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EASTENDERS (BBC ONE) HIS half-brother's a killer and his business empire is collapsing - no wonder Ian is on edge. But is splashing out on an expensive wedding for Mandy really the best way to deal with his troubles? Lucy certainly doesn't think so as she secretly cancels all her dad's bookings, while Mandy also appears to be having doubts as Ian refuses to postpone the ceremony after her mum dies.

CORONATION STREET (ITV1) EVA is fuming when she thinks Nick is having an affair with Kylie, so when her fella plays host to the Mayor, she decides to sabotage his big night by spicing up the VIPs dinner.

Meanwhile, the news that Kylie was working in a strip bar does not go down well with David, so both brothers find their relationships on the rocks.

Sunita and Karl's affair could be over as he realises how much he loves Stella during their anniversary.

EMMERDALE (ITV1) HE'S known his nephew for less than a week, but Declan is already playing the caring, concerned uncle.

After he discovers Robbie is being kicked out of his house, Declan ends up agreeing to become guarantor on a loan - and then offers to let him move into Home Farm if his new place doesn't work out.

HOLLYOAKS (CHANNEL 4) THE McQueens are never too far from a drama that finds itself firmly on the wrong side of the law - but this week, they have young Bart to thank for the trouble they find themselves in. Exams bring a stressful enough couple of weeks for the sixth formers, but when Bart returns home to find all of his family being arrested, he's left with more than revision on his mind.

HOME AND AWAY (FIVE) THE course of true love never has run all that smoothly in Summer Bay, and the various heartaches are only going to get more complicated this week. The wedge between Liam and Bianca grows as Liam blames his wife for starting the whole mess between the two of them and Heath. With Heath demanding a DNA test and generally trying to cause ructions, all the pair can do is agree not to let the River Boy come between them again.

NEIGHBOURS (FIVE) VANESSA proves to be the bane of Lucas' existence, especially when he discovers she could be getting a job at Lassiters. The mechanic is desperate to keep her out of his life, but then discovers his actions have landed her in financial trouble. Later, when his efforts to make amends with his old flame come to nothing, he is forced to face his fears. Meanwhile, Sonya and Toadie's heartache is eased by a trip to the animal shelter, and Kyle is stunned when he discovers he is deeply in debt.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 19, 2012
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