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CORONATION STREET MONDAY,STV,7.30PM Finally we learn Fiz's fate COMFORT... Michelle returns After last week's shocking events involving the return to Weatherfield of hapless killer John Stape, the moment we've been waiting for is here at last - we're about to learn Fiz's fate.

Did his confession from his hospital bed do the trick? Will his missus be let off the hook by judge and jury? Thanks to a stern message from ITV, we're not allowed to say, but what we can tell you is there will be plenty of tears shed.

Meanwhile, Carla continues to try to pick up the pieces of her life following Frank's attack. Sadly, it's proving rather difficult.

His rival business is poaching her customers and staff, although she moves quickly to secure a big contract - although fulfilling it proves difficult.

Michelle and Kieran are also back on the Street and announce their engagement. Michelle soon storms into Frank's factory and begs Underworld's old staff to return to work.

Cop sets Lenny in his sights DI Donald is a man on a mission - he wants to bring down Lenny, and he wants to do it now.

y y y rances Why he thinks he'll stand a better chance than anybody else who's attempted to sort Shieldinch's local dodgy dude out is a mystery. But any information Frances can get on him seems to be at the centre of his plans - and he's going to make her life a misery until she gets it for him.

ans he In o .

Agnes is also on Frances's case. She wants her daughter to seduce Lenny. Like a good girl, she sets out to do what her mummy tells her. That also means keeping the DI at arm's length.

l, my Rev to Dot to sinful to care, a the g gth.

Maybe Frances ces a should concentrate on other matters. Jack is distraught when he discovers she's accused him of sexual harassment, and confronts her about it. Gina is convinced Jack is innocent, but he wonders if leaving town might be the best thing to do.

y g g ALSO THIS WEEK... In EastEnders,Rose continues her efforts to win the heart Stevens,although she seems be doing it primarily to annoy - and her plan works! Dot warn the vicar about Rose's past,but he doesn't seem care,and invites her out for a drink at theVic.Is the start ALSO THIS WEEK... In EastEnders,Rose continues her efforts to win the heart of Rev Stevens,although she seems to be doing it primarily to annoy Dot - and her plan works! Dot tries to warn the vicar about Rose's sinful past,but he doesn't seem to care,and invites her out for a drink at theVic.Is this the start of something special? EMMERDALE MONDAY,STV,7PM Baby trouble Just when it seemed as if Sarah would be saved, Andy and Debbie discover that the donor has dropped out.

Apart from simply keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for the best, the only option open to them is to have another baby - a so-called saviour sibling.

Andy is reluctant at first to agree, realising the strain it will put his relationship with Alicia under. But eventually, 14 he comes round to the idea, and he and Debbie even manage to persuade their other halves that it's a good plan - until it becomes clear Andy and Debbie will have to live together if they're to persuade the medical authorities to give them IVF.

Charity is beside herself with worry - not just about her granddaughter, but about herself when Jai's parents arrive.

Gypsy's true to form HOME AND AWAY WEEKDAYS,CH4,6.30PM Gypsy hasn't changed much over the years. Whenever she makes a brief reappearance in Summer Bay, her old traits resurface pretty quickly.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise to see her thinking about number one, despite being back in town to supposedly support Irene with her cancer treatment.

Irene has surgery, but is told she'll also need chemotherapy. Once back at home, Gypsy wastes no time telling her how awful her life is at the moment. But she perks up when a stranger chats up her and Bianca while they're bonding over a drink at Angelo's. Unfortunately, the day doesn't end well for Bianca... The high school is also in the spotlight. Can the locals save the building from demolition? NEIGHBOURS WEEKDAYS,FIVE,5.35PM Is this split real? Susan and Karl's marriage has rarely been on an even keel - instead, they've usually lurched from bliss to disaster.

They certainly fall in the latter category at the moment, with Karl moving out of their Ramsay Street home for the umpteenth time.

Is this really the end of the Kennedy marriage? They're a bit like the boy who cried wolf - always threatening to split permanently, and then getting back together again. So should we believe them this time? Probably not. Neither of them seem comfortable being apart, but while Susan struggles to deal with everyone's sympathy, it's Karl who really can't cope, prompting Malcolm to delay his return to London so he can support his dad.

Elsewhere, Tash pushes her aunt Emilia for more information about her mother, while Kyle misses Jade - leading to a startling revelation.


Susan and Karl sleep far apart DNA test shocks family EASTENDERS MONDAY,BBC 1,8PM behaves like a pantomime villain. fact, if he had a moustache, definitely spend most of his twirling it.

So how come nobody in Albert Square has noticed that Yusef is a manipulative, conniving, hateful so-and-so? And how come his storyline, involving torturing the Masoods, is still rumbling on? Well, maybe it's about to come to a head, because the results of the DNA test designed to prove that Syed really is baby Yasmin's father are back... We all saw Yusef tamper with the samples before sending them off for testing, so it should come as no surprise when Christian opens them at Yasmin's party and announces he has proof that Syed cannot be her biological father.

Amira is stunned and confused - she knows she's no liar, but Christian is adamant the test can't be wrong. Syed wants to believe them both, and Masood thinks that might be the case - he suggests the test was tampered with, and he knows whodunit.

Yusef tries to cover his tracks by claiming Christian was behind the plot, but he's forced to admit what he did when Rose accidentally drops him in it. So, how is the maniacal medic going to talk himself out of this one? The Masoods and Amira are livid - even Zainab tells him she hates him. Later, he tries to win back her trust - but has she finally had enough? Meanwhile, Roxy continues to feel the strain of motherhood, so when Kim invites her out for the night, she jumps at the chance. She leaves Amy in Ben and Jay's care until Jack is due to pick the youngster up - and that's the biggest mistake she could ever have made.

They're distracted by a computer game, leaving Amy to play alone in the bathroom.

When they return, they find the youngster face down in the bath and in need of emergency medical treatment.

Roxy wakes from a drunken stupor to the news of her daughter's fight for life. Jack is disgusted she's been out of reach all night, and there's worse to come when a social worker investigating the case suggests the child should live with her father from now on.

GOSSIP Corrie star Antony Cotton has become patron of The British Hen Welfare Trust, and adopted several battery hens ... Neighbours fans have been hoping that Chris Pappas - Erinsborough's token homosexual and nice guy - would find romance.Their wish comes true in the new year when he falls for a nurse called Aidan.


MONDAY NEIGHBOURS: Toadie approaches Lucas, Kyle and Lou with an offer to buy them out.

EASTENDERS: Poppy and Jodie move to the Moons', but Anthony and Tyler expect them to do the cleaning. Kim throws a Halloween party.

EMMERDALE: Nicky winds up Edna and Nikhil. John's refusal to talk to Moira pushes her into Cain's arms. CORRIE: Julie and Brian move into the flat above the butcher's, while Chris takes up residence in Jason's old place. Lloyd is pleased to see the back of the latter. HOME AND AWAY: Although Charlie wasn't badly injured by Hammer, Brax is determined to kill him, but he's stopped in his tracks by news of Casey's latest problem.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: They may have appeared to be love's young dream for months but, now, Andrew wonders if Summer is beginning to rely on him too much.

EASTENDERS: Roxy's failure to pay her rent prompts Janine to put her flat up for rent. Ben worries about Phil's return to Albert Square, and Anthony tells Tyler he likes Jodie. RIVER CITY: Tattie and Bob can hardly contain their excitement at seeing their baby for the first time during a routine scan. EMMERDALE: Moira takes out her stress on those around her, and her efforts to end things with Cain fall on deaf ears. Nikhil thinks Nicky is cheating on Gennie. HOME AND AWAY: It's the day of Tegan's funeral and emotions are running high.

NEIGHBOURS: Chris and Paul pressure Lucas into turning down Toadie's offer for the garage. But Chris soon has other things to worry about when his dad discovers he has no intention of going to university. EMMERDALE: Moira continues to play a dangerous game with Cain, who really seems to have got under her skin. Nikhil desperately wants to warn Gennie about Nicky, but is interrupted by Jai.

HOME AND AWAY: Brax discovers that Casey was responsible for starting the blaze at Jake's place. Heath comes to Bianca's rescue.

THURSDAY NEIGHBOURS: Lucas finds himself stuck between father and son, and tries to make the right decision - but he only ends up upsetting Chris.

EASTENDERS: Anthony is torn between two women when he and Poppy bond over a missing cat, but he ends up kissing Jodi.

EMMERDALE: Moira confides in Diane, who is shocked by her friend's behaviour. Katie wonders why Declan refuses to speak to his daughter. CORRIE: Faye wants to celebrate her adoption being finalised, but is horrified by Owen and Anna's canoodling. Sophie and Sian buy each other engagement rings.

HOME AND AWAY: Sasha steals money from the diner so she can leave town with Felix - little realising the lad is hurt and needs hospital treatment.

FRIDAY NEIGHBOURS: Malcolm puts off his return to London to spend more time with Karl - but it's Jade who's attracting most of his attention. EASTENDERS: Whitney is thrilled when her application for a place on a childcare course is accepted. Tanya is crushed by the death of Siobhan. EMMERDALE: Declan's odd behaviour makes Katie wonder if he's worth sticking with. Nikhil humiliates himself with Gennie. CORRIE: Katy worries about overdue rent, but Chesney is more concerned about an ailing Schmeichel. HOME AND AWAY: Roo calls it a day with Sid, who fails to persuade Felix's father to let him stay in the Bay.


STRAIN... Debbie and Andy TREATMENT ... Irene BABY BOTHER... Roxy and Jack. Top, the Masoods are left stunned by tampered-with DNA test results . Above, the family reacts to Yusef's plot. MISERY ... Frances is under pressure
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