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God 'makes a way': African American parishes respond to COVID-19 disparity. Schlumpf, Heidi May 15, 2020 1320
Latino Catholics rediscover spiritual roots. Salgado, Soli May 15, 2020 1548
U.S. Autism Rates Rising Fastest for Hispanics, Blacks. Report Sep 12, 2019 415
HATE IS NOT WELCOME AQUI. Banuelas, Arturo J.; Davila, M.T.; Diaz, Miguel H.; Nanko-Fernandez, Carmen Aug 23, 2019 1125
Hispanic Students And Online Learning: Factors Of Success. Arbelo, Floralba; Martin, Karii; Frigerio, Ailema May 1, 2019 7771
Inpatient care experiences differ by preferred language within racial/ethnic groups. Quigley, Denise D.; Elliott, Marc N.; Hambarsoomian, Katrin; Wilson-Frederick, Shondelle M.; Lehrman Feb 1, 2019 8913
Teenagers can play central role in community health initiatives. Powers, Melanie Padgett Jan 1, 2019 432
THE 101 MOST INFLUENTIAL LATINOS 2018. List Sep 1, 2018 15166
Identity politics, changing demographics take center stage in Sheryl Cole and Chito Vela's race in Austin. May 21, 2018 1608
Communal Goals, Campus Racial Climate Perceptions, and Cultural Differences in Perceived Academic Satisfaction. Soto, Cristina; Deemer, Eric D. Report Mar 1, 2018 6384
SOMOS FAMILIA. Rodriguez, Rosa Mar 1, 2018 555
Spanglish: The Hybrid Voice of Latinos in the United States/Spanglish: la voz hibrida de los latinos en los Estados Unidos/Spanglish: la voz hibrida de los latinos en los Estados Unidos. Casielles-Suarez, Eugenia Essay Dec 1, 2017 8947
Reflections on Cultural Capital and Orlando's Puerto Rican and Latino "Elite". Delerme, Simone Pierre Essay Sep 22, 2017 9063
MIGRATION AND SEXUAL HEALTH AMONG GAY LATINO MIGRANTS TO CANADA. Adam, Barry D.; Rangel, J.Cristian Report Sep 22, 2017 7832
Eight Keys to Attracting and Retaining Hispanic Campers. Diaz, Sandra Sep 1, 2017 1806
Gender, homosexuality, the diasporic experience, and other key themes in Victor Fragosos theater. Martinez-Reyes, Consuelo Essay Jun 22, 2017 11154
From Goshen to Delano: Toward a relational approach to Mennonite studies. Hinojosa, Felipe Essay Apr 1, 2017 5282
Antecedents and consequences of speaking Spanish at work. Guerrero, Laura; Valdiviezo, Saul R.; Hernandez, Claudia Araceli; Posthuma, Richard A. Report Apr 1, 2017 6125
Crisis civilizatoria y la construccion descolonizadora del saber desde el "mandar obedeciendo": la actualidad de Mariategui. Sosa Fuentes, Samuel Apr 1, 2017 7813
El abordaje sociologico de los imaginarios sociales en los ultimos veinte anos/The sociological approach to social imaginary in the last twenty years. Saez, Felipe Aliaga; Pasin, Y. Enrique Carretero Oct 1, 2016 5792
The Latin American/Latin@ feminisms course as an example of feminist popular participatory education: A conversation. Gajardo, Lorena M.; Martin, R. Magaly San Discussion Sep 22, 2016 6297
Claiming the politics of articulation through agency and wholeness in two Afro-Hispanic postcolonial narratives. Borrego, Silvia Castro Critical essay Jun 1, 2016 8219
Varieties of spiritual experience: a study of closeness to God, struggle, transformation, and confession-forgiveness in communal worship. Abernethy, Alexis D.; Kurian, Kevin R.; vanOyen-Witvliet, Charlotte; Brown, Steve; Uh, Michael; Rice Report Mar 22, 2016 8451
De la "constitucionalizacion" a la "convencionalizacion" del ordenamiento juridico. La contribucion del ius constitutionale commune. Garcia Jaramillo, Leonardo Jan 1, 2016 16792
The promise and potential of two-way immersion in Catholic schools. Fraga, Luis Ricardo Report Jan 1, 2016 7437
Brotherhood, social justice and persistent deficit ideologies: Latino students' experiences in an all-male Catholic high school. Aldana, Ursula S. Report Jan 1, 2016 9264
The journey from welcoming to belonging: stories of a new principal in a Latino community. Marasco, Corena Report Jan 1, 2016 6777
!Ya basta con la ciudadama restrictiva!: undocumented Latina/o young people and their families' participatory citizenship. Gutierrez, Leticia Alvarez Report Jan 1, 2016 8189
Poet's honor spotlights Latinos. Garcia, Mario T. Jul 3, 2015 440
Latinos and tech: a beautiful friendship. Jordan, Judi Jun 1, 2015 2016
Asian Latino conflict and solidarity in Diaz's The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Park, Paula C. Critical essay Jun 1, 2015 6050
Gestos 59: Gender, Identity and Citizenship in Hispanic Theater. Villegas-Silva, Claudia Ensayo Apr 1, 2015 1734
Hispanic relocation: a study of gender and ethnic identity. Chapa, Olga; Solansky, Stephanie T. Report Jun 22, 2014 6649
Essentiels, fiables et invisibles : les travailleurs agricoles migrants latino-americains au Quebec vus par la population locale. Belanger, Daniele; Candiz, Guillermo Report Mar 22, 2014 10015
Do gender and race/ethnicity influence acute myocardial infarction quality of care in a hospital with a large Hispanic patient and provider representation? Romero, Tomas; Velez, Pablo; Glaser, Dale; Romero, Camila X. Report Jan 1, 2014 5634
Britney Spears in Racism Row Over Latino 'Bad Boy' Comment. Dec 13, 2013 191
Hispanic designation. Davis, Crystal Brief article Aug 29, 2013 161
Social entrepreneur development: unleashing the potential of African-American and Hispanic undergraduate students. Prieto, Leon C.; Phipps, Simone T.A. Jun 6, 2013 794
Perceptions of Spanish speaking individuals regarding the impact of language barriers on physical therapy interventions: a pilot study. Greene, Revenda A.; Karavatas, Spiridon G.; Cooper, Judith; Zamorano-Torres, Nydia Report Mar 22, 2013 2361
Remember the Spanish. Davis, Crystal Brief article Jan 31, 2013 189
A collaborative care telemedicine intervention to overcome treatment barriers for Latina women with depression during the perinatal period. Baker-Ericzen, Mary J.; Connelly, Cynthia D.; Hazen, Andrea L.; Duenas, Cecilia; Landsverk, John A.; Sep 1, 2012 10935
Hostile anxieties: in-house prejudices in Latino literature. Murillo, Edwin Column Sep 1, 2012 8696
Partnering with Latino families during kindergarten transition: lessons learned from a parent-teacher conference. Cheatham, Gregory A.; Jimenez-Silva, Margarita Case study May 1, 2012 5361
Differences between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Families in Social Capital and Child Development: First-Year Findings from an Experimental Study. Gamoran, Adam; Turley, Ruth N. Lopez; Turner, Alyn; Fish, Rachel Report Jan 1, 2012 531
Latino identity in Allende's historical novels. Ries, Olga Critical essay Dec 1, 2011 5598
Association of experiences of medical home quality with health-related quality of life and school engagement among Latino children in low-income families. Stevens, Gregory D.; Vane, Christina; Cousineau, Michael R. Survey Dec 1, 2011 8532
Exorcism, madness, and identity in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Del amor y otros demonios. Utley, Gregory May 1, 2011 5411
What's right with this picture? Young Latinos are changing the face of Catholic youth ministry. Gurza, Agustin Mar 1, 2011 2687
Minority theater and literature of the oppressed: Cherrie Moraga's Watsonville. Ibrahim, Areeg Author abstract Jan 1, 2011 102
Promoting mathematical competence & confidence in Latina preservice teachers: examining home & school experiences. Gautreau, Cynthia; Kirtman, Lisa; Guillaume, Andrea Report Jan 1, 2011 5797
Demographic differences in adolescents' sexual attitudes and behaviors, parent communication about sex, and school sex education. Tobey, Jacquelyn; Hillman, Stephen B.; Anagurthi, Claudia; Somers, Cheryl L. Jan 1, 2011 5326
COBIMET library consortium: the experiences of a collaborative project of four Hispanic higher education institutions in Puerto Rico. Report Oct 1, 2010 2641
Hispanic young fathers: an overview of programs and practices. Robbers, Monica L.P. Report Aug 15, 2010 3386
Psychological contract breach, perceived discrimination, and ethnic identification in Hispanic business professionals. DelCampo, Robert G.; Rogers, Kristie M.; Jacobson, Kathryn J. L. Survey Jun 22, 2010 8241
Somos el cuerpo de Cristo: U.S. Catholic has helped Latinos claim their rightful place in the church. Scherer-Emunds, Meinrad Jun 1, 2010 637
Multicultural counselor training experiences: training effects and perceptions of training among a sample of predominately Hispanic students. Dickson, Ginger L.; Argus-Calvo, Beverley; Tafoya, Nancy Garcia Report Jun 1, 2010 8349
What makes a company "good" for Hispanics? Orta, Carlos Feb 1, 2010 645
Sociocultural influence on children's social competence: a close look at kindergarten teachers' beliefs. Han, Heejeong Sophia Report Jan 1, 2010 9259
Attitudinal and social correlates to recent alcohol use among youth. King, Keith A.; Vidourek, Rebecca A. Jan 1, 2010 8237
I Advocate ... Massachusetts adoption resource exchange: here's what the new president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Jarrett Barrios, is passionate about this month. Barrios, Jarrett Nov 1, 2009 362
New practice model for Latinos in need of social work services. Organista, Kurt C. Report Oct 1, 2009 4580
In and out of the mainstream: Dominican-American identity in Junot Diaz's How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie. Bautista, Daniel Sep 22, 2009 3510
Construindo uma politica feminista translocal da traducao. Alvarez, Sonia E. Report Sep 1, 2009 4735
Web site for Hispanic mothers is unveiled by Hyland's. Website overview Aug 10, 2009 115
Parent mentoring and child anticipatory guidance with Latino and African American families. Farber, Michaela L.Z. Report Aug 1, 2009 6816
Hispanic Heritage Month. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 207
The Cultural Strengths of Latino Families: Firm Scaffolds for Children and Youth. New Journalism on Latino Children. Aug 1, 2009 282
Prepare Yourself. Schneider, Pablo Jul 1, 2009 544
Ethnic labeling in Mexican-origin youth: a qualitative assessment. Malott, Krista M.; Alessandria, Kathryn P.; Kirkpatrick, Megan; Carandang, Justine Report Jun 1, 2009 8954
Social work practice with Latinos: key issues for social workers. Furman, Rich; Negi, Nalini Junko; Iwamoto, Derek Kenji; Rowan, Diana; Shukraft, Allison; Gragg, Jenn Report Apr 1, 2009 5773
Learning from Latino Teachers. Madrid, E. Michael Book review Mar 22, 2009 2410
Colonial subjects, imperial discourses: Rosario Ferre's The House on the Lagoon and Judith Ortiz Cofer's The Line of the Sun. Magnani, Jessica Report Mar 22, 2009 12006
Hispanicity and Educational Inequality: Risks, Opportunities and the Nation's Future. Tomas Rivera Lecture Series. Tienda, Marta Report Mar 1, 2009 324
Examining the impact of acculturation and perceived social support on mathematics achievement among Latino/a high school students. Neseth, Hans; Savage, Todd A.; Navarro, Rachel Report Jan 1, 2009 6627
Law enforcement training factors in the Spanish-speaking community. Natella, Arthur; Madera, Pablo Paul Dec 1, 2008 1616
Early intervention with Latino families: implications for practice. Withrow, Rebecca L. Report Oct 1, 2008 5489
Eating, dancing, and courting in New York black and Latino relations, 1930-1970. Opie, Frederick Douglass Essay Sep 22, 2008 12214
The Spanish-language press delves into racial complexities. Shore, Elena Jun 22, 2008 1288
Cultural connections: an alternative to conflict resolution. Traore, Rosemary Report Jun 22, 2008 4375
A recent report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation points to statistics on the disproportionate incarceration of black and Latino youths to assert that the juvenile justice system is plagued by fear and racism. Gormsen, Lia May 1, 2008 215
The diverse faces of Latinos in the Midwest: planning for service delivery and building community. Riffe, Holly A.; Turner, Shiloh; Rojas-Guyler, Liliana Report May 1, 2008 5364
Language and regional differences in evaluations of Medicare managed care by Hispanics. Weech-Maldonado, Robert; Fongwa, Marie N.; Gutierrez, Peter; Hays, Ron D. Report Apr 1, 2008 6052
A history of separation: the story of Latino Pentecostals in the U.S. helps shed light on why Pentecostals set themselves apart from other Latino Christians and from the secular world--and why those barriers are coming down. Walsh, Arlene Sanchez Apr 1, 2008 2502
How Publishers Can Find Your 'Niche'. Campagna, Jerry Mar 22, 2008 749
Bridges to cultural understanding: using poetry to promote multiethnic awareness. Webster, Paula Sunanon; Walters, Toni S. Mar 22, 2008 4983
Provider advice to women may vary by women's social class and ethnicity. Hollander, D. Clinical report Mar 1, 2008 847
Hispanics bearing the brunt of xenophobia: resentment of undocumented immigrants has become a major part of the political agenda from national presidential races to local elections. Galuszka, Peter Feb 21, 2008 843
Out before the Game Begins: Hispanic Leaders Talk about What's Needed to Bring More Hispanic Youngsters into Science, Technology and Math Professions. Gasbarra, Paul; Johnson, Jean Report Jan 1, 2008 524
Modern Day Latino Professors used C.H.I.L.E. to Succeed in Graduate School: Five Strategies from the Front Lines. Renaud, Esteban Alejandro; Suarez-Renaud, Giovanna Report Jan 1, 2008 183
Latent model analysis of substance use and HIV risk behaviors among high-risk minority adults. Wang, Min Qi; Matthew, Resa F.; Chiu, Yu-Wen; Yan, Fang; Bellamy, Nikki D. Dec 1, 2007 7660
Sexual orientation and alcohol use among college students: the influence of drinking motives and social norms. Jasinski, Jana L.; Ford, Jason A. Dec 1, 2007 7081
Chicago's environmental racism: a new deal gives power plants more time to pollute Latino neighborhoods. Cintron, Miriam Y. Nov 1, 2007 434
ImpreMedia Partners with MySpace, MTV. De Lafuente, Della Oct 26, 2007 750
Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale is joining two nonprofits, League of United Latin American Citizens and America's Second Harvest food banks, to study the extent and causes of hunger among Latinos. Jul 16, 2007 90
Latinos should call for Gonzales to resign. Lovato, Roberto May 11, 2007 912
Latino/a Rights and Justice in the United States: Perspectives and Approaches. Cartagena, Juan Mar 22, 2007 1566
Implementing behavioral intervention components in a cost-effective manner: analysis of the Incredible Years program. Olchowski, Allison E.; Foster, E. Michael; Webster-Stratton, Carolyn H. Dec 22, 2006 10568
Hispanic residents wonder if they're friend or foe. McConahay, Mary Jo Cover story Nov 17, 2006 1192
Watching a community changed by immigration: with African Americans being displaced by Latinos, news coverage of South Central Los Angeles is inflaming tensions, not informing people. Sloan, Lester Sep 22, 2006 2016
Don't 'brown' the Hispanics: a sociologist proposes a new way for journalists to handle the confusing task of using racial and ethnic identifications in news coverage. Etzioni, Amitai Sep 22, 2006 2204
A review and empirical comparison of three treatments for adolescent males with conduct and personality disorder: mode deactivation therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and social skills training. Apsche, Jack A.; Bass, Christopher K. Sep 22, 2006 6102
Latino immigrants negative toward blacks. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 182
Assessing driving while intoxicated (DWI) offender characteristics and drinking problems utilizing the numerical drinking profile (NDP). Dennis, Maurice Sep 1, 2006 3759
Census Bureau. Brief article Aug 14, 2006 110
Descentralizacion: imperativo para el desarrollo humano y territorial equilibrado con gobernabilidad, en un contexto de globalizacion. Una mirada desde Chile. Von Baer, Heinrich Report Aug 1, 2006 12248
2020 foresight. Brief Article Jan 9, 2006 291
The relationship between treatment acceptability and familism. Pemberton, Joy R.; Borrego, Joaquin, Jr. Dec 22, 2005 4448
New report highlights dual aspects of U.S. Hispanic broadband trends. Roach, Ronald Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 205
Hispanic Student Achievement. Research Brief. Hansen, Angela L. Nov 15, 2005 353
GMDC says H&BAs a good bet. Nov 14, 2005 453
Being the Boss: Richard M. Daley runs a seemingly unstoppable political machine that's figured out how to win big support among Chicago's Black and Latino majority. But what has he done for them? Dumke, Mick Sep 22, 2005 3999
Diversity initiatives in higher education: deconstructing "the down low"--people of color "coming out" and "being out" on campus: a conversation with Mark Brimhall-Vargas, Sivagami Subbaraman, and Robert Waters (1). Clark, Christine Interview Sep 22, 2005 20192
Will the word 'minority' soon become taboo? Boulard, Garry Sep 12, 2005 1060
One indicator of the proliferation of Hispanic-targeted licensing properties these days (TLL, July 18, P. 1) is that there are now companies with multiple strategies, not just a single effort. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 116
HELO focuses on strengthening policy efforts at meeting. Leo, Lita Jul 4, 2005 867
Cultural models of transition: Latina mothers of young adults with developmental disabilities. Rueda, Robert; Monzo, Lilia; Shapiro, Johanna; Gomez, Juan; Blacher, Jan Jun 22, 2005 8118
"We Don't Feel Welcome Here": African Americans and Hispanics in Metro Boston. Louie, Josephine Report Apr 25, 2005 432
Social Security myth vs. reality: true or false? African Americans bear the most cost but receive the least benefits. Brown, Carolyn M. Mar 1, 2005 515
Culture, social interaction, and mathematics learning. Sanders, Michael Jan 1, 2005 9880
Passion for teaching/learning mathematics: a story of two fourth grade African American students. Carignan, Nicole Jan 1, 2005 11993
Maria del Pilar Avila: executive director of the NAA. Dec 1, 2004 489
Low-income Latinos and dropout: strategies to prevent dropout. Schwarzbaum, Sara E. Dec 1, 2004 4914
Health disparities experienced by Hispanics--United States. Oct 15, 2004 1560
New horizons: the past, present, and future of Latinos in America according to Harry Pachon. Ferraez, Jorge; Allen, Kerri Interview Oct 1, 2004 2355
Editor's note. Pedrero, Wendy Editorial Aug 1, 2004 412
A marvelous festival. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 189
And the winner is ... Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 165
Academic groundbreaker. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 157
Facing the winds of change: Jorge Gestoso: holding a mirror to the Latin American experience, Award-winning journalist Jorge Gestoso shapes a vision. Ferraez, Jorge; Sgambati, Albert Interview Aug 1, 2004 1354
Outreaching to diverse communities: the Hispanic community. Leveron, David Lira Jul 1, 2004 2424
Tenure choice with location selection: the case of Hispanic neighborhoods in Chicago. Toussaint-Comeau, Maude; Rhine, Sherrie L.W. Jan 1, 2004 10623
U.S. educational outcomes and the new Latino immigrant. McNeely, Connie L.; Figueroa-Garcia, Alberto Report Oct 1, 2003 9238
East to west, it's off and running. (Health Care). Feuerherd, Peter Aug 1, 2003 597
Whites struggle to adjust in newly latino neighborhood. Williams, Stephanie May 1, 2003 3163
A spunky heroine finds out about her family. (For educators only). Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 166
Educational achievement rises among Hispanic immigrants. (What the Numbers Say). Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 130
Hey chico! The Latin identity in major league baseball. Regalado, Samuel O. Sep 22, 2002 3736
Exploring Hispanic culture through trade books. Leavell, Judy A.; Hatcher, Barbara; Battle, Jennifer; Ramos-Michail, Nancy May 1, 2002 3908
A comparison of family environment characteristics among white (non-Hispanic), Hispanic, and African Caribbean groups. McEachern, Adriana G.; Kenny, Maureen C. Jan 1, 2002 8176
Help educate Hispanic immigrant parents about proper car seat use. (Lack of That Custom in Native Country). McNamara, Damian Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 443
Child discipline and physical abuse in immigrant Latino families: reducing violence and misunderstandings. Fontes, Lisa Aronson Jan 1, 2002 8650
Pseudo-racism among Chicano(a), Asian and African Americans: implications of the black/white dichotomy. Hall, Ronald E. Jan 1, 2002 1662
Hispanic consumer attitudes. (Newsbites). Toops, Diane Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 188
The Hispanic Challenge: Newspapers across the country struggle to attract readers from America's fastest-growing ethnic group. Garriga, Rosario Dec 1, 2001 2582
Colleges Must Be Hispanics' Bridge to Future. SAENZ, MICHAEL Oct 15, 2001 1173
Perceptions of Mission-Critical Organizational Resources: A Survey of Substance Prevention and Treatment Agencies in the Southwest. Hodge, David R.; Cardenas, Paul; Montoya, Harry Oct 1, 2001 5762
Observations on the Potential and Paradox of Latinos in Journalism. Suarez, Ray Jun 22, 2001 1234
Being a Latina Journalist at a Spanish-Language Newspaper. Hernandez, Evelyn Jun 22, 2001 1139
Coverage of Latino Life Is an American Story. Hinojosa, Maria Interview Jun 22, 2001 1806
Minorities Driving into New Media Careers. MOORE, CHARLOTTE Feb 5, 2001 1266
Hispanic and Anglo gang membership in two southwestern cities. Winfree Jr., L. Thomas; Bernat, Frances P.; Esbensen, Finn-Aage Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 6323
Latinos in the South: Education Trends and Outcomes. Torres, Cruz C. Jan 1, 2001 282
Latino Interests in Education, Health, and Criminal Justice Policy. Martinez-Ebers, Valerie; Fraga, Luis; Lopez, Linda; Vega, Arturo Sep 1, 2000 6720
Storage System Facilitates Transition from Print Publishing to Electronic Publishing. Apr 1, 2000 926
Hispanic Catholics ignored. JONES, ARTHUR Feb 11, 2000 1619
Wide variations in ministry to Hispanics. Jones, Arthur Brief Article Feb 11, 2000 744
Color coded. Ruiz, Vicki Excerpt Feb 1, 2000 3262
Real Estate Espanol? FARNSWORTH, CHRISTINA B. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 228
The Latino New Wave. VILBIG, MARTIN Nov 1, 1999 1990
La Reconquista in the Inland Empire. GARRISON, PHILIP Mar 22, 1999 4191
Murals in Latino communities: social indicators of community strengths. Delgado, Melvin; Barton, Keva Jul 1, 1998 6758
Parish turns murder to grace. McClory, Robert Cover Story Nov 7, 1997 4210
An 'old prophet' rattles the status quo. Sandoval, Moises Column Dec 27, 1996 893
Hispanic and Native American adolescents: an exploratory study of their approach to shopping. Shim, Soyeon; Gehrt, Kenneth C. Sep 22, 1996 6254
Accelerated learning a new approach to cross-cultural training. Novas, Ana Mar 1, 1995 1324

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