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CORONATION STREET MONDAY,STV,7.30pm Tensions rising in prison DILEMMA... Fiz Some areas of the press may claim that prison is a cushy number, but nobody really expects a spell behind bars to be all sunshine and flowers.

Poor Fiz does seem to be having a particularly tough time of it. We had been pleased when it appeared she'd made a couple of friends in Ruth and Ginny, but that's all come to an abrupt end.

Ginny is back on drugs, and when Fiz confronts Ruth about it, Ruth shows her true colours, threatening to beat Fiz up if she tells anybody she's the jail's dealer.

So when the governor offers Fiz a place in the mother and baby unit with Hope in exchange for information, Fiz is left to mull over a terrible dilemma.

Should she spill the beans so she can be reunited with her daughter, or save her skin by keeping quiet? Meanwhile, back in Weatherfield, Roy and Hayley pack Hope's belongings. But where is the baby? And for that matter, Becky too? Has the heartbroken woman's grip on reality finally slipped altogether, leading her to do something she may later regret? RIVER CITY TUESDAY,BBC1,8pm Annie's ship has sailed..

It's fair to say that meeting Sandy has sent shivers racing down Annie's spine - well, it's not every day the husband you never wanted to see again turns up out of the blue.

Initially, Sandy seems friendly. In fact, when he catches up with her in the Tall Ship, he claims he means her no harm, he's happy with Eileen, and doesn't think anybody needs to know about the bond between them.

So imagine how upset she feels when he tells Charlie they are actually married!

Unsurprisingly, Charlie is angry that Annie never informed him she was still wed, but is appeased somewhat after she admits she loves him.

But he isn't sure about her idea for them to make a fresh start away from Shieldinch. take of In fact, it could be Annie who's forced to move on - alone. her it's Sandy says something that makes her realise she must leave town - and soon.

EMMERDALE MONDAY,STV,7pm Secret is out Secrets are not to be kept in soapland. Well, not for long anyway.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that Adam and Ella's dirty little tryst is about to become common knowledge.

Declan is horrified by the fact that Mia is back with her cheating ex-boyfriend. Mia can't understand why her dad is so upset - until he reveals what went on behind her back! She's devastated and tells Ella she never wants to see her again. Adam is left out in the cold too, and worries about the revenge Declan vows to take on him for breaking his daughter's heart. But is Mia actually his kin? Ella strikes a low blow by informing Declan that he isn't Mia's father - Jai is! But is she telling the truth? After all, she's emotional and lashing out at everyone around her - has she taken a step too far? Brendan's kiss and tell HOLLYOAKS WEEKDAYS,CH4,6.30pm Brendan still believes he can go straight, and is so keen to prove that Lynsey is the woman for him, he plants a great big snog on her!

To say that things are strained between the two after that is something of an understatement.

As Lynsey sets out to rebuild their friendship, Silas starts manipulating the situation, making the rift even bigger. And when she tries to prove what he's up to, Brendan wonders if she's losing her marbles.

Ultimately, Lynsey decides spending time away from the village might be a good idea - and only then Brendan realises she might be right about Silas.

Meanwhile, Sinead is touched when Bart declares his love - but deflated when he admits Jason is still important to him, putting their future relationship in jeopardy.

NEIGHBOURS WEEKDAYS,FIVE,5.35pm Love can be blind Kyle is a lovable idiot, but for some reason that's making him irresistible to Jade - and why he can't see that is anybody's guess.

She may as well just swoon and throw herself into his arms, it wouldn't make her desires any more obvious than they already are!

Nevertheless, Kyle remains oblivious to it all, even when Jade turns green with envy at the mere sight of him hanging out with Kate.

Jade's efforts to finally tell him how she feels fall flat, but maybe if she's around to pick up the pieces when he finds out about Kate's one-night stand, he might just see her in a whole new light.

It's hard to find any sympathy with Lucas at the minute - he's suddenly rolling in money, but he'd rather not have it.

Get a grip man! Thankfully, he finds a project to invest in when he realises Sonya wants to buy the community garden.


MONDAY Neighbours: Sonya realises how Jade feels about Kyle. Karl asks Jim to stop leaning on Susan.

EastEnders: Shirley is horrified when she realises the 1980s convention is for gay couples only.

Emmerdale: David's debts force him to consider selling either the shop or the cleaning business.

Corrie: Brian and Julie reconcile. Gail decides to teach Kylie a lesson after catching her flirting with a mystery man.

Hollyoaks: Tony returns and Amy feels guilty about spending the night with Dodger.

TUESDAY Neighbours: Jade struggles to tell Kyle she loves him, and the photo scandal continues to haunt Tash.

EastEnders: Kim drowns her sorrows after a former boyfriend tells her he is HIV positive.

River City: Gabriel outsmarts Joe at the arcade, and Zinnie tries to contact her parents.

Emmerdale: A drunken David tries to kiss Alicia, while Victoria tells Alex she wants to move in with him.

Hollyoaks: Tony's new, laidback attitude horrifies Mandy. Carmel fails to cheer up Bart.

WEDNESDAY Neighbours: Lucas offers to give Sonya the money for the community garden. Tash's self-esteem takes a battering.

Emmerdale: Alicia senses that Andy isn't as enthusiastic about moving to Spain as she is. Val and Pollard worry about secretive Amy.

Hollyoaks: Lee discovers that Amy slept with Dodger, and Carmel comes up with a risqu money-raising scheme.

THURSDAY Neighbours: Toadie feels inadequate, while Paul reacts angrily to Andrew's loan request.

EastEnders: Kim is thrilled by Denise's support as she prepares to take a HIV test.

Emmerdale: Cain drives Amy to the clinic, but she has second thoughts about having an abortion.

Corrie: Tommy is upset when Dr Carter woos Tina with a bunch of flowers.

Hollyoaks: Ruby and Esther's party is a disappointment for Sinead and Lee falls out with Amy.

FRIDAY Neighbours: Andrew thinks he's found a way to raise some money. Kyle seems set to find out about Kate's secret.

EastEnders: Ryan goes missing, while Rose makes herself at home - until Dot realises who Andrew's father is.

Emmerdale: Amy tries to make amends with Val and Pollard. Laurel and Marlon spend more time together.

Corrie: Chesney confronts Owen after he spoils their first baby scan, and Tommy wonders if it's time to move on.

Hollyoaks: It's the day of Lee's firewalking event. Will Amy be swayed by his romantic gesture? Seaside showdown It promises to be a day of disaster on an outing to the coast EASTENDERS MONDAY,BBC1,8pm It's not often that Walford's residents get to spread their wings a little and leave the confines of Albert Square.

A quick trip 'up West' for some shopping is about as daring as they get. Even leaving to move in with relatives in Norfolk - a brief trend characters went through a few years ago - seems to have come to an end.

And yet, with the all-consuming air of doom and gloom around, you'd think they'd be desperate for a change of scene.

Well, one comes this week for Dot, Fatboy, Whitney, Heather and Shirley when they head off to Southend.

Fatboy drives them there in Phil's Jag - he's taking Dot to see her long-lost sister Rose.

Heather and Shirley tag along so they can attend a 1980s convention in the town.

Whitney, meanwhile, is on the run from villainous pimp Rob after he tracks her down. Unfortunately, her efforts to keep him at bay fail miserably - he has no difficulty in tracking her down, and she needs Fatboy to call Ryan so he can hurry along and save her from Rob's clutches.

Unfortunately, their showdown looks certain to end in disaster.

Dot, meanwhile, has an emotional meeting with Rose - they haven't spoken since Rose ran off with Dot's errant husband Charlie Cotton many moons ago. After a number of false starts, in which various recriminations are thrown back and forth, they manage to patch things up, and Dot surprises herself by asking her sibling to move in with her.

Rose also has a grown-up son, Andrew, who takes a shine to Heather. Predictably, their romance doesn't exactly run smoothly - and part of that's down to Shirley, who is suspicious of his intentions towards her friend.

Heather is also oblivious to the fact she has an admirer, later admitting she thinks she'll never find her Prince Charming.

But Andrew follows her back to Walford and it's obvious this is more than just a passing fancy. Could something finally be on the cards for EastEnders' resident wallflower? GOSSIP It's been rumoured for a while that Amira would return to EastEnders with a baby, and now Preeya Kalidas,who plays her,has confirmed it's true.

But what will Syed - who's to adopt with Christian - think about being a dad?Craig Vye,aka Ethan, claims he and his fellow male cast members have a friendly rivalry about their gym prowess.

ALSO THIS WEEK... misdemeanors. In Coronation Street,Audrey sacks Kylie following a series of it lying down - she has footage But Kylie won't of Marc in drag,and tries to blackmail Audrey into giving her back her job.Marc,meanwhile,thinks it's time everyone knew about uncomfortable Marcia,leading to an the Rovers.

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MOVING TALES... There's a shock for Annie TRYST... Dirty washing is aired PECK... Brendan and Lynsey SMITTEN... Kyle leaves Jade feeling frustrated
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