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MON, STV, 7pm

Thanks for no memory

Poor Jimmy. His memory is worse than that of a corrupt police constable and it seems an old flame is keen to exploit the situation.

The drama kicks off when the troubled businessman asks Nicola if he can take Angelica to nursery. While chatting the pair are unaware that a mystery driver is watching them.

Later, while he's taking some paperwork up to the Sharmas' factory, Kelly approaches Jimmy and apologises.

To her amazement she realises he doesn't know who she is and asks if he remembers anything about the last time they met. He tells her he doesn't, revealing that he has lost his memory.

When Kelly reveals she was once the love of his life, Jimmy asks her to tell him more. However, she leaves him wondering.

He informs Carl, who explains the timing is too coincidental, and Kelly must have played a part in what happened to him. While he desperately tries to recall his relationship with Kelly, it's obvious she's keen to exploit his amnesia for her own ends.


MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm

Rover's surprise return

These are bleak times for Steve and his wife. In a desperate attempt to buy Max from her half-sister, Becky risked everything, including alienating the Alahans, as she looted cash from their shop on the night that Sunita and others were at death's door.

The fact that Kylie is back has only added to their misery, while Tracy's threats hang over them like a black cloud. One woman who's been blissfully out of the loop for the past few months is Liz, but that's all about to change as she returns to the Street.

And little wonder alarm bells are soon ringing for Liz as she finds out that Steve let Tracy take Amy without a fight. Discovering Ms Barlow is also working at the Rovers leaves her fuming. There's obviously something rotten in the state of Denmark - or in this case Weatherfield - and she's determined to find out what it is.

Romeo progresses how when notch, she's Meanwhile, Sian tells Sally how Sophie felt neglected by her parents. Sally then decides to take her frustration out on Kevin.

A bitter row breaks out around Sophie's hospital bed, and while on the road to recovery, she accuses her parents of being too wrapped up in themselves.

Over a drink, they discuss their mistakes and Sally becomes upset. Kevin moves in to comfort her and Sally doesn't refuse, so as the ice thaws he leans in for a kiss...

Also this week...

It's been a long time coming, but Indi finally decides to put some effort into her relationship with Romeo in Home & Away. As the day progresses though, the pair realise just how far apart they have grown.And when Indi decides to take it up a notch, Romeo mistakenly thinks she's about to break up with him and makes a rash decision he's bound to regret...


Dirty business

Lucas's new career in street racing reaches a whole new level this week when the mechanic discovers the Ramsay house has been trashed.

With Kate and Sophie now at risk will Lucas get over his pride and lose a race in order to free himself from further blackmail by Garland?

Zeke is also suffering from a dilemma as Sophie's crush intensifies and starts to make things uncomfortable between the friends. Knowing he has to let the teen down gently, he decides to confide in Jade as he struggles to give Sophie the hint without offending her.

Meanwhile, Tash's lie suddenly doesn't seem such a good idea when she is forced to tell her father about the pregnancy. Now Michael and Rebecca know the "truth", it looks as though her game could soon be up.

Summer is also suspicious and takes it upon herself to try to find evidence that there is no baby.

Nicole is 'Nicked'


After being ordered by her nemesis, Carmen, to find pounds 50 to fund a party, Nicole tries to steal the contents of Charlie's wallet.

However, Nick spots her and decides to follow her. Eventually he realises what's been going on and frightens Carmen into apologising.

You might think that was the end of the situation, but Nicole reads a new meaning into Nick's gesture. There could be trouble ahead.

Theresa exercises her hold over Robbie once again, forcing him to take part in a scheme to cheat a man out of thousands of pounds. She instructs Robbie to get the books to the hair salon and to show the man around the premises. He's torn between doing the right thing and keeping his tormentor happy, but which path will he choose?

Meanwhile, a frustrated Leyla issues Michael with a stern proclamation - either Leo finds somewhere else to live, or she will.


Waves in the bay

The River Boys are certainly causing upset in Summer Bay.

With Colleen still in shock after being abducted from her own caravan, Charlie diligently investigates but again fails to come up with anything to pin on the gang. And her work is about to be made all the more difficult as Brax decides he wants to get to know Leah better. He stuns the two friends when he asks Leah out for lunch, but what is he really after?

Meanwhile, Angelo becomes even more desperate to keep his business afloat and turns to Brax for cheap booze for the restaurant. When Brax starts making suggestions about expanding the menu, Angelo admits he'd love to, but there's no way he can afford to go ahead with the plans - until the River Boy offers to loan Angelo the money.

Elsewhere, Elijah and Grace struggle to settle into their new life, Dex's strange behaviour worsens after he starts up an online blog, and Ruby gets the wrong idea that Romeo and Casey are fighting over her.




NEIGHBOURS: Zeke isn't sure how to handle Sophie's crush, and just ends up making things worse.

EASTENDERS: Darren asks Jodie to keep an eye on George, but she leaves Heather holding the baby.

EMMERDALE: Zak takes the law into his own hands after learning that Derek won't have to stand trial.

CORRIE: Katy stuns Chesney by announcing that she wants them to start a family sooner rather than later, while Tina is disappointed when Graeme has a date with Xin.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier makes one last attempt to win April back with a romantic letter. Angelo resorts to desperate measures in a bid to keep the restaurant afloat.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate hopes that Jade can help Sophie recover from her humiliation at the hands of Zeke.

EASTENDERS: Abi and Jay get closer, and Carol realises she's ready to start moving on from Billie's death.

RIVER CITY: Eileen hopes to impress Nick with her plans, but he's more interested in the rehab clinic.

EMMERDALE: Amy waits to hear the results of Val and Eric's hearing. Lisa finds the strength to confront Derek, who is still claiming that their encounter was consensual.

HOME & AWAY: Leah and VJ have an awkward meeting with Elijah and his new wife Grace, who is left feeling even more uncomfortable after a chat with Colleen.


NEIGHBOURS: Lucas pressures Mark to take part in the calendar photo shoot. Tash is also feeling the strain as Andrew tells her he wants them to keep the baby, and Rebecca advises them to speak to Michael.

EMMERDALE: Chas tells Jackson that he's not being fair on Aaron, and urges him to be more honest with his boyfriend. Amy, Val and Eric have something to celebrate, and Adam quits the farm after John docks his wages.

HOME & AWAY: Romeo gets an insight into Casey's chaotic lifestyle after he offers to help the youngster with his homework, and Leah prepares for a date. Meanwhile, as Morag finds out the truth about Elijah's marriage, the preacher wonders if he should give into Grace's demands.


NEIGHBOURS: Susan has fun teasing Karl about the women's big plans for their charity calendar

EASTENDERS: Lauren and Janine track down Whitney, but the teen is reluctant to walk out on her new life.

EMMERDALE: Aaron is shocked by the contents of Jackson's video diary and convinces Hazel to watch it too. Rodney gets a glimpse of Declan's ruthless side.

CORRIE: Tracy leaves Amy with the McDonalds after landing a date with Frank. Chesney and Katy have an announcement to make - and Owen isn't going to like it.

HOME & AWAY: Sid worries that Dex is making himself a target for bullies by dressing up in drag for his blog, and Indi realises she and Romeo have grown apart.


NEIGHBOURS: Charlie's new pet causes a stir on Ramsay Street, and Summer suspects Tash is lying.

EASTENDERS: Whitney's storyline reaches a conclusion in a 10-minute special showing during Comic Relief.

EMMERDALE: Charity looks for the perfect moment to ask Jai if he wants to buy a pub for her cousin.

CORRIE: Frank barges into Underworld to accuse Maria of turning Tracy against him. Xin and Graeme are given the go ahead to get married, but the news isn't so good for Ches and Katy as Owen sets out to have them evicted.

HOME & AWAY: Indi plots to win back Romeo by leaving him a series of cryptic messages, but it seems she would have been better off just telling him how she feels.

Whitney faces reality

She may think she's happy, but the teenager is being used and abused


It's Comic Relief this week, so how is EastEnders celebrating the occasion? By getting Mo Harris to sit in a bath of beans, or sponsoring the residents of Walford to do their own laundry? No, the soap is treating us to a hard-hitting storyline centring on Whitney and highlighting the issue of teen prostitution.

To be fair, it's about time the Branning-Butcher-Jacksons started to pay the troubled teen some attention, as no one seems to have noticed that she hasn't been around much lately. However, Lauren is feeling guilty about their row and decides to give her mate a ring - only for a strange man to answer the phone and warn her never to call the number again.

Concerned, Lauren marches off to confront Janine, who is forced to admit that she lied about Whitney going to stay with Ryan and she actually has no idea where her sister-in-law has got to.

Carol is so horrified, she steels herself to visit Connor to ask if he knows where her step-granddaughter is. But it turns out she could have saved herself a trip and just asked little Tiffany, who has read Whitney's diary and knows she's been seeing a man with a club on the Stanham Road. Acting on the tip-off, Lauren and Janine head off to try to find her, but are in for a shock when they finally track her down.

Whitney claims that she's happy and in love, but it gradually becomes clear that Rob has been using her to clear his debts by getting her to sleep with his mates. Lauren struggles to get Whitney to see her relationship for what it really is and fails to persuade her to come home. However, it looks as though Janine may have more success when she turns up with a stark warning about the dangers of prostitution, and Rob forcibly bundles her out.

When Whitney then tells Rob that her family is worried about her and she's not sure she wants to go to a party with him, has the message finally got through? And even if it has, will Rob let her leave? We'll have to wait for a special 10-minute episode, showing as part of Comic Relief night, to find out.

Gossip EastEnders bosses have revealed they will not be changing the opening titles to incorporate the new Olympic stadium - despite receiving a request from the organisers that they do so.

Although he's earned a living as an actor since he was in his teens, Coronation Street's Simon Gregson (pictured), aka Steve McDonald, doesn't want his son Alfie to follow in his footsteps because the profession is full of "weirdos"!


ADVICE... Carl FRESH APPROACH... Jimmy and Kelly DUBIOUS... Tracy's no sight for sore eyes DILEMMA... Lucas, Kate and Sophie SPOTTED... Nicole and Nick UNDERSTANDING... Ruby and Romeo get together HOME TRUTHS... Janine tracks down Whitney, who is with Rob, main. Lauren extracts a reluctant truth, top, Carol makes inquiries of Connor, above
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