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The adobo police state. Jul 16, 2021 941
National Identity Attachment and Its Variables. Windari, Tri Report Mar 1, 2021 7465
Status of mother tongue acknowledged for national identity: CM. Feb 22, 2021 172
Status of mother tongue acknowledged for national identity: CM. Feb 21, 2021 212
Security, Islam, and Indonesia: An Anthropological Analysis of Indonesia's National Counterterrorism Agency. Nakissa, Aria Report Apr 1, 2020 14487
THE EFFECT OF SACRED SITES IN KAZAKHSTAN ON SOCIETY THEIR PLACE IN THE CONSERVATION OF NATIONAL IDENTITY. Ozkan, Ali Rafet; Kamalova, Feride Bolatkyzy; Baitenova, Nagima Zhaulybaikyzy; Kantarbaeva, Zhanna Y Dec 22, 2019 6471
Friend, Ally, or Rival? Twitter Diplomacy as "Technosocial" Performance of National Identity. Shahin, Saif; Huang, Q. Elyse Oct 1, 2019 9036
Gender and National Identity in Memories of the Late 20th-century Soviet Theater in Kyrgyzstan. Igmen, Ali Report Mar 22, 2019 10168
Signifiers of national identity. Feb 16, 2019 941
Rethinking Somali national identity. Sep 20, 2018 1330
Implications of Ethnic Identity for National Integration in Nigeria. Adeforiti, Rotimi Report Sep 15, 2018 7521
National Identity Construction in Independence Day Speeches of Anglophone West Africa. Edu-Buandoh, Dora F.; Nkansah, Nancy Boahemaa Sep 1, 2018 7709
Deconstruction of the Personal Identity and English National Identity in England, England and The Remains of the Day. Oruc, Sinem Critical essay Mar 10, 2018 9580
A Smarting Wound: Afro-Dominicanidad and the Fight against Ultranationalism in the Dominican Republic. Lara, Ana-maurine Essay Jun 22, 2017 6623
Constructing national identity online: The case study of #IranJeans on Twitter. Yadlin-Segal, Aya Case study Jun 1, 2017 9090
Legal reform related to interracial Koreans. Yoo, Sungjin Mar 22, 2017 10621
The mediated communities: testing media effects on the construction of national identity, national pride, and global identity in China, Brazil, India, South Africa, and the US. Yao, Qingjiang "Q.J."; Haggard, Carrol Report Jul 1, 2016 7562
Strangers in the Land of Egypt. Clausen, Christopher Mar 22, 2016 2420
"Canadian, eh?" An examination of the multidimensional structure and functions of the national identity of immigrants and of those raised in Canada. Grant, Peter R. Mar 22, 2016 14283
National identity and European Unity: a symbolic approach. Ghenea, Stefan Viorel Essay Oct 1, 2015 4910
"Canadian-first": mixed race self-identification and Canadian belonging. Paragg, Jillian Essay Jun 22, 2015 11117
Immigrants' narratives of inclusion and belonging in the transborder city of Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada's National Capital Region. Veronis, Luisa Essay Jun 22, 2015 9112
Historical consciousness and being Quebecois: exploring young English-speaking students' interactions with Quebec's master historical narrative. Zanazanian, Paul Essay Jun 22, 2015 10067
Hashtag Revolution: the Los Angeles Times launches #EmergingUS, a digital magazine focused on American identity. Jun 1, 2015 414
Preface. Richardson, Matt; Rofel, Lisa Editorial Mar 22, 2015 2639
Sterling, Cheryl. African Roots, Brazilian Rites: Cultural and National Identity in Brazil. Cullison, Jennifer L. Book review Mar 22, 2015 2166
Brazilianness: a Look at the Multiple Faces of the Brazilian National Identity/Brazilianness: a Look at the Multiple Faces of the Brazilian National Identity. Sutter, Mariana Bassi; Mac Lennan, Maria Laura Ferranty; Tiscoski, Gabriela Pelegrini; Polo, Edison Jan 1, 2015 8713
The role of the youth's national identity in reducing social harms and internet crime. Khorrami, Ahmad; Foroutan, Mostafa; Sarfarazi, Mehrzad Report Jun 1, 2014 2911
Us, them, and others: reflections on Canadian multiculturalism and national identity at the turn of the twenty-first century. Winter, Elke Lecture May 1, 2014 10191
Confronting a colonial legacy: asserting Puerto Rican identity by legally renouncing U.S. citizenship. Font-Guzman, Jacqueline N. Essay Mar 22, 2013 12371
Why do (we think) they hate us: anti-Americanism, patriotic messages, and attributions of blame. Gilmore, Jason; Meeks, Lindsey; Domke, David Report Feb 15, 2013 8857
Antisemitism in Poland: psychological, religious, and historical aspects. Bilewicz, Michal; Winiewski, Mikoiaj; Radzik, Zuzanna Report Dec 1, 2012 7067
Baron for a day: guests' perception of historical past in castle hotels. Horvath, Zsuzsanna; Nagy, Adrienne Report Dec 1, 2012 7121
Mapping the nation and security in global space: a comparative study of Danish, Egyptian, and U.S. action-adventure fans. Wilkins, Karin Gwinn Report Oct 15, 2012 8097
What is British national identity and how do we get it? Is it still possible to speak of a British identity? Colls, Robert Sep 1, 2012 4939
Language and national identity: the "revolution" of Italian neorealism. Schiavo, Gianluca Essay Sep 1, 2012 7726
Elite intercommunal bargaining and conflict resolution: the role of the Communities Liaison Committee in Malaya, 1949-51. Fernando, Joseph M. Report Jun 1, 2012 13546
When the Levees Broke: Inconvenient Truths and the Limits of National Identity. Hartnell, Anna Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 10701
Canadian Jews, dual/divided loyalties, and the Tebbit "cricket" test. Weinfeld, Morton Report Sep 22, 2011 10851
Armando Nogueira, Soccer, and Me (Poor Thing): journalist, novelist, and short-story writer Clarice Lispector was one of Brazil's most admired authors of the twentieth century. Armando Nogueira (1927-2010) was a famous Brazilian sports journalist. Lispector, Clarice Critical essay May 1, 2011 1555
Modern and postcolonial? Oswald de Andrade's Antropofagia and the politics of labeling. Luciano de Andrade Tosta, Antonio Critical essay May 1, 2011 3469
"Us, Them, and Others: response to my interlocutors". Winter, Elke Essay Mar 22, 2011 3752
Cuba's lost history. Gonzalez, Michael Essay Feb 1, 2011 5712
The role of the Evangelical Church A. B. in preserving the national identity of the Transylvanian Saxons/Die rolle der Evangelischen Kirche A.B. bei der erhaltung der nationalen identitat der Siebenburger Sachsen. Seulean, Paul Essay Jul 1, 2010 5713
A key to the "democratic opening": rethinking citizenship, ethnicity and Turkish nation-state. Koker, Levent Report Mar 22, 2010 8818
Constant search for individuality in a global world. Lecevski, Zlatko Jan 1, 2010 903
One World, One Dream. Hung Hung Poem Jan 1, 2010 359
The (im)possibility of telling: of Algeria and memory in the Flesh. Stampfl, Tanja Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 14338
The role of media in European identity formation: understanding the complexity of today's European media landscape. Simeunovic, Natasa Report Dec 1, 2009 6338
Americanization in the states; immigrant social welfare policy, citizenship, and national identity in the United States, 1908-1929. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 135
The ethnic and national identity of South Asian immigrant seniors living in Edmonton, Canada. Ng, Cheuk Fan; Northcott, Herbert C. Report Sep 22, 2009 11261
National identity and ethno-regional party types. Falkenhagen, Frederic Report Sep 1, 2009 8989
Art in dark times: Frances Spalding on John Piper's pursuit of an English version during the Second World War. Spalding, Frances Sep 1, 2009 2260
Black Turks, white Turks: on the three requirements of Turkish citizenship. Bilici, Mucahit Report Jul 1, 2009 5061
Belated foundations. Rosen-Carole, Adam Report Jul 1, 2009 17719
Cosmopolitanism as hospitality: revisiting identity and difference in cosmopolitanism. Baker, Gideon Report Apr 1, 2009 9136
Education to emphasise UAE national identity. Nov 9, 2008 212
'Thingless names'? The St George legend in Australia. Lynch, Andrew Essay Sep 22, 2008 5597
Who are 'we'? Implicit associations between ethnic and national symbols for Maori and Pakeha in New Zealand. Sibley, Chris G.; Liu, James H.; Khan, Sammyh S. Report Jul 1, 2008 10259
Bronik Returns to Vienna. Hochstein, Rolaine Short story Jun 22, 2008 5270
What They Are Doing. Taylor, Rob Poem Jun 22, 2008 324
Who will define Africa? The time has come that we, as Africans, take responsibility for how our continent is portrayed, writes Thabo Mbeki, president of South Africa. Mbeki, Thabo Jun 1, 2008 2049
Systemic changes and state identity: Turkish and German responses *. Demirtas-Coskun, Birgul Jan 1, 2008 9205
Negotiating Europe: EU-Turkey relations from an identity perspective. Rumelili, Bahar Jan 1, 2008 5184
The naming of England: George T. Beech traces the origins of the word England to the period 1014 to 1035 and suggests how and why it came to be the recognized term for the country. Beech, George Oct 1, 2007 3701
The emperor's new clothes: re-fashioning ritual in the Hue Festival. Salemink, Oscar Oct 1, 2007 12824
In search of a morally acceptable nationalism. Baumgarten, Elias Jun 22, 2007 3731
Mongol commonwealth? Exchange and governance across the post-Mongol space. Kotkin, Stephen Jun 22, 2007 22684
Russifying Estonia? Iurii Lotman and the politics of language and culture in Soviet Estonia. Waldstein, Maxim Critical essay Jun 22, 2007 16405
Turkey-European Union relations from past to present/Dunden bugune turkiye-avrupa birligi iliskileri. Ozer, M. Akif Jun 22, 2007 9512
"Seven Million Londoners, One London": national and urban ideas of community in the aftermath of the 7 July 2005 bombings in London. Stephens, Angharad Closs Essay Apr 1, 2007 9591
Performing the history: contesting historical narratives in Trinidad and Tobago. Trotman, David V. Essay Jan 1, 2007 13586
Les jeux de la capoeira avec l'identite bresilienne. Robitaille, Laurence Jan 1, 2007 8385
National identity & the corruption of history. Windschuttle, Keith Jan 1, 2006 3682
The disciplinary boundaries of Canadian identity after September 11: civilizational identity, multiculturalism, and the challenge of anti-imperialist feminism. Arat-Koc, Sedef Dec 22, 2005 7824
"Bodies on the move": spatialized locations, identities, and nationality in international work. Razack, Narda Dec 22, 2005 7955
Identity, equality and participation: testing the dimensions of citizenship in Canada and Belgium. Chastenay, Marie-Helene; Page, Michel; Phalet, Karen; Swyngedouw, Marc; Lasry, Jean-Claude Sep 22, 2004 12663
Affect, materiality, and the gift of social life in Singapore. Velayutham, Selvaraj Apr 1, 2004 9903
Visiting Vietnam and finding a new identity. Tran, Son Feb 2, 2004 491
Did September 11 change everything? Struggling to preserve Canadian values in the face of terrorism. Roach, Kent W. Aug 1, 2002 27756
England's occluded nationalism: state and nation in English identity. Wellings, Ben Dec 22, 1999 5836

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