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Liam Neeson 'cancels appearance on The Late Show' amid racism row fallout; Irish actor Liam Neeson has reportedly cancelled an appearance on The Late Show following racism row. Feb 7, 2019 466
'Kasal': Romantic roundelay goes for the jugular. May 20, 2018 770
New movie theatre to open in Oman. May 4, 2018 575
Scenes of leaked 'Shadow Parties' movie cause ripples on social media. Mar 10, 2018 251
What a history-making Oscar nomination reveals about gender equality in Hollywood. Mar 2, 2018 708
Will Smith shines a light on 'Bright'. Dec 20, 2017 595
ARTH, UN Women join hands against violence. Dec 17, 2017 463
Arth, UN women join hands to highlight intimate partner violence. Dec 17, 2017 462
Psychiatry and Cinema: What Can We Learn from the Magical Screen? Das, Soumitra; Doval, Nimisha; Mohammed, Shabna; Dua, Neha; Chatterjee, Seshadri Sekhar Report Oct 1, 2017 2155
Commentary on "Psychiatry and Cinema: What can We Learn from the Magical Screen?". Ang, Qiuqing Report Oct 1, 2017 1462
NU-Q Alumna Brings Qatari Traditions to Life Through Animation. Sep 11, 2017 452
'CCP will mean a Cultural Center of the People-not just for the perfumed set'. Jul 17, 2017 1113
Promoting cultural and social values in Yoruba Nollywood movies. Olugbenga, Elegbe; Ayinla, Fadipe Israel Report Apr 1, 2017 5419
The fight for love continues: the political shift in America threatens same-sex marriage rights and civil rights advances that made the Loving decision possible. Verini, Bob Jan 3, 2017 1334
Faith, hope, and clarity in films: awards hopefuls show respect as Hollywood gets that old-time religion. Gray, Tim Jan 3, 2017 543
NASA-based 'Hidden Figures' showcases art of anti-glamour. Galas, Marj Jan 3, 2017 485
Why I chose New York over L.A. Hawke, Ethan Sep 27, 2016 688
The search for meaning: a film-based approach. Arnold, Julie Wegner Essay Sep 22, 2016 6012
YouTuber dilemma: money vs. prestige. Dry, Jude Jul 12, 2016 619
Cinema: its surreptitious service to science. Dominiczak, Marek H. Jul 1, 2016 1160
A costumer's contemporary challenge. Galas, Marj May 17, 2016 292
Films, values, absolutes: why theological readings of films are morally and politically essential. Marsh, Clive Report Apr 1, 2016 6249
Caribbean transnational films and national culture, or how Puerto Rican or Dominican can you be in "Nueba Yol"? Garcia-Crespo, Naida Report Mar 22, 2016 10856
Sorry, 'Danish Girl,' you're banned in five more Arab countries! Brief article Jan 17, 2016 157
Our partnership with GenCen. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 119
Hollywood's uncritical dystopias. Mirrlees, Tanner Essay Dec 22, 2015 5775
President Obama's favorite 2015 movie was filmed in Jordan! Brief article Dec 10, 2015 185
Seeking refuge in a hostile city: minority narratives of Kolkata in Aparna Sen's 36 Chowringhee Lane and Anjan Dutt's Bow Barracks Forever. Bhattacharya, Somdatta Report Dec 1, 2015 6748
Dramatizing the body politic: pics that deal with self-expression, gender rights pervade awards landscape. Anderson, John Oct 27, 2015 943
Elevated genre works train eyes on the prize. Chang, Justin Oct 27, 2015 471
Burt Reynolds. Flores, Terry Interview Sep 29, 2015 506
Going to the movies. Huhtanen, Shelley Sep 1, 2015 1136
Straight Outta Hollywood: Money and Jewish Stereotypes in Tinseltown. Shukert, Rachel Aug 26, 2015 209
Netflix adds controversy to Latin America stream: the story of a priest's sex scandal reverberates throughout Chile. De La Fuente, Anna Marie Aug 11, 2015 378
Amazon joins awards wave. Berkshire, Geoff Brief article Jul 22, 2015 184
Smoking in movies. Jul 14, 2015 477
Jennifer Lopez: a show's characters need to reflect today's society. Gray, Tim Interview Jun 29, 2015 241
'Amy,' found: Asif Kapadia's documentary on Amy Winehouse uses little-seen footage to paint a touching portrait of the late singer. Chagollan, Steve Jun 23, 2015 1148
Mohammad Ramadan blackmailed? Brief article Jun 10, 2015 168
Instagram lines up movie exclusives. Brief article May 18, 2015 153
TV vet embeds in battle to tell story of U.S. troops driven to do something real,' Ricky Schroder filmed the Afghan war. Weisman, Jon Interview May 18, 2015 1464
Mad George: the Australian director returns with renewed 'Fury' to the character that put him on the map 36 years ago. Foundas, Scott Interview May 12, 2015 1939
The Rising Middle Class: savvy & self-financed producers thrive with mid-range pics for diverse audiences. Turitz, Neil May 12, 2015 654
Living female, blind, and gay in Iran. Column Apr 19, 2015 379
Shared love of cinema: support from American, French guilds help make Gallic fest happen. Chagollan, Steve Apr 14, 2015 567
Jordan Gavaris. Friend, David Brief article Apr 14, 2015 332
Malta teases with rebates. Brief article Apr 14, 2015 140
Mohammad Assaf's career too short for a biography film already? We think not. Brief article Mar 26, 2015 338
Ryan Phillippe. Wagmeister, Elizabeth Interview Mar 24, 2015 447
Oscars capture the moment in a fast-changing world: impassioned speeches, best picture speak to how we all fit in. Gray, Tim Feb 25, 2015 581
Acting takes Centerstage: 'Birdmans' message resonates most in the industry. Feb 25, 2015 550
Let's cut to the tape: the clips that play--and the ones that could--at awards shows. Gray, Tim Feb 10, 2015 421
WGA nominees tell tales at beyond words. McNary, Dave Brief article Feb 10, 2015 169
Golden days for global talents: international artists share in bounty of Academy Award nominations. Gray, Tim Feb 2, 2015 586
Cinemas of conflict: a framework of cinematic engagement with violent conflict, illustrated with Kurdish cinema. Smets, Kevin Report Feb 1, 2015 8993
Age of diverse tastes: keeping everyone entertained gets tougher, as new research indicates different age groups view divergent genres across disparate platforms. Graser, Marc Statistical data Jan 28, 2015 281
Elham Shahin defies security warnings to premiere her film on the Egyptian Revolution's anniversary! Brief article Jan 21, 2015 153
A fiscal chill blows across the sharpest edge of satire: words of support for creative freedom sound nice, but the proof will be in the producing. Lowry, Brian Jan 20, 2015 608
Ahmed el Fishawi likes Haifa Wehbe's big butt and he cannot lie! Brief article Jan 18, 2015 223
Damage from hack attack has just begun. Lang, Brent Jan 6, 2015 916
Awards season's female troubles: femme-driven pics are out there for discerning voters to find. Chang, Justin Jan 2, 2015 1054
Director's race: SRO: 2014 has given DGA and Oscar voters lots of choices for their 5 slots. Gray, Tim Jan 2, 2015 591
Palm springs festival fetes key contenders. Jan 2, 2015 1254
Violent frames: analyzing internet movie database reviewers' text descriptions of media violence and gender differences from 39 years of U.S. action, thriller, crime, and adventure movies. Gosselt, Jordy F.; Van Hoof, Joris J.; Gent, Bastiaan S.; Fox, Jean-Paul Report Jan 1, 2015 8782
Mais Hamdan's intense "Shatrange" scene turned into an actual beating. Brief article Dec 30, 2014 137
Cyber crisis at SONY envelops Hollywood. Lang, Brent Dec 9, 2014 1433
Past unearths mirror to present: in 'Selma,' 'Sniper and 'Game,' history is doomed to repeat itself in today's headlines. Anderson, John Dec 4, 2014 956
Documenting difficulties: filmmakers take sensitive approach to illness and death. Barker, Andrew Dec 4, 2014 797
To global auds, local stars are becoming box office superheroes: top talent in key markets basks in creative autonomy and delivers commercial success. Bart, Peter Column Nov 4, 2014 616
'Gone' stays in Missouri Lore. Caranicas, Peter Brief article Oct 14, 2014 169
Freeze frame: what will it take to reach equality on the big screen. Dunn, Brad Sep 22, 2014 2062
Live and direct: Erika Balsom on cinema as a performing art. Balsom, Erika Sep 1, 2014 3271
Pundits say the entertainment world is ripe for a Twee-peat: 'Revenge of the Nerds' was an '80s icon; now some portend a groundswell of geekdom. Bart, Peter Aug 5, 2014 518
"It's Time" to spill you guts, Somaya! Al Khashab says getting raped 18 times was the hardest scene ever. Brief article Jul 8, 2014 142
To tell you the truth: if you think there are no good movies coming out of Hollywood, you haven't been paying attention to the documentaries. Pacatte, Rose Jun 1, 2014 890
Representation the strengthening of marital relations in cinema as a media. Saberi, Zahra; Saberi, Mina Report Jun 1, 2014 4087
Haifa Wehbe's sexuality in the film Halawet Rouh unnerves Qatari society. Brief article Apr 14, 2014 160
A literary twist for Rockefeller con tale. Kroll, Justin Brief article Apr 1, 2014 285
A golden age remembered:Tripoli's cinema culture. Brief article Mar 29, 2014 124
300 x 2 = Amazing! 'Rise of an Empire' is cinematic mastery. Brief article Mar 25, 2014 121
Introduction: form and function, or masculinity as representation. Floyd, Kevin Essay Mar 22, 2014 2372
The city & film. Jacobowitz, Florence; Lippe, Richard Column Mar 22, 2014 647
Desperate measures: Kim Ki-Duk and Asia extreme cinema. Lewis, Alicia Mar 22, 2014 2033
Art imitates art. Jan 1, 2014 761
Chao Fa movies: the transnational production of Hmong American History and identity. Baird, Ian G. Report Jan 1, 2014 11388
New date set for "Fast & Furious 7" release, still unclear when UAE filming will resume. Brief article Dec 23, 2013 150
Grudge Match: Stallone and DeNiro pack punches and laughs. Brief article Dec 22, 2013 147
Playing with Wolves: Rania Youssef raped in controversial film scene. Brief article Nov 11, 2013 194
Depiction of masturbation in North American movies. Madanikia, Yasaman; Bartholomew, Kim; Cytrynbaum, Joshua Benjamin Report Sep 22, 2013 8293
Epic true story. McKenn, J.; Cathleen Brief article Sep 17, 2013 303
Yousra wishes Egypt was just Black & White. Brief article Jul 18, 2013 136
Meet the Orthodox Jewish Lawyer Behind Maggie Gyllenhaal's New Film 'Won't Back Down'. Hoffman, Allison Brief article Sep 28, 2012 210
Radical vision: the films of Judd Ne'eman. Burstein, Janet Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 8863
Representing entertainment(s) in Infinite Jest. Sayers, Philip Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 8389
Love in the time of Calvary: Romance and family values in crucifixion films. Walter, Brian Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 6325
Glossed in translation. Jun 22, 2012 637
Blow-up: Taryn Simon and Brian De Palma in conversation. Discussion Jun 22, 2012 5025
Rolling fest serves up reel life. Kamin, Debra Jun 11, 2012 755
Blackout in Tehran. Abrahamian, Atossa Araxia Mar 22, 2012 780
Aesthetics, opera, and alterity in Herzog's work. Eidt, Jacob-Ivan Critical essay Mar 1, 2012 5987
Gurinder Chadha's Bride and Prejudice: a transnational journey through time and space. Aldea, Elena Oliete Report Jan 1, 2012 7728
Don't ask, do Tel Aviv. Kamin, Debra Dec 19, 2011 721
Fernandez and cinematic propaganda in the U.S. and Mexico. Mitchell, Renae L. Critical essay Dec 1, 2011 6081
Poignant battle; MOVIES Cancer is blind to gender, age, race and social standing: It is relentless and the might of the lancet cannot always stop its advance. Nov 25, 2011 472
Euros learn English with H'wood accent. Lodderhose, Diana Oct 31, 2011 996
Summer's hot tickets. Sep 5, 2011 111
Hollywood whitewash. Davis, Crystal D. Brief article Jun 23, 2011 271
Foreword. Hawkins, Jim Jun 22, 2011 1566
A cinematic gourmet feast. Pacatte, Rose Dec 10, 2010 1411
Event time and interpretation time: analysis of the interaction of times. Jaago, Tiiu Report Dec 1, 2010 7263
Stress test pentagon embraces 'Wartorn'. Johnson, Ted Nov 8, 2010 696
Restorative uplift during trying times. Madigan, Nick Nov 8, 2010 1529
Cinema that plumbs our collective mindset. Whipp, Glenn Nov 8, 2010 1208
No teacher's pet. Thielman, Sam Brief article Sep 27, 2010 101
Genre matters: film criticism and the social relevance of genres. Tarancon, Juan A. Report Mar 22, 2010 6489
Culture war cease-fire. Higgins, Gareth Mar 1, 2010 467
Noms mirror gaul society: current events and entertainment not mutually exclusive in the view of French Acad and auds. Grey, Tobias Feb 22, 2010 503
Bathroom twofer: watered down. Bates, Stephen Brief article Jan 1, 2010 133
Films feature end of the world. Jan 1, 2010 280
The Soul of Tiff: The Toronto International Film Festival September 10-19, 2009. Lopez, Carla Brief article Oct 1, 2009 99
Commando raids on the nature of reality. Rhodes, Gary D. Essay Sep 22, 2009 4653
South Africans blown away as aliens invade Johannesburg. Sep 5, 2009 650
South Africans blown away as aliens invade Johannesburg. Sep 3, 2009 650
South Africans blown away as aliens invade Johannesburg. Sep 2, 2009 650
South Africans blown away as aliens invade Johannesburg. Sep 1, 2009 650
Wizards, real life unspool. Vivarelli, Nick Brief article Jul 13, 2009 154
Oz hears new voice: Aborigine filmmakers breaking the mold. Boland, Michaela Jun 29, 2009 523
Arab themes in mix: studios woo new wave of crossover helmers. Jaafar, Ali May 18, 2009 835
We are the hope we've been waiting for. Staub, Dick Feb 6, 2009 725
Okay, cut to the chase: should a playwright making a movie stick to his guns? Evered, Charles Jan 1, 2009 1014
?Is transgression consumed? An approach to the "indie" performative identity through its images/?La transgresion se consume? Un acercamiento a lo "indie" a traves de imagenes/Consume-se a transgressao? Uma aproximacao a cultura "indie" atraves de imagens. Zepeda, Horacio Espinosa Report Jan 1, 2009 11439
Samuel L: I was victim of racism; MOVIES. Nov 22, 2008 140
Giggs speaks out on racism; Footballer reveals on film how he was bullied at school. Nov 12, 2008 355
Social issues 101. Debruge, Peter Oct 27, 2008 678
'Aurukun, we're happy, strong people': Aurukun kids projecting life into bad headlines. Slater, Lisa Essay Oct 1, 2008 6229
Helmers are telling their tales in many tongues. Jaafar, Ali; Vivarelli, Nick Sep 15, 2008 947
the movies: 'We can't be afraid to offend' Adam Sandler's new - and rather controversial - comedy based around the Israeli-Palestinean conflict has been panned by critics. So is it really offensive or just good natured humour? Rob Driscoll meets the actor. Aug 15, 2008 1191
For its troubles, Irish drama finds rewards. Holdsworth, Nick Jul 14, 2008 383
'Mamma' merriment. Rehlin, Gunnar Jul 14, 2008 129
SCI-FI heroes take on the system: in two new films, Mexican and Asian-American superheroes fight racism and eco-disaster--with technology and imagination. Rastegar, Roya Jul 1, 2008 1336
Cinema history in The National Archives. Harvey, A.D. Jun 22, 2008 2169
'Che' packs 'em in. Thompson, Anne May 26, 2008 128
A renaissance amid revolt. McCarthy, Todd Decade overview Apr 28, 2008 1861
Global 'Kingdom': Sino-Yank production straddles cultures. Frater, Patrick Apr 14, 2008 522
Politicos vie for screener circuit. Bart, Peter Feb 11, 2008 503
Femmes find Mideast funnybone. Jaafar, Ali Jan 7, 2008 572
The importance of appearing earnest: hard to steer votes from tony treatises. Belth, Alex Jan 7, 2008 705
Scenes of the year: years after the kudos races are forgotten, these moments will remain in moviegoers' memories. Chang, Justin; Debruge, Peter; Levine, Stuart; Weisman, Jon Jan 7, 2008 1097
Bridging the Two Cultures: the case of science and natural history filmmaking. Metz, Walter C. Report Dec 22, 2007 4983
All apologies: tired of that annual lump of coal? Two new films teach that it's never too late to start making amends. Buchanan, Kyle Dec 18, 2007 709
Awards aspirants take pregnant pause: from conception to delivery, filmmakers create distinctive stories featuring mothers-to-be. Weisman, Jon Dec 3, 2007 1161
Filming 'princes' and princesses: race, class, and the regency in the 1990s. Stetz, Margaret D. Dec 1, 2007 6072
Shattering taboos: Morocco's next generation of filmmakers dares to touch raw nerves. Wilson-Goldie, Kaelen Nov 26, 2007 528
Not so blood simple: context determines whether onscreen violence is a turnoff--or art. Tapley, Kristopher Nov 26, 2007 573
Art pics deserve sequel opportunity. Bart, Peter Nov 12, 2007 615
Talk of the town. Higgins, Bill Brief article Oct 15, 2007 165
Afghan film scene booms. Jaafar, Ali Oct 8, 2007 473
Screening Indonesia: a new era? Film production in Indonesia is increasing and Briony Kidd discovers that a vanguard of filmmakers are battling censorship, lack of government assistance and a reliance on formula to make bold and innovative films. Kidd, Briony Oct 1, 2007 3324
BIZ pains drain Spain: top Spanish helmets venture abroad as local market faces transition. Hopewell, John Sep 24, 2007 925
Participant helps auds embrace activism. Thompson, Anne Sep 17, 2007 1102
For the love of Cars. Volti, Rudi Essay Sep 1, 2007 1065
French biz adds minority faces. Canner, Sarah Aug 27, 2007 787
Cameras roll to highlight racism; MOVIE-MAKERS: Teenagers work through holidays to produce film. Aug 13, 2007 290
Gauls appalled at H'w'd villians. Hayhurst, David Brief article Jul 30, 2007 268
Euros cross over: new wave of helmers ignore boundaries. Jaafar, Ali Jul 16, 2007 1158
Valleys racism movie to take on the best at Moscow film festival. Jun 18, 2007 555
The smokescreen. Wedekind, Jennifer Brief article Mar 1, 2007 283
Couture Catfight: Battle for red carpet exposure gets pricey as designers compete to hook stars. Clehane, Diane Feb 19, 2007 1099
Creating reel change: maybe a single film can't change the world, but put a social action campaign behind it and you have the seeds of a movement. Jacobs, Donovan Nov 1, 2006 1491
Matthew Ryan on cinema's new role of making it more real than real. Ryan, Matthew Oct 1, 2006 1747
From war to war: Lord of the Flies as the sociology of spite. Diken, Bulent; Laustsen, Carsten Bagge Oct 1, 2006 10188
Mourning and Misfortune: 9/11 and the domestic terror of pedophilia. Tubrett, Dion Jun 22, 2006 6611
Imagining murderous mothers: male spectatorship and the American slasher film. Genter, Robert Jun 1, 2006 9089
A Texas Tinseltown: getting to know Austin's lesbian film scene. Gilchrist, Tracy E. Jun 1, 2006 1395
Movie with a message. May 16, 2006 263
The trouble with V: compelling and affecting in its depiction of life under totalitarianism, V for Vendetta ultimately endorses the lawlessness on which totalitarianism depends. Grigg, William Norman May 1, 2006 1337
Parent training for families of children with comorbid ADHD and ODD. Danforth, Jeffrey S. Mar 22, 2006 10487
The aesthetics of violence in recent Serbian cinema: masculinity in crisis. Kronja, Ivana Mar 22, 2006 7924
Classification: the art of banning a film: its everywhere. You cant get away from it. Every time you turn on a television, whenever you walk into a movie theatre, the spectre or censorship is there looking over your shoulder. Lacey, Brad Mar 22, 2006 3044
The Brokeback Mountain effect: the historic cultural success of Brokeback Mountain owes much to the film's quality and emotional power--and a little to George W. Bush and the antigay right. But can a movie advance say equality? Vary, Adam B. Cover Story Feb 28, 2006 3098
My own 'Brokeback Mountain'. Colbert, Chuck Feb 3, 2006 817
The Razz: Movies: LIVE AND BECOME 12A. Dec 30, 2005 116
Gambling with the movie god. Bart, Peter Oct 17, 2005 569
Script(ing) treatment: representations of recovery from addiction in Hollywood film. Hersey, Curt Sep 22, 2005 8092
Everyone their Grain of Sand. Chang, Justin Jul 25, 2005 509
The Real Dirt on Farmer John. Foundas, Scott May 30, 2005 586
Reel to real: teaching the twentieth century with classic Hollywood films. Matz, Karl A.; Pingatore, Lori L. May 1, 2005 3148
Filmmakers could use a deeper focus. Bart, Peter Brief Article Jan 10, 2005 266
'His Dark Materials' film to remove references to God. Brief Article Dec 9, 2004 99
India's new lesbian fire: the gay-themed Girlfriend caused riots among Indian fundamentalists. So why don't queers like the film? Goodridge, Mike Aug 17, 2004 736
Catalina Sandino: full of grace. Allen, Kerri Aug 1, 2004 476
The Passion of Stanley. Holcombe, Carl D. Mar 1, 2004 349
Give the gift of gay TV. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Dec 1, 2003 935
Autumn's cinematic smorgasbord. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Nov 1, 2003 932
Women to watch in film. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Nov 1, 2003 2110
"A very unusual practise [sic]": miscegenation and the film industry in the Hays era. Reed, Elaine Walls Sep 22, 2003 6883
Cinema, this summer: everything Advocate readers need to know about the gayest big-screen offerings for the hottest months. (Summer Movie Preview). Giltz, Michael May 27, 2003 1704
Gender cinema verite. (Sapphic Screen). Anderson-Minshall, Diane May 1, 2003 974
Achtung, baby. (the Buzz). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 311
Translating Ireland back into Eire: Gael Linn and film making in Irish. White, Jerry Mar 22, 2003 7049
Of cameras, trains, and roads: French colonial conquest and cinematographic practice. Nganang, Alain P. Mar 22, 2003 5827
New Canadian cinema. Forsyth, Scott Brief Article Mar 22, 2003 196
Wotcha lookin' at, anyway? An examination of point-of-view in Denys Arcand's Stardom. Harcourt, Peter Critical Essay Mar 22, 2003 5287
Quebec's next generation: from Lauzon to Turpin. Melnyk, George Mar 22, 2003 5087
Charting the course of the Pacific New Wave. Burgess, Diane Mar 22, 2003 3546
Beyond the homeland: a comparative introduction to Latino film in Canada and the U.S. Feder, Elena Mar 22, 2003 10904
My big fat gay scorecard. (final cut). Barclay, Paris Illustration Mar 4, 2003 415
What Barbershop didn't tell you about Rosa Parks. Bennett, Lerone, Jr. Feb 1, 2003 3059
Faludi, Fight Club, and phallic masculinity: exploring the emasculating economics of patriarchy. Clark, J. Michael Sep 22, 2002 5540
Representing men with HIV/AIDS in American movies. Hart, Kylo-Patrick R. Sep 22, 2002 5524
Two thumbs up for social justice: Patrick McCormick picks his four all-time favorite films that call for a more just world. (culture in context). McCormick, Patrick Sep 1, 2002 1317
Restoring sense to cinema: audiences will find themselves confronting some bold ideas thanks to two new movies coming from opposite sides of the budgetary spectrum. (Inside Moves). Bart, Peter Brief Article Jun 24, 2002 682
H'wood steps up war effort. (The Home Front). McClintock, Pamela Brief Article Jun 3, 2002 247
`Fears' factor: the `Sum' of 2 bows: H'w'd, D.C. (Life). Higgins, Bill; McClintock, Pamela Brief Article Jun 3, 2002 344
Messages from the front lines: in film and TV, new shows will test audience acceptance of terrorist-themed plots, even for action veterans like Tom Clancy and Jerry Bruckheimer. (Inside Moves). Bart, Peter Brief Article May 27, 2002 871
Waiting to Exhale: African American Women and Adult Learning Through Movies. Rogers, Elice E. May 1, 2002 312
Sixth Annual Gay Guide to the Oscars: just when we thought it would be the straightest Academy Awards in years, along came Gosford Park, Mulholland Drive, and, yes, even Monsters, Inc. Here's our take on what's gay and what's not at Hollywood's self-love fest. (The Hollywood Issue). Duralde, Alonso Apr 2, 2002 1357
A Matter of Feeling: Moral Imagination and the Motion Picture. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 155
Feminist visions of transformation in The Ballad of Little Jo, The Piano, and Orlando. Natharius, David; Dobkin, Bethami A. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 8451
Best romantic screen kisses of all time. Stewart, Steve Mar 1, 2002 1423
Fest pix test climate for terrorist themes. (Warming Trend). Vaucher, Andrea R. Brief Article Feb 25, 2002 227
Rants & raves. Brief Article Feb 5, 2002 206
Make room for daddy: these days, Hollywood is focusing on dads and men working in child care. Is the church doing the same? (culture in context). McCormick, Patrick Feb 1, 2002 1350
`Baran' brings cultural call. Kowalski, Eileen Brief Article Jan 21, 2002 213
TV and movies hamper American PR effort. (Your Life). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 307
FTC report arriving amid climate change. (Awaiting Grades). McClintock, Pamela Brief Article Dec 3, 2001 245
Oldies find summer home. (L.A. Entertainment Town). Brief Article Nov 26, 2001 273
H'wood delivers the goods for war effort. (Film). Brief Article Nov 19, 2001 114
Of propaganda and peculiarities. (Reel Life). Gray, Timothy M. Brief Article Nov 19, 2001 494
Pols build bridge to H'wood. (D.C. Spin). McClintock, Pamela Brief Article Nov 12, 2001 516
For our sins. Bishop, Ed Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 157
Making her (in)visible: Cultural representations of lesbianism and the lesbian body in the 1990s. Ciasullo, Ann M. Sep 22, 2001 11276
Canadian Cinema in the age of globalization. Pike, David L. Sep 22, 2001 6463
Toward the Quebec Auteur: From Perrault to Arcand. Melnyk, George Sep 22, 2001 8254
Boys to men. Kilday, Gregg Interview Sep 11, 2001 1420
Wexler laments pics' messages of force. Elley, Derek Brief Article Aug 27, 2001 123
DVD the Shift to Film's New Modernity. Harper, Graeme Jun 22, 2001 4962
THAT GIRL. FERBER, LAWRENCE Brief Article Jun 5, 2001 560
Bigscreen sporting scenes. Phillips, Braden Brief Article May 21, 2001 890
Washington hits H'wood as Lieberman treks west. McClintock, Pamela Brief Article Apr 16, 2001 180
Will Jodie Whitewash Leni? Hitler's filmmaker is Foster's fixation. WALLACE, AMY Apr 2, 2001 1961
Hollywood, Nazism, and the Jews, 1933-41(*). HERMAN, FELICIA Mar 1, 2001 13213
Asia to `Tiger': kung-fooey. ELLEY, DEREK Feb 5, 2001 1328
What Can Forrest Gump Tell Us about Students' Historical Understanding? WINEBURG, SAM; MOSBORG, SUSAN; PORAT, DAN Jan 1, 2001 2882
Eden and Beyond. Wilcox, Jason Critical Essay Jan 1, 2001 5225
Neither Noir. Shillock, Larry T. Sep 22, 2000 7512
Short takes: the Canadian worker on film. Frank, David Sep 22, 2000 10762
Captive audience. McCORMICK, PATRICK Jun 1, 2000 1592
McCORMICK'S QUICK TAKES ON PRISON FILMS. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 436
THE EXORCIST. Cull, Nick May 1, 2000 3672
Hercules Unbound. WATSON, HOWARD Brief Article Mar 22, 2000 737
Out of the depths and through the postmodern surface: history and class figuration in Titanic. Anshen, David Feb 1, 2000 6655
Working-class Hollywood: silent film and the shaping of class in America. Book Review Sep 22, 1999 2156
Scientific gazing and the cinematic body politic: The demonized cyborg of metropolis. Clark, Jill Critical Essay Sep 22, 1999 5901
Probing `Phantom' subtext. Brief Article Jun 7, 1999 696
Doing the Full Monty with Dirk and Jane: Using the Phallus to Validate Marginalized Masculinities. ADDELSTON, JUDI Mar 22, 1999 9363
Introduction. Gemunden, Gerd Jan 1, 1999 4713
From Detlef Sierck to Douglas Sirk. Gertrud Koch Jan 1, 1999 7227
H'wood still blind to Spanish helmers' visions. Carver, Benedict; Hopewell, John Sep 21, 1998 996
Paradigm shifts in the classroom. Lasley, Thomas J., II Sep 1, 1998 2458
Are moviegoers going 'Retro'? As studios ponder their mounting problems with effect-laden megapics, audiences seem to applaud summer movies' low-tech gags and stunts. Bart, Peter Column Jul 20, 1998 716
'Lolita's' swain song: pic's preem pleases principal players. Lorber, Daniel Jul 20, 1998 279
Through a lens darkly. Adamick, Paula Mar 1, 1998 867
Through a lens darkly: best pic winners, noms often reflect 'temper of times.'(Eye on the Oscars: Best Pic) Ragan, James Jan 12, 1998 1382
A delicate balance. Koehler, Robert Jan 5, 1998 1354
The male in crisis. Sharrett, Christopher Brief Article Jan 1, 1998 987
'The buzz' turns beneficent. Bart, Peter Oct 20, 1997 786
Virtual fabulousness. Ansen, David Oct 14, 1997 1382
Hot-button topics iced. Gray, Timothy Oct 13, 1997 408
The original Area 51. Clinton, Kate Column Sep 16, 1997 773
The events that shaped the under-30 mind. Finlay, Jennifer Aug 19, 1997 2141
Staying in focus. Helfand, Glen Jun 24, 1997 1454
Fade to black. Waxman, Sharon Jun 1, 1997 4099
A gay guide to the 1997 Oscars. Stockwell, Anne Cover Story Apr 1, 1997 964
The NEA gets gay-bashed. Moss, J. Jennings Apr 1, 1997 689
Sheiks of the burning sands. Seth Feldman Jun 22, 1996 2187
Madonna of the Seven Moons. Harper, Sue Aug 1, 1995 3115
Hollywood fuels the panic years. Sharrett, Christopher Column Jul 1, 1995 857
Virtual Vietnam. Frederick, Jim Nov 1, 1994 2662
Reel politik: great conservative cinema. Smith, Michael Sep 22, 1994 6495
At Oscars, Hollywood confirms our best dreams. Collum, Danny Duncan Apr 8, 1994 967
The cinema of human obsolescence. Sharrett, Christopher Column Jan 1, 1993 899
The last taboo? Does wave of interracial movies signal a real change? Sep 1, 1991 1429
Why Hollywood ignores black love and intimacy; black stars challenge race and market fears that limit on-screen romance. Collier, Aldore Apr 1, 1989 1136
Western hero or gangster: the U.S. dilemma. Mann, Cuthbert Carson Oct 1, 1987 3737

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