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Charity begins at home

It was only a matter of time before Jai got into trouble for getting flirty with Charity Dingle.

The Dales' man-magnet is hitched up to ex-con mechanic Cain, after all, and he hasn't exactly been cheering about Charity getting increasingly close to her property-seeking boss.

She's not the one who's been playing away for a change, but that hasn't prevented the ever-jealous Cain from itching to give Jai a beating - based only on his suspicious mind and an innocent kiss on the cheek.

So when he spots the two cosying up together on Jai's couch over a bottle of wine, it's just too much for him to bear, and a livid Cain goes all-out for revenge, recruiting Sam to help him take out his rage on the Sharmas' factory.

And you can bet Charity won't be thrilled when she finds out what her green-eyed lover has done.

But will Cain's rash actions come back to haunt him yet again?


Sister pact

Sonya might well be an extremely nice girl but we wish she'd just make her mind up about Toadie.

After initially resisting his offer for her to move in with him and Callum, she finally agrees. But when she brings her belongings round, there's a problem. The kitchen's just not big enough to house all of their pots and pans.

So they agree that one of them should donate their stuff to charity. Fair enough, you might think, but Sonya's not happy about it. She eventually confesses that she's scared to get rid of her stuff, because if she breaks up with Toadie, she'll need it again. He manages to placate her, and the pair settle into cohabiting bliss, even planning a holiday.

But when a face from Sonya's past turns up, their plans have to go on hold. It's Sonya's mysterious sister Jade, and it looks like she's set to cause some trouble.

Scarlett's bald move


It was bound to happen sooner or later, but that doesn't make losing her hair any less upsetting for Scarlett.

She's simply not the kind of person who will sit around wallowing in self-pity over her cancer treatment, so before long she decides to face the world by going back to work.

Alas, not every member of her family thinks this is a particularly good idea - and her relatives begin to worry she may end up overdoing it when she volunteers to help out at the Burns supper.

Scarlett also makes an impression on local MSP Nick Morrison, who is being given the celebrity treatment by the Shieldinch residents. Eileen in particular is taken with him - much to Raymond's chagrin.

However, it appears that Eileen's nose is about to be severely put out of joint when Nick decides to ignore her attentions and talk to other members of the community instead.


Parting of the way

Poor Marilyn's acting the way any of us would had we been told we had a few weeks to live.

Indeed she's rallying around like a headless chicken trying to arrange her parting gifts and say goodbye to the people of Summer Bay, believing her end date is nigh.

We can't accuse her of not being prepared to meet her maker, that's for sure.

If only her friends were as understanding, but unfortunately for her they're too busy to even notice her flapping around. She opens up to Sid, worried that she's not going to be able to make a lasting impression, but there's only so much he's prepared to take and later in the week he snaps, telling her the whole thing is pointless.

Meanwhile, another person living her life by Mitzy's predictions is Ruby, but she's determined to find true love. When Nicole is unwilling to help, Ruby gets Dex on board, whose quick thinking sees them steal Sid's car and head out partying.

There'll be tears before bedtime...

Time to cough up the cash

Owen is no fool and he's not the sort of bloke to be crossed, so little wonder Eileen is feeling a bit nervy around him these days.

Given her desperate financial plight, with a leaky roof and the insurers not paying out, it's no surprise the single mum was tempted when Carla thrust a cheque in her hand the other day. Ms Grimshaw was just a little slow in paying it into Owen's account...that's all (she kept it for herself ).

Meanwhile, long-suffering Fiz finally receives news about Hope. Let's trust it's good considering her perpetual run of bad luck. Maybe a change in fortune for her and her troubled husband John is just around the corner? in And there are more problems for the Windasses when Gary tells his mum he wishes he'd come back from Afghanistan in a box like Quinny, and she responds with a slap to shock him out of his depressed condition.

Over at the Websters', the war between Sally and Kevin shows more signs of heating up.

He's obviously desperate to sell the house so he can make a future for himself and his son.

But Sally is refusing to take things lying down and decides the best course of action is to make the place look as unkempt and unappealing as possible to deter potential buyers.

Also this week...

The war between Chris and lloyd in Coronation Street shows little sign of abating when the wife-beater frames the cabbie for pinching Janice's possessions. it's little wonder therefore that maria is sensing some animosity and wonders if her latest flame is over his ex. he claims he is, but somehow we doubt it.




NEIGHBOURS: Declan realises how unhappy Rebecca is in her marriage and decides to help her escape from Paul's clutches.

EASTENDERS: Whitney and Carol face another blow following Bianca's imprisonment, while Connor regains consciousness in hospital, and Roxy makes Christian a generous offer.

EMMERDALE: Alan is less than impressed when Dermot joins his card game and gains Pearl's attentions.

CORRIE: Chris's plan seems to be coming to fruition as Lloyd finds himself in the frame over the break-in.

HOME & AWAY: April's plan to get Liam and Bianca back together is working - until her mother turns up.


NEIGHBOURS: Declan calls Paul's bluff and decides to leave Ramsay Street for good, believing his stepfather would never hand Rebecca over to the police.

EASTENDERS: Ricky tries to persuade Whitney to return home, but she is put off the idea following another argument with Carol.

RIVER CITY: Michael warns Leo that he needs to see a doctor, as he can't prescribe him any more painkillers.

EMMERDALE: Jackson tells Aaron he needs to stop spending all of his free time caring for him. The villagers pay their respects to the victims of the fire.

HOME *X26; AWAY: Will's mental state deteriorates in the face of constant pressure from Robertson.


NEIGHBOURS: Summer refuses to go to the party at the Shed, but Chris convinces her she should not let Andrew's relationship with Natasha stop her from having fun. However, the night takes a bad turn when she has an allergic reaction.

EMMERDALE: Amy reveals she is nervous about the upcoming visit from the social worker, and Jackson tells Hazel that he can't let Aaron spend all his time looking after him.

HOME & AWAY: The residents of Summer Bay join the effort to locate Lily and VJ, and Robertson uncovers an important clue about Penn's death along the way. Meanwhile, Dex foolishly steals his father's car to help Ruby attend a party, but the night ends in disaster.


NEIGHBOURS: Natasha tells Andrew how she feels about him, but is disappointed by his response.

EASTENDERS: Christian and Syed argue about the situation with Roxy, and Ryan is shocked when he learns where Whitney is now living.

EMMERDALE: An anxious Amy sips wine with Victoria and Hannah, while Eric and Val prepare to meet with the social worker.

CORRIE: Lloyd is shocked when he realises he is being set up to take the fall for the break-in when Cheryl discovers the stolen goods are in the boot of his car.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie bans Ruby from attending the formal, but Angelo thinks she is being too harsh on her daughter, and Dex begins to feel like an outcast.

FRIDAY NEIGHBOURS: Toadie and Summer think Lyn has made a big mistake by hiring ruthless lawyer Tim Collins to handle Steph's appeal.

EASTENDERS: Whitney suspects Janine is using her to get to Ryan, and Ronnie has reservations about Roxy's surrogacy plans.

EMMERDALE: Aaron has a night out with Adam after taking Jackson's advice. David offers Amy ideas on how to make things right with Eric and Val.

CORRIE: Fiz turns to Chesney for support as she looks ahead to an uncertain future, and decides it is time to come clean and tell him the truth about John's double life.

HOME & AWAY: Liam and Bianca find themselves drawn together, and Irene has a troubling revelation.

Beale's had his Phil

Ian leaves his arch rival gasping for breath on floor of nightclub


After a decade of battling alcoholism - and a month or so of being a crack addict - it's hardly surprising that Phil Mitchell isn't in the best of health.

And it's not just his lifestyle choices that will be coming back to haunt him this week, but also the way he treats his resident whipping-boy Ian Beale.

Their long-running rivalry resurfaces in Monday's episode when Ben starts to open up to his brother about being bullied, only for his dad to steam in with all his usual tact and sensitivity. Alarmed at the idea of the mechanic storming off down to the school, the teenager claims he lied about being picked on, but the Beale-Mitchell feud rumbles on as a cash-strapped Phil tries to boost his finances by threatening to tell Jane all about Glenda unless Ian hands over pounds 5000 in hush money.

When he can't pay, Phil humiliates Ian by forcing him literally to grovel in the Arches. But maybe he would have been a bit kinder if he'd thought the chip shop owner would soon have the power of life and death over him.

Ironically, that's exactly the position Ian finds himself in when he pops into R&R later in the week - and discovers that Phil has collapsed during a passionate encounter with Glenda.

She runs out to call an ambulance, leaving Ian to care for the patient, but instead of administering first aid, he drags his nemesis into the office. Then when the paramedics arrive, he convinces them to leave, suggesting they've been tricked by a hoax call.

Once the coast is clear, the bitter Beale proceeds to make Phil beg for his life before coolly walking out of the club anyway. With Phil in such a physically bad state, has Ian really just left his former stepfather to suffer a slow and agonising demise? Meanwhile, with their respective other halves busy scoring points off each other, it's left to Shirley and Jane to sort out Ben's problem with bullying.

The pair arrange to meet the troubled teen's teacher, who quickly jumps to her own conclusions about what's behind the former jailbird's current difficulties.


Despite the controversial cot death storyline, EastEnders continues to produce hard-hitting plots.The latest will see Whitney Dean (pictured) become a prostitute when stepmum Bianca is away from Walford.

Corrie is becoming a family affair for Brooke Vincent.The teenager, who plays Sophie Webster, will be joined on set by her nine-year-old cousin Lily Harvey. She's been cast as the Windasses' possible foster child.


FURIOUS... Cain flips CHEERS...Jai and Charity get too close for Cain's comfort BAd nEWS?...Sonya and Jade TREATMENT...Scarlett END GAME...Marilyn puts her affairs in order PRESSURE...Owen puts the heat on Eileen SCHOOL OF THOUGHT...Ian leaves Phil for dead, top. Shirley and Jane set about making amends, above BULLYING TACTIC...Ben tries to play down the situation to dad Phil
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