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CORONATION STREET MONDAY,STV,7.30pm Sealing it with a kiss? Fate seems to have a way of bringing Steve and Tracy together time after time. Now she's pregnant she needs his support more than ever.

And she provides a shoulder to cry on when he's distraught about dad Jim being sent to prison for a long stretch.

Tracy collapses and is taken to hospital for a scan, which reveals she's expecting twins.

Steve is thrilled, but she worries about her ability to cope with three young children.

He explains he'll stand by her, and a kiss seems to prove he's willing to commit.

This leaves Becky devastated. She tells her estranged husband to go for it - but how will Becky react when Tracy flaunts the fact she's finally got her man? CAPTION... Caption EMMERDALE MONDAY,STV,7pm Have a heart When Marlon and Laurel first started making eyes at each other some weeks ago, we all knew it was going to lead to endless wistful and meaningful glances . Butwerewepreparedforjust how heartbreaking their 'romance' would eventually turn out to be? Probably not as their efforts to deny their feelings have been surprisingly touching.

This isn't the usual soap romance in which people waste no time ripping off each other's clothes.

Instead, we're still unsure whether the duo involved will actually dare even kiss!

Marlon agrees to go on a date with Rachel - but she soon realises that his heart lies elsewhere.

Ashley, meanwhile, invites Marlon around to work on the cookbook with Laurel, blissfully unaware that he could be helping put his own marriage at risk.

RIVER CITY TUESDAY,BBC1,8pm Murder is heaache for Lenny The murder at the arcade has sent shockwaves through Shieldinch, but for Lenny, it's more of a headache than a tragic event.

Being left alone to fix the problems escalating from the death makes him realise just how solitary his life has become, and without family in the area, there's no real reason for him to stick around any longer. Or is there? Scarlett is horrified when Kelly-Marie announces that she's going to explain to Lenny that Callum is his grandson.

by she Scarlett is worried about how he'll react to such news, but Kelly-Marie is determined to go through with her plan, until she sees Lenny threatening Murray.

Unfortunately, keeping such a massive secret isn't easy, especially when the person you're keeping it fromis already getting a tad suspicious.

ALSO THIS WEEK... In River City Nicole is hurt when Conor and Adeeb stand by when she's bullied by Ally.Gabriel realises what's going on and asks Leyla if she wants him to sort it out.

Leyla says no thanks, and decides she and Michael should step in.

Revenge on the agenda Family rift sees Michael heading for a fall ,while Ben finally comes out EASTENDERS MONDAY,BBC1,8pm It should be a happy time for Eddie and his boys - at long last they seem to be getting on like a house on fire.

And what's more, Tyler and Anthony are about to be introduced to Craig, the brother they never even knew existed.

But as they prepare for his arrival in Albert Square, you can already sense impending doom - this is EastEnders after all.

Michael arranges an ice-breaker involving a treasure hunt inspired by Craig's love of toy frogs, and it goes down a treat. However, Eddie's mood changes when Craig informs him that he's overheard Michael telling Vanessa to dump their father.

Michael devises a cover story, claiming he wants to save his dad from Vanessa's gold-digging, but when Eddie confronts his new ladyfriend, she comes clean about Michael's scam to break his heart.

She then packs her bags ready to leave - but Eddie asks her to stay - and reveals he's about to turn the tables on his eldest son.

Eddie continues to play happy families, lulling Michael into a false sense of security while all along plotting his downfall in the cruellest way imaginable.

He also tells Vanessa he needs her help to take Michael for every penny he has, and that they'll eventually move to Spain together.

But will his scheme work? And does Vanessa really have a future with the man she now views as her knight in shining armour? Across the Square, life isn't looking good for Ben. Trying to keep his sexuality from Phil is causing all manner of problems, with poor Patrick - who saw him kissing Duncan recently - caught in the middle.

After Ben has a violent confrontation with Lola, Christian works out why the lad's been behaving so badly, and urges him to come out.

Ben takes his advice but, as he suspected, Phil doesn't want to hear that his son is gay.

Their relationship has been tense for some time, but this could be the final nail in its coffin.

GOSSIPGOSSIP Shane Emmett,brother of late Home and Away actress Belinda,is joining the soap.He claims he felt haunted by her during his time on set.She played Rebecca Fisher but died a cancer battle in 2006.

Kelly can't wait to start her first post-Corrie role - she'll be starring in She Stoops to Conquer at London's National Theatre from January.

Jody rocks the boat HOME AND AWAY WEEKDAYS,C4,6.30PM Sid and Roo's relationship seems to have been going through a steady patch recently, but that could be set to change when Jody arrives unannounced.

Her appearance ruins their romantic night in, and she may regret returning to Summer Bay when Indi refuses to have anything to do with her.

Meanwhile, Sid could be in hot water. Dex sees him lending her a shoulder to cry on as she bemoans the breakdown of her rocky relationship with her daughter.

Jody's return also has an impact on Alf. Romeo puts Indi's feelings first, so stays home with her, instead of supporting Alf at the council meeting to discuss the mooring.

Roo decides the only way to help her dad is by making people aware of the situation via the local newspaper. But she isn't prepared for the response.

NEIGHBOURS WEEKDAYS,FIVE,5.35pm Poor benefits Doctor Kyle has appeared on and off in Neighbours for years, but whoever decided to bring him in on a permanent basis deserves a big pat on the back.

He's been a breath of fresh air since he moved into Ramsay Street.

And he's certainly made a big impression on Jade, although their 'housemates with benefits' rule isn't quite working out as she'd hoped.

Yes, it's a lot of fun for both parties, but it doesn't look like it's leading to the lasting romance with Kyle that she so desperately desires.

So, when she begins spending more time at work to avoid him, Kyle thinks it's because she needs extra money and asks Rhys to move in to help out.

Rhys quickly works out how she feels and promises to keep it a secret - will Kyle ever find out? SOAP WEEK THE PLOTSYOU CAN'T MISS!

MONDAY NEIGHBOURS: Michael lies about what really happened to his wife, despite Tash's efforts to learn all about her mother.

EASTENDERS: Tyler shuns Whitney's advances and later admits he knows about her past. Mandy decides she'll be accompanying Ian to a posh do.

EMMERDALE: Aaron tries to make amends with a frightened Hazel. Victoria worries about squatting at Brook Cottage with Alex.

CORRIE: Kevin mistakenly thinks he's back with Sally after they spend the night together, little realising that Jeff is making another move.

HOME AND AWAY: Leah and Miles fail to keep her pregnancy a secret from Summer Bay's gossip-mongers. Charlie agonises over her feelings for Brax.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Toadie is in a dilemma after listening to Sonya and Kyle's concerns for their livelihood if the shopping centre is built.

EASTENDERS: Mandy's presence at Ian's function prompts an unexpected development. RIVER CITY: Bob is overjoyed at being with Stella, but she feels he's rushing things. Will his enthusiasm push her away? EMMERDALE: Carl is horrified when he realises Cameron is undercutting him. Charity sets the date for the wedding.

HOME AND AWAY: Miles makes a life-changing decision, which pleases VJ - but will Leah be quite so thrilled by her boyfriend's actions? WEDNESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Kate realises Sophie has a crush on Noah. Andrew comes up with a new money-making scheme, but needs Chris's help to make it work out.

EMMERDALE: Carl deliberately sabotages Cameron's business, Jai admits he hasn't told his parents about the wedding, and Declan is determined to get Alex and Victoria out of Brooke Cottage - by fair means or foul.

HOME AND AWAY: Liam and Bianca's relationship takes a turn for the worse. Romeo and Dex persuade Indi to call a truce with her mother, who then leaves town.

THURSDAY NEIGHBOURS: Susan angers Karl by writing an article that slams the hospital. Kate asks Noah not to spend as much time with Sophie. EASTENDERS: Phil's car is attacked while parked in the Square, and the police poke fun at him.

EMMERDALE: Chas is worried about Aaron on the anniversary of the train crash. Andy feels caught between Declan and Victoria. CORRIE: Sophie spots Amber kissing another girl. Chris tries to steal Lloyd's thunder by arranging a night out.

HOME AND AWAY: Bianca finally admits she needs help. Casey discovers that Tegan has been lying about the possibility of Brax being Darcy's father.

FRIDAY NEIGHBOURS: Chris thinks again about Lucas's apprenticeship offer when he sees him kowtowing to a homophobic customer. Paul gives Karl some marriage advice.

EASTENDERS: Tanya feels increasingly concerned about her impending cancer treatment. Yusef shocks Afia and Zainab by announcing he plans to return to Pakistan. EMMERDALE: Andy persuades Alex and Victoria to move into the pub, but Declan sacks him anyway. Aaron decides to tell Hazel the truth about himself.

CORRIE: Eileen meets a fireman who puts a spring in her step during her disastrous 50th birthday celebrations. Chris lies to get Cheryl on side.

HOME AND AWAY: Brax is devastated about not being Darcy's dad, but Charlie provides him with a shoulder to cry on. Kelly decides to return to the farm.


TOGETHER... Tracy wins SHOCK... It's twins NEARLY... Laurel and Marlon SECRETS... Murray Crozier is threatened by Lenny A WEEK ON THE SQUARE... There's mixed news for Eddie, Patrick and Phil in EastEnders as a series of long-standing dramas start coming to light at long last ALL PALS... Eddie is pleased to see Craig settling in among Albert Square folk NEWS... Roo goes public RULED OUT... Jade's hints fall on stony ground
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