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EMMERDALE 7pm, ITV IT'S panic stations for Holly, when the fuzz turn up at the farm unexpectedly.

It's because Belle has called the cops on Cain for beating up Bailey, and so he asks Holly to get rid of his blood-stained shirt.

The jumpy junkie realises she'd better hide her drugs too - and puts them both in the same bag. But when Moira takes it upon herself to dump it, Holly soon realises she has lost the whole stash - and Simon's not going to be happy Cain is in trouble with the law thanks to Belle DRAMA: VERSAILLES BBC2, 9pm THERE'S mixed opinions on this period drama, ranging from stunningly sumptuous and sensual to brazen balderdash bonkbuster.

There can be no debate that the sets and costumes are gorgeous, although one gratuitous sex scene after another almost makes them redundant. And there's more flesh flashing tonight, as a host of the court's most seductive young ladies vie to attract King Louis' eye.


Cain is in trouble with the law thanks to Belle

Louis is King of the swingers tonight

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 22, 2016
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