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IWD: FG Tasked To Bridge Gap In Leadership Positions For Women. Mar 8, 2021 328
Who Wishes for a Strong Leader? Aruguete, Mara S.; McCutcheon, Lynn E. Report Mar 1, 2021 3602
The Last Trusted Leaders in the U.S.? Cousins, Brad Editorial Feb 15, 2021 545
Welcome to Whoville! How to Develop Remote Leaders. Dec 14, 2020 724
Sector Leadership Must Reflect America: C-Suites should evolve, looking and acting differently. Coentro, Yolanda Dec 1, 2020 1028
Visionary leadership effectiveness: Moderating roles of power distance and middle-way thinking. Luo, Yuan Jing; Li, Yan Ping; Choi, Jin Nam; Du, Jing Dec 1, 2020 5056
Think You're Not an Influencer? Think Again. Jeffress, Jessica Oct 5, 2020 829
GIYLS Liberia ends leadership training. Sep 29, 2020 548
LEADERSHIP AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN SPORTS: IF YOU ARE NOT FIRST, YOU ARE LAST. Stewart, Carol; Marciniec, Sheryl; Joyner-McGraw, Laquita; Han, Seungmin Sep 22, 2020 5949
Most Feedback Is Just Noise. Goldberg, Barry Sep 14, 2020 774
Effects of sexism and job-applicant match on leadership candidate evaluations. Fleming, Alissa C.; Hlebasko, Hanna; Adams, Sarah C.; Roach, Krystal N.; Christiansen, Neil D. Sep 1, 2020 3998
Greater than kings: Any account of leadership must include the saga of the poor. Camille, Alice Aug 1, 2020 1230
Building Nonverbal Skills for Trustworthiness and Leadership. Middaugh, Donna J. Mar 1, 2020 1460
A Study of the Roles of Leadership Styles and Attitudes with Social Responsibility for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Hahm, SangWoo Report Feb 1, 2020 8648
Persons with impairments intend to become leaders as world marks Int'l day of persons with disabilities. Dec 4, 2019 420
FedEx Honored with 'The Coalition for Integrity' Corporate Leadership Award. Nov 4, 2019 388
The Big Missteps in Camp Leadership Transition. Ditter, Bob Nov 1, 2019 2252
Can We Talk? DIFFICULT MANAGEMENT CONVERSATIONS. Arizala, Scott Nov 1, 2019 2819
Youth Leadership Programme 2019. Sep 2, 2019 319
The blame game doesn't cut it. Choruma, Allen Aug 1, 2019 1158
Getting More Diverse Voices to the Board Table: Can the environmental, social and governance movement finally usher in change? Pemberton-Heard, Denielle Jun 22, 2019 1017
Generation Next: Northern Youth have a vision for the future, and they're making it happen. Hammond, Corrigan Jun 22, 2019 411
Understanding People is The Key to Successful Leadership. Borch, Fred L., III Jun 1, 2019 1616
Lonely at the Top. Middaugh, Donna J. Report May 1, 2019 1571
student organizations. Colelli, Richard; Harrison, Hal; Ernst, Jeremy V.; Clark, Aaron C.; Kelly, Daniel P.; DeLuca, V. Wil Apr 1, 2019 1231
A Relational Approach to Leadership for Multi-Actor Governance. Craps, Marc; Vermeesch, Inge; Dewulf, Art; Sips, Koen; Termeer, Katrien; Bouwen, Rene Mar 1, 2019 6693
HAZING, BLACK SORORITIES, AND ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS. Parks, Gregory S.; Mutisya, E. Bahati Jan 1, 2019 26608
"What Do You Look for in Conscious Corporations?". Sutherland, Paul Jan 1, 2019 862
African Personality: An Anthropological Perspective for Leadership Development in Africa. Manobo, Blazio M. Report Nov 1, 2018 6593
Give youth decisionmaking powers. Ligami, Christabel Oct 1, 2018 1154
Why I Love Negative Feedback. Martin, Richard Essay Oct 1, 2018 824
CAMP INCLUDES ME SERIES CAMP AND CULTURE: The Core Competencies Deeply Engrained in Culturally Responsive Camp Leaders and Counselors. Whitaker, Sonya Sep 1, 2018 2544
WHITE PRIVILEGE and Humanist Leadership. Murn, Charles Essay Jul 1, 2018 2858
Diana Lee: How to Become The Wolf. Cutts, Evan Jun 20, 2018 445
Sabrina Kizzie: Leading By Example in the Social Media Age. Cutts, Evan; Love, Juri Jun 20, 2018 439
Great Old Broads for Wilderness Present Women's Advocacy Leadership Training for Conservation & Community Change. May 11, 2018 222
Joe Scarnati: President Pro Tempore, Pennsylvania Senate. Scarnati, Joe Interview May 1, 2018 861
Bulala as An Ubuntu-Inspired Approach to Enhancing Organizational Culture in Rural Kenya. Lutomia, Anne Namatsi; Sibeyo, David; Lutomia, Noel Iminza Essay Mar 1, 2018 7740
Measuring Optimal Experiences of CANR Undergraduates in a Leadership Course. Everett, Michael W.; Raven, Matt R. Report Jan 1, 2018 6798
Nurse managers: 'Breaking through the barriers'. Tweedale, Sarah Dec 1, 2017 346
Coming out of the ivory tower: OpEd Project trains professionals to take thought-leadership positions in their fields. Schlumpf, Heidi Nov 17, 2017 1306
Creating Entrepreneurs of Learning: SOMETIMES WHAT HELPS KIDS MOST IS A GOAL AND A PAYCHECK. Lasalle, Dan Nov 1, 2017 837
Toxic Culture: How the U.S. Military Enables Incivility and What to Do About It. Williams, Kenneth Oct 1, 2017 4803
Influence of leader and employee emotional labor on service performance: a hierarchical linear modeling approach. Tang, Xiu-Li; Gu, Ying-Kang; Cui, Lijuan Report Sep 1, 2017 4880
Find your allies: A 4-step guide for finding and keeping the people you need most. Addison, John Jul 1, 2017 1506
Nurses as leaders: nurses must cast off old hierarchies and embrace change if they are to become strategic leaders. Brinkman, Anne Jul 1, 2017 714
Cooperation with friends or new encounters: tie strength and shared leadership behaviors. Chen, Na; Rau, Pei-Luen Patrick Report May 1, 2017 4012
Culture, tweets, and change. Starr, Joshua P. Column Apr 1, 2017 1795
African thought leadership: writing as/for resistance. McFadden, Patricia Essay Apr 1, 2017 2159
The prejudiced pig inside your mind, Part I: How directors can win the war against implicit bias. Thurber, Christopher Mar 1, 2017 5112
Crucial camp conversations: five keys for success. Moeschberger, Alison Mar 1, 2017 1962
Oh, snap! This is a job! The new teen leadership program at Boston explorers. Michel-Lord, Ayanna; Vil, Manny St.; Ditter, Bob Mar 1, 2017 2857
Rota ends first phase of RYSC leadership training programme. Nov 18, 2016 292
Leadership training course imparts new skills. Oct 28, 2016 373
First phase of Rota Youth Challenge gets underway. Oct 27, 2016 392
Le leadership transformatif: maintenir la langue francaise vivante au Canada. Proulx, Andreanne Gelinas; Shields, Carolyn M. Report Jul 1, 2016 7262
At work for justice: with St. Joseph Worker Program, young women deepen spirituality, cultivate leadership skills. Elliott, Elizabeth A. Jul 1, 2016 996
Women's leadership: Mission strength and personal vulnerability combine. Hinton, Mary Dana Mar 10, 2016 812
The effect of pre-college involvement on leadership efficacy, citizenship and social change behaviors among college students. O'Dell, Irma; Smith, Michael R.; Born, Jessica E. Report Mar 1, 2016 6949
A five-star recipe for excellence in camp food service. Truitt, Kimberly Whiteside Mar 1, 2016 2739
Time for US leadership in the Americas. Noriega, Roger F. Report Jan 1, 2016 5196
Effects of peer mentorship on student leadership. Walters, Giovanna; Kanak, Ashley Report Jan 1, 2016 4887
Urban School Leaders as Symbolic Icons: Race, Identity, and Power, 1965-2010. Peck, Craig; Douglas, Ty-Ron M. O.; Vega, Juan A. Rios Report Jan 1, 2016 8271
Voter characteristics and leader effects in a post-Communist context: the case of the 2012 legislative elections in Romania. Gheorghita, Andrei Case study Jun 22, 2015 9720
Coaching constructs and leadership development at an oil and gas company in the United Arab Emirates. Shamsi, Saeed Ali Obaid Al; Dixon, Christopher; Hossan, Chowdhury Golam; Papanastassiou, Marina Report Mar 22, 2015 8063
Who doesn't want to be a leader? Leaders are such wonderful people: comment on "Leadership and leadership development in healthcare settings--a simplistic solution to complex problems?". Learmonth, Mark Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2015 1849
Hmong American leadership and unity in the post-Vang Pao era. Vang, Nengher N.; Hein, Jeremy Essay Jan 1, 2015 8187
The Kaiwhakahaere comments. Nuku, Kerri Nov 1, 2014 542
Resonant leadership and workplace empowerment: the value of positive organizational cultures in reducing workplace incivility. Laschinger, Heather K. Spence; Wong, Carol A.; Cummings, Greta G.; Grau, Ashley L. Report Jan 1, 2014 8055
Examining the benefits of athlete leaders in sport. Crozier, Alyson J.; Loughead, Todd M.; Munroe-Chandler, Krista J. Dec 1, 2013 6949
Mental health: inspiring new nursing leaders. Burns, Bernie Conference notes Sep 1, 2013 1001
How six women deans of agriculture have attained their leadership role: a qualitative study. Kleihauer, Sarah; Stephens, Carrie A.; Hart, William E.; Stripling, Christopher T. Report Jul 1, 2013 7633
"Those knights of the pen and pencil": women journalists and cultural leadership of the women's movement in Australia and the United States. Kirkby, Diane Essay May 1, 2013 11044
Change agents: social entrepreneurship and the summer camp experience. Wallace, Stephen Gray; Barbera, Julie; Deckert, Justin; Keegan, Pierce May 1, 2013 2396
What role for women in Africa's future: we must dare to imagine a future where leadership is as automatically linked to women as to men, writes Minna Salami. Salami, Minna Essay May 1, 2013 1114
Combating the "culture of can't": school leaders have more power than they think. Hess, Frederick M.; Downs, Whitney Essay Mar 22, 2013 3137
Leadership: every registered nurse's responsibility. Marquis, France Mar 22, 2013 586
What does leadership mean to you? Jackson-Miller, Marie-Louise Mar 22, 2013 661
Magnitudes: Leadership for something greater than yourself. Harter, Nathan Essay Mar 22, 2013 2236
Transforming agency culture through values-driven leadership. Gerber, Nora; Kelley, Kathy Jones; Norwood, Jane; Urzi, Mary Essay Feb 1, 2013 2009
A three-dimensional new year. Brecher, Natalie D. Jan 1, 2013 578
School leadership and counselors working together to address bullying. Austin, Shelia M.; Reynolds, Glenda P.; Barnes, Shirley L. Report Dec 22, 2012 3475
Gender and dialogue. Mumaw, Joan Letter to the editor Nov 22, 2012 220
Matriarchs to the rescue. Mordasini, Don Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2012 1337
Tech(NO) leaders. Minhas, Badar Oct 14, 2012 779
Barriers hindering Jordanian women's advancement to higher political and leadership positions. Maaitah, Rowaida Al; Oweis, Arwa; Olimat, Hmoud; Altarawneh, Ikhlas; Maaitah, Hadeel Al Report Oct 1, 2012 10074
Rural nurse leaders: who are they? What have they done? Saying goodbye to one and moving on to honor others. Fahs, Pamela Stewart Editorial Sep 22, 2012 1307
Teacher commitment in sustainable learning communities: a new "ancient" story of educational leadership. Cherkowski, Sabre Case study Jul 1, 2012 5875
Idle hands. Lenhard, Christopher C. Jun 1, 2012 376
Spirituality as a vehicle for passing through the stained glass ceiling: perspectives on African American women's leadership in US organizations. Christo-Baker, E. Anne; Roberts, Cynthia; Rogalin, Christable L. Report Apr 1, 2012 8664
Supportive leadership behavior key to breaking the glass ceiling in religious communities in Malawi. Madimbo, Maggie Report Apr 1, 2012 6625
From the pantry to the pulpit: Anglican clergywomen in the diocese of Trinidad and Tobago. De Four-Babb, Joyanne; Tenia, Shelley-Ann Report Apr 1, 2012 10437
Tempered radicals: black women's leadership in the church and community. Ngunjiri, Faith Wambura; Gramby-Sobukwe, Sharon; Williams-Gegner, Kimberly Report Apr 1, 2012 10302
No more glass ceiling? Negotiating women's leadership role in eternal sacred order of Cherubim and Seraphim. Oluwaniyi, Oluwatoyin O. Report Apr 1, 2012 8639
Sustainable leadership: lessons and implications of a leadership development program for women religious in Africa. Wakahiu, Jane; Salvaterra, Mary Case study Apr 1, 2012 6529
Count your blessings. Crawford, Kevin J. Mar 1, 2012 654
New lives of teachers. Day, Christopher Jan 1, 2012 7725
What does racism have to do with leadership? Countering the idea of color-blind leadership: a reflection on race and the growing pressures of the urban principalship. Gooden, Mark A. Essay Jan 1, 2012 9225
Commentary: A framework for a twenty-first century Hmong leadership. Lor, Pao; Yang, Seethong Report Jan 1, 2012 5856
Learning. McAuliffe, Michael O. Jan 1, 2012 438
The Calls For Global Leadership Will Be Unanswered. Mahbubani, Kishore Brief article Dec 30, 2011 212
Assessing the status-quo of the organizational development efforts of Jordanian public and private secondary schools from the viewpoint of its principals. Weshah, Hani A. Dec 22, 2011 5088
Women spur greater social responsibility. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 186
Service-learning in nursing education: its impact on leadership and social justice. Groh, Carla J.; Stallwood, Lynda G.; Daniels, John I. Nov 1, 2011 4512
Motivating knowledge worker. Frick, David E. Oct 1, 2011 5805
What to do about bad leaders. Williamson, Doug Sep 22, 2011 662
Four: gender stereotypes of leaders: do they influence leadership in higher education? Madden, Margaret Essay Sep 22, 2011 9425
Top cats: the role and requirements of leadership in community justice initiatives. Atherton, Susie; Crisp, Annette Report Sep 22, 2011 6563
Review of Police Leadership and Training. Dominey, Jane Brief article Sep 22, 2011 217
Leadership and peace - and so much more! Carolis, Gary De Jul 1, 2011 533
Reducing burnout and stress: the effectiveness of clinical supervision. Wallbank, Sonya; Hatton, Sue Report Jul 1, 2011 4540
King's daughter declines post. Brief article Feb 4, 2011 165
Club leaders of the future is a reality! Ferraez, Jorge; Ferraez, Raul Feb 1, 2011 389
Developing a paradigm model of youth leadership development and community engagement: a grounded theory. Hastings, Lindsay J.; Barrett, Leverne A.; Barbuto, John E., Jr.; Bell, Lloyd C. Report Jan 1, 2011 5262
Functional competences' as an effective factor for project leaders in the Libyan construction industry. Omran, Abdelnaser; Alsadey, Salahelddin Mohamed Khalifa; Pakir, Abdul Hamid Kadir; Ramli, Mahyddin Report Jan 1, 2011 7158
Relationship building: understanding the extent and value. Lester, Nita C. Report Jan 1, 2011 5449
Leadership is important at all levels. Henry, Susan M. Jan 1, 2011 753
Student athletes' perceptions of formal and informal team leaders. Holmes, Robyn M.; McNeil, Marilyn; Adorna, Patti Report Nov 25, 2010 8550
The socioemotionally intelligent self-leader: examining relations between self-leadership and socioemotional intelligence. Furtner, Marco R.; Rauthmann, John F.; Sachse, Pierre Report Oct 1, 2010 2259
Leadership justice, negative organizational behaviors, and the mediating effect of affective commitment. Duan, Jinyun; Lam, Wing; Chen, Ziguang; Zhong, Jian An Report Oct 1, 2010 3815
Broadening views of social justice and teacher leadership: addressing LGB issues in teacher education. Larrabee, Timothy G.; Morehead, Pamela Report Sep 22, 2010 6426
The social psychology of work: career development of professional women. Parlea-Buzatu, Daniela Report Jul 1, 2010 1769
Women in leadership: persistent problems or progress? Kochanowski, Susan M. Essay Jun 22, 2010 3473
Contribution of professional school counselors' values and leadership practices to their programmatic service delivery. Shillingford, M. Ann; Lambie, Glenn W. Apr 1, 2010 6475
African centered leadership-followership: foundational principles, precepts, and essential practices. Hotep, Uhura Mar 15, 2010 5298
Discerning leadership. Nickerson, Carolyn J. Mar 1, 2010 1878
Medicine needs adaptive leadership. Haeusler, Jean-Marc C. Mar 1, 2010 1699
Perceived coaching leadership of youth athletes in Singapore. Pyun, Do Young; Kwon, Hyungil Harry; Koh, Koon Teck; Wang, Chee Keng John Report Mar 1, 2010 6053
Inspired to lead. Nicholson, Natasha Editorial Mar 1, 2010 426
Leading from the ground up: while leader visibility is hardly new, what's needed now is a much higher level of leader presence: more intense, more transparent and more authentic than ever before. Davis, Alison Mar 1, 2010 1812
Spanish leadership for Europe's Roma. Jan 11, 2010 800
The courage in clarity: general semantics in school leadership development. Carrier, Stuart Ives Report Jan 1, 2010 2963
Advancing individual and societal development at the community level: the role of NGO microcredit and leadership training. Lucy, Denise M.; Ghosh, Jayati; Kujawa, Edward Jan 1, 2010 5906
Branding Nigeria: implications for effective leadership on identity gap. Kunle, Onafalujo Akinwumi; Ibrahim, Olateju Olawale; Oyedijo, Ade; Tolulope, Adeyemi Oludare Report Jan 1, 2010 4483
Effects of job experience, career stage, and hierarchy on leadership style. Giri, Vijai N.; Santra, Tirumala Dec 31, 2009 2746
The cultural imperative for professional military education and leader development. Abbe, Allison; Halpin, Stanley M. Essay Dec 22, 2009 5245
Leadership strategies for safe schools, 2d ed. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 140
THE One wins CSR Leadership Award. Oct 28, 2009 220
Architecture of leadership. Gautam, Vinayshil Report Oct 1, 2009 734
Archibald MacLeish and professional leadership. Augspurger, Michael Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 11055
ACTE's national leadership forum addresses the re-skilling of America. Sep 1, 2009 852
Leaders of the pack: responsibilities and experiences of collegiate drum majors. Brewer, Wesley D. Report Sep 1, 2009 5180
Leadership for a better world; understanding the social change model of leadership development. Book review Aug 1, 2009 153
Connections with a purpose: conventional communities work because members share expectations and goals, and strive together to create a better future. With the right leadership and management, online communities can do the same thing. Williams, Ryan; Williams, Tudor Jul 1, 2009 1565
Leadership skills, Part VI. Beers, Lee Savio Jul 1, 2009 804
Answering the Call: African-American Women in Higher Education Leadership. Ezarik, Melissa Jun 1, 2009 233
Information leadership ... leading with the end in mind: information leadership is an approach to leadership that uses data to drive the mission, vision and values into the daily work. Sommers, Denise Apr 1, 2009 2108
Manager recognized for innovative approach to health care. Bruner, Thomas J. Feb 1, 2009 521
A highly effective leader: Stephen Covey says we need to help more people find their own purpose and unique contribution. Eliason, Todd Jan 1, 2009 3518
In that Moment I Knew. AAUW Annual Report 2009. Report Jan 1, 2009 267
Leadership, civility, and the 'no jerks' rule. Kerfoot, Karlene M. Dec 1, 2008 1640
From "I'm not a feminist!" to CASWE president: reflecting on space(s), time(ing), and his(her)-story. Wallin, Dawn C. Dec 1, 2008 7192
Labour leadership contender's vision for 'new Welsh home' AM sets out agenda to make the country a fairer place for all. Nov 25, 2008 646
Self-motivation and self-improvement. Dreeke, Robin K. Aug 1, 2008 509
The National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management honored the school system of the Memphis., Tenn., diocese for its efforts to make Catholic schools accessible to inner-city children (NCR, April 4). Brief article Jul 11, 2008 88
Who are the women who have broken through the military's "brass" ceiling? Iskra, Darlene M. Report Jun 22, 2008 9189
Visionary leaders breed successful programs. Shay, Matthew Jun 1, 2008 632
Everybody counts: how a professional people person manages his staff. Drakes, Sean May 1, 2008 854
Take the lead: are you living your leadership potential? Reed-Woodward, Marcia A. May 1, 2008 471
Leadership is key to managing school safety: you must be proactive and communicative. Trump, Kenneth S. May 1, 2008 765
First series of CSR Leadership Forum 2008 held. Apr 29, 2008 461
Embassy hosts Consular Leadership Day. Apr 1, 2008 335
Exploring differences in leadership styles: a study of manager tasks, follower characteristics, and task environments in Korean Human Service Organizations. Hur, Mann Hyung Report Apr 1, 2008 5917
Qutob wins leadership competition. Mar 29, 2008 92
Leveraging Chinese Culture for Effective Organizational Leadership: The China Case. Wang, Jia Report Jan 1, 2008 126
Strengthening leadership and building teams through networking. Heinen, John J. Jan 1, 2008 468
Complementary roles of IS leadership: mathematical model. Galadima, Madu Baba; Gan, Renchu Report Dec 1, 2007 2935
Culturally Responsive Leadership: Graduate Program Egalitarianism. Farmer, Tod Allen; Higham, J. Russell, III Author abstract Nov 16, 2007 141
Principal as Instructional Leader: Designing a Coaching Program That Fits. Issue Brief. Steiner, Lucy; Kowal, Julie Author abstract Sep 1, 2007 277
Leadership, civility, and the 'no jerks' rule. Kerfoot, Karlene M. Jul 1, 2007 1715
Leader paradoxes and critical ethnographies. Barbour, JoAnn Danelo Essay Jun 22, 2007 3078
Soldiering ahead: since women began advancing into its upper ranks, the U.S. military has become both a more humane workplace and a more lethal fighting force. What role has female leadership played? Yeager, Holly Jun 22, 2007 4790
To change or not to change: examining the perception of political "waffling". Nordstrom, Cynthia; Thomas, Susan L. Jun 1, 2007 7665
One major thing: communication; Are you a leader at the helm of your organisation? And you think you've got all it takes to keep the organisation running and moving up? But if good communication skills aren't among your credentials, your leadership is heading for storms. Effective leadership without effective communication is impossible. Kumuyi, William F. Column Jun 1, 2007 1499
Ethical Learning and the University: Listening to the Voices of Leaders. Maldonado, Nancy; Lacey, Candace H.; Thompson, Steve D. Author abstract Apr 12, 2007 211
First Alaskans Institute: a helping hand to natives: teaching business skills, leadership and even etiquette, programs exist to help Native Alaskans in the professional world. West, Gail Mar 1, 2007 808
Promoting communication and feedback: an essential leadership skill. Smith-Trudeau, Priscilla Feb 1, 2007 1556
About the art of managerial communication and leading process. Titu, Mihail; Oprean, Constantin Report Jan 1, 2007 1644
The cost of inadequate leadership: ineffective management carries a hefty price tag for the typical 120-bed nursing home. Baer, John E. Sep 1, 2006 1218
Leadership matters from an equity perspective. Lufkin, Mimi Sep 1, 2006 820
Youth Leadership Forums--Providing Leadership Development Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities. Information Brief. Volume 5, Issue 3. Epstein, Alicia; Eddy, Brenda; Williams, Michael; Socha, Julia Mar 1, 2006 202
Racing: He may be an unknown, but take a chance on Huhne; Sir Clement Freud with a value selection in the Lib Dem leadership race. Jan 20, 2006 610
Celebrating a strong family: the 2005 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America National Leadership Meeting was a celebration of the career and technical student organization's long and successful history. Hyslop, Alisha Dixon Sep 1, 2005 612
Leadership, prisoners' dilemmas, and politics. Clark, J.R.; Lee, Dwight R. Mar 22, 2005 7579
Family Support: Fostering Leadership and Partnership to Improve Access and Quality. Building State Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Series, Number 14. Thompson, Lisa; Uyeda, Kimberly Report Jul 1, 2004 353
School counselors as program leaders: applying leadership contexts to school counseling. Dollarhide, Colette T. Jun 1, 2003 3383
Trust in organizational superiors: systemic and collective considerations. Shamir, Boas; Lapidot, Yael May 1, 2003 14196
Elizabeth I: gender, power & politics: Susan Doran looks at what it meant to be a female monarch in a male world and how the Queen responded to the challenges. Doran, Susan May 1, 2003 3823
Diversity and effective leadership in multicultural workplaces. (Learning from Experience). Parvis, Leo Mar 1, 2003 1399
Leading lights in the 'mother of darkness': perspectives on leadership and value in North Ambrym, Vanuatu. Patterson, Mary Dec 1, 2002 11576
Positive role models and leadership. (What Works). Haycock, Ken Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 285
Identification of leadership among the KMT Yunnanese Chinese in Northern Thailand. Chang, Wen-Chin Feb 1, 2002 13842
JROTC cadets in leadership training display significantly higher personal development than typical students. Schmidt, Raymond Dec 22, 2001 1348
Love, Happiness, and America's Schools: The Role of Educational Leadership in the 21st Century. Hoyle, John R.; Slater, Robert O. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2001 4400
Creating Transforming Leadership for Organizational Change: The CogniScope System Approach. Magliocca, Larry A.; Christakis, Alexander N. May 1, 2001 9622
Building Consensus One by One by One. Feustel, Bruce Mar 1, 2001 1653
Where Have All The Champions Gone? Haycock, Ken Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 318
Pluralistic Leadership. Kezar, Adrianna Nov 1, 2000 8761
Where to Look for Team Leadership. Shibinski, Mike Sep 1, 2000 637
STUDENT LEADERS: The Future is in Good Hands. Doucette Jr., Curtis Oct 1, 1999 1483
Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success. Clemmer, Jim Excerpt Jun 22, 1999 1344
Searching for the Hot Button -- What Really Motivates People? Cathcart, Jim Jun 22, 1999 1785
The strategic use of humility. Kerfoot, Karlene Jul 1, 1998 1343
Only Old Faithful should erupt on the job. Gray, Carol Lippert Jul 1, 1998 1283
Take me to your leader. Feeg, Veronica D. Sep 1, 1997 998
Exploring the limits of Western leadership theory in East Asia and Africa. Blunt, Peter; Jones, Merrick L. Feb 1, 1997 8708
When little men become big. Berke, Joseph H. Biography Apr 1, 1995 2090
Culture, leadership, and power: the keys to organizational change. Clement, Ronald W. Jan 1, 1994 4415
The importance of generational literacy. Fidler, Marybeth Jan 1, 1994 3304
The search for teacher leaders. Wilson, Meena Mar 1, 1993 3080
Type and temperament. Edgley, Gerald J. Oct 1, 1992 2566

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