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Controversy over how art should be displayed was stoking Apollo's editorial fire 30 years ago this month. O'Byrne, Robert Jan 1, 2019 786
Cutting the Ice: Annie Pootoogook's art encourages a thawing of relations between cultures. White, Evelyn C. Essay Sep 22, 2018 1896
Paintings exhibition opens at Tanzara Gallery. Sep 11, 2018 362
Should We Shun Art by Predatory Artists? Daseler, Graham Jul 1, 2018 5530
Emerging artist holds exhibition at Education City Mosque gallery. Jun 22, 2018 401
Exhibition shares artists' emotions, personal experiences. May 28, 2018 645
YARAT to host exhibition of Italian artist. Mar 19, 2018 977
An art exhibit. Travel narrative Feb 2, 2018 913
The Criminalization of Youth in Popular Art in Kenya. Kebaya, Charles Report Feb 1, 2018 6442
On Art, Wealth, and Power: The Venetian Republic. Dominiczak, Marek H. Essay Nov 1, 2017 1766
The Art Form Known as Philosophy. Schain, Richard Essay Sep 22, 2017 4739
Narrating Selves in Everyday Contexts: Art, the Literary, and Life Experience. Hatavara, Mari; Hyvarinen, Matti; Mildorf, Jarmila Essay Sep 22, 2017 2582
Art, activisms aids: these decades were filled with lgbt change, but the impact of aids was the biggest. Artavia, David; Anderson-Minshall, Diane Jun 1, 2017 1216
Turning rubbish into art. Kandole, Reagan Jun 1, 2017 1401
The Next Dada Utopian Visioning Peace orchestra: constitutional theory and the Aspirational. Matsuda, Mari Jun 1, 2017 20952
Entre el taller y la exposicion: materialidades fotograficas y genero en la irrupcion de la artista visual moderna en Chile, 1900-1930. Rocha Monsalve, Victor May 1, 2017 6243
Deep matter. Cassou Nogues, Pierre Essay Feb 15, 2017 1780
From Kwvtxhiaj and PajNtaub to Theater and Literature: The Role of Generation, Gender and Human Rights in the Expansion of Hmong American Art. Vang, Nengher N.; Hein, Jeremy Jan 1, 2017 6751
Ragnar Kjartansson: The Visitors. Morin, Maryse Oct 15, 2016 1122
Solo exhibition starts at Jharoka art gallery. Sep 30, 2016 105
Word and deed: Koyo Kouoh on art institutions in Dakar. Kouoh, Koyo Sep 1, 2016 1672
Cheikh Ndiaye. Ndiaye, Cheikh Sep 1, 2016 343
Before and after: Thelma Golden on "Black Male" (1994-95)g. Golden, Thelma Jun 22, 2016 1539
Second sex: Wayne Koestenbaum on "'My' Masculinity". Koestenbaum, Wayne Jun 22, 2016 1682
SPEAK OUT Art Show: Celebrate Earth Month with a Meaningful Art Experience Real Art for a Humanitarian Cause. Mar 16, 2016 645
The power of an inspiring visual arts program. Kramer, Juli B. Jan 1, 2016 2726
Art exhibit on Black Panther challenges library patrons to face violence of mass incarceration. Steele, Chris Report Oct 1, 2015 3020
EleMates, live from Atom City! Wallant, Leslie Oct 1, 2015 688
Racism in America. Exhibition at the Verdadism Art Gallery by Soraida Martinez Raises Awareness of an Endemic Problem in American Society.. Sep 2, 2015 234
What art tool are you? Find out how you color your world, and see how NMG girls--and you-- share glorious art! Bigelow, Eliza Brief article Jul 1, 2015 304
Art and education go hand in hand for Pan Am relay. Laskaris, Sam Jul 1, 2015 743
Science in surrealism. Talasek, J.D. Jun 22, 2015 325
Young artist. Cooprider, Madison Brief article Apr 1, 2015 124
Women on the verge: Johanna Fateman on art, feminism, and social media. Fateman, Johanna Apr 1, 2015 3119
Artist Ricardo Osmondo Francis Will be Exhibiting His Work in "The Art of Revolution", a Group Art Exhibition at the East End Studio, Houston, TX. Opens March 26, 2015.. Mar 7, 2015 461
Wall flowers: there are very few women in historical art collections, so how can museums address this imbalance in their permanent displays and temporary exhibitions--and should they even try? Brun, Lily Le Essay Mar 1, 2015 2098
Angelica Mesiti, Citizens Band ... le sens de ce qui circule entre nous. Marin, Maryse Feb 15, 2015 1435
Simon Beaudry : L'identite nationale. Images et praxis. Roberge, Gabrielle Feb 15, 2015 1472
La cinematographie suisse (et l'art) deux ou trois choses que je sais d'elle. Gangemi, Rosanna Feb 15, 2015 3694
Mark Lewis au Louvre. Lemieux, Ariane Feb 15, 2015 1220
Offrir resistance. Paris, Chantal T. Feb 15, 2015 1026
Collectors' focus. Crichton-Miller, Emma Jan 1, 2015 1269
Sami's art Haven "Jasmine House" materializes the agonies of Gaza. Sep 30, 2014 436
<>: quelques reflexions sur les expositions museales de peintures a l'acrylique des Aborigenes du Territoire du Nord (Australie). Dussart, Francoise Sep 1, 2014 11816
Disreputable sources: fabrice stroun on art and comics. Stroun,Fabrice Jun 22, 2014 1982
Live streaming: Irene V. Small on documentary strategies in Brazilian art and activism. Small, Irene V. May 1, 2014 2592
Artist statement: mother and son. Terrill, Joey Jan 1, 2014 1113
From the archives. O'Byrne, Robert Dec 1, 2013 823
Harnessing the art spirit: in the service of interpretation. Smith, Wren Essay Jul 1, 2013 1434
What's art got to do with it? Finneran, Kevin Jun 22, 2013 839
Making your life with MS a work of art. Zagieboylo, Cyndi Essay Jun 22, 2013 509
Art and interfaith dialogue. Abdullah, Raficq Essay Jun 22, 2013 2387
Material concern. Morgan, Jessica May 1, 2013 3271
A postscript to creative destruction. Park, Liz; Saltarelli, Tim; Scepanski, Kristina Essay Mar 22, 2013 1873
Seeing the invisible, feeling the visible: Michel Henry on aesthetics and abstraction. Zordan, Davide Mar 1, 2013 5877
Art is the commons. Byck, Maria Feb 1, 2013 403
The work of art in the age of mediated participation: crowdsourced art and collective creativity. Literat, Ioana Essay Dec 15, 2012 8942
Last Supper and Other Tales. Souza, Francis Newton Essay Dec 1, 2012 2139
African American visual representation: from repression to resistance. Von Blum, Paul Essay Dec 1, 2012 2588
Another world Michelle kuo talks with David Graeber. Rentschler, Eric Interview Jun 22, 2012 5369
Art exhibition The friendly face of art. May 11, 2012 365
Everything is free now: artists do more than amuse and we've got ourselves a creativity glut to contend with. Wood, Chris May 1, 2012 639
Ethnography of the Howard School: art of agency, of resistance and syncretism. Jesse Shaw, Edward Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 260
The Meanings of Forgery. Essay Jan 1, 2012 5758
Art show highlights social issues in transparent medium. Dec 23, 2011 220
Why art failed us after 9/11: trying to make sense of senselessness. Gillespie, Nick Aug 1, 2011 3946
The politics of possession: the ownership of the world's cultural icons. Nash, Michael L. Essay Mar 22, 2011 2913
Cosmology and transformation in the work of Michelle Stuart. Filippone, Christine Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 7795
Art in public urban spaces: value integrity between authors, customers and the public/Menas viesosiose miesto erdvese: kurejo, uzsakovo ir publikos vertybiu sandraugos klausimas. Lubyte, Elona Report Mar 1, 2011 5394
Art out of place: international art exhibits at the New York World's Fair of 1964-1965. Nicoletta, Julie Essay Dec 22, 2010 10357
Fusion fare 9 perspectives on unexpected intersections of food and art. Taylor, Nicole Estvanik Apr 1, 2010 2815
Masterpieces from Turner to Cezanne: this was "a crucial moment in the history of art, when European painting was undergoing a revolution in style, theme, and technique.". Mar 1, 2010 1114
In a place by himself: Winslow Homer's remarkable images alternatively are poignant, witty, romantic, and thought-provoking.". Mar 1, 2010 637
Lest We Forget. Myles, Eileen Column Mar 1, 2010 1964
Danh Vo: talks about "Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Specific Objects Without Specific Form". Griffin, Tim Feb 1, 2010 978
Do you believe in miracles? Feb 1, 2010 778
Myths of decline: Alex Israel reports from Los Angeles. Israel, Alex Jan 1, 2010 2633
From the Mantlepiece to Art Space. Oct 31, 2009 821
Henrik Olesen: talks about "Better Sleep with a Sober Cannibal than a Drunken Christian," 2009. Oct 1, 2009 1510
"The Death of the Audience": Secession. Huck, Brigitte Oct 1, 2009 608
Spotlight time: PRT helps female artists find their voice. Snipe, Aaron D. Jun 1, 2009 763
Sasepinita exhibit targets racism in Saskatchewan. Fiddler, Christine Dec 1, 2008 820
Making art for the children: Chief Ten Dogs: civic leader and community artist. Aguirre, Mary Helen Nov 1, 2008 1480
Celebrating our achievements: launching books and a photo exhibition in Kavango region. IKhaxas, Elizabeth Oct 1, 2008 609
I probably met Bob around 1957. Whitman, Robert Essay Sep 1, 2008 843
The Back Boot Project. Muirhead, Anna; Ballard, Su; Beevors, Michele; Bell, Victoria; Carran, Bekah; Eady, Scott; Morley, M Jun 1, 2008 2959
No art for oil: it's sadly ironic that a work of art designed to critique the commercialization of art and nature is threatened by oil exploration in the Great Salt Lake. Capps, Kriston Apr 1, 2008 1988
The art of teaching the art of nursing: where are the nursing virtuosos? Fitzpatrick, Joyce J. Editorial Mar 1, 2008 463
Hooliganism goes highbrow. Black, Simon Mar 1, 2008 563
An "Expression of Hope" from the afflicted. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 245
On the ground: as that godfather of urban planning Sir Patrick Geddes once observed, "a city is more than a place in space; it is a drama in time." To take stock of the continuing narratives of art in urban locales around the world, Artforum asked eight artists, curators, and writers to tell the stories they saw unfold over the course of the past twelve months. Singer, Debra; Holte, Michael Ned; Wood, Catherine; Demos, T.J.; Gander, Ryan; Allen, Jennifer; Fuda Dec 1, 2007 15630
Art in Seoul: American crafts come alive for Korean audiences. Yoo, Jonathan L. Nov 1, 2007 623
A&P Catering Art Show to Benefit Muscular Dystrophy Association. Brief article Oct 8, 2007 199
The aesthetics of capital. Tinland, Olivier Sep 22, 2007 842
The art of empathy: employing the arts in social inquiry with poor, working-class women. Foster, Victoria Mar 22, 2007 6608
Art show benefits World Vision. Brief article Feb 1, 2007 139
On the art of the future. Stewart, Susan Critical Essay Dec 22, 2004 6612
New Orleans spice: a taste of art and culture in the Crescent City. Drakes, Sean Dec 1, 2004 691
An intergenerational debut at the art gallery. Hoban, Sandra Dec 1, 2004 1982
"Making Special": An Undescribed Human Universal and the Core of a Behavior of Art. Dissanayake, Ellen Nov 1, 2004 6317
Peace through art and sport. Ishaq, Ashfaq Nov 1, 2004 1181
Famous family leaves artistic legacy in Ocean Springs, Miss. Davis, Lance Jun 14, 2004 530
Tribeca brokers invest in art. Brief Article Jun 2, 2004 180
Love-mad Mormons. VanDeCarr, Paul Brief Article Apr 27, 2004 139
Seaman brings culture to masses. Feb 18, 2004 363
Baja to Vancouver: the West Coast and Contemporary Art. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 124
Art at war. (War Art). Meyers, Laura May 1, 2003 2180
Gran Fury talks to Douglas Crimp. ('80s Then). Interview Apr 1, 2003 3403
Trumpeting down the walls of Jericho: The politics of art, music and emotion in German-American relations, 1870-1920. Gienow-Hecht, Jessica C.E. Mar 22, 2003 14351
Ibsen's marriage of art and life a lucid examination. Nwabueze, P. Emeka Critical essay Jan 1, 2003 4781
At the deathbed of consumptive art. (Another Dimension). Morens, David M. Nov 1, 2002 5406
Mariana Yampolsky: gifted eye of the era. Rendon, Catherine Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 774
Intimacy and painting in Ming China. Clunas, Craig Aug 1, 2002 3985
American kids "talk" to Muslim Kids through art. (Arts Update). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 157
Duncan Enterprises supports "wall of hope". (Arts Update). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 133
Se vende: Mexican artists are breaking new conceptual ground--and their art turns a profit, both in Mexico and abroad. (Special Report). Peters, Gretchen Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 2013
Turn your home into an art gallery. Royal, Leslie E. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 86
In Paris, Art is Not a Luxury But a Way of Life. SILBERMAN, VANESSA Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 343
AFTER CONSUMERISM: THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY. Ryan Matthew Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 795
Death row inspiration. Unsworth, Tim Statistical Data Included Jan 12, 2001 1401
2000 TAIPEI BIENNIAL. Breuvart, Valerie Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 501
The Shape of the World/The End of the World. Verzotti, Giorgio Brief Article May 1, 2000 104
Memories & Visions A Community Event. Strauch-Nelson, Wendy Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 659
RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA. Siegel, Katy Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 579
Calder's cosmos: more than mobiles. Griess, Ernest Jun 1, 1998 1602
The events that shaped the under-30 mind. Finlay, Jennifer Aug 19, 1997 2141
Halfway house. Bhabha, Homi K. May 1, 1997 2294
Who needs artists? MacNeil, Robert; Hugo, Victor Apr 1, 1997 2895
Outsider art. Danto, Arthur Coleman Mar 10, 1997 2854
Brut force. Criqui, Jean-Pierre Sep 1, 1996 1797
Womanhouse: making the personal story political in visual form. Edwards, Janis L. Mar 22, 1996 3648
Top ten. Lewis, Jim Mar 1, 1996 1019
Art and procreative illusion in the Sepik: comparing the Abelam and the Arapesh. Tuzin, Donald Jun 1, 1995 9793
Dance this diss around. Bhabha, Homi K. Apr 1, 1995 2111
The historical non-triviality of art: a rejoinder to Jerome Stolnitz. Peer, Willie van Apr 1, 1995 2159
Homo artisticus. Danto, Arthur Coleman Editorial Feb 20, 1995 646
Poll stars: Komar & Melamid's "The People's Choice." (populist art) Ross, Andrew Jan 1, 1995 3377
The culture of narcissism. Spillane, Margaret Dec 10, 1990 2917

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