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Social Media is voice of voiceless people, said speakers at social media conference.

SHIKARPUR -- While highlighting the importance of social media speakers said that every people must have knowledge to use social media and through its positive use everyone could get highlight his issue as well as result within short span of time while social media has become voice of voiceless people of the world giving many examples speakers said that many cases have become high profile cases owing to social media and families of victim have got positive results. It was highlighted by speakers in a conference titled importance of social media; it was convened by Qoumi Awami Tehreek Shikarpur chapter at Qadir Bakhsh Bedil Sindh Government Public Library in which a large number of people belonging to different of walk of life participated, here on Sunday. Speakers including Maqsood Soomro, Zahid Bhanbhro, Lal Khan Shar, Zahid Ghaloo, Zafar Ali Channa Advocate, Jabar Sindh.

Ali Asghar Pahore and others said that no doubt print and electronic media have played significant role to highlight the issues of voiceless people, but everyone has easy approach and tools of social media. Speakers urged upon the participants to record any injustice being done with oppressed people with their camera and upload data on social media to highlight the issue for the welfare of the victim.

Speakers also urged upon the conference participants to install and use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp applications with #Hashtags and highlight their genuine issue and announced to form a WhatsApp group at divisional and district level where issues of people would be shared and after investigation that would be highlighted on social media so that oppressed people could get benefit. In last, social media committee comprise of Maqsood Soomro, Syed Wajid Ali Shah, Fida Mohammadani, Jabbar Sindh and Inayat Tunio Advocate formulated. The activists of Larkana, Shikarpur, Jacobabad and people of different walks of life participated in the conference.

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Publication:The Messenger (Karachi, Pakistan)
Article Type:Conference notes
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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