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'Mental health and racism are the goals'. Sep 7, 2019 303
Wills slams 'outrage' of racism in football; 'Fed up' Prince vows to fight scourge. Sep 7, 2019 348
United Kingdom : Mental health, civil rights and workplace tech receive 25 million boost. Sep 7, 2019 561
Anambra Govt Partners DSS On Tackling Mental Health. Sep 6, 2019 664
Peru : Minsa provides psychosocial support to family members of victims disappeared due to political violence in Ayacucho. Aug 16, 2019 533
Maureen Gikonyo, Immaculate Wanjiru seek to spread mental health awareness. Jul 19, 2019 986
Drawing breath from perforated lungs. Motswatswa, Kelebogile Column Jul 1, 2019 1296
Organizational Culture in Context: The Effect of Team-level Social Support on Chinese Bus Drivers' Mental Health. Liu, Meina; Wang, Xiaohua Report Jul 1, 2019 8315
THE CUTTING EDGE. Simington, Maire O. Column Jun 22, 2019 483
Firstever psychiatry ward and OPD setup at children hospital PEI is running Sindh Govt Children Hospital under public private partnership. Jun 1, 2019 389
First ever psychiatry ward and OPD has been established at Sindh. Jun 1, 2019 403
A Preliminary Test of a Social Connectedness Burnout Intervention for Mexican Mental Health Professionals. Ortega, Michel A. Reyes; Kuczynski, Adam M.; Kanter, Jonathan W.; de Montis, Ivan Arango; Santos, Ma Jun 1, 2019 7075
Optimizing unmet needs of mental health through Psychosocial Intervention. May 31, 2019 4470
What Can We Do To Prevent Suicidal Behaviours? May 23, 2019 902
Qatar : Fasting can be an Effective way to Manage Depression and Anger, and Strengthen Self-Restraint and Patience, says HMC Clinic. May 21, 2019 483
Fasting can help manage depression, anger. May 21, 2019 308
United States : 2019 Ignacio Martn-Baro Fund is now open for Applications. May 17, 2019 331
How getting hookedto social media ruins your mental health. Apr 22, 2019 1307
PCB partners with British Asian Trust to transform mental health in Pakistan. Apr 17, 2019 663
PCB partners with British Asian Trust to transform mental health in Pakistan. Apr 17, 2019 663
PCB partners with British Asian Trust to transform mental health in Pakistan. Apr 17, 2019 365
Protected Housing For People With Psychiatric And/Or Psycho Social Problems (mental Health) Or Mild Intellectual Disabilities (lvb). Apr 15, 2019 218
Mental health. Apr 9, 2019 142
Special Report: Suicide Prevention in Korea. Woo, Jongmin Apr 1, 2019 1751
Healthy Habits: for Music Studio Social Networking Sites. Crappell, Courtney Apr 1, 2019 1412
EFFECT OF MEDITATION ON SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING IN MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS. Valosek, Laurent; Nidich, Sanford; Wendt, Staci; Grant, Jamie; Nidich, Randi Mar 22, 2019 4012
Measuring Emotional Response to a Planting Activity for Staff at an Urban Office Setting: A Pilot Study. Wagenfeld, Amy E.; Schefkind, Sandra; Hock, Nancy Mar 22, 2019 6252
Mental stress and depression. Mar 18, 2019 201
I have seen hundreds of people on a methadone script ..less than 20 have come off it. Mar 18, 2019 1216
India : Secretary, DEPwD Lays Foundation Stone of National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation at Sehore, Madhya Pradesh. Mar 4, 2019 319
Coventry's City of Culture year won't shy from "difficult" issues; Knife crime, homelessness and mental health will all feature in the programme. Mar 4, 2019 425
Religion, Psychiatry, and Alternate Sexuality. Darmansjah, D.; Kalra, G.; Ventriglio, A. Mar 1, 2019 3082
Need free psychiatric consultation? Feb 18, 2019 545
Working globally and at home: This year, NZNO's Maori nurses will be sharing more about racism in forums at home and abroad. Longmore, Mary Feb 1, 2019 749
Switzerland,United States : Wellcome announces additional 200 Million to Mental Health Research. Jan 29, 2019 355
Mental Health Professionals' Experiences with Aphasia. Morrow-Odom, K. Leigh; Barnes, Chandler K. Report Jan 1, 2019 5910
COLLEGE STUDENTS IN DISTRESS: CAN SOCIAL MEDIA BE A SOURCE OF SOCIAL SUPPORT? Drouin, Michelle; Reining, Lauren; Flanagan, Mindy; Carpenter, Maria; Toscos, Tammy Report Dec 22, 2018 5625
The Project Is Defined As A Service Of Socio-occupational Insertion, Support, And Follow-up To Training And Insertion For People With Mental Health Conditions. That, In Coordination With The Social And Health Resources And Services, Make An Integral Part. Dec 15, 2018 149
Citizens Commission on Human Rights to Hold Forum on the Cause of Racism. Dec 12, 2018 310
Analysis of interprofessional in-service education in a Psychosocial Care Center. Wetzel, Christine; Kohlrausch, Egle Rejane; Pavani, Fabiane Machado; Batistella, Franciele Savian; d Nov 15, 2018 4650
Corbyn's 'social contract' vow to veterans. Nov 11, 2018 334
Asking for a Friend: What to do if you're worried about a fellow dancer. McGuire, Kathleen Nov 1, 2018 644
Give Your Brain a Sick Day: How to take a mental health day when it means missing rehearsal. Wingenroth, Lauren Nov 1, 2018 566
Mental diseases, depression on the rise. Oct 23, 2018 910
A teenage dream. Oct 8, 2018 1091
Integrating Artificial and Human Intelligence in Complex, Sensitive Problem Domains: Experiences from Mental Health. De Choudhury, Munmun; Kiciman, Emre Sep 22, 2018 7942
Arab Health Summit held in Washington. Sep 18, 2018 247
Multi-strand Social Impact Bond For Social Prescribing, Apprenticeships, Mental Health And Employability. Sep 17, 2018 122
Taboo talk! Sep 15, 2018 785
Autism spectrum disorders may increase depression risk. Sep 4, 2018 291
Valuing kindness in mental health. Adrian, Colette Column Sep 1, 2018 847
it's cool to korero. Brief article Sep 1, 2018 213
Birmingham Mental Health Carer Support Service. Aug 29, 2018 475
Cycling can reduce your loneliness, boost mental health. Aug 14, 2018 347
A chat and a cuppa offer prescription for modern treatment; Medication is usually the go-to option for doctors when someone is experiencing mental health problems. But that's all changing thanks to new "social prescribers" in one area of Wales. Jul 11, 2018 1004
A chat and a cuppa offer prescription for modern treatment; Medication is usually the go-to option for doctors when someone is experiencing mental health problems. But that's all changing thanks to new "social prescribers" in one area of Wales. Jul 9, 2018 1004
Reconciling Civil War. Jul 1, 2018 574
Mental health arguments may convince policy makers. Brief article Jul 1, 2018 209
Extreme heat threatening mental, other health. Cooper, Robin Jul 1, 2018 1061
Experiences and Retention Among Rural Mental Health Counselors. Wilson, Tara A.; Knezevic, Branislava; Kibugi, Barbara; Peterson, Paula; Polacek, Erin Report Jul 1, 2018 3894
Substance Abuse among Transgender Individuals: Evidence from Pakistan. Saeed, Sadia; Ahemd, Mustajab Jul 1, 2018 6013
Promoting Independence Mental Health Accommodation Social Impact Bond. Jun 21, 2018 198
Promoting Independence - Mental Health Accommodation Social Impact Bond. Jun 21, 2018 200
State must spend mental health money wisely. May 21, 2018 569
Social issues are examined; PS3K FOR CHARITY S2 pupils take part INYPI programme final. May 8, 2018 432
Mid-18-15 Midlothian Wellbeing Service. Apr 27, 2018 177
Australia : Providing primary healthcare and vocational training in Gaza. Apr 14, 2018 247
Mental illness on the rise. Apr 6, 2018 731
Mental disorder increasing day by day in Pakistan: Dr Ajmal. Apr 6, 2018 256
Mental stress. Mar 30, 2018 277
SUPPORT AND SOLIDARITY EMPOWER US. Chiu, Joanna Column Mar 22, 2018 751
Mental Health Status in Service Member and Veteran Students at Four-Year Postsecondary Institutions: A Pilot Needs Assessment. Thomas, Kate H.; Albright, David L.; Phillips, David; Roosevelt, Kathryn; Crawley, Rohan; Taylor, Sa Report Mar 22, 2018 5493
Mental health and duration of marital life among husband and wife in single and dual employee married couples. Gaikwad, Santosh Bhikaji Mar 1, 2018 5296
Stressing as a Nation. Borenstein, Lorna Mar 1, 2018 668
Adjustment, Psychological Well-being and Mental Health of First Year Students in a South African University. Olasupo, Matthew O.; Idemudia, Erhabor S.; Dimatkakso, Motiang Report Mar 1, 2018 4638
Clergy 'most affected by mental health problems and loneliness'. Feb 5, 2018 229
District partners support students' mental health: To provide stability for struggling children, ensure that all adults working with students embrace consistent strategies for responding to behavioral and mental health issues. Elliot, Laura Feb 1, 2018 1997
Inescapable Self-Disclosure: The Lived Experiences of Pregnant Counselors Working With Sexual Offenders. Cartwright, Angie D.; Mountain, Jennafer; Lindo, Natalya A.; Bore, Samuel K. Jan 1, 2018 7373
A Case Report of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) for a Japanese Patient with Recurrent Depressive Disorder: The Importance of Layered Processes in CFT. Asano, Kenichi; Shimizu, Eiji Jan 1, 2018 5093
Promoting Mental Health: The Experiences of Youth in Residential Care/Promouvoir la sante mentale: Les experiences de jeunes en centre d'hebergement. Arsenault, Chelsea L.; Domene, Jose F. Jan 1, 2018 12750
Mediational Model of Multiple Sclerosis Impairments, Family Needs, and Caregiver Mental Health in Guadalajara, Mexico. Mickens, Melody N.; Perrin, Paul B.; Aguayo, Adriana; Rabago, Brenda; Macias-Islas, Miguel A.; Arang Jan 1, 2018 8264
A Reflection on Social Work in Patients with Antisocial Personality Disorder/Una reflexion sobre la labor social en pacientes con trastorno antisocial de la personalidad/Uma reflexao sobre o trabalho social com pacientes vitimas do transtorno de personalidade anti-social. Herrera-Gomez, Ana Liseth Report Dec 1, 2017 3355
Effective Interventions for Social-Emotional Learning. Book review Nov 1, 2017 101
Coordinated efforts needed to rehabilitate mentally ill people: CM. Oct 10, 2017 337
Mental health nurses to phone counsel 111 callers. Oct 1, 2017 284
Qatar-Based Journalists Work with Wish and Carter Center to Improve Reporting on Mental Health. Sep 26, 2017 1227
Revisiting and extending the role of religious coping in the racism-mental health relation among Christian, Asian American Students. Kim, Paul Youngbin Report Sep 22, 2017 9713
Social Media and Depression: Is There a Connection? Sep 22, 2017 397
Associations among Social Support, Life Purpose and Graduate Student Stress. McKinney, Beth Sep 22, 2017 4049
Association between internalized homophobia and mental health indicators in LGBT individuals in Mexico City. Lozano-Verduzco, Ignacio; Fernandez-Nino, Julian Alfredo; Baruch-Dominguez, Ricardo Sep 1, 2017 6016
Study of Positive and Negative Contributors to Mental Health in old Age. Chatterjee, Sayantani; Dey, Ipsita; Banerjee, Mohini; Bhair, Shradha; Bhattacharjee, Sohini; Sinha, Report Sep 1, 2017 7331
Questions about transgender patient. Cohen, Mariam Sep 1, 2017 1204
Australia : Rugby league to encourage a better State of Mind for WA's young. Aug 11, 2017 193
Understanding Health and Social Care, 3rd Edition. Book review Aug 1, 2017 176
When Gender Identity Doesn't Equal Sex Recorded at Birth: The Role of the Laboratory in Providing Effective Healthcare to the Transgender Community. Goldstein, Zil; Corneil, Trevor A.; Greene, Dina N. Report Aug 1, 2017 7790
New prescription: designing a sustainable community care system in a world without growth. Zywert, Katharine Cover story Jun 22, 2017 1914
Primary care and collaborative care in children and adolescents psychosocial interventions: facilitators and barriers. Teixeira, Melissa Ribeiro; Couto, Maria Cristina Ventura; Delgado, Pedro Gabriel Godinho Ensayo Jun 1, 2017 6360
Switzerland : More than 1.2 million adolescents die every year, nearly all preventable. May 17, 2017 703
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report May 2, 2017 348
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report Apr 28, 2017 348
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report Apr 28, 2017 348
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report Apr 27, 2017 348
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report Apr 27, 2017 348
Potentiels et enjeux de l'intervention par texto: l'experience de Tel-jeunes au Quebec. Thoer, Christine; Noiseux, Kathia; Siche, Fabienne; Palardy, Caroline; Vanier, Claire; Vrignaud, Car Mar 22, 2017 7591
Factors associated with and prevalence of depressive features amongst older adults in an urban city in eastern China. Shao, Ping; Xu, Yong; Pan, Chen-Wei Report Mar 1, 2017 4806
Psychosocial interventions for use in pediatric primary care: an examination of providers' perspectives. Arora, Prerna G.; Stephan, Sharon Hoover; Becker, Kimberly D.; Wissow, Lawrence Survey Dec 1, 2016 6197
A Profile of U.S.-Based Culturally Sensitive HIV/AIDS Prevention Interventions, 1996-2007. Wang, Ya-Chien Report Nov 1, 2016 8521
Family support begets positive mental health. Oct 1, 2016 404
TransKansas IV conference informative and affirming for attendees. Barnes, Grayson Conference news Oct 1, 2016 759
The effect of mandatory prolonged detention on the mental health of asylum seekers and refugees. Popescu, Gheorghe H. Oct 1, 2016 1706
The Impact of Social Skills on Depression of University Students/O Impacto das Habilidades Sociais para a Depressao em Estudantes Universitarios. Bolsoni-Silva, Alessandra Turini; Loureiro, Sonia Regina Oct 1, 2016 5768
Attitude of Nagas towards mental disorders in relationship to age and gender. Longkumer, Imlisongla; Borooah, Indranee Phookan Report Sep 1, 2016 3778
Assessing clients' mental well-being: an experienced mental health nurse reflects on her practice and the wider context within which she works, including the social issues now causing more stress and anxiety for people. O'Connor, Teresa Sep 1, 2016 1930
Improving attitudes to mental health patients in ICU: an education programme at North Shore Hospital is tackling intensive care nurses' fears and negative attitudes about mental health patients to improve the quality of care patients receive. Murch, Rupert Sep 1, 2016 1537
Disconecting from nature may be making you more anxious; Smartphones may make us more connected with our friends, but less connected with nature, and that's having a negative impact on our mental health, a study suggests. Aug 16, 2016 379
Investing in community news: networked news organizations band together to shed light on youth mental health. Culver, Kathleen Bartzen Aug 1, 2016 2265
The Alberta Mental Health Act 2010 and revolving door syndrome: control, care, and identity in making up people. Barron, Gary R.S. Report Aug 1, 2016 10864
Racism Is Bad For Your Health. Jul 28, 2016 366
Disconecting from nature may be making you more anxious; Smartphones may make us more connected with our friends, but less connected with nature, and that's having a negative impact on our mental health, a study suggests. Jul 27, 2016 379
United Kingdom : Firm Advises Social Finance UK on World First Social Impact Bond on Mental Health and Employment. Jul 20, 2016 391
Canada : Two Ontario Students Receive Hilary M. Weston Scholarships. May 3, 2016 155
It's up to you. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. May 1, 2016 1065
With that in mind, Part II: what staff need to know about their own mental health. Thurber, Christopher May 1, 2016 2141
Individual- and community-level determinants of Inuit youth mental wellness. Gray, Andrew Paul; Richer, Faisca; Harper, Sam Report May 1, 2016 5966
Support for gender identity tied to positive mental health. Haelle, Tara Apr 1, 2016 638
Sense of place and mental wellness of visible minority immigrants in Hamilton, Ontario: revelations from key informants. Agyekum, Boadi; Newbold, K. Bruce Mar 22, 2016 9931
With that in mind, Part I: what directors need to know about staff mental health. Thurber, Christopher Mar 1, 2016 3224
Effectiveness of integrated simulation and clinical experiences compared to traditional clinical experiences for nursing students. Curl, Eileen D.; Smith, Sheila; Chisholm, Le Ann; McGee, Leah Anne; Das, Kumar Clinical report Mar 1, 2016 4812
Purpose of the contractThe "Social Support Act" (WMO) provides that persons with disabilities get the services, help and support they need. They may be elderly, disabled or people with mental health p. Feb 17, 2016 102
Translated and annotated version of the 2015-2020 National Mental Health Work Plan of the People's Republic of China. Xiong, Wei; Phillips, Michael R. Feb 1, 2016 10335
Experiences learning interpersonal neurobiology: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. Miller, Raissa M.; Minton, Casey A. Barrio Jan 1, 2016 6517
Invisible lives and hidden realities of undocumented youth. Kamal, Faria; Killian, Kyle D. Report Dec 22, 2015 8632
Mental Health Research Champs show others that there's hope; Mark Smith meets four people who took part in a research project for the National Centre for Mental Health, helping the understanding of mental conditions. They talk here about their experiences. Dec 9, 2015 1526
Mental Health Research Champs show others that there's hope; Mark Smith meets four people who took part in a research project for the National Centre for Mental Health, helping the understanding of mental conditions. They talk here about their experiences. Dec 7, 2015 1540
Saving the nursing workforce: part two talking about depression. Place, Jennifer Nov 1, 2015 574
World Mental Health day observed. Oct 11, 2015 365
Changing minds: the ABC's mental as campaign. Giuffre, Liz Sep 22, 2015 2598
Mental health in women abused by their partners. A study with samples from Mexico and Spain. Oramas, Maria Jose Garcia; Aznar, M. Pilar Matud Report Sep 1, 2015 4103
Generalizing the team identification: social psychological health model for adolescents. Wann, Daniel L.; Brasher, Matthew; Thomas, Danielle L.; Scheuchner, Holly L. Report Aug 28, 2015 6148
Having Friends: Happiness Spreads but Depression Doesn't. Aug 20, 2015 630
Commentary: is extreme racism a mental illness? Poussaint, Alvin F. Aug 1, 2015 663
Strong links for public mental health. Caan, Woody Report Aug 1, 2015 1640
Social stressors, social support, and mental health among Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic/Factores estresantes sociales, apoyo social y salud mental en los migrantes haitianos de la Republica Dominicana. Kaiser, Bonnie N.; Keys, Hunter M.; Foster, Jennifer; Kohrt, Brandon A. Aug 1, 2015 4187
Introduction to longitudinal data analysis in psychiatric research. Liu, Xian Aug 1, 2015 2629
Affordable housing, homelessness, and mental health: What heath care policy needs to address. Martin, Edward J. Report Jun 22, 2015 5529
Social bond to focus on mental health. Jun 1, 2015 355
U.S.-born children of illegals report anxiety. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 225
Cultural trauma in the lives of men in Northern New Mexico. Talebreza-May, Jon Report Mar 22, 2015 6624
A scoping review of mental health issues and concerns among immigrant and refugee youth in Canada: looking back, moving forward. Guruge, Sepali; Butt, Hissan Report Jan 1, 2015 5323
Healthcare reform: how will it affect you--and your practice? Miller, Joel E. Dec 1, 2014 2964
Mental ill health is a problem we cannot afford to ignore; Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. STEPHEN LAMBERT says it is time this issue rose to the top of the political agenda. Oct 11, 2014 702
Mental health outreach and screening among returning veterans: are we asking the right questions? Bloeser, Katharine; McCarron, Kelly K.; Batorsky, Benjamin; Reinhard, Matthew J.; Pollack, Stacey J. Report Oct 1, 2014 6643
Layers of loss, death, and grief as social determinants of Lakota elders' behavioral health. Dennis, Mary Kate Report Oct 1, 2014 7341
Culture as a social determinant of mental and behavioral health: a look at culturally shaped beliefs and their impact on help-seeking behaviors and service use patterns of black Americans with depression. Campbell, Rosalyn Denise; Long, Linda A. Report Oct 1, 2014 6067
Post-resettlement challenges and mental health of Southeast Asian refugees in the United States. Kim, Isok; Kim, Wooksoo Report Oct 1, 2014 6387
Note from the editor: what do we really know about the role and impact of culture as a social determinant of mental health? Briggs, Harold E. Editorial Oct 1, 2014 1725
An analysis of Time 4U, a therapeutic group for women with postnatal depression. Hall, Kathy; Grundy, Sheila Report Sep 1, 2014 3446
Reach out! Socializing improves health, mood, and mental acuity: interaction with others helps ward off cognitive decline and depression and promotes physical and mental wellbeing. Jul 1, 2014 717
Communicative behavior of individuals with a diagnosis of schizophrenia/ Comportamento comunicativo de individuos com diagnostico de esquizofrenia. dos Santos, Ariana Elite; Pedrao, Luiz Jorge; Zamberlan-Amorim, Nelma Ellen; Carvalho, Ana Maria Pim Survey Jul 1, 2014 5932
Relationships between personality traits, attachment styles and mental health with Internet addiction. Shayesteh, Shiva; Hejazi, Masoud; Sadeghzadeh, Vida Report Jun 20, 2014 3149
Enhancing the well-being of veterans using extended group-based nature recreation experiences. Duvall, Jason; Kaplan, Rachel Report May 1, 2014 7647
Exploring the relationships of physical activity, emotional intelligence, and mental health among college students. Bhochhibhoya, Amir; Branscum, Paul; Taylor, E. Laurette; Hofford, Craig Mar 22, 2014 5128
Attitudes to mental health 'stuck in the dark ages', says Clegg. Mar 1, 2014 440
Mental health at the forefront; FEEDBACK. Jan 2, 2014 354
Reflecting on Sandy Hook: one year later. Jan 1, 2014 682
It's time to finally end the prejudice; Campaigners HELEN MCSTRAVICK and STEPHEN LAMBERT say the time has come to put mental health at the top of the political and social agenda. Dec 19, 2013 841
Psychosocial risk at work and hazardous alcohol consumption among Chile's working adults. Ansoleaga, Elisa; Montano, Rosa; Vezina, Michel Report Nov 1, 2013 5709
Exploring how women's experiences are documented in psychiatric settings. Shulman, Jane Oct 7, 2013 1906
Time to smash stigma of mental health strife; It's vital we share our experiences to help break down barriers and reduce fears. Oct 5, 2013 505
The role of school counselors in meeting students' mental health needs: examining issues of professional identity. DeKruyf, Lorraine; Auger, Richard W.; Trice-Black, Shannon Report Oct 1, 2013 8368
Different aspects of depression in suicide among the elderly/ Diferentes faces da depressao no suicidio em idosos. Cavalcante, Fatima Goncalves; de Souza Minayo, Maria Cecilia; Mangas, Raimunda Matilde do Nascimento Report Oct 1, 2013 6370
Assessing and responding to infant mental health needs. Cousins, Judy Report Sep 1, 2013 3295
Mental health literacy among residents in Shanghai. Wang, Jingyi; He, Yanling; Jiang, Qing; Cai, Jun; Wang, Weiling; Zeng, Qingzhi; Miao, Juming; Qi, Xu Report Aug 1, 2013 8322
Enhancing understanding of the nature of supportive school-based relationships for youth who have experienced trauma. Dods, Jennifer Report Jul 1, 2013 6029
Using the practice skills inventory in realtime: implications for evaluating evidence-based practices. O'Hare, Thomas; Geertsma, Jennifer Hill Jul 1, 2013 5837
Tele-mental and behavioural health: implications in glocal context - a hope to meet the needs of the underserved. Jun 30, 2013 1223
Serve and return: psychologists describe early years interaction as a 'dance of reciprocity'; but with more new mothers being forced back to work and social media distracting them at every turn, Louise Naughton asks if anyone is still dancing. Naughton, Louise Jun 1, 2013 2568
Physical and psychological health in persons with deafblindness that is due to Usher syndrome Type II. Wahlqvist, Moa; Moller, Claes; Moller, Kerstin; Danermark, Berth Report May 1, 2013 7103
Make your day--be kind to someone. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 165
Mental health issues in recently returning women veterans: implications for practice. Carlson, Bonnie E.; Stromwall, Layne K.; Lietz, Cynthia A. Report Apr 1, 2013 6788
Considering the cultural context in psychopathology formulations. Hassim, J.; Wagner, C. Report Mar 1, 2013 5375
Reality-based mental health reform: preventing mass killings like the one in Newtown may be impossible. But there's plenty we can do to reduce violence by the mentally ill in general. And the tools are right there in Obamacare. Pollack, Harold Essay Mar 1, 2013 3242
From mental health patient to person. Bull, Peter Essay Jan 1, 2013 5244
The effectiveness of a multidisciplinary group rehabilitation program on the psychosocial functioning of elderly people who are visually impaired. Alma, Manna A.; Groothoff, Johan W.; Melis-Dankers, Bart J.M.; Suurmeijer, Theo P.B.M.; van der Mei, Report Jan 1, 2013 5231
"Things will not change until we are able to destigmatize mental illness.". Rosenthal, Jane; Koplewicz, Harold Jan 1, 2013 677
Homicide among young black men in Toronto: an unrecognized public health crisis? Khenti, Akwatu A. Report Jan 1, 2013 2228
The impact of self-esteem and social support on college students' mental health. Merianos, Ashley L.; Nabors, Laura A.; Vidourek, Rebecca A.; King, Keith A. Jan 1, 2013 5193
The relationship between parent-child relationships and depressive mood among Taiwanese youth. Lin, Mi-Ting; Peters, Ronald J., Jr.; Meshack, Angela; Kao, Kuo-Yang; Chang, Ben-Sheng Report Jan 1, 2013 3351
A qualitative exploration of men's experiences of an integrated exercise/CBT mental health promotion programme. McArdle, Siobhain; McGale, Nadine; Gaffney, Paul Report Dec 22, 2012 9101
Psychosocial support important for diabetics. Dec 20, 2012 417
Subjective well-being of the elderly in Xi Cheng district, Beijing. Li, Shuo; Xie, Zhaohui; Shao, Jun; Xiao, Cunli; Tian, Liang; Zhao, Rongfeng; Gong, Jiakai; Han, Jinx Report Dec 1, 2012 9589
Spirituality and mental health among homeless mothers. Hodge, David R.; Moser, Stephanie E.; Shafer, Michael S. Report Dec 1, 2012 7974
Jewish girls and their experiences of antisemitism. Gold, Nora Report Dec 1, 2012 9657
Experiences associated with intervening with homeless, substance-abusing mothers: the importance of success. Slesnick, Natasha; Glassman, Michael; Katafiasz, Heather; Collins, Jennifer C. Report Oct 1, 2012 6923
A model of professional identity expression for mental health counselors. Burkholder, David Oct 1, 2012 4681
"You've got male": advice-seeking behaviour in men using the online advice site Neville, Patricia Report Sep 22, 2012 7676
Psychosocial stress, social inequality, and mental health in Puerto Rican women in upstate New York. Ramos, Blanca M. Report Sep 22, 2012 7148
A collaborative care telemedicine intervention to overcome treatment barriers for Latina women with depression during the perinatal period. Baker-Ericzen, Mary J.; Connelly, Cynthia D.; Hazen, Andrea L.; Duenas, Cecilia; Landsverk, John A.; Sep 1, 2012 10935
Hanging tough. Brief article Aug 2, 2012 167
Reintegrating self: theorizing women's self-transformations in cross-cultural contexts. Qin, Dongxiao Report Jul 1, 2012 5768
Cognitive remediation: a new generation of psychosocial interventions for people with schizophrenia. Eack, Shaun M. Report Jul 1, 2012 7633
Managing tensions in statutory professional practice: living and working in rural and remote communities. Jervis-Tracey, Paula; Chenoweth, Lesley; McAuliffe, Donna; O'Connor, Barry; Stehlik, Daniela Report May 1, 2012 5731
Disparities in the geography of mental health: implications for social work. Hudson, Christopher G. Report Apr 1, 2012 8234
Minimizing social contagion in adolescents who self-injure: considerations for group work, residential treatment, and the internet. Richardson, Brent G.; Surmitis, Kendra A.; Hyldahl, Rebecca S. Apr 1, 2012 5420
Signs, meanings and practices of crisis management in psychosocial care centers/ Signos, significados e praticas de manejo da crise em Centros de Atencao Psicossocial/ Signos, significados y practicas en situaciones de crisis en los Centros de Atencion Psico-social. Lima, Monica; Juca, Vladia Jamile dos Santos; Nunes, Monica de Oliveira; Ottoni, Vitoria Eugenia Apr 1, 2012 6765
IIUI holds First Intl. Conference on Mental Health. Conference news Mar 30, 2012 481
Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Mental health for general HIV nurses. Watson, Shaun Report Mar 22, 2012 2329
Differences in mental health resiliency in young African Americans. Wallace, Edward V. Report Jan 1, 2012 3011
Working with forced migrants: therapeutic issues and considerations for mental health counselors. Akinsulure-Smith, Adeyinka M.; OHara, Maile Report Jan 1, 2012 8059
Mental health in schools: moving in new directions. Adelman, Howard S.; Taylor, Linda Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2012 3874
Practical nurses' health and safety in nursing homes. Palumbo, Mary Val; McLaughlin, Vicki; McIntosh, Barbara; Rambur, Betty Report Dec 22, 2011 6980
Counseling people living in poverty: the CARE model. Foss, Louisa L.; Generali, Margaret M.; Kress, Victoria E. Sep 22, 2011 5015
Entering communities: social justice oriented disaster response counseling. West-Olatunji, Cirecie; Goodman, Rachael D. Sep 22, 2011 4421
Psycho-legal challenges facing the mentally retarded rape victim. Calitz, F.J.W. Report Aug 1, 2011 4447
Emotional healing from disaster in the workplace: experiences of those affected by the September 11 attacks. North, Carol S. Jul 1, 2011 2295
Mental Health ... it's part of your world. May 1, 2011 586
Social and epidemiological assessment of drug use: a case study of rural youth in Missouri. Williams, Ronald D., Jr.; Barnes, Jeremy T.; Leoni, Edward Case study Mar 22, 2011 5059
Hopelessness, family stress, and depression among Mexican-heritage mothers in the Southwest. Marsiglia, Flavio F.; Kulis, Stephen; Perez, Hilda Garcia; Bermudez-Parsai, Monica Report Feb 1, 2011 8173
The lived experiences of tobacco use, dependence, and cessation: insights and perspectives of people with mental illness. Solway, Erica Singer Report Feb 1, 2011 10030
Substance use and mental health problems as predictors of HIV sexual risk behaviors among adolescents in foster care. Thompson, Ronald G., Jr.; Auslander, Wendy F. Report Feb 1, 2011 7371
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