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Better handwashing practices can cut disease burden. Oct 15, 2019 513
Tunis Culture City to host debate on "Gender and Climate in Tunisia," October 15. Oct 10, 2019 216
Responsibility, racism and the climate urgency. Oct 5, 2019 310
Confronting Climate Change with Trees. Oct 1, 2019 249
Jet-Setting for the Climate? Sep 22, 2019 303
Ben amp; Jerry's ice cream arrives in Korea. Sep 19, 2019 495
Ministry of Culture Participates in 6th Big Stuff Conference to Discuss Future of Industrial Heritage. Conference news Sep 14, 2019 224
Scott is juggling work and charity; E&S BRIEFING. Sep 6, 2019 195
Harry: My Fears; Duke's climate warning and vow to help with 2 kids pledge; He hits out at racism after Meghan's struggle over hate. Jul 31, 2019 414
Harry: My Fears; He hits out at racism after Meghan's struggle over hate; Duke's climate warning and vow to help with 2 kids pledge. Jul 31, 2019 417
Corbyn 'should apologise for party racism failures'. Jul 18, 2019 269
Steps being taken to make Pakistan clean, green: minister. Jul 18, 2019 261
Climate Hysterics: "We Owe Al Gore an Apology". Jul 8, 2019 324
Austria : OMV Social Responsibility Newsletter. Jul 8, 2019 146
Resorts World Manila steps up for the environment. Jun 30, 2019 621
Public health model of care needed--NZNO. Report Jun 1, 2019 537
Czech Republic : Logistics Company Recognized as a Global Corporate and Social Responsibility Leader by CR Magazine. May 18, 2019 295
A dream of social justice... what Wales could look like in 2039; In the second of his articles former counsel general Mick Antoniw AM shares his vision of the next 20 years, where Wales' Assembly would have more devolved powers which would benefit the population Is m. May 15, 2019 1012
WHAT'S REALLY BEHIND EVANGELICALS' CLIMATE DENIAL? Nichols, William Bradford May 1, 2019 2386
What would you pay to save the world? We're getting better at understanding how much people will suffer from climate change--and how unevenly the impacts will be felt. Rotman, David May 1, 2019 1881
Costa Rica : Costa Rica and the Kingdom of Morocco strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation. Apr 30, 2019 608
WBA releases new CSR report. Apr 29, 2019 1060
Islamist Insurgencies Feed Age-Old West African Conflicts. Mar 23, 2019 862
Climate Activists Petition for Carriers in California to Reveal Fossil Fuel Insureds. Jergler , Don Mar 21, 2019 611
Poll: "Climate Change" Is Top Security Threat in World. Brief article Mar 4, 2019 331
EXTREME WINTER: Cold Used to Sell Global Warming: Across the Midwest and Northeast, the recent intrusion of a polar vortex has shattered records for cold temperatures, yet this cold blast is being blamed on global warming. Murphy, James Mar 4, 2019 2121
WORTH NOTING. Gajewski, Karen Ann Mar 1, 2019 832
Changing Climate Change Education: Exploring moderate constructivist and transdisciplinary approaches through the research-education co-operation k.i.d.Z.21. Keller, Lars; Stotter, Johann; Oberrauch, Anna; Kuthe, Alina; Korfgen, Annemarie; Hufner, Katharina Report Mar 1, 2019 6776
Expressions Of Interest To Tender For Creative Account Services. Feb 13, 2019 383
Social, not power integration key to progressive systems. Feb 12, 2019 545
Addressing Climate Change: We Can't Afford Not To. Schenk, Elizabeth C. Report Jan 1, 2019 1745
New Center for Climate, Health and Equity begins at APHA. Dettman, Louise Brief article Jan 1, 2019 262
Linking Dietary Choices to Climate Change. Dell, Amy Jan 1, 2019 363
Global Problems, Global Solutions: Prospects for a Better World. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 126
Melting Arctic Ice Releases Acid. Nov 27, 2018 584
North-South Gas Pipeline's ESIA avant-garde initiative: Zartaj Gul. Nov 20, 2018 997
New Zealand : Critical research being funded via Marsden Fund. Nov 8, 2018 292
Bishops talk carbon tax. Brief article Nov 2, 2018 173
TOO HOT TO HANDLE. Bubar, Joe Oct 29, 2018 3306
Conserving, protecting environment a collective social responsibility: Malik Amin Aslam Khan. Oct 19, 2018 366
United States : Climate Justice Resilience Fund: Making Grants for Social Justice Approaches. Oct 18, 2018 486
Greece : BSTDB hosted the EDFI Working Group meeting on Environmental and Social Issues. Oct 17, 2018 127
All country should participate in Clean4 Pakistan initiative : Amin. Oct 4, 2018 337
Cleanliness a social responsibility, to be shouldered collectively: Ameen Aslam. Oct 4, 2018 455
Cleanliness to be shouldered collectively as social obligation. Oct 3, 2018 343
There Is No PLANET B: To protect our health, we have to protect the Earth. Myers, Sam Column Oct 1, 2018 1639
Youth 4.0 Makes its Debut in Hong Kong. Sep 30, 2018 1341
Adapting to climate change. Higgins, Paul Sep 22, 2018 515
Climate Change and Drought: Impact of Food Insecurity on Gender Based Vulnerability in District Tharparkar. Memon, Manzoor Hussain; Aamir, Naveed; Ahmed, Nadeem Report Sep 22, 2018 9365
Moving Towards Sustainability. Loeffler-gladstone, Nicole Aug 1, 2018 970
The End of the World as We Know It: Are LGBT people going to the left in the dust during a global crisis? Stephens, Charles Column Aug 1, 2018 570
United States : KEEN: Seeking Applications for Critical Coastlines Grant Program. Jul 25, 2018 204
Clone of A 30,000 Year Old Virus. Jun 30, 2018 568
Earth Crew Kids. Jun 29, 2018 872
CITIZENS AFIELD: The promise of citizen science lies not only in its contributions to research, but also in its ability to transform our relationships with the natural world. Bryan, Lucy Jun 22, 2018 4429
Shaping a better future together. Jun 16, 2018 456
CIB contributes to UNEP FI Banking Principles among 26 global banking institutions. May 29, 2018 323
ADB to invest $3 billion in Kazakhstan. May 17, 2018 158
Quick Answers to Tough Questions About Climate Change. Smith, Patricia May 14, 2018 3245
Joint Call For Proposals For International Search With The Aim Of Improving The Coherence, Integration And Robustness Of Research On Climate Impacts And Connect It To Societal Needs. May 9, 2018 184
Regional Climate Response Collaboratives: Multi-Institutional Support for Climate Resilience. Averyt, Kristen; Derner, Justin D.; Dilling, Lisa; Guerrero, Rafael; Joyce, Linda; McNeeley, Shannon Report May 1, 2018 4865
Singapore : ASEAN, UN elevate economic and social cooperation. Apr 14, 2018 139
Informal Meeting of Environment Council (ENVI) - Day I. Apr 10, 2018 215
Women-Centered Climate Change Mitigation. Haber, Odile Hugonot Mar 22, 2018 1201
"Climate Change" Is Stopping People From Having Children. Brief article Mar 5, 2018 305
World Wildlife Day opportunity to renew pledge for nature conservation: Mushahidullah. Mar 3, 2018 510
The menace of the fall armyworm: Lere Amusan and Seyi Olelekan Olawuyi discuss climate change, 'foreign insect' and food security challenges in Nigeria and South Africa. Amusan, Lere; Olawuyi, Seyi Olelekan Mar 1, 2018 2756
India : World Environment Day 2018 not a symbolic celebration, but a mission. Feb 20, 2018 696
UAE Hackathon opens in Abu Dhabi. Feb 5, 2018 451
An art exhibit. Travel narrative Feb 2, 2018 913
Urban climate change, livelihood vulnerability and narratives of generational responsibility in Jinja, Uganda. McQuaid, Katie; Vanderbeck, Robert M.; Valentine, Gill; Liu, Chen; Chen, Lily; Zhang, Mei; Diprose, Report Feb 1, 2018 13437
The Oddities and Complexities of Book Banning. Macrae, Cathi Dunn Feb 1, 2018 1033
Combating Bias and Denial in Climate Change: One of the biggest challenges in librarianship today is managing controversial science issues such as climate change or evolution. Hill, Rebecca A. Interview Feb 1, 2018 1656
SOLAR POWER: The Real Force Behind Climate Change? Hiserodt, Ed Jan 22, 2018 4028
Bats Drop Dead In Australian Heat. Jan 16, 2018 547
We Need to Talk About Climate Change. Jan 1, 2018 848
Barbados : CDB approves USD76 million to boost development results in St. Kitts and Nevis. Dec 18, 2017 452
Corporate social responsibility club visits Shifa Foundation Islamabad. Nov 3, 2017 189
12 FRAGEN AN... 12 QUESTIONS TO.... Kissling-Naf, Ingrid Oct 1, 2017 1635
Perception of Climate Change and the Energy Transition: Results from a European Survey/Perception of Climate Change and the Energy Transition: Results from a European Survey. Arnold, Annika; Steentjes, Katharine Report Oct 1, 2017 1344
Female Equality Is Key to Sustainable Future. Hynes, H. Patricia Sep 22, 2017 537
Recursos geneticos de gramineas para el pastoreo extensivo. Condicion actual y urgencia de su conservacion ante el cambio climatico. Quero Carrillo, Adrian Raymundo; Miranda Jimenez, Leonor; Villanueva-Avalos, Jose Francisco Sep 1, 2017 11521
Using Cognitive Dissonance to Communicate with Hypocrites About Water Conservation and Climate Change. Taylor, Melissa R.; Lamm, Alexa J.; Lundy, Lisa K. Report Sep 1, 2017 5860
Disrupting for social good. Aug 27, 2017 142
A look at 2016: takeaway points from the State of the Climate supplement. Blunden, J.; Arndt, D.S. Aug 1, 2017 3730
Contextualising African Women's Empowerment in Agriculture: Challenges from Climate Change and Mineral Extraction Perspectives. Amusan, Lere; Olutola, Oluwole Report Aug 1, 2017 7081
Framing climate change: A content analysis of Chinese mainstream newspapers from 2005 to 2015. Han, Jingjing; Sun, Shaojing; Lu, Yanqin Report Jul 1, 2017 9449
Climate change or climate catastrophe? Hugh Steadman warns that immediate action is demanded to meet the threat posed by global warming. Steadman, Hugh Jul 1, 2017 3879
Before leaving the topic of "defensiveness" for good ... originally posted on April 21, 2017. Jul 1, 2017 654
Donors Do Not Trust: Actor-Networks and Intermedia Agenda-Setting in Online Climate News. Yagodin, Dmitry; Tegelberg, Matthew Report Jul 1, 2017 7353
Climate change is a class issue. Billington, Polly Essay Jun 22, 2017 1272
Fighting big gas: how one community's fight could shape the future of New England. Jun 22, 2017 931
The science police: on highly charged issues, such as climate change and endangered species, peer review literature and public discourse are aggressively patrolled by self-appointed sheriffs in the scientific community. Kloor, Keith Jun 22, 2017 4935
Climate change and security: different perceptions, different approaches/Iklim degicikligi ve guvenlik: farkli algilar, farkli yaklasimlar. Baysal, BasariKarakac, Uluc Report Jun 22, 2017 12431
The transition towards A low carbon and climate resilient society within the European union countries and Turkey: An Empirical Analysis/Avrupa birligi uyesi ulkelerde ve turkiye'de dusuk karbonlu ve Iklime direncli bir topluma gecis: ampirik bir analiz. Atik, Hayriye Report Jun 22, 2017 7543
Me and my troll: years of unhappy interactions with an online commenter compelled the publisher of MIT Technology review to rethink how his site hosts conversations. Pontin, Jason May 1, 2017 2273
What on Earth: is happening to our temperature. Hiserodt, Ed; Terrell, Rebecca Apr 3, 2017 3964
Analyzing the existence and relation of optimistic bias and first-person perception for an impersonal environmental change. Rogers, Rebecca M.; Wallner, Cornelia; Goodwin, Bernhard; Heitland, Werner; Weisser, Wolfgang W.; Br Report Mar 1, 2017 8983
Distributive justice in the Paris climate agreement: response to peters et al. (1). McBee, Joshua D. Essay Jan 1, 2017 4564
ICTs in climate change communication in the Pacific Islands. Harris, Usha S.; Papoutsaki, Evangelia; Kailahi, Sandra Report Dec 22, 2016 6579
Reflexiones sobre las finalidades de la ensenanza de las ciencias, las ciencias sociales y CTS. Castano Tamara, Ricardo Dec 1, 2016 6178
Introduction to special edition social innovation: researching, defining and theorizing social innovation/Introducao a edicao especial inovacao social: pesquisa, definicao e teorizacao de inovacao social/Introduccion a la edicion especial innovacion social: investigacion, definicion y teorias de innovacion social. Bitencourt, Claudia C.; Marconatto, Diego Antonio Bittencourt; Cruz, Luciano Barin; Raufflet, Emmanu Nov 1, 2016 2098
Thank our lucky planets: human history has always been linked to the influence of distant orbits. Grinspoon, David Nov 1, 2016 582
An icy hothouse of change. Pitock, Todd Essay Nov 1, 2016 1806
How to get out of the multiple crisis? Contours of a critical theory of social-ecological transformation. Brand, Ulrich Essay Oct 1, 2016 9742
Paying it forward: lessons learned from Syrian resettlement can prepare us for the future waves of climate change refugees. Pathberiya, Semini Sep 22, 2016 1896
Are We Feeling Collective Grief Over Climate Change? Brief article Aug 17, 2016 247
The Change Luck City: Dhaka's Climate Refugees. Brief article Aug 12, 2016 186
How Climate Disasters Can Drive Violent Conflict Around The World. Brief article Aug 3, 2016 230
The endangered arctic, the arctic as resource frontier: Canadian news media narratives of climate change and the north. Stoddart, Mark C.J.; Smith, Jillian Report Aug 1, 2016 8230
SPECIAL ISSUE: CANADIAN MOBILITIES/ CONTENTIOUS MOBILITIES. Sodero, Stephanie; Scott, Nicholas Report Jun 22, 2016 6855
Mangroves: at the juncture of land and sea. Jun 22, 2016 450
An encyclical 'boost': year-old Laudato Si' has stirred up action for Earth. Roewe, Brian Jun 17, 2016 1899
We may be seeing the birth of a new lay movement. Editorial Jun 17, 2016 680
Hope in the time of climate change: faced with endless statistics and governmental apathy, ACF communication and mobilisation officer Tessa Fluence looks at how we can ignore armchair critics and continue to make meaningful advancements. May 1, 2016 1425
Sustainable future calls for new way of being. Mikulich, Alex Apr 22, 2016 852
Out Of Africa. Brief article Apr 14, 2016 236
Worried about the world. Weston, Carol Brief article Apr 1, 2016 166
Spring forward into global weirding. Democker, Mary Mar 1, 2016 968
Carbon pricing: Stiglitz' Distinct plus 100 US dollar proposal as example for a constructive and promising debate, still lacking implementability and acceptability. Wicke, Lutz Essay Mar 1, 2016 4837
Solving our planetary predicament. Feb 1, 2016 521
US Digs Out Of Monster Storm. Jan 28, 2016 545
US Digs Out Of Monster Storm. Jan 28, 2016 527
Warming World Promises More Refugees. Jan 14, 2016 1417
Costa Rica Goes 100% Clean Power. Jan 7, 2016 620
Quantification of Climate Changes and Human Activities That Impact Runoff in the Taihu Lake Basin, China. Peng, Dingzhi; Qiu, Linghua; Fang, Jing; Zhang, Zhongyuan Report Jan 1, 2016 3888
Warm with a chance of crowds: a study forecasts how climate change could affect national park visitation. McKinney, Katherine Jan 1, 2016 997
Vegetarian dietitians more apt to endorse dietary changes to slow climate change. Mangels, Reed Brief article Jan 1, 2016 146
Perception of Climate Change and Farmers' Adaptation: A Case Study of Poor and Non-Poor Farmers in Northern Central Coast of Vietnam. Case study Dec 31, 2015 10050
Believers on the rise. Brief article Dec 16, 2015 232
Obama lines up crony capitalist support for climate pact. Dec 7, 2015 336
Is global warming the greatest threat to national security? Jasper, William F. Dec 7, 2015 1439
The family way: Mongolia's nomads may be switching to a more urban-based existence, but as Geordie Torr discovered, making the transition away from a rural lifestyle is beset with difficulty. Torr, Geordie Dec 1, 2015 2283
Befriending creation: through her work with Earth Ministry, Jessie Dye translates faith into climate action. McDuff, Mallory Dec 1, 2015 980
Tax & accounting update. Dec 1, 2015 752
Nature-based solutions: new influence for environmental management and research in Europe. Eggermont, Hilde; Balian, Estelle; Azevedo, Jose Manuel N.; Beumer, Victor; Brodin, Tomas; Claudet, Dec 1, 2015 4441
Regional vulnerability to the challenges of climate change and energy provision: lessons learned from transdisciplinary assessments in Austria and Germany. Radinger-Peer, Verena; Penker, Marianne; Chiari, Sybille; Danzinger, Gregor; Enengel, Barbara; Kuhne Dec 1, 2015 5636
Why A Climate Change Deal Is The Best Hope For Peace. Brief article Nov 25, 2015 259
Climate Change Is Forcing People To Migrate And The World Doesn't Have A Plan. Brief article Nov 11, 2015 157
The emergence of low-carbon community as an important concept to tackle the climate change. Abas, Ani Shazwani; Yunos, Mohd Yazid Mohd; Ismail, Sumarni; Utaberta, Nangkula; Ismail, Nor Atiah; Report Nov 1, 2015 2851
Sinking States. Brief article Oct 30, 2015 209
Peace Centers for Climate and Social Resilience and Social Justice Centers. Sep 24, 2015 368
"Loss And Damage": Climate Change's Latest Byword. Sep 7, 2015 1019
Looking beyond the climate refugee. Sep 1, 2015 395
The nexus of climate change, land use, and conflict: complex human-environment interactions in Northern Africa. Link, P. Michael; Brucher, Tim; Claussen, Martin; Link, Jasmin S.A.; Scheffran, Jurgen Report Sep 1, 2015 2227
Love in the time of climate change: how to meet and keep companions in on uncaring world. Johnston, Julie Sep 1, 2015 1095
Comedy of the commons: cheerful options for shared resources in an era of climate change. Richards, Garrett Sep 1, 2015 671
How To Create A New Climate For Peace: Preventing Climate Change From Exacerbating Conflict And Fragility. Brief article Jul 20, 2015 207
We have the power. Kristjanson-Gural, Emma Jul 1, 2015 425
Scientists are citizens, too. Lawler, Joshua J. Essay Jun 19, 2015 747
Pope Calls For "Action Now" To Save Planet, Stem Warming, Help Poor. Reprint Jun 18, 2015 1143
The Gandhi model. Roy, Sanjit "Bunker" Jun 1, 2015 754
The Moral Issue Of Our Time. Brief article Apr 24, 2015 292
It's Our Turn To Lead! Apr 19, 2015 541
Climate redux: welcome to the anthropocene. Allenby, Braden Mar 22, 2015 2252
The climate case for Earth Day every day. Doncaster, Deborah Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2015 474
Socio-structural and psychological foundations of climate change beliefs. Milfont, Taciano L.; Milojev, Petar; Greaves, Lara M.; Sibley, Chris G. Report Mar 1, 2015 11284
Identifying distinct subgroups of green voters: a latent profile analysis of crux values relating to Green Party Support. Cowie, Lucy J.; Greaves, Lara M.; Sibley, Chris G. Report Mar 1, 2015 12511
Climate, nukes push clock closer to midnight. Rotondaro, Vinnie Feb 13, 2015 866
Earth's Dashboard Is Flashing Red - Are Enough People Listening? Brief article Feb 4, 2015 202
We are the ones we've been waiting for. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 259
Underwater. Beer, Bjorn Philip Jan 1, 2015 4084
Searching for Pacific climate change solutions: Vikas Kumar discusses the impact of climate change on the future of the Pacific region's microstates. Kumar, Vikas Essay Jan 1, 2015 3043
Climate policy as a constrained optimization. Higgins, Paul Column Nov 1, 2014 903
How to extend and substantiate social science research on climate adaptation/Sozialwissenschaftliche forschung zur Klimaanpassung--erweitern und konkretisieren: abschlussbeitrag zur diskussion um die sozialwissenschaftliche anpassungsforschung in GAIA. Grothmann, Torsten; Daschkeit, Achim Oct 1, 2014 3280
Ending global malnutrition. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 156
The HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa: convergence with tuberculosis, socioecological vulnerability, and climate change patterns. Abayomi, A.; Cowan, M.N. Report Aug 1, 2014 3447
Socially, politically and economically mediated health effects of climate change: possible consequences for Africa. Bowles, D.C.; Butler, C.D. Report Aug 1, 2014 2664
Atmospheric shift: if the government won't take action against big polluters, we will. McKenzie-McHarg, Victoria Jul 1, 2014 1596
A prayer for Earth. Bingham, Canon Sally G. Essay Jun 22, 2014 744
Introduction--genres of climate change. Eckstein, Barbara Essay Jun 22, 2014 5164
Global warming as literary narrative. Buell, Frederick Essay Jun 22, 2014 14779
Climate change is church's No. 1 pro-life issue. Editorial May 23, 2014 867
Climate Change: We Have No Solution Yet. Brief article May 13, 2014 195
Climate change mitigation: assessing strategies that offer potential human health benefits. Barrett, Julia R. May 1, 2014 1002
Gender and climate change. Brief article May 1, 2014 221
Mind over matter: cognitive science and psychology can help to explain why there's a persistent gap between the established facts of climate science and their wider public acceptance. Lewandowsky, Stephan; Whitmarsh, Lorraine Mar 1, 2014 1724
Editor's note. Bardi, Jennifer Column Mar 1, 2014 613
Reddit joins LA times in banning skeptics from climate "debate". Jan 20, 2014 360
The Lowe down: the power of community action. Lowe, Ian Jan 1, 2014 328
For crisis sake, watch your language! The mentality of crisis is fostering a debilitating short-termism among environmentalists. Berger, Charles Jan 1, 2014 1511
See you in court. Jan 1, 2014 342
Spatially explicit assessment of ecosystem resilience: an approach to adapt to climate changes. Yan, Haiming; Zhan, Jinyan; Liu, Bing; Huang, Wei; Li, Zhihui Report Jan 1, 2014 7243
Critical studies on integrating land-use induced effects on climate regulation services into impact assessment for human well-being. Li, Zhihui; Deng, Xiangzheng; Huang, Jikun; Zhang, Rongrong; Huang, Juan Report Jan 1, 2014 12311
Climate change and REDD+: integrating customary fire-management schemes in East Malaysia and Northern Australia. Niall, Stephanie; Godden, Carly; Tehan, Maureen; Godden, Lee Report Nov 1, 2013 10521
Climate action and all that jazz: Australia's Climate Reality Project coordinator Adam Majcher exchanges his doubts for some old-fashioned optimism at Chicago's recent Climate Reality training. Oct 1, 2013 874
Les grandes questions meritent des reponses audacieuses: la population et le changement climatique au Sahel. Potts, Malcolm; Graves, Alisha Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2013 3363
Linking population, fertility, and family planning with adaptation to climate change: perspectives from Ethiopia. Rovin, Kimberly; Hardee, Karen; Kidanu, Aklilu Report Sep 1, 2013 8047
A Deep Green Alternative: a document of the Greens/Green party USA. Aug 7, 2013 2495
Rise In Violence "Linked To Climate Change". Morelle, Rebecca Brief article Aug 5, 2013 203
Environmental stewardship, moral psychology and gardens. Di Paola, Marcello Essay Aug 1, 2013 8274
The lone humanist: one man's struggle to save humanity by defending the prairie. Naff, Clay Farris Jul 1, 2013 2590
Re-stitching Bangladesh's social fabric. McConnachie, David Jul 1, 2013 486
A frog in the pot. Dyer, Gwynne Jun 22, 2013 870
Adaptation to aquatic risks due to climate change in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. Giles, Audrey R.; Strachan, Shaelyn M.; Doucette, Michelle; Stadig, Gwenyth S. Report Jun 1, 2013 9102
A climate of collaboration: environmental scientists urge artists to humanize the stories behind the research. Bilodeau, Chantal May 1, 2013 1887
Building shared understanding and capacity for action: insights on climate risk communication from India, Ghana, Malawi, and Mongolia. Padgham, Jon; Devisscher, Tahia; Togtokh, Chuluun; Mtilatila, Lucy; Kaimila, Ethel; Mansingh, Indira Report Apr 1, 2013 5472
Living through the Anthropocene storm. Hertsgaard, Mark Mar 22, 2013 758
Carbon cleanup: acting to solve our climate problem will take big investment and a strategic approach. Long, Jane Mar 1, 2013 441
Africa. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 293
ClimAID--recommendations for adapting to a changing climate. Comstock, Jonathan Feb 1, 2013 1516
Bitter tidings for sweets. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 112
Climate injustice: myths of adaptation and mitigation. Deutsch, Judy Column Jan 1, 2013 672
The Lowe down: human societies can shift radically when people realise the need. Lowe, Ian Jan 1, 2013 486
Climate change and the individual talent: Eliotic ecopoetics. Griffiths, Matthew Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 5574
Climate justice and capabilities: a framework for adaptation policy. Schlosberg, David Report Dec 22, 2012 7122
Keep pushing. Editorial Dec 22, 2012 501
UNU-WIDER resilient people, fragile governance: Bangladesh achieving middle-income status (part 2): resilient people, fragile governance: Bangladesh achieving middle-income status (part 2). Scott, Lucy Essay Dec 1, 2012 911
PowerShift: from isolated movements to transformative change. Peters, Tasha Nov 1, 2012 622
Shrinking ice in the Arctic offers an uh-oh moment. Emerson, Eva Oct 6, 2012 415
Climate change. Mohr, Tony Brief article Oct 1, 2012 322
Climate wise women: speaking truth to power. Mann, Tracy Sep 22, 2012 717
Research on the human dimensions of climate change in Nunavut, Nunavik, and Nunatsiavut: a literature review and gap analysis. Ford, James D.; Bolton, Kenyon C.; Shirley, Jamal; Pearce, Tristan; Tremblay, Martin; Westlake, Mich Report Sep 1, 2012 13435
The power and peril of "vulnerability": approaching community labels with caution in climate change research. Haalboom, Bethany; Natcher, David C. Report Sep 1, 2012 7598
The tragedy of the atmospheric commons: discounting future costs and risks in pursuit of immediate fossil-fuel benefits. Murphy, Raymond; Murphy, Maya Report Aug 1, 2012 10309
On the road. Jun 22, 2012 335
Climate change and human health: Indian context. Singh, Poonam K.; Dhiman, Ramesh C. Report Jun 1, 2012 4521
Climate change, migration, and health. Brief article May 1, 2012 174
Migration associated with climate change: modern face of an Ancient phenomenon. Barrett, Julia R. Report May 1, 2012 475
An III wind? Climate change, migration, and health. McMichael, Celia; Barnett, Jon; McMichael, Anthony J. Report May 1, 2012 10436
Climate refugees: a changing climate threatens to destroy people's way of life and drive them from their homelands. Crane, Cody Apr 16, 2012 1053
Africa: storms ahead. Mar 22, 2012 331
Climate Change Humans Remain the Same (From Durban, Of Nearly Everything). Bajrektarevic, Anis H. Feb 29, 2012 1020
Climate change--humans remain the same (from Durban and Rio+20, of nearly everything). Bajrektarevic, Anis H. Report Jan 1, 2012 1429
A Deal In Durban. Brief article Dec 13, 2011 189
Darkening skies on the road to Durban - part II. Nov 23, 2011 1439
Green costs go global. Chanda, Nayan Nov 22, 2011 874
Darkening skies on the road to Durban - Part I. McNeill, J.R. Nov 21, 2011 1334
Quickquotes. McManus, John F. Nov 7, 2011 519
The media beat: editor Wendy Priesnitz shares sources of green information and inspiration. Priesnitz, Wendy Nov 1, 2011 1110
Water: a crisis in waiting: Lere Amusan provides a Nigerian perspective on the effects of climate change on water supply in littoral states. Amusan, Lere Report Nov 1, 2011 3108
Australia Say Yes! Say Yes is the largest collaboration the Australian public and the environment movement has ever seen. Here we look back at some of the highlights of this remarkable campaign. Bradshaw, Simon Nov 1, 2011 1320
Climate reality presenters' Christmas wish list. Nov 1, 2011 426
Ten quick propositions: an ecosocialist response to the climate crisis. Conick, CY Jul 1, 2011 537
Let's get serious: focusing on behavioural change is an easy excuse for politicians to avoid implementing greenhouse-gas-cutting laws. Jaccard, Mark Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2011 613
Human sign project: primary schools students spell it out. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 324
Working together we can make change: acting on climate change is positive for our planet and our lifestyles says Lexi Kanat, pictured above right, 11, from Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne. Kanat, Lexi Jul 1, 2011 386
No doubt about climate change: there is overwhelming evidence for human-made global warming. May 1, 2011 1065
Is climate change a national security issue? The case for linking climate change and national security is robust but imperfect, and today there is a serious debate about whether it makes sense. Matthew, Richard A. Mar 22, 2011 4917
Grain drain. Mar 22, 2011 376
Climate change. Mohr, Tony Mar 1, 2011 291
The garden path: spurious schemes for combating climate change. Gonick, Cy; Levy, Andrea Mar 1, 2011 453
Climate funds with strings. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 203
Human Civilization Migrates Northward. Docksai, Rick Jan 1, 2011 621
Caring for creation and striving for climate justice: implications for mission and spirituality. Kerber, Guillermo Essay Nov 1, 2010 4422
Forestry agreements: don't ask - don't tell. Editorial Nov 1, 2010 563
Climate change may lead to mass Mexican migration. Moses, Kara Brief article Oct 1, 2010 255
Shutting ClimateGate. Brief article Sep 22, 2010 179
Helping seniors cope with climate change. Boscia, Ted Sep 22, 2010 1721
Changing the climate is a family affair. Simon, Seymour Sep 1, 2010 1786
Empowering vision. Karena, Cynthia Aug 1, 2010 1299
Effectively communicating climate change. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 249
Theology and climate change. Wolf, Jakob Report Jul 1, 2010 2577
The ecumenical movement as a movement that cares for creation. Tveit, Olav Fykse Jul 1, 2010 1590
Pacific church leaders meeting statement on resettlement as a direct consequence of climate induced calamities. Jul 1, 2010 644
The human face of climate change: as the climate change debate grows increasingly scientific, it's worthwhile taking a step back and meeting the real victims of the climate catastrophe. Swiss photographers and friends of the Climate Project, Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer, travelled the world to capture the faces of ordinary people bravely living with the impacts of the climate crisis. Braschler, Mathias; Fischer, Monika Jul 1, 2010 1311
Climate change, migration, and governance. Martin, Susan Essay Jul 1, 2010 7949
A rising tide: linking local and global climate justice. Evans, Geoff Essay Jun 22, 2010 6783
Anatomies of environmental knowledge & resistance: diverse climate justice movements and waning eco-neoliberalism. Bond, Patrick; Dorsey, Michael K. Essay Jun 22, 2010 10512
Bending the arc of history: by taking a rational, global overview of the past, historians can better understand the challenges facing humanity. Dukes, Paul Essay Jun 1, 2010 1486
Rising seas. Hohmann, Skye Brief article May 1, 2010 101
How to talk to a climate sceptic: it's always the way. Just when you think it's safe to start talking about doing something to tackle climate change, up they pop--individuals or groups trying to tell you that it isn't happening or it's nothing to worry about. Pascoe, Owen Apr 1, 2010 832
Climate crisis and the actuarial imaginary: 'The War On Global Warming'. Dibley, Ben; Neilson, Brett Report Mar 22, 2010 9718
Climate inaction lamented. Brief article Mar 5, 2010 189
A change in climate: local communities across New York find innovative ways to go green. Kadlecek, Mary Feb 1, 2010 1473
Climate disobedience: is a new "Seattle" in the making? Engler, Mark Jan 1, 2010 2780
How consumption not population growth drives climate change. Satterthwaite, David Jan 1, 2010 4604
Climate summit 'top important to fail'. Heffern, Rich Dec 25, 2009 1140
Coping with climate change: will women share the burden? Report Dec 1, 2009 4622
Indigenous perspective on [CO.sub.2]lonialism. Goldtooth, Tom B.K. Nov 1, 2009 1703
In the eye of the storm: the meeting held in London in mid October of the Major Economies Forum (MEF)--a grouping of 17 major economies that includes the US and the European Union--assessed that they must take responsibility for the fact that they have caused climate change and should lead in cutting their emissions, at least 40% by 2020. Seymour, Richard Nov 1, 2009 1419
Evaluation of social and environmental impacts on innovation in Brazil due to public promotion/ Avaliacao de impactos socioambientais do fomento publico a inovacao no Brasil/Evaluacion de los impactos sociales y ambientales del fomento publico a la innovacion en Brasil. Souza, Jose Henrique; Tachizawa, Takeshy; de Azevedo, Marcia Carvalho; Pozo, Hamilton Oct 1, 2009 5957
Justice and climate change: toward a libertarian analysis. Shahar, Dan C. Essay Sep 22, 2009 9382
Vast human migrations seem inevitable. Aug 1, 2009 689
Climate change and some other implications of vibratory existence. McLaren, Glenn Report Jul 1, 2009 13228
The division over multiplication. Webb, Audrey Jun 22, 2009 2289
Developing climate change adaptation strategies: a risk assessment and planning tool for urban heat islands in montreal. Richardson, Gregory R. A.; Otero, Jose; Lebedeva, Julia; Chan, Chee F. Report Jun 22, 2009 7126
Introduction. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 259
Easter pledge on climate change. Brief article Feb 6, 2009 208
>The climate change challenge: two arguments for acting now. Dervis, Kemal Feb 1, 2009 1003
The greening of suburbia: don't let all that grass fool you: big houses, lawns, and longer commutes make suburbs a lot less energy-efficient than cities. Now, some suburbanites are trying to reduce their oversize carbon footprints. Smith, Patricia Nov 17, 2008 2419
How green is my eco-town: to the urban planner the opportunity to create a whole new town from scratch must be irresistible. Given that the first attempt at such utopia in modern times was the Garden City, landscape planners and managers should also be pleased at the prospect. Barber, Alan; Xie, Junfang Nov 1, 2008 1991
Defining moment for climate change. McKibben, Bill Sep 22, 2008 1514
U.S. attitudes on population: a mixed picture that seems to reflect confusing media messages. Connolly, Scott; Elmore, Katie; Ryerson, William Sep 1, 2008 2920
The living earth ethical principles. Assadourian, Erik Essay Sep 1, 2008 1179
Christians and climate change: a social framework of analysis. Curry, Janel Report Sep 1, 2008 6231
Free the planet: Jean-Francois Mouhot traces a link between climate change and slavery, and suggests that reliance on fossil fuels has made slave owners of us all. Mouhot, Jean-Francois Aug 1, 2008 2122
Ecology connections north and south. Larivee, Rita Editorial Jul 11, 2008 623
Climate change and sustainability: connecting atmospheric, ocean and climate science with public literacy. Batteen, Mary Louise; Stanton, Timothy Peter; Maslowski, Wieslaw Report Jun 22, 2008 5195
Sustainability: a challenge for domestic households in daily life. Leicht-Eckardt, Elisabeth Report Jun 22, 2008 4995
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On things great and small. Rook, Alexandra Column Jun 1, 2008 651

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