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BUILDING A MOVEMENT. King, Jamilah Nov 1, 2020 1718
On Compassion and the Sublime Black Body: Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower. Johnson, Ikea M. Critical essay Jun 22, 2020 5775
Chase Riboud's Hottentot Venus (2003) and the Neo-Victorian: The Problematization of South-Africa and the Vulnerability and Resistance of the Black Other. Ruiz, Maria Isabel Romero Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 6682
Art exhibit helps commemorate Black History Month. Brief article Feb 21, 2019 310
Senegal's Museum of Black Civilisations. Brief article Feb 1, 2019 153
Marching Together: What Feminism Can Learn from Black Lives Matter. Blain, Cicely-Belle Essay Jan 1, 2019 2244
Held in Trust by History: Lerone Bennett Jr., Intellectual Activism, and the Historical Profession. Tinson, Christopher M. Biography Dec 1, 2018 8353
It's Not Magic": The Black Body As An Aesthetic Site And Sight. Okello, Wilson Kwamogi Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 1579
Black Panther: A Black Girl's Song. Deroze, Phyllisa Smith Essay Aug 1, 2018 733
Don't Forget About You: Black professionals are told to work twice as hard, which is why we must also remember to take care of ourselves. Stephens, Charles Apr 1, 2018 743
National Geographic admits racist past. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 141
BLACK PANTHER CHANGING PERCEPTIONS. Versi, Anver Cover story Apr 1, 2018 4764
Black History Month: Celebrating Diversity. Feb 15, 2018 682
Babylon war: black nationalism, black imprisonment, and white supremacy. Martin, Waldo Essay Sep 22, 2017 2295
Prison organizing as tradition and imperative: a response to Sarah Haley, Toussaint Losier, and Waldo Martin. Berger, Dan Essay Sep 22, 2017 2147
HBCUs should archive the African-American story. Berry, John M. Aug 24, 2017 792
BEING A BLACK PASTORAL AGENT IN THE CONTEXT OF BRAZILIAN REALITY. da Rocha, Jose Geraldo; da Conceicao Silva, Cristina Essay Mar 1, 2017 3285
BLACK PASTORAL AGENTS AND THE BIBLE IN THE AFRO CONTEXT: A Hermeneutic of Years of Enchantment. Ribeiro, Obertal Xavier Essay Mar 1, 2017 4143
AFRICAN INDIGENOUS JUREMA: The Greatest Common Divisor of the Brazilian Minimum Religion. Cardoso, Nancy; Carvalhaes, Claudio Essay Mar 1, 2017 7003
Concerning history, heritage and struggle: reaffirming and renewing our vanguard role. Karenga, Maulana N. Essay Mar 1, 2017 1426
When the law is to be feared. Wanner, Zukiswa Aug 1, 2016 1002
After recent shootings, white churches take stock on race. Jul 29, 2016 433
Aaron's roots: Spaniards, Englishmen, and Blackamoors in Titus Andronicus. Ndiaye, Noemie Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 8685
The new black vanguard. Brathwaite, Les Fabian Jun 1, 2016 1594
The impact of immigration on indicators of the well-being of the black population in the United States. Unnever, James D. Report Mar 22, 2016 9854
A troubled past: Canada, often seen by many as a progressive oasis of racial inclusiveness and tolerance, has a complex history of racial discrimination and profiling. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan Feb 25, 2016 1567
Anti-blackness: official myths aside, Canadian anti-black racism is alive, and deadly. Tecle, Sam Jan 1, 2016 1340
Critical multicultural citizenship education among Black immigrant youth: factors and challenges. Kumi-Yeboah, Alex; Smith, Patriann Report Jan 1, 2016 9459
Find the perfect pointe shoe. Hamilton, Linda Jan 1, 2016 788
Target zero: Black Lives Matter's agenda. Krayewski, Ed Brief article Nov 26, 2015 119
Experts say revisionist history detrimental to American students. Arnett, Autumn A. Nov 19, 2015 943
Attempted neo-colonialism by powerpoint: black communities vs. education reform. Burroughs, Todd Steven Report Oct 1, 2015 1363
Black families and socio-economic inequality in Canada. Livingstone, Anne-Marie; Weinfeld, Morton Report Sep 22, 2015 9889
Black bodies, white borders: mapping the color line inside and outside the United States, 1902-1916. Bontrager, Shannon Essay Sep 22, 2015 3407
Blue on Black violence: Freddie Gray, Baltimore, South Africa, & the quietism of Africana Christian theology. Scriven, Darryl Report Aug 1, 2015 3524
Towards a different construction of Blackness: Black immigrant scholars on racial identity development in the United States. Hernandez, Kathy-Ann C.; Murray-Johnson, Kayon K. Report Jul 1, 2015 8181
AABHE gathers for annual meeting in midst of storm in Charleston. Arnett, Autumn May 7, 2015 828
Preface. Richardson, Matt; Rofel, Lisa Editorial Mar 22, 2015 2639
"Much learning makes men mad": classical education and black empowerment in Martin R. Delany's philosophy of education. Adeleke, Tunde Mar 22, 2015 9516
Still not getting along. Slade, Stephanie Mar 1, 2015 372
Black scholars respond to Ferguson. Lefevere, Patricia Conference notes Jan 16, 2015 1021
Black educational activism for community empowerment: international leadership perspectives. Wilson, Camille; Johnson, Lauri Report Jan 1, 2015 8059
Being a Black man: development of the Masculinity Inventory Scale (MIS) for Black men. Mincey, Krista; Alfonso, Moya; Hackney, Amy; Luque, John Report Sep 22, 2014 5906
Strategic National Black Consensus: an interview with Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd. Interview May 1, 2014 1574
Speculations surrounding Roberto Zurbano's OP-ED in the New York Times. Jones, Alberto Mar 22, 2014 553
Revealing Oregon's Black history. Sturdivant, Christina Feb 13, 2014 798
Fifty shades of black: challenging the monolithic treatment of "Black or African American" candidates on law school admissions applications. Tadjiogueu, Eteena J. Jan 1, 2014 11309
Introduction: black philosophy and the crucible of lived history. Yancy, George Essay Dec 22, 2013 2949
Talking about Mestizaje: history, value, and the racial present. Jerry, Anthony R. Jul 1, 2013 6346
Negros-afromexicanos: recognition and the politics of identity in contemporary Mexico. Weltman-Cisneros, Talia; Tello, Candelaria Donaji Mendez Jul 1, 2013 7745
Call them morenos: Blackness in Mexico and across the border as perceived by Mexican migrants. De La Torre, Maria E. Essay Jul 1, 2013 7997
18 Years of progress but ... Real freedom remains elusive for blacks in south Africa as the structure of the former apartheid economy continues largely intact. Ochieno, Jospeh Essay Feb 1, 2013 619
Landless in the land of the brave. Sasa, Mabasa Feb 1, 2013 2081
How Britain treats its black academics: a new petition campaign, now underway, wants British universities to stop discriminating against black academics (also known as African and Caribbean scholars) achieving equal job opportunities, reports Osei Boateng. Boateng, Osei Essay Jan 1, 2013 2421
Amendments to Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Act: hearing before the subcommittee on Census and Population of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, House of Representatives, One hundredth Congress, first session on H.R. 2309, July 7, 1987. Van Sertima, Ivan Dec 1, 2012 4402
From starving child to rebel-pirate: the west's new imagery of a 'failed' Somalia. Sium, Aman Report Dec 1, 2012 11740
Askia Muhammad Toure: early pioneer in black studies. Zulu, Itibari M. Interview Oct 1, 2012 2777
The meta-narrative origins of African and African American studies at Arizona State University. Zulu, Itibari M. Interview Oct 1, 2012 4924
Dialogue in pan African studies: interviewing emeritus professor David Covin. Zulu, Itibari M. Interview Oct 1, 2012 2317
Reflections of a woman who works quietly and loudly for the race: a conversation with Dr. Shirley Nash Weber. Merritt, Anta Anthony Interview Oct 1, 2012 5582
African mythic science or Vodou methodology. Martin, Denise Essay Jun 15, 2012 8167
Latest assault on black studies reaffirms its relevance. Gamble, Brandon E. Jun 7, 2012 820
Tension in intersectional agency; a theoretical discussion of the interior conflict of white, feminist activists' intersectional location. Huijg, Dieuwertje Dyi Essay Mar 15, 2012 7719
Messages in the medium: the relationships among Black media images, racial identity, body image, and the racial socialization of Black youth. Adams, Valerie N. Report Mar 1, 2012 464
(Re)membering revolution, imagining blackness: the Haitian revolution in the Black cultural imaginary. Ceptus, Babara Report Mar 1, 2012 220
Rethinking Pan-Africanism in the AU (African Union)-led regional integration of Africa: identity politics in the diaspora involvement, Afro-Arab relations and Indian ocean islands. Tamura, Setsuko Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 356
Black churches and blue-eyed Jesuses: this article is adapted from Chapter Five of the author's 2011 book, Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars. Hutchinson, Sikivu Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2012 2015
Black history: never stop telling our story. Graves, Earl G., Sr. Feb 1, 2012 701
The legacy of Darwin T. Turner and the struggle for African American studies. Boyd, Melba Joyce Essay Dec 22, 2011 3824
"Black in Latin America": an interview with Dr. Henry Louis Gates. Williams, Kam Interview Dec 1, 2011 2122
Margaret T.G. Burroughs and black public history in Cold War Chicago. Rocksborough-Smith, Ian Essay Sep 22, 2011 12220
What often goes unsaid: the racial dynamic of what happens inside a newsroom is 'an elusive if contentious subject that seldom rises to become a topic of media forums or workshops--except when minority journalists come together to talk.'. Alexander, Amy Sep 22, 2011 1546
Black journalism takes root in contemporary times. White, Jack E. Sep 22, 2011 928
Metaphors and the reclamation of blackness in Derek Walcott's Dream on Monkey Mountain. Crossley, Scott Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 9139
Creating the circum-Caribbean imaginary: DuBose Heyward's and Paul Robeson's revision of The Emperor Jones. Lowe, John Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 10511
Featured essay: re-sexing the curricula: a black feminist analysis of lecturing in England and Jamaica. Marshall, Annecka Leolyn Essay Dec 1, 2009 2491
The empire's ghost returns. Ray, Carina Aug 1, 2009 2454
Cuba and the myth of the 'race-less' nation (part 2): in the second of her two-part series on Cuba, Carina Ray documents the significant contributions made by Afro-Cubans to the island's independence and their thwarted struggle for inclusion in the early Cuban nation. Ray, Carina Report Apr 1, 2009 1594
A sledgehammer of a word. Reed, Lori Jan 1, 2009 1285
Communicating the logic and language of Black liberation. Ball, Jared A. Report Jul 1, 2008 9521
Cuba and color: in a country where nationalism trumps race, bigotry and discrimination still complicate the lives of Cubans of African descent. Williams, Sherri Jul 1, 2008 1669
Holland blame everything bad on immigrants: Femi Akomolafe reports from Amsterdam on a favourite Dutch pastime--blaming everything bad on immigrants. And a new kid on the block is one Geert Wilders, an MP, who is simply beyond irony. Akomolafe, Femi Jun 1, 2008 1322
UK: it has not been all milk and honey. Goodwin, Clayton May 1, 2008 2316
Do some blacks have a problem with Obama? Those blacks who still cling to the notion that they should stand in the way of a historic decision by America to elect a black president after 222 years, will be relegated to the rubbish heap of history, and will eminently deserve to be there. Duodu, Cameron Apr 1, 2008 1669
Britain: the rise and rise of black business. Osei, Eric Apr 1, 2008 1870
Miscegenation and racism: Afro-Mexicans in Colonial New Spain. Simms, Ellen Yvonne Report Mar 15, 2008 9528
Black elders more likely to be hospitalized. Hing, Julianne Ong Mar 1, 2008 135
Reclaiming radio: alternative radio projects attempt to take back the public sphere. Chen, Michelle Mar 1, 2008 2123
What's in a name? Howard, Theresa Ruth Feb 1, 2008 795
In transition or on the brink? Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists. Ross, Gloria Feb 1, 2008 1106
"Righteous discontent": Mary Virginia Cook Parrish and black Baptist women. Williams, Lawrence H. Jun 22, 2007 2519
To Barak and Hillary: letter from the US. Eisenstein, Zillah Apr 1, 2007 713
The search for Black History: parents can help to expose their children to the richness of their culture in a variety of ways. Henderson, Shirley Feb 1, 2007 1084
The folly of racism: enslaving blackface and the "natural" fool tradition. Hornback, Robert Jan 1, 2007 18561
Race matters, but knowledge and family matter more. Reynolds, Gerald A. Dec 1, 2006 587
Ebony on the scene. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 303
Black-White gap in IQ scores closing. (STUDY). Banerji, Shilpa Aug 10, 2006 349
Old heads and young bloods. Dyson, Michael Eric Aug 1, 2006 671
Blacks, less educated in worst nursing homes. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 81
A Black gay man's reflections on torture and dictatorship. Glave, Thomas Jun 22, 2006 1790
Covenant curriculum expected to inspire learning, social action. Roach, Ronald May 18, 2006 1168
Block buster: the arrival of one block's first black family stirs tensions in one of the Southwest Side's few remaining white neighborhoods. Lowenstein, Jeff Kelly May 1, 2006 948
South Africa: the coming of the black middle class; Although their numbers are growing, the general trouble with South Africa's new black middle class is their huge appetite for consumption, rather than savings and investments. With the least hiccup in the economy, they will be the first to go down. Kgomotso Nyanto reports. Nyanto, Kgomotso Apr 1, 2006 1159
Do you know what it means to lose New Orleans? Rice, Anne Apr 1, 2006 1472
The other Americans. Dash, J.M. Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2006 1410
Federal snoops: nothing new. Reiland, Ralph R. Mar 1, 2006 769
From then to now: Black History Month isn't what it used to be. But then again, neither are we. Hamilton, Kendra Feb 9, 2006 1773
Some notes on the erotics of "Black-Jewish relations". Melnick, Jeffrey Jun 22, 2005 7159
Slavery of the mind: Carter G. Woodson and Jacob H. Carruthers--intergenerational discourse on African education and social change. Rashid, Kamau Mar 22, 2005 3021
South Africa: no more coasting along softly; Ten years of "coasting" by the ANC is a long enough period. In any case, you don't have to seek the permission of someone sitting on your neck, in order to throw him off and be able to breathe. Viva ANC. Duodu, Cameron May 1, 2004 1594
Editorial. Troupe, Quincy Editorial Mar 22, 2004 1627
UK the tale of two black role models. (Diaspora). Goodwin, Clayton May 1, 2003 1416
Brazil -- the black stake. (Lest We Forget). de Figueiredo, Antonio Feb 1, 2003 1587
Couples who met while working out: meeting your mate at the local gym or while exercising can be a great relationship starter because it means you instantly have something in common. (Body talk: black health and fitness). Feb 1, 2003 871
Emmit, Tom, Tavis, Master P and others tell why they love Black Women. Feb 1, 2003 1235
"The Society of Negroes Unsettled": a history of slavery in New Paltz, NY. Roth, Eric J. Jan 1, 2003 9320
Racial tension. (The Immigrant Experience--Profiling). Dec 1, 2002 1319
Of Nubians and Nabateans: Implications of research on neglected dimensions of ancient world history. Benjamin, Jesse Nov 1, 2001 9939
Why did you sell me?: My Jamaican friend no longer talks to his Ghanaian friend. He no longer talks to his Nigerian friend. And now, very likely, he'll no longer talk to me. We sold him. (Viewpoint). Orakwue, Stella Oct 1, 2001 1482
No Accident: From Black Power to Black Box Office. Lyne, William Critical Essay Mar 22, 2000 13101
Changing the Face of Congress: African-Americans in the Twenty-First Century. MENIFIELD, CHARLES E.; JULIAN, FRANK H. Dec 22, 1998 5688
'Black Athena' and the American dilemma. Evans, James Allan Jan 1, 1998 3394
Black-Brown relations: are alliances possible? Klor de Alva, J. Jorge; West, Cornel Interview Jun 22, 1997 10308
Reconsidering the 'crisis' of the black male in America. Noguera, Pedro A. Jun 22, 1997 8366
Blacks in Canada: the invisible minority. Hay, Sheridan Nov 1, 1996 2584
"Strange, history. Complicated, too": Ishmael Reed's use of African-American history in Flight to Canada. Davis, Matthew R. Sep 22, 1996 4639
Black bodies/gay bodies: the politics of race in the gay/military battle. Lane, Alycee J. Sep 22, 1994 8049
Body and soul. Villarosa, Linda Jul 1, 1994 3110
Fear of a black penis. Mercer, Kobena Apr 1, 1994 946
Scouts 'n the hood. Parenti, Mark Mar 22, 1993 2839
Minority Report. Hitchens, Christopher column Mar 8, 1986 1047

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