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A Place to Stand on Your Own Two Feet: The Role of Community Housing in Immigrant Integration in Montreal, Quebec. Fischler, Raphael; Wiginton, Lindsay; Kraemer, Sarah Report Dec 22, 2017 10223
Bolivia: struggle for the right to collectively own land. Choque, Maria Belen Aug 7, 2013 1829
Homeownership and the American dream. Survey May 1, 2013 698
Metis home ownership recognized through ROOPH awards. Miller, Heather Andrews Apr 1, 2013 497
Social capital and homeownership in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods. Grinstein-Weiss, Michal; Yeo, Yeong Hun; Manturuk, Kim R.; Despard, Mathieu R.; Holub, Krista A.; Gr Report Mar 1, 2013 11155
Spatial effects of 'mill' closures: does distance matter? Grimes, Arthur; Young, Chris Report Sep 1, 2011 10317
Artificial housing respiration: government-sponsored housing inflation is locking the next generation out of homeownership. Cavanaugh, Tim Jan 1, 2010 1035
From policies to building: public housing in Canada's Eastern Arctic 1950s to 1980s. Debicka, Elizabeth; Friedman, Avi Report Dec 22, 2009 4637
J'lem: 4 Wounded in Clash between Jews, Arabs. Brief article Oct 30, 2009 83
Living in the right state may be important if you have a child with a disability. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P.; Cinotti, Debra A. Oct 1, 2009 1902
Contentment and suffering: the impact of Australia's housing policy and tenure on older Australians. Morris, Alan Report Jun 22, 2009 6564
Housing tenure and condos: ownership by immigrant generations and the timing of arrival. Kim, Ann H.; Boyd, Monica Report Jun 22, 2009 10449
Sub-prime as a Black catastrophe: first came racial redlining. Then came racial targeting of toxic and predatory loans. Both spelled economic disaster for African Americans. Oliver, Melvin L.; Shapiro, Thomas M. Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2008 2052
LeeAnn Lands, "be a Patriot, buy a Home: Re-imagining Home Owners and Home Ownership in Early 20th Century Atlanta". Brief article Jun 22, 2008 179
Be a patriot, buy a home: re-imagining Home owners and Home ownership in early 20th century atlanta. Lands, LeeAnn Essay Jun 22, 2008 10379
What would George Bailey Do? Any plan to right the housing market should put families first. Carlson, Allan C. May 5, 2008 1903
Worthy goals. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Editorial May 1, 2007 633
What do the published figures tell us about homelessness in Australia? Thompson, Denise Report Mar 22, 2007 8218
Ethnicity, immigration and housing wealth in Toronto. Gyimah, Stephen Obeng; Walters, David; Phythian, Kelli L. Dec 22, 2005 9956
Lyons to receive Homeownership Hero award. Heroux, Jon P. Brief Article May 31, 2004 248
Closing the gap: there are serious efforts under way to dramatically boost the homeownership rates for African Americans. One observer says the industry has gotten "religion" over the challenge of putting more minorities in homes, and it is showing results. Bergsman, Steve Feb 1, 2004 4225
Predicting patterns: thinking long term, will current patterns prevail? Brief Article Sep 15, 2003 227
Homeownership: a foundation for wealth. (Publisher's Page). Graves, Earl G., Sr. Jul 1, 2003 584
Workforce solutions: cities are starting to address the pressing need for workforce housing. (Editor's Notes). Thompson, Boyce Jul 1, 2003 621
Effects of homeownership on children: the role of neighborhood characteristics and family income. (Session 3: the impact of housing on people and places). Harkness, Joseph M.; Newman, Sandra J. Jun 1, 2003 14516
40 acres and a mortgage: why home ownership is key to achieving racial equality. Raines, Franklin D. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2002 2455
President declares June National Homeownership Month. Mann, Bonnie Brief Article Jun 17, 2002 406
A Nation of Owners. BAILEY, NORMAN A. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 632
Mood swings. Seiders, David F. Column Jan 1, 1994 542
The gift of a lifetime. Riley, Rolland K. Aug 1, 1993 2784

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