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Soap watch; Mark stands up to his mother shock.

Byline: Merle Brown


THERE are a few shocks this week in the Square. First, Mark stands up to Pauline after his mother and Lisa have a blazing row. Will wonders never cease?

But it doesn't stop there. Oh no. Take Mel and Ian. Realising that Steve has left her up the creek without a paddle as it were, he goes round to comfort her and finds her drunk and a little amorous. Oh please, no. How many more errors of judgment can this girl make in the name of men? It's high time she got out of Walford for good.

Then, get this, dishy Dr Truman takes Zoe to the ball. Well, okay, that's not a shock at all, is it? But poor Kat, you have to feel sorry for her, as she gets the wrong end of the stick, from Paul - no surprise there then, and thinks Anthony has agreed to take her. Ouch.

Sonia is looking as happy as ever. Not. She heads off to see Chloe. But

surprise, surprise, the adoptive parents aren't too happy at their daughter's birth mother turning up out of the blue and she gets a wee visit from the social worker.

And Robbie's date with Nita turns into a complete farce. Mmm, not too many shocks in Albert Square, after all, then.


NOW don't be alarmed, but there is very nearly an orgy in the Dales this week - and the vicar is involved.

Yes, the scriptwriters have given us a hilarious moment - or so they think - involving a game of Twister. Ah, that old favourite.

Tricia, it seems, has learnt from Marlon that when you fall, you must take an item of clothing off. The saucy pair.

Imagine that, Marlon being a kinky sex fiend. Anyway, Bernice and Ashley go along with these rules, until Ashley ends up in his underpants, and Bernice decides it's time to go home. Wise move too. Swinging - don't think we've ever had that in soap yet, have we?

And what will happen with Zoe and Angie? She takes her flowers, by way of an apology for making a pass at her, and the policewoman seems flattered. They're all sex mad.


JACQUI has decided taking Bev's bar back under her control is a good idea. Max isn't so sure.

But there's big news at the end of the week that stops them both in their tracks.

Bev isn't too happy, which is just not right, but Sammy is flirting with Sol, which is about par for the course.

And little Anthony tragically fights back. The only tragic thing about this storyline is that it is still going on with no end in sight. When Brookie like something, they don't half spin it out.

Nikki, however, is a happier little student when she gets some financial aid at last. Good, now she can sort her crispy perm out once and for all. Straighteners, girl. Curly may be in on the catwalks this season, but well, it's just because they've run out of ideas. Trust me, it's how fashion works.


BETH decides to take her revenge on Scott this week and asks Izzy to help.

Izzy is too disturbed, however, by the presence of her mum. And just what is she up with old Mr Osbourne anyhow? And just what is Beth thinking of, allowing herself to be rejected by that little nyaff OB?

Meanwhile, Chloe sees herself as a fat freak. Mmm. Took her a long time to come to that conclusion didn't it? Why did they have to do that to this character?

Come on, Hollyoaks, you can do better than that. Oh, and send Ellie back to Spain while you're at it, please. And maybe she can take self-harming Lisa with her. You shouldn't belittle a storyline as important as this, but there is no consistency in her reasons for doing it. Sort it out.
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Title Annotation:Television
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 16, 2002
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