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Social Analytics Partnership to Improve Business Decisions.

Jive and Networked Insights Announce Partnership on Social Analytics

MADISON, Wis. -- Today, Jive and Networked Insights announced a partnership on Jive Insights, a new feature of Jive SBS 3.0.

Powered by Networked Insights' SocialSense technology, Jive Insight will enable Jive clients to get a real-time view into the companies, products, and topics that their community is engaged around, as well as sentiment. Combined with the ability to look at trends in engagement, Jive Insight will provide companies with the information required to make better business decisions.

"As communities grow, the potential business value of the combined interactions increase, but the difficulty of understanding them collectively and in context increases as well," said Dan Neely, CEO, Networked Insights. "It is difficult to discern who a company should be listening to, and what topics are most important. That's the reason Networked Insights exists - to provide insights rather than data on community interactions."

Jive Insight utilizes the power of SocialSense to combine content analysis from community members who post content, and behavioral analysis for all community members. This "provides a more accurate measurement of engagement," according to Neely. Unlike other intelligence tools that provide pre-defined keyword-based insights, SocialSense provides intelligence to Jive Insight to also deliver discovery-based insights. "Letting the data decide what is important, is primary to the future of analysis," according to Neely. "This is where you can truly discover things you wouldn't know to look for, like a new competitor that your customers know about but you do not, for example."

Insights are delivered through a simple dashboard that highlights top discussions, and most engaged topics. Jive Insight users can also set up custom views, as well as alerts based on their specific interests and areas of responsibility. The interface allows for evaluating trends, as well as for viewing categorized individual posts.

Additionally, Jive clients will have the option of adding analysis of discussion from other online communities. Identifying where relevant discussion is occurring outside of a client-owned community allows clients to engage with, listen and learn from other communities.

"Companies are looking for ways to do things more quickly and cost effectively," said Dan Neely, CEO, Networked Insight. "Our relationship with Jive gives companies access to relevant data points from thousands of conversations. Jive's clients can be more responsive to their customers and make better informed decisions on marketing, product development, advertising, and customer service."

"We were looking for a solution that went beyond standard user metrics and keyword frequency," said Dave Hersh CEO, Jive Software. "After looking at a number of potential partners, Networked Insight had the best approach and technology, hands down."

About Networked Insights

Networked Insights gives companies the ability to discover and act upon real-time Customer Intelligence from a wide variety of social media sources, providing truly customer-driven insight based on both content and social behavior generated from customer-to-customer interactions. Previously, companies gained customer information by asking predetermined questions or proving company-generated hypotheses. Networked Insights puts the customer at the center of the intelligence process so that companies can let the customer decide what's important. To hear more about this new partnership- schedule an interview with Dan Neely at SXSW 2009 between March 13th-17th 2009 or call for more information. Networked Insights is privately held and based in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information, go to

About Jive

Jive is the global leader in Social Business Software. For more information, visit Jive online.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 11, 2009
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