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Baby, let's try again

After everything he's been through lately, you can't blame Alfie for wanting to look to the future. But Kat is still taken aback when her husband tells her he wants them to try for another baby using IVF.

She talks the idea over with Jack, who - possibly influenced by his own increasingly strained relationship with Ronnie - tells her there's no point in just papering over the cracks in her marriage.

Despite these grim words of warning, Kat tells Alfie they should go ahead, but when they attend an appointment at the fertility clinic, the doctor asks if she's sure it's not too soon after Tommy's death to be considering having another child.

Kat convinces the medic she's ready, but Alfie isn't quite so easily persuaded and asks if she's stalling for time. Sadly, her response leaves him wondering if it's not just the IVF that needs putting on hold, but their whole relationship.

Elsewhere, Jodie's latest attempt at babysitting ends in George burning his hand on a pair of curling tongs. She tells Darren that, as she can't ask him to choose between her and his child, she's calling off the relationship.



Fed-up Faye set to leave

Faye Lamb has hardly had the easiest of lives in the village - then again few of the residents has - so this week she's bidding a not-sofond farewell to the place.

When she breaks the news to son Ryan that she's leaving, she can't resist trying to tempt him into moving abroad with her. But despite everything they've been through, he maintains that his life is where he is and confirms he is settled. It would be a hard pill for any mother to swallow, but Faye accepts she's going to have to cut the apron strings.

And so, after handing Ryan her car keys and a cheque, she heads off into the famous soapland sunset where so many have gone before her.

Meanwhile, after a heart-to-heart with Chas, Debbie decides to give her relationship with Cameron another go - but it's not long before the pair are annoying Cain. He's upset when Debbie threatens to kick him out if he causes trouble for her. But it's what he does best, and when Cameron asks him if he can buy him a pint, Cain just walks off. Driving away, Cameron accidentally knocks Cain's wing mirror to the ground.

Needless to say, Cain's left irate, but he receives another warning from Debbie that he will not ruin her relationship - she really likes Cameron.


In Neighbours,Toadie finds himself left holding the baby - quite literally as it happens - when he offers to mind young India. After Sonya begrudgingly 'rescues' him from his plight, her obvious natural instinct prompts Toadie to suggest that perhaps they should try for an infant of their own.What will she do?


Is it a deal?

Lucas's suspicions about Brennan's mysterious behaviour suddenly fall into place when he turns up for another race - only to discover the handsome cop working undercover!

The mechanic is shocked when Brennan surprises him with a deal that would allow both of them to get what they want. Will Lucas agree, even if it means lying to Kate?

Paul lays his cards on the table by presenting Rebecca with an affidavit releasing her 16 from their marriage, but he will only sign the document if she agrees to spend the night with him at Lassiter's. Will she go ahead with it or will Michael put a stop to the idea.

Feeling suffocated by Natasha, Summer desperately seeks a quiet place to escape the drama and takes up Zeke's offer to hide out at PirateNet. Meanwhile, Tash, continuing with her plot to keep Summer and Andrew apart, spies the perfect opportunity to spread some rumours.

It's payback time


Robbie may have received a beating for failing to toe the line, but Theresa still isn't satisfied. She demands he pay back the money he stole - starting with pounds 500.

He realises the only way he can get his hands on that kind of cash is by going back to thieving - but when Hayley catches him red-handed, he's forced to tell her the whole sorry story.

Needless to say, she's far from impressed, so he decides to quit town for good - leaving poor old Hayley having to pick up the pieces.

The day of Stuart's christening dawns and Raymond sends Eileen off to the hairdressers, assuring her that everything will be fine while she's away.

But this being Raymond, things soon turn awry, and before you know it, he's managed to spray tomato sauce down the front of the expensive silk gown Eileen bought for the occasion!


Homing instincts

There's an eventful week in store for the Buckton women, as Ruby and Charlie take drastic action when their love lives turn out surprising outcomes.

Ruby's on cloud nine after finally bagging the man she adores and she's all set to tell people that she and Romeo are now dating.

But she's forgetting one minor issue - Indi, and when she later meets up with Romeo, she's heartbroken to learn that not only has he not told Indi, he's decided to stay with her.

Later, Ruby's rushed to hospital after collapsing, brought about mainly by being tormented by hurt and anger.

Meanwhile, as she tries to support her daughter, Charlie feels the pressure of being a police officer and a mother. The trouble involving the River Boys worsens and she is called on to sort it out. But when she takes Brax to one side, he responds by kissing her - and a furious Charlie arrests him.

Elsewhere, April suffers a panic attack and Casey's shining moment is soon doused by his mother.




NEIGHBOURS: Summer tries to break up the love triangle by getting away from Natasha and Andrew.

EASTENDERS: Abi has her first official date with Jay, while Lauren is still desperately seeking Whitney.

EMMERDALE: Carl warns Kelly to stay away from Jimmy, and Charity tells Chas that Jai won't buy the pub.

CORRIE: Maria steels herself to apologise to Frank after failing to drum up any new business for Underworld. Sally proves she's moving on with her life by going out with Jeff.

HOME & AWAY: Colleen panics when faced with the prospect of going back to the caravan, while Romeo realises he may have misunderstood Indi's intentions.


NEIGHBOURS: Lyn looks for a way to lift Charlie's spirits after his new pet is taken away from him.

EASTENDERS: Max catches Jay and Abi kissing. Tanya and Jane shop for wedding outfits, while Jack decides to work alongside Michael.

RIVER CITY: Malcolm's good fortune inspires Stella, Charlie and Big Bob to commit a little insurance fraud.

EMMERDALE: Jai agrees to give Roz a trial at the factory, but is less willing to take a chance on former drug addict Holly. Aaron accuses Jackson of being selfish.

HOME & AWAY: VJ discovers that he has a lot more in common with Elijah's stepson Thabo than he thought. Ruby threatens to tell Indi what Romeo has been up to.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie gets a glimpse of Sonya's maternal side as she helps him babysit India. But when he suggests they have a child of their own one day, he doesn't get quite the reaction he was hoping for.

EMMERDALE: Jackson agrees to be Josh's godfather, and Ryan's big night out with Cain ends up being even livelier than he was expecting when the Dingle steals the keys to an expensive car. Jai is annoyed to discover the exact details of the out-of-court settlement with Faye.

HOME & AWAY: Elijah is finding it tough to bond with his new family, and his guilt only increases when Thabo is rushed to hospital. Charlie resorts to an unusual policing tactic - pleading with Brax to keep his gang under control.


NEIGHBOURS: Paul asks Tash to take a paternity test, while Toadie tries to prove that he's dad material.

EASTENDERS: Max goads Jay into punching him in a bid to show Abi what her boyfriend is really like.

EMMERDALE: Ella accuses Declan of merely giving Adam a job to wind up John. Jackson is stunned to learn Aaron and Hazel have both watched his video diary.

CORRIE: Gail decides it's her moral duty to let Frank know what happened to Tracy's last boyfriend. Sophie makes herself scarce while Sally entertains Jeff at home.

HOME & AWAY: Irene worries that April is becoming withdrawn, while Gina puts Casey, Xavier and Dex to work on a science project. Is she hoping for some explosions?


NEIGHBOURS: Even PirateNet fails to offer Summer a refuge, while Paul makes an indecent proposal.

EASTENDERS: Michael looks set to miss the grand opening of his own gym thanks to Phil - and Ronnie.

EMMERDALE: Alicia is furious when Leyla buys Jacob a jumper, insisting she can afford to treat him.

CORRIE: Tyrone is livid when Kevin scoops a big win on a scratchcard, but the news has an even bigger effect on Sally, who has second thoughts about signing the divorce papers. Roy is unsettled by a letter from his mum.

HOME & AWAY: April has a panic attack while being grilled by Bianca on her increasingly strange behaviour, and Casey impresses the class with a great presentation.

Jim will fix it for Liz

Jim McDonald helps his ex-wife by appealing to son Steve to make amends


Given John Stape's web of deceit over the last few years, it's little wonder the former teacher wound up as a suitable case for psychiatric treatment.

First he passed himself off as old mate Colin Fishwick (because he couldn't get a job teaching), and then when his former colleague dropped dead, Stape and the flirty Charlotte hid the body in Underworld's foundations.

On the night of the devastating tram crash last December, he hit psycho Charlotte over the back of the head with a hammer, then later smothered Colin's poor sick mum.

It begs the question: whatever next for Weatherfield's most lethal resident? As ever, Fiz has little idea of the extent of his crimes; she's more concerned with caring for baby Hope, so she really has her hands full this week when John comes home from hospital.

Like a bad penny, Jim McDonald is also back (so he is), and you can bet that whenever he's around, it's not long before the fists start flying.

He calls at the Rovers and begs Steve to make up with Liz after their latest falling out. However, his son sides with Becky and reckons Liz should return to Spain.

It's also the end of an era for Janice Battersby, the diminutive knickerstitcher with a heart of gold and a mouth like a foghorn.

It's 14 years since she first arrived in the Street alongside Les, Toyah and Leanne. Since that memorable day, she's been involved in more than her fair share of dodgy deals, love triangles and general drama.

Now it seems she's opened her big mouth once too often and finally gets the sack from Underworld. However, a knight in shining armour arrives in the form of Trevor, her hunky former lodger, who is off round Europe in a camper van.

She's thrilled to see him, but at first he seems to have his mind on other things.

Before long though he's keen to whisk her off for a life of romantic travels.

Bon voyage Janice.

Things won't be the same without you.

They will, however, be a lot quieter.


While promoting his new autobiography, actor Larry Lamb (pictured) has revealed on whom he based his portrayal of EastEnders villain Archie Mitchell - believe it or not, it was his own father!

Although many blokes would love to have his job, Jack P. Shepherd has revealed that filming kissing scenes with co-star Paula Lane can be tricky because their castmates are always making them giggle!


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