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Social Security brochure available.

A new client brochure focusing on Social Security benefits has been added to the AICPA Consumer Guide series.

Planning for the Future: Your Social Security Benefits (product no. 890518) is an eight-panel brochure aimed at clients planning to retire or devising a retirement plan for future financial security.

Using a question-and-answer format, the brochure explains how Social Security works and addresses issues such as whether benefits are taxable, how earnings affect benefits and eligibility for Medicare.

Space is provided for firms to imprint their names on the back panel.

In addition, a 15- to 20-minute speech, "What You Should Know About Your Future Social Security Benefits" (product no. 890662) is available.

Other brochures in the Consumer Guide series include

* Retirement Planning: Achieving Financial Security (no. 890803).

* Saving for College: Easing the Financial Burden (no. 890818).

* Estate Planning: Protecting Your Family (no. 890819).

* Managing Credit: Avoiding the Debt Trap (no. 890819).

* Personal Finances: Managing Through an Economic Downturn (no. 890544).

Speeches accompanying each of these brochures also may be ordered.

Brochures can be obtained for $17 per 100 copies from the AICPA order department at (800) 334-6961 [(800) 248-0445 in New York State]. Speeches are $4 each.
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Title Annotation:'Planning for the Future: Your Social Security Benefits' in American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Consumer Guide series
Publication:Journal of Accountancy
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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