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MONDay, STV, 7pm

Andy's in the line of fire

With half the village having gone up in flames and the police telling everyone that the fire was started deliberately, it doesn't take long for the finger of suspicion to fall on the village's very own convicted fireraiser, Andy Sugden.

It probably doesn't help that he's made a love rival for Katie's affections in the form of steely copper Nick Henshall, who is placed in charge of the fire and murder investigation.

Henshall and his assistant Laura Prior waste no time in bringing up Andy's past offences and, certain the nuisance phone calls and robbery at the girls' house are linked to the fire, they are happy to make the troubled farmer his prime suspect.

Andy is called in for questioning and fumes as he realises the police think he could be to blame, but he has an alibi - he was with Ryan when the blaze started.

Alas, the villagers don't seem to care about that, and he faces a cold reception at the funeral for the victims of the fire.


MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm

Ex cop's foray into Underworld

Given The Bill went belly-up a while back, don't be too surprised to find a host of Sun Hill veterans appearing in some of our favourite shows in the coming months.

Take Andrew Lancel for example. The man formerly known as DI Neil Manson pops up in Weatherfield this week as Frank, a new Underworld contact who Carla tries to work her magic on.

(Tony Gordon was introduced to the programme in a similar way so who knows what future awaits him.)

Meanwhile, Peter's drink problem resurfaces during celebrations in the Rovers, so Nick tempts him with a pint of ale in the Weatherfield Arms.

Ciaran spots them and is livid with Tilsley, but it's not long before his old mate is boozing again.

Eileen's money troubles spiral out of control as her dissatisfaction with Owen grows. The fact she has a leaky roof which will cost thousands to fix only sours her mood further.

Elsewhere, the Windasses are thrilled to discover they've been provisionally matched with an 11-year-old called Faye and will meet her next week.

However, during an evening clubbing with David, Gary strikes out when police officers attempt to arrest him.


If mitzy's predictions are to be believed in home & away, marilyn's not got all that long left in this world and she'll be damned if she's not prepared before she meets her maker. She arranges for all her worldly possessions to be given away to her loved ones, but it causes more friction with Sid, who just can't get his head around everything.


Escape plan

Michael discovers Natasha is responsible for stealing the school social money. Just where did he go wrong as a parent?

He asks Rebecca to help him deal with her, giving the pair a chance to spend more time together, and they arrange a secret rendezvous.

But little do they know that Paul has his own surprise up his sleeve, and it's going to throw a massive spanner in the works. He arranges for he 16 and Rebecca to renew their wedding vows, leaving Rebecca with a dilemma - should she go through with it to protect Declan, or reveal all about Paul's blackmail?

Much to Michael's surprise, and Declan's disgust, she goes ahead with it. But when Paul realises how bad he's making Rebecca feel, he gives

her an escape route. She seizes it and heads out of Erinsborough. But not before explaining everything to Michael.

Battling demons


Leo is a troubled soul and no mistake. He's been hiding out in Hayley's flat, taking painkillers to help him battle his demons and the constant feeling of being generally unwell.

He tells his temporary landlady that his family knows where he is but she soon realises he's been lying. Leo does, however, contact Conor, who agrees to help his uncle by stealing the keys to Leyla's car. However, Conor's friend Adeeb tells Michael what's happened - something that could open a whole new can of worms.

Meanwhile, Ruth's sad behaviour continues to spiral out of control. She's become dangerously obsessed with keeping the flat germ-free in an attempt to make sure that Eilidh's health improves, then threatens to go off the rails completely when Andy announces he has an interview for a job in Dubai.

Has the time arrived for her family to intervene?


Knives are out

It's the biggest news to have hit Summer Bay since the Diner ran out of chocolate ice cream, but Penn's back - and he's not looking in the best of health.

With his lifeless body washed up on the shore, the investigation into how he died must now begin. Detective Robertson is making it clear that Charlie won't get a look-in, as he sets about his one-man mission to prise a confession out of Alf.

He takes possession of the bait shop knife inventory and account books, as Alf denies all knowledge of selling a particular blade at the shop. But things aren't looking too rosy for the kindly fisherman when the supplier insists they did indeed send the blade to the shop, and we see him disposing of a knife sheath in the incinerator late at night.

Elsewhere, Liam's back in town and keen to show off his new girlfriend - much to Bianca's disappointment and Xavier concludes that Gina's wayward behaviour must be down to her having an affair.

Is affair just a Con?

Dodgy toyboy Connor declares his feelings of love for Carol


Bianca may have spent the past few months either wrapped in a baggy cardigan or standing resolutely behind the cafe counter but sharp-eyed viewers will still have noticed actress Patsy Palmer's baby bump.

So it won't be a big surprise that the redhead is about to take a break from the Square but what will be a shock is the manner of her departure - and it's all connected with her mother's unlikely romance with Connor.

At the start of this week's instalments, Carol finally gives in to her feelings and tells the petty criminal that even though he's young enough to be her son, has been sleeping with her step-granddaughter and is partly responsible for her brother being shot, she adores him. It's a strange thing is love - particularly in Walford.

The unlikely pairing then set about making plans to run away together but Carol is later brought to her senses when she joins Glenda for a farewell drink and makes the mother of all Freudian slips by accidentally referring to her young lover by her son Billie's name. Meanwhile, Bianca and Ricky are called to the school to talk about Tiffany, who has been going around telling everyone that her grandmother has died.

As Bianca tries to get to the bottom of the little girl's increasingly odd behaviour, she finds a disturbing drawing that leaves her convinced Tiffany is being abused.

Carol is forced to come clean about what's really behind the youngster's lies and sets in motion a chain of events that quickly spirals out of control.

Despite Max's best efforts to take charge and restore order, by the latter part of the week Connor is lying in a hospital bed, Carol is contemplating making another confession and Ricky is lying to the police to protect his wife.

But it's the arrival of Sonia with some startling news about her sister that really shatters the Branning-Butcher-Jackson clan and leaves Ricky with the grim task of telling his kids that their mum could be going away for some time.


James sorensen left his role as Declan in Neighbours to join the Australian army, but he's recently had another career change - he's decided to become a professional photographer.It could be the marriage made in hell - yes, soap fans, it looks as if Coronation street terrors Kylie Turner and David platt (Jack p shepherd, pictured) are about to become engaged.




NEIGHBOURS: Sonya becomes concerned about Toadie's state of mind, so Lucas steps in to help.

EASTENDERS: Alfie tries to put on a brave face, but the mask starts to slip during a night out at R&R.

EMMERDALE: Cain is furious to spot Charity flirting with Jai. Diane asks to meet Doug's new lady friend.

CORRIE: The battle for birthday girl Cheryl's affections hots up as Chris presents her with a bottle of her favourite perfume, leaving Lloyd looking for a way to upstage him.

HOME *X26; AWAY: Roo hopes that Gina can be talked into helping Hugo and Martha, while Romeo realises that Nina and Liam may not be love's young dream after all.


NEIGHBOURS: A jealous Declan twists Brennan's words, and Toadie is hurt when Sonya won't move in.

EASTENDERS: Tiffany looks to Max for help when the atmosphere in the Butcher household turns nasty.

RIVER CITY: Scarlett tells Big Bob he's got nothing to be ashamed of, but not everyone else agrees.

EMMERDALE: Laurel learns the identity of the 'new' woman in Doug's life. Carl is questioned over the fire, and Cain doesn't approve of Charity's close friendship with Jai.

HOME *X26; AWAY: Xavier thinks Gina is behaving oddly and decides there's only one explanation - she's having an affair. Nina confronts Liam about his feelings for Bianca.


NEIGHBOURS: Natasha tries to ease her guilty conscience by using the stolen social money to buy a generous present for Summer, but her friend doesn't want her charity. Kate realises that Declan lied to her.

EMMERDALE: Cain warns Jai to stay away from Charity, while Aaron takes Jackson to the building site so he can catch up with his former workmates. Diane feigns enthusiasm when Doug reveals he's been dating Hilary.

HOME & AWAY: Graves turns up at the farmhouse to a less than warm welcome from a mortified Dex. Gina agrees that John can move back in, but the offer comes with some serious conditions attached. Meanwhile, Ruby is shocked to discover how little faith Charlie has in her.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew finally faces up to his feelings for Summer. Now all he has to do is tell Natasha.

EASTENDERS: Tamwar finds he has more than the grand re-opening of the Argee Bhajee to worry about.

EMMERDALE: Zak notices an atmosphere between Derek and Lisa, but decides against saying anything.

CORRIE: It's singles night in the Rovers and factory driver Gaz seems to have taken a definite shine to Janice as he asks her to join him on holiday. Michelle is feeling less lucky in love as Ciaran accepts a job on a cruise ship.

HOME & AWAY: Marilyn prepares herself for the worst by drawing up a list of her possessions to be given away, but Sid finds it harder to accept the end is near.


NEIGHBOURS: Susan tries to cheer up Lyn, who is still struggling to accept Steph's refusal to see her.

EASTENDERS: Tamwar helps Syed make a decision about whether or not to start a family with Christian.

EMMERDALE: Jimmy and Nicola talk about having

another baby, while Val and Eric have an appointment with Social Services to discuss their plan to foster Amy.

CORRIE: Janice returns home sooner than expected and disturbs a burglar. Peter is filled with self-loathing as he asks Simon not to tell Leanne that he's been drinking.

HOME & AWAY: Irene encourages a dejected Will to think positive - and he can start by getting his job back. Indi has a cosy chat with Marilyn about moving on.


QUIZMASTERS...Nick and Laura FUMING... Andy FIRST IMPRESSIONS... Carla introduces Michelle to client Frank, played by newcomer Andrew Lance VOWS... Rebecca and Paul OBSESSED... Ruth ODD COUPLE... Connor and Carol make plans, left. Bianca and Ricky attend a meeting at Tiffany's school, top. Ricky, Carol and Sonia hatch a plan to help Bianca, above
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