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Soapweek; TELLY.

Coronation Street Dennis and Janice come clean about their affair. Les hopes for a reconciliation but is left devastated. Elsewhere, Jack and Curly are shocked to find fugitive Terry in the Duckworth house. Kevin refuses to clock cars for Karl Harper.

EastEnders Phil shuns Sharon after hearing her secret, . Lynne resumes wedding preparations, but Garry puts his foot in it again.

Meanwhile, Mel and Ian prepare for the launch of the Meal Machine, unaware a jealous Steve is planning sabotage.

Brookside The court case takes its toll on Ron, who collapses, while Anthea is devastated when he tells her their marriage is over. Esewhere, a tearful Lindsey and Kylie say goodbye to Jimmy, but an unexpected visitor appears.

Emmerdale Chris and Charity's wedding goes ahead despite the groom's last-minute doubts, Cain's threats of sabotage and the feud between the Dingles and the Tates. But a drunken Zoe threatens to ruin the occasion.

Hollyoaks Mandy moves her business out of Luke's flat - but her ex, distracted by bad news, barely notices. Lee makes a gruesome discovery and tries to protect Lisa from the truth, while Izzy irritates Dan with her interfering.

Neighbours Lou gets tough with John and Sandy, distraught at the idea of losing Lolly, but they reject his hardline approach. Leo's behaviour forces Evan and Maggie to take drastic action, while Flick and Tad throw caution to the wind and business goes badly for Joe.

Home And Away Nick and Duncan prove they haven't learnt from experience when they plunge headlong into yet another doomed scam.

Sandy gives birth to a baby girl and runs away again, leaving her daughter behind.

Crossroads Kate's marriage takes a battering when she learns Patrick's list of potential investors was given to him by old flame Diane. Billy urges her to leave her hapless husband - but she is worried about the possible effects on daughter Nicola.

Night And Day Alex is nearly caught searching Jane's room for anything that might expose his illicit affair. Natalie struggles to deal with recent events and begins to question Duncan's fidelity.

Family Affairs George finally admits he is having an affair. Darren feels pressurised to supply his friends with adult videos. Roy considers closing down Funktions, Yasmin turns down an invitation from Zeke.
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Title Annotation:Media
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 24, 2001
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