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Paying for past slip-ups

We've been well aware that Amy is no sweet little angel ever since she first appeared in the village, but it seems her dark past is about to catch up with her.

Belle persuades Victoria and Amy to take her to a party where the youngster gets very drunk indeed, landing the girls in serious trouble with Lisa. But there's worse to come for Amy when Jared - somebody she'd hoped she'd never have to see again - turns up.

He knows something about her she doesn't want spreading around, and wastes no time blackmailing Amy - if she doesn't hand over pounds 50, he'll tell everyone just what a bad girl she is.

Frankly, Amy looks as if she'd be able to beat him in a fight with one arm tied behind her back, but she gives him the cash anyway. But unfortunately for her, that's not the end to it - Jared promises he'll be back for more.

Elsewhere, Leyla - worried that she may not see Jacob growing up - pleads with Debbie to help her stop Andy and Alicia moving away to Spain.

HUSHING UP... Amy EASTENDERS MONDAY, BBC1, 8pm HEAD-TURNER... Lauren catches Ryan's eye as she parades herself in front of him outside the nightclub Secret of natural beauty Lauren Branning has certainly blossomed into an attractive young woman lately, and it seems she's about to turn the head of one Walford resident this week.

Many female readers won't be able to blame the teenager for taking a shine to Ryan - after all, he's rather easy on the eye.

However, Whitney is less than impressed when she discovers her half-brother has been snogging her best mate.

In But Ryan isn't interested in pursuing a relationship with Lauren, leaving her with one option - to dazzle him with her evolving beauty. And so she does exactly that, strutting past the object of her affections as he stands, open-mouthed, outside R&R. Later, she and Whitney get a little tipsy on vodka, and Lauren confronts Ryan again, telling him she knows how much he likes money's mechanic, be her new look. He denies it and sends her packing.

However, she ends up at the Vic transparently flirting with Tyler, where Max finds her rather the worse for wear.

But as Max tries to reprimand her for her unseemly behaviour, Lauren threatens to tell everybody about her dad's 'dirty secret.' . Is she about to make Max and Tanya's fling common knowledge? Also this week... In EastEnders, Pat tries to persuade Ricky not to return to Dubai. But money's too tight to mention for the mechanic, who decides it would be better for his family if he left Walford again for a while.

Eventually, Ricky says an emotional farewell to his loved ones. But will he be back? NEIGHBOURS MONDAY, C5, 5.30pm Last dash Goodbye Brennan - we enjoyed having you and your hunky good looks around, but all good things must come to an end... He's been feeling the pressure since reporting a corrupt colleague, and now the dedicated cop is being forced to leave Erinsborough for good - and without a chance to say a proper goodbye to his friends on Ramsay Street.

But at the forefront of his mind is Kate. They spend a romantic final evening together, after which Kate reveals she's willing to go with him when he enters the witness protection programme - only she can't be separated from Sophie, who doesn't want to leave her friends.

Kate spends as much time as possible trying to change her sister's mind. Eventually they race to a pre-arranged meeting point - will they get there before Brennan leaves? Jo's business booster RIVER CITY TUE, BBC1, 8pm Gabriel can hardly contain his excitement as the arcade welcomes its first customers. Unfortunately, not everybody is quite so thrilled to see the place open for business.

In fact, it seems that most of Shieldinch's residents are concerned about the kind of person the place will attract.

Jo's objection, however, is a little more personal - she's stuck in a rut, and seeing Gabriel's new career simply annoys her. She takes great delight in telling Leo how badly designed the flyers are, so he offers her the perfect opportunity for her to put her money where her mouth is - by helping promote the arcade.

Gabriel isn't thrilled by this arrangement, but with protestors gathering outside, he feels he has no choice but to give Jo a chance.

Her involvement seems to help, and her efforts certainly impress Leo, who decides it's the right time for him to make his move on her.

HoME & AWAY MONDAY, CHANNEL 5, 6pm Mischief-maker We've always known that Brax's past is not whiter than white. And it seems at least one shady aspect of it is about to catch up with him when his meddling mum Cheryl summons his ex-girlfriend Tegan to Summer Bay.

Cheryl isn't what you would call a 'normal' mother - while most matriarchs hope their offspring grow up to be fine, upstanding members of society with a good education, she prefers her boys to be a little bit naughty, and as a result is somewhat disturbed by Brax's changed attitude.

Tegan is certainly a firebrand. She immediately stirs things up by trying to get back with Brax, then threatens to expose Charlie's secret relationship. Can Brax get rid of Tegan before she causes some real trouble? Meanwhile, Sid finally plucks up the courage to end his relationship with Marilyn. She's devastated for about five minutes before cheering herself up by developing plans to open a new hairdressing salon. Well, it takes all sorts... STIRRING UP TROUBLE... Tegan SOAP WEEK THE PLOTS YOU CAN'T MISS!

MoNDaY NEIGHBOURS: Tash makes the big mistake of sending naked photos of herself to Ivan, who humiliates her by showing them to all his friends. EASTENDERS: Janine's party isn't a roaring success, although she 'wins' tickets to Vegas and manages to embarrass both Ian and Phil.

EMMERDALE: Jai warns Declan he could drive a rift between him and Mia if he continues to be hostile towards Ella, who hopes for a reconciliation. CORRIE: Sean is jealous when he realises Marcus will be taking Dylan to the Freshco photoshoot.

HoME & AWAY: Miles is understandably awkward when Leah asks him to teach VJ about the birds and bees.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Sonya upsets Toadie by pretending they're a married couple in front of the mother of one of Callum's schoolfriends. EASTENDERS: Fatboy decides living at Grace's reminds him too much of Mercy, so he moves in with Dot instead. Jay and Abi discuss taking their relationship further. RIVER CITY: Stevie is back in town, and Raymond worries he'll let it slip about their violent disagreement. EMMERDALE: Sam is horrified when Samson is accused of being a bully. Is he really that naughty? HoME & AWAY: Casey and Brax decide it's time to escape from Cheryl's clutches by moving into a motel.

WEDNESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Sophie is reluctant to join Kate and Brennan in the witness protection programme, leaving her big sister with a dilemma. Should she try to persuade her sibling to come along, go without her, or let Brennan go it alone? EMMERDALE: Ella tells Mia she thinks it's only a matter of time before she patches things up with Declan. However, he only has eyes for one woman at the moment - Katie!

HoME & AWAY: Despite his reservations about their union, Sid seems to mellow towards Indi and Romeo's marriage by giving them a heartfelt gift. Meanwhile, Xavier is heartbroken by April's decision to end their relationship - but will she tell him why she thinks they have no future? THURSDAY NEIGHBOURS: Impressed with Sonya's abilities during a school event, Michael offers her a job. EASTENDERS: Tanya is forced to ditch a clandestine meeting with Max in favour of a romantic evening with Greg - which ends in disaster. EMMERDALE: Paddy asks Rhona if she and Leo will return home with him, while Declan and Katie go out on a date.

CORRIE: An increasingly unhinged Gary announces he's got a job at the factory so he can spend more time with Izzy. She's less than thrilled about the idea.

HoME & AWAY: Miles and Morag try to cheer Marilyn up by organising a dinner party in her honour - during which she gets absolutely sozzled.

FRIDAY NEIGHBOURS: Sonya wants to get married, but Toadie doesn't. So Callum decides to confront his adoptive dad about the issue. EASTENDERS: Ian ruins his blossoming friendship with Denise by attempting to kiss her.

EMMERDALE: Hazel worries about saying the wrong thing during Aaron's trial, and Ella causes trouble for Declan and Katie. CORRIE: Sean and Julie rush to Izzy's aid when she's mugged after using a cash machine. Bizarrely, Gary blames the attack on Sean, and promptly punches him while having a drink in the Rovers.

HoME & AWAY: Colleen goes into overdrive when she gets wind of a romance involving Sid and Roo.

Leanne wants to have a baby, but Peter doesn't. So what can possibly happen next? Well, this being soapland, it's not the case that they sit down and talk things through like sensible adults - where would the drama be in that? Instead, they have a slanging match, then he goes off in a bad mood and snogs another woman.

Peter decides that, at 46, he's far too old to be bringing another child into the world, leaving Leanne - who's still in hospital following last week's fall - absolutely devastated. Talk about kicking somebody when they're down. If that's his attitude to dealing with issues, Leanne warns him, then their marriage is never going to work - and she orders him out of her room.

Back on the Street, Peter turns to Carla for support. He admits he feels terrible about what he said to Leanne, and even questions the kind of man he is.

Carla knows the answer to that - the kind she'd like to have sharing her bed. She moves in for a kiss, but Peter soon recovers his senses, and rejects her come-on by pushing her away.

Once Peter's back at the flat, Ken drops in and realises his son has been tempted by another woman.

Obviously thinking back to his own illadvised dalliances in the past, he urges his son to carefully consider his situation.

Peter takes the time to do just that and comes to a decision that will have far-reaching repercussions for both of the women in his life.

Meanwhile, Ken has James to worry about. The so-called charity worker gets itchy feet after learning from Kevin that his fellow con-artists Rob and Janet are behind bars - and he reckons it's only a matter of time before the police call on him too.

So, after learning his application for a pounds 50,000 loan against the Barlow house has been approved, James summarily announces he's leaving Weatherfield - but, unfortunately for the young swindler, Ken smells a rat.

Eventually, he discovers what his grandson has been up to behind his back, and a violent confrontation takes place. And, as a consequence of the ruction, life for the Street stalwart may never be quite the same again.


SICKENED... Belle and Lisa TAKEN UP WITH KATE... Brennan
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