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MONDAy, STV, 7pm

Laying down the law

It's going to be one heck of a week for Andy Sugden as the hunt for the fire-raiser continues.

The troubled soul is practically public enemy number one in Emmerdale, as almost everyone seems to think he started the fire that killed Viv and Terry, little realising the culprit is devious detective Nick Henshall.

The copper can't believe that his plan to win back Katie didn't work, and when Andy, sick of being taunted on a regular basis, lets slip to the police that Henshall used to date the stunning stable manager, he is taken off the case.

Furious, Henshall decides to get even. Andy returns to his caravan home to find the crooked cop waiting for him, and is in for one heck of a rough time. If that wasn't bad enough, a drunken Brenda gets it into her head that Andy has to pay for Terry's death and rams her car into his caravan, before attacking him.

John and Moira pull Brenda away but Henshall makes sure that she is made out to look like the victim at Andy's expense.

Michael meets his baby son



Poor Kat and Alfie, haven't they been through enough distress? Apparently the EastEnders bosses don't think so because this week the couple face yet another trauma when Michael returns to the Square expecting to meet his son.

Kat can't bring herself to tell him that Tommy has died and leaves the grim task to Alfie, before confiding in Ronnie - yes, Ronnie - about Tommy's parentage. The grieving landlady wonders if she's being cruelly punished for her infidelity but her so-called mate keeps quiet about who's really to blame for Kat's misery.

However, Ronnie later worries that she's going to be rumbled anyway when Jack takes pity on Michael and invites him over to stay at the flat, where he comes face-to-face with baby 'James.' .

Michael's continued presence is also having an unsettling effect on Kat, who's left even lower after a planned afternoon of passion with her husband doesn't turn out as she'd hoped. When Alfie suggests they try again, she responds by hitting the bottle - and ends up throwing herself at Michael.

He turns her down but what the pair don't realise is that the whole incident has been spotted by Alfie. Kat already thinks she's lost her child, but could her marriage be on the rocks as well?


Does identity fraud run in the Stape family? In Corrie this week, when a solicitor arrives on Fiz's doorstep to announce that Joy has left her entire estate to Colin, the cash-strapped mum is seriously tempted to claim it. However, to make her lie convincing she has to take a risk and go to Joy's funeral.


Love match

Andrew's still trying to convince himself that he's better off with Tash but he's distracted when he hears that Paul's case has been reopened.

When Tash finds out about Andrew and Summer's kiss, she questions his feelings for her, but he reassures her once again. That's until he sees Summer out on a date.

Unable to contain his jealousy, he heads round to Summer's to speak to her, and it looks like he's finally going to admit his feelings. But, once again, Lyn causes trouble for the love-struck teenagers.

Thankfully, Summer's not having that, and asks Lyn why she's so against Andrew. When Lyn admits that she warned him off because she thinks the Robinsons are dangerous, Summer's furious. She runs over to Andrew's to tell him he's the one she wants.

Ah, love's young dream united at last.

Tearful Dubai-bye


Many of us dream about starting our lives afresh halfway around the world - especially if the climate's more amenable. But for Andy it seems that is about to come true.

Sadly, he has to break the news to Ruth that he's taken the job in Dubai - and will be jetting off that very afternoon.

To make matters worse, despite a good night's sleep, Eilidh becomes ill again, and Ruth's family begin to suspect that she may be the cause of the youngster's illness.

Before you know it, the day that started out badly enough has suddenly become her worst nightmare.

Hayley tries to lend a sympathetic ear when Leo tells her they haven't seen each other for a while because he's still trying to re-adjust to life on civvy street.

However, her patience may just start to wear thin if the police come calling about the missing prescription slips.


Vow of silence?

If Sid's not very careful he's going to find himself in Marilyn's bad books yet again, when it appears he's forgotten the day of her death is near.

She certainly hasn't though - and she confides in Sid that although he doesn't believe the prediction, it's very real for her.

Through his sceptical irritation, he battles on to support her. He may soon be eating his words, though, when after a fight, Marilyn wanders round the town and ends up at the wharf, just as a mother is distracted and her baby stroller rolls into the water.

Marilyn dives in and saves the drowning baby, but struggles to keep herself afloat. Sid eventually rushes to her as she drowns - but is he too late? Meanwhile, Bianca struggles to keep her repressed feelings for Liam under control ahead of her upcoming wedding to Vittorio, Nicole reveals a life-changing secret and Robertson finally gets a warrant to arrest someone for Penn's murder, but only after Will points an accusing finger in the direction of a particular suspect.




MONDAY NEIGHBOURS: Jade tells Sonya she hasn't come causing trouble but her sister is still left feeling uneasy.

EASTENDERS: Shirley asks Jane and Tanya whether she should really become the fourth Mrs Phil Mitchell.

EMMERDALE: Aaron feels guilty about flirting with Flynn, and Jai talks Charity out of handing in her notice. CoRRiE: The Windasses learn that Gary's arrest may have damaged their chances of adopting Faye. Audrey realises that Nick is carrying a very big torch for Leanne.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie tries to persuade Ruby to stay in the Bay, instead of visiting Morag and Ross. April changes her mind about acting as Bianca's bridesmaid.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Lyn has second thoughts about her risky plan to raise the cash needed for Steph's appeal. EAsTENDERs: Janine spots a money-making opportunity when Whitney is mistaken for a prostitute.

RIVER CITY: Deek comes up with a plan to show Bob they'd be better off without flatmate Robbie.

EMMERDALE: Leyla decides to get involved in Alicia's custody battle after Jacob is caught shoplifting a present for his dad. Rhona considers playing Cupid for Marlon.

HOME & AWAY: Romeo reveals he deliberately failed his exams so he could repeat the school year with Indi. But will she be impressed by his romantic gesture?

WEDNESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Kate sees a different side of Brennan when he arrests Declan in connection with Paul's case, but her ex manages to keep his cool under questioning.

EASTENDERS: Believing that his relationship with Jodie is over, Abi tells Darren how she feels. Whitney learns more about Janine's past.

EMMERDALE: A conflicted Aaron makes a date with Flynn after Jackson insists there isn't a future for them. Turner is jealous of the flirting between Pearl and Dermot, and Lisa feels uncomfortable about working with Derek.

HOME & AWAY: Indi considers the implications of Romeo's big gesture - although with a name like that, what did she expect? Bianca is having second thoughts.

THURSDAY NEIGHBOURS: Michael fears for Rebecca when the learns that the police are opening Paul's case again.

EASTENDERS: Phil takes drastic action after Glenda threatens to ruin his and Shirley's engagement party.

EMMERDALE: Val suspects that Diane is jealous of Doug getting back together with Hilary, while Laurel is just concerned that her dad is making a very big mistake.

CORRIE: On the eve of her appeal, Tracy admits she's frightened of going back to jail. A modelling job inspires Rosie to take a sudden interest in her half-brother Jack.

HOME & AWAY: Graves goes fishing for evidence at the bait shop and catches something interesting. Will tells Robertson his theory about who murdered Penn.

FRIDAY NEIGHBOURS: Sonya admits to Lucas that she can't handle having Jade around anymore, and Donna is forced to make a decision.

EMMERDALE: Pollard and Val move a step closer to adopting Amy, and Zak asks Derek if something is wrong between him and Lisa. Aaron finally tells Jackson about Flynn.

CORRIE: Weatherfield gets its own version of a baby-swap drama as Rosie takes Jack along to a motherand-baby modelling audition - and somehow manages to come home with a different infant. Tracy goes back to court to hear the verdict, and Audrey lands a date.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole confides a shocking secret in Marilyn, and Joanna says she's taking her daughter back to Italy. Robertson makes an arrest in the murder case.

Sinking to new Barlow

Peter hits the bottle again and ends up spending the night at Carla's flat


So much for David being the evil genius of the Platt-Tilsey family - it turns out that Nick is every bit as scheming and manipulative as his brother.

This week, his devious plan to drive Peter towards drink appears to be paying off when the bookie receives dispiriting news from the doctor, and considers hitting the bottle. Carla is stunned to see him clutching a bag of booze, and confides her worries in Nick, who suggests she should tell Leanne straight away.

But while he may have Peter and his ex-wife fooled, Carla quickly works out what game Nick's playing and keeps the revelations to herself.

However, it's clear that Peter is in need of some sort of intervention and fast, as he begins drinking in earnest later in the week. Shocked at how low he's sunk, he phones Nick for help, but his colleague ignores the calls.

Luckily, Carla is more receptive and she ushers Peter back to her flat so he can sober up on the sofa. The next morning, she urges him to go home, come clean to Leanne and then attend a support group so he can get some help.

However, his wife has jumped to her own conclusions after learning he spent the night with the woman who's been throwing herself at him over the past few months. She eventually calms down enough to let Peter explain, and starts to realise that he might not have fallen off the wagon if Nick hadn't been around to give him a big push.

But Peter can't understand why she's so annoyed at her ex. After all, what possible reason would Nick have for trying to get him drinking again? Oh dear, Leanne, it looks like it might be your turn to do some explaining. Elsewhere, Tracy is due back in court for her appeal and admits she's scared of returning to prison - as she should be, seeing as she's guilty.

Steve is also apprehensive about the verdict and what it could mean for Amy, which may be why he decides to keep his ex where he can keep an eye on her - behind the bar of the Rovers.

However, that could just be a very bad move for business - not to mention his marriage to Becky.


While some critics thought patsy palmer (pictured) could be waving farewell to EastEnders for good, the actress has reportedly issued a statement claiming she hopes to return to the show "when the time is right".

Home & Away's Charles Cottier says he was embarrassed about pretending his alter ego, Dexter Walker, has a massive crush on older woman Marilyn Chambers.


VEXED... Brenda At ODDS...Andy and Henshall BACK IN THE SQUARE...Michael Moon TOGETHER...Summer and Andrew HEARTBEAK...For Ruth FINDING REFUGE...Peter sleeps off the drink at Carla's, main, and later explains himself to Leanne, top. Becky is miffed when Tracy starts working behind the bar, above.
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