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Soap suds.

EASTENDERS (BBC ONE) It's not just the Masoods' finances that are looking shaky this week - their marriage is also heading for the rocks.


Zainab is horrified to learn Masood has been gambling for Phil, but is equally angry with Yusef for discussing her problems with Denise. However, the doctor retaliates, accusing her of being a hypocrite for disowning Syed when she brought shame on her own family.

Meanwhile, Jay tells Ben it's time to stop posing as Heather's internet admirer and Mercy receives devastating news from the immigration officials.

CORONATION STREET (ITV1) Fiz is frantic when John fails to come home and decides to call the police, unaware that he is outside Charlotte's parents' house, ready to confess all.

Her confusion turns to alarm when she finds John in a distressed state at the Hoyles', repeatedly saying he is sorry.

Tina is troubled by an outburst from Xin, which reveals her true feelings for Graeme. Later, Xin flees on the eve of a visit by immigration inspectors.

EMMERDALE (ITV1) Holly went off the rails in spectacular fashion last year, but this week it seems it's the other two Barton kids who are starting to live dangerously.

First, Ella gets tired of being ignored by Declan - and makes a pass at Adam.

The pair are interrupted before anything happens and Ella later apologises, but it's clear she's enjoying the flirtation.

Back at Butler's, Hannah is determined to show Alex she is grown-up, but may regret sleeping with him when he's cool with her afterwards.

HOLLYOAKS (CHANNEL 4) Jenny has made quite an impression since landing in Hollyoaks - she's certainly not one to be messed with.

She's determined to get her hands on Brendan's cash but she's not going to get anywhere with Warren. She decides to use her skills as a con artist to get chatting to a rich old man online. She tells Doug she intends to drug the old man before heading out to meet her date.

But when Silas turns up as the mystery dater, it seems she may have met her match.

NEIGHBOURS (FIVE) Sophie realises how upset Kate is about losing Brennan, but her efforts to get her sister back together with the hunky policeman seemed doomed to fail thanks to Jade's meddling.

HOME AND AWAY (FIVE) Ruby's got another plan in the making. It'll all end in tears - and it's usually hers.

She's planning on throwing a party at the empty mansion - and for a change it's Casey that's being the sensible one.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 23, 2011
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