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EMMERDALE MONDAY, STV, 7PM Mixed show of emotion Following Jackson's death, Hazel is in need of all the support she can get, but not everyone in the village is understanding of her loss.

Although Bob is there at her side as she prepares to go back to Dale Head, Chas is less sympathetic as she worries about what will happen to Aaron. However, it's Ashley who delivers the biggest bombshell when he tells the grieving mum that while he can empathise, he can't condone her actions and she's going to have to find another vicar to conduct her son's funeral. Will he change his mind after he's confronted by an angry Aaron? Elsewhere, Charity has a consignment of TVs she's keen to get rid of, so Jai asks Carl to deliver them. However, Cain, who has been involved in enough scams of his own to know a dodgy deal when he sees one, quickly works out that the transaction isn't entirely above board - and that Jai isn't at all happy about it.

Seeing a chance to cause trouble between his ex and her new boyfriend while making a few quid to boot, he goes to Cameron with a proposition.

Secrets told in passing Ever wondered how Janine came to have such a big heart, winning personality and sunny disposition? Well, the arrival of Lydia cleared up that little mystery as it turns out the scheming minx is a chip off the old block. With so much in common, it's no wonder the long-lost relatives have started to bond over the past couple of months, and this week we get concrete proof that Janine really does care about her grandmother.

She stumbles across Lydia's will and discovers that all her money is going to charity. And instead of trying to manipulate the pensioner into changing her mind, or drawing up a fake, she says she respects her gran's decision and will be happy with just a few mementoes of her late mother.

Lydia is so impressed by this response that she drops a bombshell of her own, revealing that she had wanted her granddaughter to come to live with her following June's when work ex-soldier finds Will, becomes death, but that Frank and Pat wouldn't allow it.

When her grandmother dies, Janine is completely devastated, and Pat tries to comfort her.

But when Janine brings up Lydia's surprise announcement, her former stepmother gets defensive and starts asking a few awkward questions of her own - like how exactly Lydia died.

So, when the police later arrive making enquiries, Janine suspects Pat of calling them in, but can she convince the cops her grief is genuine? her Also this week... Flashes of the old, traumatised Gary emerge in Corrie this week when he goes to pick Izzy up from work and finds she's already left.The ex-soldier is far from happy when he finds her with an old friend called Will, and the friends' night in town becomes awkward when Gary insists on tagging along.

NEIGHBOURS MONDAY, C5, 5.30PM Facing facts In spite of Toadie's best efforts to shield Callum from Troy, this week father and son unwittingly come face to face with each other.

Will Toadie reveal the truth to Callum about who the mysterious newcomer really is? Meanwhile, Lyn drops a bombshell on Summer when she suggests that they move away from Erinsborough in an attempt to resolve Charlie's behaviour. Could her decision force Summer and Andrew to face up to their true feelings once and for all? Elsewhere, Brennan finds Kyle and Kate's friendship increasingly unbearable as the love rivals find themselves living under the same roof. A storm may be brewing when Jade confides in Kyle about her one-night stand with Mark.

Will the wannabe-Romeo choose to reveal all to Kate in an attempt to win her heart or will a jealous Jade put a stop to his intentions? Strange twist of fte RIVER CITY TUE, BBC1, 8PM The West End Festival is taking place, and everyone in Shieldinch is rather excited about it. What a shame, then, that things keep going wrong.

The residents are supposed to be taking part in a parade, but first their Queen's chariot doesn't turn up, then the Queen rings in sick.

Amber thinks Fraser's van would make a good replacement, so she removes the mysterious boxes packed inside and takes it without informing him. What she doesn't realise is that the boxes are part of a dodgy delivery involving McCabe... Murray sees Jack flirting with Gina, and refuses to admit just how jealous he is.

Later, Jack becomes determined to outdo his rival whenever possible, forcing Murray to issue Gina with an ultimatum - to choose between the men in her life.

But when Jack reveals how he feels about her, she has a difficult decision on her hands.

HoMe & AWAY MONDAY, CHANNEL 5, 6PM Courting disaster If there's one Summer Bay resident whose love life has had more ups and downs than the teenagers', it's Colleen Smart.

Surely she deserves a break when it comes to the romance stakes but apparently that break's not about to come anytime soon. Instead, she's in for more heartache.

At the beginning of the week, Colleen feels stressed at hearing that Brodie has escaped from police custody.

But when Keith comes to visit and the pair make plans for a quiet afternoon together, her nerves begin to settle - that is until Charlie arrives with some startling news and a warrant for Keith's arrest... Meanwhile, Romeo's spell of romancing the ladies a few weeks back returns to haunt him.

He quickly learns that there's only one thing worse than finding out you have chlamydia - your doctor, who also happens to be your girlfriend's dad, finding out first. And Sid's not going to go easy on the lad.

Nicole makes a tough decision about her future.


MoNDAY NEIGHBOURS: Summer realises she wants to be with Andrew, just as Lyn drops a bombshell of her own. EASTENDERS: Vanessa finally asks Max if he's in love with Tanya, and gets a very surprising response. EMMERDALE: Jimmy gets good and bad news - he's declared fit to drive, but Nicole has filed for divorce. CORRIE: James offers Sophie a full-time position with the homeless charity, but Kevin doesn't think it's much of a career move. Steve does his best to keep Tracy sweet. HOME & AWAY: Angelo awakes from his coma to be faced with Charlie and a barrage of questions, but Nicole thinks her boyfriend may know more than he's letting on.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Callum meets yet another long-lost parent when he comes face to face with his father. EASTENDERS: Fatboy worries his defence of Mercy may have hurt her chances of staying in the UK.

RIVER CITY: Jimmy feels torn between supporting Scarlett and carrying out a little job for McCabe. EMMERDALE: Rodney has to think fast when Nicola catches him with Jimmy and Angelica, while Mia suspects Ella is up to something when she buys sexy new lingerie. HOME & AWAY: Romeo can't understand why Sid is being so hostile towards him, but when Emily arrives with bad news, suddenly everything starts to makes sense.

WEDNESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Kyle desperately needs a housemate, so Brennan agrees to move in - which could make for a tense atmosphere, as the copper is increasingly jealous of the handyman's friendship with Kate. EMMERDALE: Rhona notices that Paddy is uneasy around her, but has no trouble confiding in Chas. Declan arranges a surprise anniversary party for Ella, and Brenda warns Rodney not to keep going behind Nicola's back. HOME & AWAY: The music festival is cancelled, so Gina prepares to pack up and go home, but Vanessa suggests they can still go on a girly camping trip. April tries to get in touch with Liam, despite Xavier's advice to stay away, while Irene and Leah are worried about Colleen.

THURSDAY NEIGHBOURS: Libby's fake romance with Lucas gets out of hand when she lets Susan in on the joke. EASTENDERS: Syed accidentally upsets Christian, while Eddie works his charm on Liam - and his gran. EMMERDALE: The guests arrive for the surprise anniversary party, little suspecting that Ella is otherwise engaged - she's checked into a hotel with toy boy Adam. CORRIE: Sean and Marcus struggle to care for Dylan, while Gary panics when he arrives to meet Izzy from work, only to find she's already left with her old friend Will.

HoMe & AWAY: John mounts a rescue mission after hearing Gina has gone camping with Vanessa, and April confronts Liam, and tells him to be honest with Bianca.

FRIDAY NEIGHBOURS: Jade plots to get Kyle to herself by giving him some bad advice on winning Kate's heart. EASTENDERS: Even at his own engagement party, Max just can't resist a chance to get close to Tanya. EMMERDALE: Rhona considers her future after a row with Paddy. Victoria refuses to forgive Amy's lies. CORRIE: Dev has some serious grovelling to do after he makes Sunita a very unromantic proposal. Gary insists on tagging along when Izzy meets up with her friend Will, and Tracy is unimpressed with the new arrivals at the Rovers. HOME & AWAY: Nicole is concerned when she sees Marilyn and Sid arguing, and asks Angelo for his advice on getting George back. Romeo confesses to a stunned Indi.

15 Just the job for Stella Tracy is peeved when Steve takes on Stella as the Rovers' bar manager CORONATION STREET MONDAY, STV, 7.30PM Michelle Collins spent 10 years as Cindy Beale, the ultimate soap femme fatale.

So, to say that soap fans are looking forward to her arrival on Coronation Street, is something of an enormous understatement.

Whether she turns out to be just as acid-tongued, manipulative and downright vile as Cindy remains to be seen - but rumour has it her character could have a secret link with a well-established member of the Corrie family... Collins joins the cast as glamorous Stella, employed by Steve to manage the Rovers. Of course, Tracy is far from happy by events as she thought Steve was going to offer her the job - and as Charlie Stubbs found out to his cost, Tracy is not someone you want to upset.

By the end of the week, Stella is moving into the pub with boyfriend Karl (Taggart veteran John Michie) and daughter Eva (ex-Emmerdale actress Catherine Tyldesley) - something that wasn't agreed during her interview.

The Rovers boss is well aware she's pulled a fast one, but he's too concerned with Becky's welfare to argue. Her life seems to revolve around partying as she attempts to drown out all the problems waiting for her in Weatherfield. That doesn't prevent Steve and the Croppers trying to bring her home.

Meanwhile, Tina is still in a vengeful mood after being betrayed by Graeme and Xin. As the couple prepare to flee the Street before the authorities descend on them, Gail tells Ms McIntyre that revenge won't bring Graeme back.

For once, Tina heeds her advice and instead lets Tommy take her out.

And it looks like Sean and Marcus's attempts to make a go of things will step up a gear this week. When a call is received revealing that Violet is ill in hospital. Sean decides he'd like to take over Dylan's care, with Marcus and Eileen offering support.

It proves to be an excellent arrangement, and it could turn into a longer term prospect when news filters through that Violet's recovery could take months, not weeks.

When Marcus suggests they get a flat together, Sean wonders if he's moving too fast.

GOSSIP Jack P. Shepherd has been dishing the dirt on his Coronation Street co-stars, and reckons Simon Gregson (Steve) and Alan Halsall (Tyrone) are the funniest, while Michelle Keegan (Tina) is the messiest, and Brooke Vincent (Sophie, pictured) has the worst taste in music!

Benjie McNair is heading back to Neighbours to reprise his role as Malcolm Kennedy soon but claims he'd love to make his return permanent.


BITTER... Cain Dingle SORROW... Bob comforts Hazel EASTENDERS MONDAY, BBC1, 8PM GOOD RELATIONS... Lydia and Janine CANDID... Summer and Andrew UNAWARE... Amber LOVESICK... Romeo NEW BEGINNINGS... Steve announces his decision to Tracy, main. Tina goes out on a date with Tommy, top and Stella moves into the Rovers with boyfriend Karl, above
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