, 2017 6671
China Calls US Out On Human Rights. Mar 11, 2017 455
Kuwait committed to ensuring welfare of persons with disabilities. Oct 5, 2016 252
Human Rights and Social Justice: Social Action and Service for the Helping and Health Professions, 2nd Edition. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 151
Saudi Arabia confirms, in a speech at Human Rights Council, that it's a key partner of international development and among the world's biggest donors 3 Geneva. Jun 14, 2016 385
US Names Roma Marginalization as Bulgaria's Biggest Human Rights Problem. Apr 14, 2016 422
It's time to end human trafficking. Robinson, Brandy; Kubiac, Jan Mar 22, 2016 471
Desafios sociales del envejecimiento: Reflexion desde el derecho al desarrollo. Dominguez-Guedea, Miriam Teresa Jan 1, 2016 7683
Origins and consolidation of the idea of social justice/Origens e consolidacao da ideia de justica social. Lacerda, Bruno Amaro Jan 1, 2016 5523
A social justice score card for dismissal protection. Huyser, Rene; Smit, Paul Statistical data Oct 1, 2015 6185
Frezzo, Mark. Sociology of Human Rights. Roy, Nalanda Book review Sep 22, 2015 464
Mental health in women abused by their partners. A study with samples from Mexico and Spain. Oramas, Maria Jose Garcia; Aznar, M. Pilar Matud Report Sep 1, 2015 4103
Expression of three perspectives of social justice in the organization of health systems/Expresion de tres perspectivas de la justicia social en la organizacion de los sistemas de salud/Expressao de tres perspectivas da justica social na organizacao dos sistemas de saude. Giraldo-Piedrahita, Fernando Jul 1, 2015 7481
UN attacks U.S. human rights record. Jun 8, 2015 349
A suspension of human rights. Nauman Asghar May 20, 2015 769
WILPF and the human right to health and safe food. Bazar, Joan; Gardam, Marybeth; Price, Nancy Mar 22, 2015 596
Perspectives of human dignity in the light of the ONU convention on the rights of persons with disabilities/Perspectivas da dignidade humana a luz da convencao da onu sobre os direitos das pessoas com deficiencia. Nonato, Domingos do Nascimento; Raiol, Raimundo Wilson Gama Jan 1, 2015 11703
Transforming Winnipeg: new human rights museum crowns innovative development and management in Central Canada. Dieng, Elizabeth Nov 1, 2014 1344
Sexual and reproductive health and rights in the sustainable development goals and the post-2015 development agenda: less than a year to go. Haslegrave, Marianne Report Nov 1, 2014 3960
Sexual and reproductive health and rights of older men and women: addressing a policy blind spot. Aboderin, Isabella Report Nov 1, 2014 3811
Bills on foreign agents, gay propaganda means to distract societal attention from corruption -- human rights defenders. Oct 16, 2014 212
European Human Rights Court upholds France's burqa ban. Jul 18, 2014 537
Defenders of order or guardians of human rights? Schwendinger, Herman; Schwendinger, Julia Report Mar 22, 2014 15780
How human rights shape social citizenship: on citizenship and the understanding of economic and social rights. Davy, Ulrike Mar 22, 2014 8665
How human rights shape social citizenship: on citizenship and the understanding of economic and social rights. Davy, Ulrike Mar 22, 2014 22251
The united nations and the rights-based approach to development in India. Oestreich, Joel E. Essay Jan 1, 2014 8712
In defence of geo-cultural identity: an argument against Kymlicka's view of multiculturalism and minority rights. Talukder, Munir Hossain Report Dec 1, 2013 8937
Sexual and reproductive health and rights: the next 20 years. Sadik, Nafis Report Nov 1, 2013 3530
A global social contract to reduce maternal mortality: the human rights arguments and the case of Uganda. Ooms, Gorik; Mulumba, Moses; Hammonds, Rachel; Latif, Laila Abdul; Waris, Attiya; Forman, Lisa Nov 1, 2013 5607
Leading the movement for health equity, social justice, human rights. Troutman, Adewale Nov 1, 2013 518
Law, globalisation, and second coming. Sep 22, 2013 13653
No agreement today, no agreement tomorrow: Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and human rights activism in Nigeria. Alimi, Shina; Anthony, Iroju Opeyemi Essay Sep 15, 2013 6932
Course on Democracy, Human Rights on Sept 17-26. Aug 2, 2013 106
Interests and values in international relations: Terence O'Brien discusses the mainsprings of New Zealand's foreign policy. O'Brien, Terence Jul 1, 2013 4676
The Sociology of Human Rights with Reference to Customary Practice in Rural Pakistan: The Social Structure of Violence. Zaman, Muhammad; Ferdoos, Amber; Watto, Saeed Ahmad Report Jun 30, 2013 6506
"The universal is the entire collection of particulars": grounding identity in a shared horizon of humanity. Mangharam, Mukti Lakhi Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 7972
International programs: advancing human rights and social justice for African American students. Acquaye, Lucinda A.; Crewe, Sandra Edmonds Case study Dec 22, 2012 8625
December 10 united nations human rights day. Dec 1, 2012 111
The Chinese diaspora and China's public diplomacy: contentious politics for the Beijing Olympic float in the Pasadena Rose Parade. Li, Hongmei Essay Oct 1, 2012 15580
Human Rights leaders recognized with Good Relations Award. Pogorzelski, Roy Jul 1, 2012 545
National human rights institutions and civil society organizations: new dynamics of engagement at domestic, regional, and international levels. Renshaw, Catherine Shanahan Jul 1, 2012 7882
Inventing human rights: a social theory of right and the juridical construction of the subject. Peters, Michael A. Essay Jul 1, 2012 7270
Racial discrimination: experiences of black medical school alumni at the University of Cape Town, 1945-1994. Perez, A.M.; Ahmed, N.; London, L. Report Jun 1, 2012 3310
The perils of incoherence: ASEAN, Myanmar and the avoidable failures of human rights socialization? Davies, Mathew Report Apr 1, 2012 8354
Japanese-Canadian internally displaced persons: labour relations and ethno-religious identity in southern Alberta, 1942-1953. Fujiwara, Aya Essay Mar 22, 2012 12332
Social responsibility of higher education: the metamorphosis of Unesco discourse in focus/Responsabilidade social da educacao superior: a metamorfose do discurso da Unesco em foco/Responsabilidad social de la educacion superior: la metamorfosis del discurso de la Unesco en foco. Calderon, Adolfo Ignacio; Pedro, Rodrigo Fornalski; Vargas, Maria Caroline Report Oct 1, 2011 6969
Is social work a human rights profession? Murdach, Allison D. Essay Jul 1, 2011 1882
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: Human rights and immigration. Morgan, Richard H. Jun 22, 2011 10564
Human rights still limited. Brief article May 27, 2011 158
Holy see statement on 'sexual orientation': human sexuality ... is not an 'identity'. Tomasi, Silvano May 1, 2011 797
The United Arab Emirates (UAE): issues for U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth Report Mar 1, 2011 7946
Por un sistema de salud que garantice la proteccion del derecho. un requisito de justicia social. Velez Arango, Alba Lucia Report Jan 1, 2011 5507
The European Union and transitional justice: human rights and post-conflict reconciliation in Europe and beyond. Crossley-Frolick, Katy A. Report Jan 1, 2011 10442
Democracy, religious ethics, and human rights. Preduca, Grigoriana Report Jan 1, 2011 2503
O poder constituinte originario e sua limitacao material pelos tratados internacionais de direitos humanos. de Sa, Ana Paula Barbosa Dec 1, 2010 8937
The politics of higher education for refugees in a global movement for primary education. Dryden-Peterson, Sarah Sep 22, 2010 6490
Access to secondary and tertiary education for all refugees: steps and challenges to overcome. Anselme, Marina L.; Hands, Catriona Sep 22, 2010 6390
Paths to a future for youth in protracted refugee situations: a view from the Thai-Burmese border. Purkey, Mary Sep 22, 2010 4407
The future role of the OAS in service to its member states and the peoples of the hemisphere. May 1, 2010 7627

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