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Social Bonds and Teen Pregnancy.

Nearly eight out of ten homeless and runaway young girls between the ages of thirteen and twenty have given birth to at least one child. This volume reports on a recent study of pregnant and parenting runaway and homeless girls found on American streets. The authors examine the factors that shape these girls' decisions and life experiences, including family, individual, and community bonds; religiosity; parental and individual attitudes toward premarital sex; tolerance for minor deviance; feelings of self-worth; and sense of power over one's own life. Chapters include: changing sexual mores, an overview of legislation and community-based programming, antecedents and current theoretical concepts, a study of pregnant and parenting homeless and runaway girls, prevention and intervention strategies, case record excerpts and summaries, and personal stories told by the teenagers.
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Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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