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Soap watch; Blimey, it's them Mitchells, scarper!

WOULD you Adam and Eve it? Those Mitchell brothers are up to no good again this week in EastEnders.

Grant (Ross Kemp) and Phil (Steve McFadden) have been goody-goody, softies for too long, and in the build- up to the grand finale of Grant's life, they're turning bad again!

Poor old Beppe (Michael Grecco) is at the receiving end once more, at the opening of E20, which he now owns. The Mitchells hire a couple of thugs to help them cause trouble. Funny that, you'd think they could have done it on their own, wouldn't you?

Elsewhere in the street, drama abounds as the Ricky and Bianca and Dan and Carol saga prepares to blow up in everyone's faces. Ricky and the ginger one are set to leave for Manchester, and Carol's pregnant with Dan's baby. All lovely- jubbly, but, blimey mate, I fink not - here comes Dan, you see, and a big confrontation with B ensues. She's really angry and shouting and she rips up a photo of the two of them together. Problem is she leaves a vital fragment of that photo on the floor in clear view of anyone who should walk by. Oh dear.

Now, talking of baddies like the Mitchell brothers, what about Lindsey Corkhill (Claire Sweeney) in Brookside? You'd think she would have learned her lesson by now, what with the bomb blast at the club and the death of Greg.

But no. She's getting friendlier with Shelley (Alex Westcourt) - who is probably as bad as she is.And Nikki (Suzanne Collins) learns the awful truth about her dear departed dad. But more shocking than anything this week is Jacqui Dixon's (Alex Fletcher) announcement that she has had enough of the businesswoman life and wants to give up on the club and settle down with Nathan (Marcus Hutton). I'll be damned.

Harvey's (Edward Wiseman) back on the scene this week. Woooh. Will we find out if he's the rapist or not? What is the point of this?

In Coronation Street it appears that Steve MacDonald (Simon Gregson), who has a bad boy tag, is about to live up to his reputation once again. Is it drug smuggling this time, or not? Well, there's some dodgy geezers after him and things are not looking too good. He'll be back in the `big house' before he knows it, as his dad Jim infuriatingly calls the jail. Aargh, I can't stand that man.

Elsewhere on the street, much to Aunty Em's chagrin, Toyah (Georgia Taylor) and Spider (Martin Hancock) are definitely an item. But we'll move swiftly on from that subject, methinks...

Serge (David Verrey) seems to be having trouble making up his mind in Family Affairs. One minute he tells Maria (Annie Miles) he can't stand the sight of her after the fiasco with the baby- stealing episode, but when the police drop all charges he reckons they should give it another go. Then the next day he's determined to make her suffer. And they say women are fickle!

Down in Emmerdale as well as the action between Butch and Emily - see our soap of the week - things aren't going too well between Kelly(Adele Silva) and Roy (Nicky Evans). They can't get the money together for a house you see.

Terry has a new job title at the haulage firm, but it's not one he likes much and Tricia is up to mischief again - this time reorganising the furniture in the Woolpack and telling Bernice (Samantha Giles) that it's Feng Shui...

They could do with a bit of that at Sunset Beach, where there's all sorts of disharmony going on, when it's discovered that the tape of Antonio and Gabi getting down to it has not been destroyed after all!

Now, to finish off with let me tell you this. Sunset Beach makers have made a special episode that will be on soon, just for you lot who maybe only tune into this wonderful soap occasionally.

It's been filmed as a mock edition of an investigative news show, Timeline 99, as the in- depth reports probe into the mysterious affairs of the sleep seaside resort, and of course, update you at the same time. Look out for Meg and Ben's break- up, amnesiac Maria, and killer-businessman Gregory Richards.

It's genius. Pure genius!
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Date:Aug 28, 1999
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