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Iraqi Christians: "Perilously Close to Extinction". Jun 17, 2019 348
Would Humanity Be Better Off With Only One Religion? Shapiro, Rami Column May 1, 2019 1133
Americans Can Differ In Beliefs And Still Be United. Laser, Rachel K. Essay Apr 1, 2019 750
Pope Francis: Show Respect and Loyalty to the Communist Regime. Mar 4, 2019 338
Bridging friendships Across the Belief Dinide. Comer, Gary Mar 1, 2019 2191
Is It Trump's Fault? Shapiro, Rami Jan 1, 2019 1036
A Gay Marriage in a Catholic Church: WE NEEDED A MIRACLE, AND RECEIVED ONE... Bica, Alissa Jan 1, 2019 854
Law as a Religion. Belt, Derrick Dec 22, 2018 4265
High Percentage of U.S. Christians Embrace New Age Beliefs. Dec 10, 2018 320
goodnews. Brief article Nov 1, 2018 126
Soulmates: How nuns and 'Nones' are revitalizing the church. Zulkey, Claire Nov 1, 2018 2749
A WASP Looks for God: A descendant of America's first shepherds searches for a flock. Freeman, Neal B. Sep 1, 2018 3167
SINS OF SUBMISSION. Andrews, Becca Sep 1, 2018 1907
a Vacation from God: A MIRACLE HAPPENED THAT WEEKEND AND WE WERE ALL WITNESS TO IT. Phillips, Jan Jul 1, 2018 1539
Use of Religious Observance as a Meaningful Occupation in Occupational Therapy. Thompson, Kelly; Gee, Bryan M. Report Jan 1, 2018 8667
If You Came to My Church... You wouldn't have to say the Creed. Lee-Clark, Mary H. Nov 1, 2017 794
The fire cult and Islam in the Kazakh system of beliefs. Nurgaliyeva, Agila; Tastaeva, Zhanna; Baibulsinova, Alfiya; Serikova, Lazzat Report Jun 1, 2017 4359
God's unruly works. McGlone, Mary M. Mar 10, 2017 752
What's wrong with being a disembodied mind? Shapiro, Rabbi Rami Column Jan 1, 2017 1238
Is America coming apart? addressing economic, social, and ideological stratification in the United States. Essay Jan 1, 2017 8863
God's great collaborator: the partnership between Moses and God suggests that it's normal for people to push against God and for God to push back. Camille, Alice Sep 1, 2016 1278
Losing the "God Talk" in grief groups: "To say you need the afterlife to have meaning is the bleakest form of insanity.". Ozment, Katherine Jul 1, 2016 822
How to talk with my astronomer daughter about God? Shapiro, Rabbi Rami May 1, 2016 1036
Transform your life one morning at a time: this now classic practice is much more powerful if you choose the right God. Cameron, Julia May 1, 2016 1055
Where your shadow falls: miracles aren't always spectacular events caused by great men and women of faith. Camille, Alice Apr 1, 2016 1233
"Escaping from Gross Bondage": The Divine Music of Augusta Jane Evans's Beulah. Bechtold, Rebeccah Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 10447
Resurrection-shaped renewal: we need more than cosmetic changes. Shaw, Ian Mar 1, 2016 784
Awkward Palm Sunday: going beyond our limits. Munnik, Katie Mar 1, 2016 847
The art of faith: images are as powerful as words when sharing the Christian story. Scobey, Annemarie Mar 1, 2016 1224
Why we should listen to Mary: even if she's all in your head, she has something important to say. Kiesling, Stephen Jan 1, 2016 1691
Making belief in Mary. Donofrio, Beverly Jan 1, 2016 2387
Are relics a thing of the past? Cahill, James P. Jan 1, 2016 562
Sacred collisions: will you be ready for the sudden beauty of Christ's return? Hannon, Patrick Dec 1, 2015 591
The path to Utopia. Moore, Thomas Nov 1, 2015 772
A time of discernment: and a time for prayer. Stewart, Fred Sep 1, 2015 666
Culture clash: sharing the gospel while respecting differences. Bailey, Jay Sep 1, 2015 752
Arbitration's counter-narrative: the religious arbitration paradigm. Helfand, Michael A. Jun 1, 2015 6067
Arbitration's counter-narrative: the religious arbitration paradigm. Helfand, Michael A. Jun 1, 2015 21674
Wow! Walk with Peter on a journey of discovery. DeWolfe, Laurence May 1, 2015 668
Wonderful diversity: differing opinions make us richer. Stewart, Fred May 1, 2015 511
Losing the chains of Christendom: asking the right question. Webber, David May 1, 2015 1110
Lift high the cross: the crucified Christ is no more comfortable to confront in the 21st century than he was in the first. Camille, Alice Column Mar 1, 2015 1264
God willing? Bleem, Jerry Brief article Mar 1, 2015 218
Change lies in seeing the Divine in ourselves, others. Dec 19, 2014 828
Nonbelievers' beliefs about religion in China. Jing, Xiaojuan Report Aug 1, 2014 4608
Upon the Ground. Sanders, Aaron Short story Jun 22, 2014 3479
When it comes to people: leap! Reardon, Patrick T. May 23, 2014 713
Don't get complacent, there are more. Mar 28, 2014 879
Blokosso, where angels dare to tread: Blokosso was once an important Ebrie village, but now it is an attractive district of Cote d'Ivoire's capital city, Abidjan. The village is widely regarded as sacred territory ruled over by the spirit of an eminent king whose power and ubiquity are such that, during the Ivoirian Civil War, neither the rebels nor the government forces dared go near Blokosso. Tom Sykes reports. Sykes, Tom Geographic overview Feb 1, 2014 2092
Playing God: it's what we are called to do. Harris, David Dec 1, 2013 528
On boundaries: God grant me the serenity. Beattie, Nancy Brief article Dec 1, 2013 311
A faith beyond belief. Moore, Thomas Nov 1, 2013 783
In good faith: when loved ones challenge our deepest beliefs, writer Lindsey Crittenden wonders, is it even possible to agree to disagree? Crittenden, Lindsey Jul 1, 2013 895
Letters to Luna. Jul 1, 2013 1279
"Modeling the effectiveness of ad effectiveness message through focusing on Islamic beliefs in an Islamic market". Rahmani, Zeino'abedin; Hoseini, Mirza-Hasan; Karimi, Ozhan; Hosseini-Amiri, Seyyed-Mahmoud Report Jul 1, 2013 3507
Religion: individual expression or intertwined with culture? Free exercise jurisprudence in the United States and Great Britain. Collins-Wood, Johanna R. Jan 1, 2013 13058
Humanism in a shitstorm. Christina, Greta Jan 1, 2013 1506
When backpacker meets religious pilgrim house: interpretation of oriental folk beliefs. Chang, Horng-Jinh; Wang, Kuo-Yan; Lin, Shean-Yuh Report Jun 22, 2012 6293
Introduction to the special issue on social policy and religion. Saunders, Peter; Sakai, Minako Report Mar 22, 2012 3101
Building a partnership for social service delivery in Indonesia: state and faith-based organisations. Sakai, Minako Report Mar 22, 2012 6789
Perspective on fundamentals of fardhu ain among Muslim convert. Zin, Mohamad Zaid Mohd; Sakat, Ahamad Asmadi; Nor, Mohd Roslan Mohd; Kasmo, Mohd Arip; Raus, Norakya Report Dec 1, 2011 3508
Teaching for religious tolerance in Modesto: just enough, but not too much. Lester, Emile Dec 1, 2011 3189
Should we just ignore our dark side? Shapiro, Rami Nov 1, 2011 1271
A religious cockroach. Gardner, Silvana Essay Nov 1, 2011 4877
Core assumptions and values in community psychology: a Christian reflection. Canning, Sally Schwer Report Sep 22, 2011 9886
Turning a Kosher Boy to the Dark Side. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jan 14, 2011 306
Disagreeing without being disagreeable. Staub, Dick Dec 24, 2010 753
Frustrating friendship. Weston, Carol Brief article Aug 1, 2010 270
Editorial. Mitchem, Stephanie Work overview Jun 1, 2010 568
In Malawi, condom use and fidelity are linked with religious leaders' discussions of these behaviors. Report Dec 1, 2009 1272
Whose conscience counts? Religious Right forces want pharmacists' 'rights' to trump those of patients, as a national battle erupts over religion in the workplace. Bathija, Sandhya Oct 1, 2009 1847
Everything old is new again: ancient Christian practices are finding a home in post-modern Christianity. McLaren, Brian Jul 1, 2009 2175
Finding power in weakness. Bruzzese, Michaela Brief article Jul 1, 2009 327
The scandal of particularity: particularity and the public square. Hanson, Paul D. Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2009 4673
Wind and fire. Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck May 15, 2009 861
Beard ruling angers Muslims. Brief article Apr 17, 2009 182
Called to witness. Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck Apr 3, 2009 753
Religiousness, locus of control, psychological distress/Dindarlik, kontrol odagi ve psikolojik sikintilar. Dirik, Gulay; Gunay, Esma Report Mar 22, 2009 5120
For what are you willing to die? Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck Mar 20, 2009 894
Beyond the end of the tunnel: whatever the soul's exact nature, it's not apparently reducible to physics. We are not our body, and when it dies, we carry on. Betty, Stafford Column Jan 9, 2009 759
Belanger, Kathleen; Copeland Sam and Cheung Monit: 'The role of faith in adoption: achieving positive adoption outcomes for African American children'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Dec 22, 2008 197
Turning over a new page. Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck Nov 28, 2008 813
Keeping the faith: what happens when your significant other has different religious beliefs? Henderson, Shirley Nov 1, 2008 1228
The Virgin of Guadalupe: linking the past and present by exploring the role of religion in the cultural heritage of Mexican consciousness. Valdes, Annmarie Jun 22, 2008 7353
Books closed to Mormons. Brief article May 16, 2008 149
Popular religions: allegiance to a single religion is professed by at least two thirds of the population in more than 80 per cent of the world's states. Brief article May 1, 2008 322
The religious affiliation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex Australians: a report from the private lives survey. Couch, Murray; Mulcare, Hunter; Pitts, Marian; Smith, Anthony; Mitchell, Anne Apr 1, 2008 5162
Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler: Children's Questions about God . . . Is My Community a Cult. Shapiro, Rami Mar 1, 2008 1128
An odyssey toward meaning. Editorial Dec 28, 2007 508
The eighty-eight temples: pilgrimages were among the earliest forms of historical travelling, and they remain popular in many parts of the world. Alex Koller tries Japan's most famous Buddhist pilgrimage. Koller, Alex Nov 1, 2007 1321
Heavenly hosts: Julie Kerr looks at the role of hospitality to the Benedictine community between the years 1066 to 1250, and how monks and nuns sought to fulfil their monastic obligations in this respect without impeding their ideals. Kerr, Julie Nov 1, 2007 3137
>Political correctness. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 264
Dear God, you're fired. Pilcher, Bradford R. Mar 1, 2007 2675
Salut personnel et socialisation religieuse dans les assemblees de Dieu de Polynesie francaise. Fer, Yannick Jan 1, 2007 372
The Milton Health and Rehabilitation Center. Schwab, Robert C. Case study Jul 1, 2006 2709
God's peace overcomes worry. Brief article Oct 1, 2005 333
Prayers should focus on God. Brief article Sep 1, 2005 301
Are nonreligious teenagers really deficient? Levison, Andrew Sep 1, 2005 1558
Turn to God at any moment of the day. Brief article May 1, 2005 316
Respecting religious differences: the missing ingredient in creating a peaceful world order. Davis, Derek H. Mar 22, 2005 5438
U.S. religiosity in a self-imposed straightjacket. (Viewpoint). Bryjak, George J. Mar 28, 2003 1142
The suspension of disbelief and the origin of culture: religion's role in the evolution of society. (Physician - Assisted Suicide, Pro and Con). Coon, Carl Mar 22, 2003 3018

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