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Soap suds.

CORONATION STREET (ITV1) After everything he's been through recently, it's not that surprising that Peter's willpower is at an all-time low.

Carla is worried when she sees the bookie clutching a bag of booze, and confides her worries in Nick, who suggests she tell Leanne.

The factory owner quickly realises what her ex-business partner is up to, and it seems his dastardly plan is working when Peter starts drinking in earnest later in the week.

Elsewhere, cash-strapped Fiz considers committing a spot of identity fraud after a solicitor turns up on her doorstep to announce that Joy has left her entire estate to Colin Fishwick.

EMMERDALE (ITV1) Finally, it looks like the truth about the fire might yet come out.

Andy is sick of Henshall's constant jibes, and heads to the police station to complain that he is being harassed.

Prior agrees to have a word with Henshall, but is concerned to learn that he has been seeing Katie for quite some time now. When she confronts him, she isn't convinced that he hasn't been compromised and has him taken off the case.

A furious Henshall threatens Andy and tells him that just because he's not investigating the fire any more, he still has Katie and will be watching Andy.

EASTENDERS (BBC ONE) As if Kat and Alfie haven't been through enough already, this week their marriage is further tested by the arrival of Michael.

He's returned to Walford expecting to meet his new son, but instead his cousin delivers the grim news that Tommy has died.

Michael's re-appearance doesn't go down well with Ronnie either, especially when Jack takes pity on him and invites him back to the flat.

Elsewhere, Shirley mulls over Phil's proposal before eventually accepting.

HOLLYOAKS (CHANNEL 4) So Mercedes has finally got what she's wanted for so long - a great big gleaming rock on her finger. Not that it matters who gave it to her, of course.

Since Riley proposed, the McQueen now feels invincible and is happy to let Myra and Carmel plan her big day. But it doesn't sit too well with Riley, who wants Heidi to have more of an input. Let the battle of the mothers-in-law commence...

Meanwhile, Gilly and Tom are doing all they can to convince Tom he did the right thing in confessing to the police that he hit Esther, but they're all in for a shock when he gives his statement.

Elsewhere, Ste's up against the clock in an effort to convince Rae not to abort their baby.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 29, 2011
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