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Vladimir Putin demands schoolchildren learn 'patriotic values' from the age of seven; Russian children will be forced to sit through hours of "conversations about important things", according to Sergei Novikov, who heads up the Kremlin's social projects wing. By, Ryan Fahey Aug 2, 2022 514
Lessons in strategic communication. Rosario-Braid, Florangel Jul 16, 2022 674
The Women, Peace, and Security Act: Implementation Strategies for a Modern Department of Defense. Cullen, Kyleigh Jan 1, 2022 3595
Mobilizing Masculinity: Conscription, Gender, and Community Wellbeing in Lithuania. Harrison, Frances Report Jan 1, 2022 8564
PM highlights 7-point plan to drive the country forward. Jul 1, 2021 623
Building a Wall of Denial Against Gray-Zone Aggression. Braw, Elisabeth Apr 1, 2021 13421
Poison, Persistence, and Cascade Effects: AI and Cyber Conflict. Whyte, Christopher Dec 22, 2020 12022
Hong Kongers scrub social media history in face of security law. Jul 3, 2020 775
Security, Islam, and Indonesia: An Anthropological Analysis of Indonesia's National Counterterrorism Agency. Nakissa, Aria Report Apr 1, 2020 14487
Measures will help all cope with Covid-19. Mar 26, 2020 828
The Future of Interagency Doctrine. Katsos, George E. Report Jan 1, 2020 1905
International Investment and National Security Review. Ma, Ji Oct 1, 2019 22117
Gender and International Trade Policy: Economic Nostalgia and the National Security Steel Tariffs. Brewster, Rachel Sep 22, 2019 5020
In Harm's Way: Gender and Human Rights in National Security. Huckerby, Jayne C. Sep 22, 2019 12959
Stability and identity. Jun 30, 2019 1055
NPP Youth Organiser cautions 'Kum Yen Preko' protesters. Jun 27, 2019 706
Projecting Stability: A Deployable NATO Police Command. Pani, Massimo; Finkenbinder, Karen J. Mar 22, 2019 3273
Nothing Without Women. Hynes, Patricia Jan 1, 2019 1436
Realism vs. Idealism: Both are needed, but national interests should come first. Carpenter, Ted Galen Jul 1, 2018 3601
The Roots of Security Narratives on Islam in Russia: Tatar Yoke, Official Religious Institutions and the Western Influence. Kocak, Muhammet Sep 22, 2017 6450
Family reunification and the security state. Abrams, Kerry Jun 22, 2017 14160
National security culture: Gender, race, and class in the production of imperial citizenship. Kumar, Deepa Essay May 1, 2017 11507
Trade-offs between civil liberties and national security: A discrete choice experiment. Finkelstein, Eric Andrew; Mansfield, Carol; Wood, Dallas; Rowe, Brent; Chay, Junxing; Ozdemir, Semra Report Apr 1, 2017 10234
Self-willed delusion. Erler, Edward J. Jan 1, 2017 2718
Globalists exploit Brussels terror to push police state. Apr 18, 2016 336
Refugee crisis: has Europe on the brink: as politicians prop open their countries' borders and throw out welcome mats to mainly Muslim refugees, the negative consequences are becoming apparent to all. Newman, Alex Apr 4, 2016 3623
Worry About Terror Attacks in U.S. High, but Not Top Concern. McCarthy, Justin Survey Mar 23, 2016 681
Is global warming the greatest threat to national security? Jasper, William F. Dec 7, 2015 1439
Socio-cultural intelligence and national security. Tomes, Robert R. Report Jun 22, 2015 8242
A muted voice? Red tape and Latino political participation. Saldivar, Karina Moreno Report Mar 22, 2015 9395
Domestic terrorism appears to be reemerging as a priority at the Department of Justice. Bjelopera, Jerome P. Aug 1, 2014 1053
WikiLeaks, journalism and the consequences of Chaos. McNair, Brian Essay Aug 1, 2012 6131
The two Sudans: elusive peace? North and South Sudan will not find durable peace so long as the marginalised population in the border states continues to die. There must be stability in Abyei, the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, Eastern Sudan and Darfur, writes Christopher Zambakari. Zambakari, Christopher Apr 1, 2012 1451
Culture as a basis for new intelligence practices. El-Guindy, Boshra Jan 1, 2012 2236
Terror TV: homeland shows the messier side of the security bureaucracy. Suderman, Peter Dec 21, 2011 933
A call for resilience. Sep 22, 2011 543
Solidarity squandered: the attacks brought us together until we let them turn us against each other--and damn near everyone else. Perlstein, Rick Sep 1, 2011 3681
Extreme measures: since September 11, the Fourth Amendment has been eroded in ways we do not even know. The scary part is that it's going to take years to undo the damage. Shipler, David K. Sep 1, 2011 4160
The Global Patriot Act. Scheppele, Kim Lane Sep 1, 2011 1657
Wilson's war message, April 2, 1917. Sempa, Francis P. Apr 4, 2011 295
The supreme social concept: the un-worldliness of modern security. Owens, Patricia Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 8358
It's never just the economy, stupid. Sempa, Francis P. Mar 7, 2011 286
41 General Assembly OAS El Salvador 2011. Ochoa, Gina Conference news Mar 1, 2011 418
The European Union and transitional justice: human rights and post-conflict reconciliation in Europe and beyond. Crossley-Frolick, Katy A. Report Jan 1, 2011 10442
The responsibility to protect: growing pains or early promise? Luck, Edward C. Report Dec 22, 2010 7441
Uganda 'our attackers will face justice': two terrorist attacks in the Uganda capital, Kampala, on 11 July, have changed life in the country for good. A defiant president Yoweri Museveni says the terrorists "have invited problems for themselves. We shall look for them wherever they are and get them." Agnes Asiimwe reports from Kampala. Asiimwe, Agnes Aug 1, 2010 1321
Is US losing ground in Afghanistan?: The average length of an active insurgency is 10 years. In the case of Afghanistan, the US military operation is already nine years old, the normal length of time in which one or other of the parties begins to show signs of fatigue. But which side is it most likely to be? Vesely, Milan Jun 1, 2010 1318
Dealing with the skeptics: the attack on the togolese team bus at the African Cup of Nations finals in Angola will increase, unfairly, questions about South Africa's suitability for hosting the World Cup. Writes Piers Edwards. Edwards, Piers Feb 1, 2010 730
OPINION: Plan to monitor social networking sites would infringe civil liberties for little national security gain; In association with Merseyside acme. Mar 26, 2009 281
The Arabs and modern Turkey: a century of changing perceptions. Nafi, Basheer M. Report Jan 1, 2009 8156
A new agenda for the Kurdish question. Ozhan, Taha; Ete, Hatem Report Jan 1, 2009 6957
Retiring Hitler and "appeasement" from the national security debate. Record, Jeffrey Jun 22, 2008 5142
Business executives for National Security (Washington, DC). Speech May 15, 2008 3114
LEBANON - Jan 15 - 'Innocent Martyrs Fell Today'. Jan 19, 2008 738
Intellipedia: leading a transformation in Knowledge Management within the Intelligence Community. Harris, Brian Company overview Jan 1, 2008 4230
Mines and underwater IEDS in U.S. ports and waterways: context, threats, challenges, and solutions. Truver, Scott C. Essay Jan 1, 2008 10203
Spitzer scheme a danger to U.S. Nov 1, 2007 463
South Africa: the Scorpions vs the police boss. Commey, Pusch Nov 1, 2007 1323
Director of national intelligence statutory authorities: status and proposals. Best, Richard A., Jr.; Cumming, Alfred; Masse, Todd Nov 1, 2007 3957
National Special Security Events. Reese, Shawn Nov 1, 2007 2185
Dubya's game: motive utilitarianism and the doctrine of preemption. Wheat, David Report Sep 22, 2007 8389
U.S. attitudes evolve about EU security ambitions. Oudraat, Chantal de Jonge Jun 22, 2007 905
Records requests misused. Swartz, Nikki Brief article May 1, 2007 278
Securing the future. Hinkson, John Mar 22, 2007 2157
The abuses of realism and Australian security interests. Tanter, Richard Report Mar 22, 2007 3541
Adapt or die: the US military's responsibility to protect America by leading the transformations in Science and Technology. Gingrich, Newt; Weisbrook, Ronald E. Report Jan 1, 2007 6738
American Emergencies: Whiteness, the National Guard, and Light in August. Jackson, Chuck Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 8524
Careers in homeland security: many jobs, one mission. Jones, Elka Jun 22, 2006 7111
White House proposes foreign language initiative. Brief article Feb 9, 2006 169
Safety and freedom: common concerns for conservatives, libertarians, and civil libertarians. Strossen, Nadine Sep 22, 2005 4258
Girl felt safe with GIs guarding her homeland. Bariteau, Caroline May 1, 2005 743
Security the progressive way: the lockdown strategy has made America less safe. There's a better approach. Tirman, John Apr 11, 2005 2046
Collective security with a human face: an international legal framework for coordinated action to alleviate violence and poverty. Moore, Jennifer Dec 22, 2004 16188
Homoland security: rainbow threat alert. Critchley, Jay Sep 1, 2003 851
The Cost of Securing the Homeland. Scardaville, Michael Aug 1, 2003 2063
Security fears tether freedoms. (World). Coday, Dennis Brief Article Jul 18, 2003 173
Justice alert!!! (Editorial). Miller, Mike Mar 22, 2003 564
Demolition democracy. (Liberty). Bowman, Kate Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 174
Anti-terrorism and human rights. (OAS). Conaway, Janelle Mar 1, 2003 454
There they go again: in the name of (surprise!) security, the government blocks access to public information. (First Amendment Watch). Kirtley, Jane Jan 1, 2003 765
9-11: one year of empire building. Petras, James Nov 1, 2002 6483
Social exclusion: belonging and not belonging in the world system. Richmond, Anthony H. Nov 1, 2002 5807
Dystopia revisited. (On The Contrary). Kaminer, Wendy Brief Article Oct 21, 2002 953
From the Editor. Stevens, Celia Editorial Oct 1, 2002 486
Indefinite detention and other tales from the new America. (Human Rights Watch). Niman, Michael I. Sep 1, 2002 1855
Freedom of information under attack; in the name of `homeland security,' the work of journalists is made harder. (Watchdog Journalism Conference). Lewis, Charles Jun 22, 2002 1696
Viewpoint: Post 9/11, travel agents still move the industry. McShea, Denise Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 944
Learning to cope with complexity: We can enhance our future security by learning more about our society's complexities. (Future View). Pauchant, Thierry C.; Mitroff, Ian I. Brief Article May 1, 2002 841
The issue at hand. Edwords, Fred Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 512
Halt and show your papers! Dority, Barbara Mar 1, 2002 2673
Security and immigration: Toward a critique of the governmentality of unease. Bigo, Didier Feb 1, 2002 13133
The big chill: in the suddenly changed world that dawned on Sept. 12, faculty political dissent, teaching devices and even jokes have come to be viewed as suspicious, if not downright seditious. Fisher, Marla Jo Dec 24, 2001 3397
Secrecy and the press in a time of war: `if we guard our toothbrushes and diamonds with equal zeal, we will probably lose fewer toothbrushes and more diamonds.' (Coverage of Terrorism). Gup, Ted Dec 22, 2001 1986
Anchoring the nation. Robertson, Lori Nov 1, 2001 4827
In war, is law silent? Security and freedom after September 11. (Reflections in a Time of Crisis). O'Brien, Ed Nov 1, 2001 5565
Human Security: A Shotgun Approach to Alleviating Human Misery? Khong, Yuen Foong Jul 1, 2001 2078
The Ultimate Social Security Is a Strong National Defense. Skibbie, Larry Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 724
Civil Society and Regional Security: Tensions and Potentials in Post-Crisis Southeast Asia. LIZEE, PIERRE P. Dec 1, 2000 8911
Not By Those Rules. Robertson, Lori Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 286
The National Guard Citizen-Soldier: the linkage between responsible National Security Policy and the will of the people. Meyer, Mark P. Oct 1, 1996 11229
Spooks on campus. MacMichael, David Cover Story Jun 8, 1992 874
The physician and national security. Cassel, Christine K. Dec 1, 1988 572

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