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MON, STV, 7.30pm

Oh dear. It seems David is in love - again. He horrifies Gail and Audrey with stories of Candy - a cage dancer he's met in Tenerife. And his smitten state leaves Maria wound up to breaking point.

When Carla gets wind of the fact that her sister-in-law is tired of life at the salon - not to mention working with the demonic David - she offers her a job as her PA in Michelle's absence.

Meanwhile, Eileen inspires a desperate Sunita to blackmail Owen into finishing the corner shop. However, it's clear the dodgy builder isn't going to take things lying down. He slips into the Grimshaws' (using Jason's keys) and steals back the evidence against him (Eileen, let's hope you made more than one copy of the incriminating paperwork).

Later he calls the police and tells them Eileen has pinched money from his business. Ms Grimshaw is stunned when the cops come calling and denies any wrongdoing.

And, gutted that he's lost Leanne, Nick seeks solace in booze.

Whitney lives life to the Max



We all know Max has a taste for younger women - and if they're related to him by marriage, so much the better.

However, Lauren is still shocked to catch her dad in a compromising position with Whitney. But for once she may have misjudged him.

It's clear Whitney is heading for disaster earlier in the week when Janine's landlord gives them just 24 hours to come up with the pounds 800 they owe in rent.

The troubled teen decides she has no option but to pick a pocket or two. Her plan goes disastrously wrong - until a stranger named Rob (former Shameless actor Jody Latham) comes to her rescue. He takes a keen interest in her circumstances, and later texts her to make sure she's okay.

Whitney thinks she's found a knight in shining armour much closer to home, though, after Max gives her a job manning the phone at the car lot. But when he then defends passing luck a terribly cures spiritual of her from a raging Janine, Whitney gets entirely the wrong idea about the type of comfort he's offering and makes a pass - just as Lauren walks in.

Now she's alienated most of the Brannings and seen Janine's nasty side, will Whitney finally go home to dependable Ricky or turn to the mysterious Rob?

Elsewhere, there's good news for Kim as Walford's latest GP books into her newly-opened B&B for a month. The bad news for Zainab is that the doctor is her ex-husband, Yusef.


In River City, it's the day of Charlie's seventh attempt at passing his driving test. However, as luck wouldn't have it, he wakes with a terribly stiff neck.Annie somehow cures it with her unique brand of spiritual remedy, and soon news of her "healing hands" spreads like wildfire. Molly is second in line for help...

A new start?


It looks as though it could be the end of an era for the lovely Donna this week.

Kate sneakily borrows the aspiring fashion designer's sketchbook to put on a show of her work. But will the plan give her friend the confidence to bite into the Big Apple?

Meanwhile, Rebecca is getting in deep and even resorts to involving Lyn in her web of deceit as she arranges to meet Michael. Toadie also makes himself useful when he unwittingly provides Rebecca with a legal way out of her relationship with Paul.

Andrew is still struggling to work out his love life and it takes Donna to force him to admit his true feelings, but how long is Summer prepared to sit on the sidelines and keep quiet?

And Sonya's secret looks close to being exposed, with her sister and Toadie at war after Jade makes an attempt to bond with Callum.

Crossing the line


Jo is feeling on top of the world. The fashion show is about to start and Gabriel is at her side.

Unfortunately, she then makes the terrible mistake of saying three important little words in his ear, and he practically runs a mile.

Gabriel just wants to take things slowly, although his friendship with Amber seems to be gathering pace.

When Jo spots a pregnancy test in Amber's bag, she tells Gabriel he should back off because her relationship with Fraser is clearly serious. Instead, it pushes him closer to her, and Jo has to come up with another way of keeping them apart: one that may, if it goes wrong, spoil her own chances of spending the future alongside Gabriel.

Andy sneaks back into Shieldinch but is spotted by Liz, who asks him if he's going to visit Ruth.

When he doesn't call on her, Gina has a few choice words to impart.


Mystery solved

H&A bosses have dragged this murder investigation out longer than the latest loveless spell in Leah's romantic life, but this week, through flashbacks, we finally get to the bottom of exactly how Penn Graham died.

With Will now under arrest, he reveals that he saw Daria go into Penn's room and, worried for her safety, followed her in.

But when Penn pulled out a knife and threatened the pair, one of them, acting in self-defence, delivered what proved to be a lethal attack.

Meanwhile, with Will absent, Irene's finding it tough looking after Lily.

Sure she's taken in all kinds of waifs and strays over the years, but she's not as young as she used to be and it certainly doesn't help matters when the youngster gives her a mouthful and makes it clear that she blames her for everything entirely.

Elsewhere, Alf's trying to adjust to life as a free man, but is far from happy with all the changes John has made at the Surf Club.



MONDAY NEIGHBOURS: A little chat with Toadie looks set to provide Rebecca with a quick way out of her marriage to Paul.

EASTENDERS: Heather reaches a decision about George, while Alfie has a cunning plan to win Kat back.

EMMERDALE: Carl tells Nicola his theory about missing Jimmy - his brother might be having an affair.

CORRIE: Steve has a big win at the casino, but doesn't feel like celebrating after he learns about Dev's financial woes. Julie takes it upon herself to look after poor Tyrone.

HOME & AWAY: Lily recovers from her illness, but sadly her father's absence isn't going to be so easy to get over. The police make a breakthrough in the Penn inquiry.


NEIGHBOURS: Donna realises where Andrew's heart really lies, and urges him to tell Natasha the truth.

EASTENDERS: Roxy decides to make changes at the salon, and starts by hiring a manager - Tanya. Whitney gets into financial difficulty.

RIVER CITY: Nicole looks forward to the fashion show, but it seems the bullies are out to ruin her big night.

EMMERDALE: Adam learns that working in the family business can have its downside when John refuses to let him take any time off and then teases him about Mia.

HOME & AWAY: Colleen and Irene clash over Alf's surprise homecoming party, but the guest of honour is more concerned with developments at the Surf Club.


NEIGHBOURS: Callum feels awkward when Jade tries to bond with him - would it make him any more comfortable if he knew she was his auntie? Summer wonders if she still has a future with Andrew in light of what he said to Natasha.

EMMERDALE: Charity snipes at Cain for choosing Faye over her, but he reckons it's just a matter of time before she comes to her senses and runs back into his arms. Debbie's not so sure, but hopes they can at least stop the war of words.

HOME & AWAY: Indi enjoys the university open day, but Nicole feels out of place as the only pregnant student. She resolves to give Marilyn her baby, unaware the bubbly blonde is busy looking into other methods of adoption.


NEIGHBOURS: Sonya tries to prove to Jade that Toadie is a good dad. Sophie is left to fend for herself.

EASTENDERS: Patrick becomes the latest Walford resident to have a go at bringing Kat and Alfie together.

EMMERDALE: Rhona feels less than relaxed during baby yoga, as Marlon seriously tries her patience. Andy entrusts Alicia with picking Sarah up from school.

CORRIE: Lloyd insists that Steve use his winnings to repay Streetcars, but the landlord's conscience is telling him something else. Tyrone feels smothered by Julie.

HOME & AWAY: A drunken Indi passes out in the middle of a romantic meal with Romeo, and Xavier makes a concerted effort to become more involved in April's life.


NEIGHBOURS: Lucas settles his debt with Libby, but is tempted to do even more dodgy business with Billy.

EASTENDERS: Julie opens up about her past to kindly Heather, while Masood is in for a nasty shock.

EMMERDALE: Jackson struggles to hide his feelings when Aaron starts to talk to him about Flynn.

CORRIE: Julie lands Fiz in trouble when she tells Joy's solicitor that there's no Colin Fishwick living on Coronation Street. How can the redhead lie her way out of this one? Steve becomes concerned about Becky's manic state.

HOME & AWAY: As Gina searches for the missing chemicals, Xavier tells April to get rid of the evidence - but pouring them down the sink may not be the best idea.

Lisa outs rapist Derek

Factory worker is forced to reveal all about ordeal to protect her friend Lizzie


The village of Emmerdale is in no shortage of really nasty villains of late. You might think fire-raising copper Nick Henshall should top the bill - but then there's also delusional rapist Derek Benrose.

His work colleague Lisa has been struggling with what happened for some weeks now, since the incident early in the New Year, holding the awful truth - and the emotional turmoil - inside. She has confided in Debbie, without revealing all the unpleasant details.

However, when Derek starts laying on the charm with Lizzie, Lisa fears that her friend is going to be attacked too and tries to warn her off.

She tells her nemesis to stay away from Lizzie. But Derek calmly tells Lisa that she's overstepped the mark, referring to the night he raped her as a fling, and telling her she doesn't get to decide who he talks to. While she struggles to understand him, Lisa only feels worse when Lizzie, sick of her mood, accuses her of being jealous.

Unwilling to let it drop, Lisa tries to talk to Lizzie again, but when Derek gets involved, Lisa blurts out what happened on her overtime shift. The factory girls are shocked by her confession, and Derek insists they were having an affair and she is just getting her own back for being dumped. But Chas sticks up for Lisa.

Nikhil and Jai are unsure what to do in the circumstances, and take Derek into their office before sending the rest of the staff home.

Lisa finally summons up the courage to tell Zak she was raped. He is devastated she didn't confide in him, but she remains strong as she tells him that vengeance won't solve anything. However, will Zak be able to stop himself from giving Derek a beating he will never forget?

There's also trouble for Nicola and Carl as Jimmy remains missing. They initially suspect that he may have run off with another woman - especially when someone keeps ringing the office asking to speak to him. But they panic when the police find Jimmy's bloodstained van abandoned in Peterborough, and after being informed the pair set off to find him.


Watch out for Jim McDonald's reappearance on Corrie at the end of next month. Rumour has it he will be involved in Liz's leaving storyline.

Bella Heathcote, who played Neighbours' Amanda Fowler, is set for big-screen stardom - she's been lined up to feature alongside Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's revamp of gothic soap Dark Shadows.


DESPERATE... Sunita JUST NOT CUTTING IT... Maria, Audrey and David HANDS-ON APPROACH...Whitney and Max SEND-OFF?...Donna and friends TESTING TIME...Amber UNDER PRESSURE...Charlie quizzes Will TRUTH WILL OUT... Lisa warns Derek away from Lizzie, main. Lisa humbles Derek in public, top. Carl and Nicola fret about the whereabouts of Jimmy, above
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