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Soap suds.

CORONATIONSTREET (ITV1) There's a big new arrival as Stella's mum Gloria (Sue Johnston) turns up at the Rovers, claiming things are going badly in Spain and she needs to lie low for a while.

Following a reunion with long-lost granddaughter Leanne, she takes it upon herself to reunite Stella and Karl.

Elsewhere, Ryan reaches a new low when he uses Michelle's keys to let himself into the factory to raid the petty cash. Rob interrupts the theft and goes into attack mode.

EMMERDALE ( I T V 1 ) Robbie turns up at Home Farm with a girl who bears a striking resemblance to Katie, she quickly realises what he's up to and refuses to rise to the bait.

Instead, she formulates her own scheme to get rid of Robbie by luring him to the stables, flirting with him, and then rejecting his advances. He turns aggressive, which leaves Katie shaken.

HOMEANDAWAY(FIVE) Most men would be over the moon to have two women in love with them, but as Romeo realises this week, being caught in the middle is not all it's cracked up to be.

With Romeo drowning his sorrows, wife Indi rushes to his side and it's not long before she and Brax learn the t r u t h about Ruby's pr egnancy.

Meanwhile, Danny ploughs on with his mind games, all the while getting closer to Marilyn.

NEIGHBOURS ( F I V E ) Robinson is determined to secure his place as editor, and so he and Zoe hatch a plan to get their advertisers to sign a contract to support him in running the paper. Mrs K isn't daft; she's on to the plan before it's off the ground, and stands firm in threatening to discredit the paper by leaking the truth about their unprofessional ways. Unfortunately for him, she's got him over a barrel...

EASTENDERS(BBCONE) Shirley has been in a bad way ever since Heather's death, but now she knows who murdered her, she's really hit rock bottom.

Sharon and Tanya call a truce, Janine's paranoia rages out of control, and Ian admits he needs professional help.

HOLLYOAKS(CHANNEL4) Jack Osborne has survived it all - a heart attack, bankruptcy, death (albeit a faked one), prison time. You name it, he's been there. But it seems all it was ever really going to take was some harsh words from Esther. As the pair argue, she walks away from the confrontation, unaware that behind her, the Hollyoaks veteran has collapsed. Is it time for Jack to meet his maker? Meanwhile, Doug and Leanne's wedding preparations are under way.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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