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Soap stories: Oliver wants more; NEIGHBOURS WEEKDAYS, BBC1,5.35pm.

Paul Robinson may be a reformed character but it's clear he still has remnants of nastiness about him when he informs his daughter he doesn't even like her, never mind love her, on Monday.

After telling her father a few home truths, Elle storms over to Lassiter's where, coincidentally, Oliver is also nursing a broken heart following his break-up with Carmella.

Surprise, surprise, the duo find comfort in crying on each other's shoulders and - you guessed it - before long, they're succumbing to temptation. They feel guilty about it later and decide to keep their liaison secret from everyone.

Meanwhile, Rachel is becoming jealous of Carmella's obvious closeness to Ringo, so she asks her to back away from her boyfriend for a while.

Carmella agrees but the news sends Ringo into a real tizzy and he is not going to leave it there.

In a fit of rage, he steals the van and drives recklessly away - endangering Susan and Karl's lives in the process.

Will he never learn? Of course not. This is soapland!


LIAISON.. Elle and Oliver end up in each
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 15, 2007
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