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Eric's life crashes down

Anyone who can still remember when the disaster magnet Yorkshire village was called Beckindale will no doubt recall the plane crash in 1993.

Several residents were killed that night, including Elizabeth Pollard, one of slimy Eric's former wives.

Seventeen years may have passed but speculation has long continued as to whether Eric murdered Elizabeth, who was meddling in his fraud scam at the time, or if she was just an unfortunate victim of the plane crash.

Well, the truth finally comes to light, or so it seems, as Eric spills the beans to Val. She is convinced he killed Elizabeth, and blamed it on the plane crash.

However, when he finally gets her to listen to him, he reveals the terrible truth. He followed Elizabeth that night to reason with her, and planned to kill her when she wouldn't listen, only for debris from the plane to get there first.

It might be the truth, but Val is horrified, and still won't have him back. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Scarlett departs the village and jets off to Canada.


NEW YEAR'S DAY, BBC1, 8.30pm

Dark side of Moons over baby

In theory, 2011 was shaping guilt over her actions but with theory, 2011 was shaping up to be Kat and Alfie's year they were back together, running their own pub and had welcomed a new Moon into the world.

But that was before Ronnie's son James died then, in a moment of madness, the griefstricken mum swapped her baby for Kat's little boy, Tommy.

When Kat returns to the Vic having discharged herself from hospital, she can't understand why the pub is so quiet or why none of the revellers will look her the eye, until she goes upstairs and sees the paramedics surrounding Tommy's cot.

Understandably, she and Alfie struggle to take in the news that their child has died but later brace themselves to say a final goodbye at the hospital.

However, when Kat sees the infant in his Moses basket, she screams out that it isn't her baby. Meanwhile, Ronnie is wracked with brother it would guilt over her actions but with Jack back in Walford and ready to start bonding with his 'son', she feels unable to come clean and claims her tearful behaviour is down to her being overwhelmed with happiness.

But it seems the midwife may come to a different conclusion when she arrives to check on mother and baby, and realises that little James has lost weight - and the club foot mentioned in his notes. Is Ronnie's lie about to be exposed, or is Kat's nightmare just beginning?


Emmerdale's Maisie wylde has been through a lot lately. So imagine the surprise when nikhil proposes - and after asking for a little time to think things through she agrees. However, younger brother will sees that she's doing it for all the wrong reasons and would prefer they left - along with Ryan - to start over somewhere new.


Boy trouble

If Jasmine thought that relieving herself of her big secret was going to put an end to all her problems, she was clearly living in a dream world.

As her family try to take in the news that she now wants to live life as Jason, Heidi makes plans for her to be taken to a gender disorder clinic in the hope that it will cure her.

In the event that becomes the least of her worries, though, as Carl takes Jason to school to meet the headmaster, while Eva takes it upon herself to distribute letters about the gender swap to the students.

As Jason nervously prepares for school, he's pleased to have brother Seth on his side. But the camaraderie won't last for long, as he joins in the taunting with the bullies after becoming jealous of Carl and Jason's bonding.

Jordan acts the fool


The gang make their New Year's resolutions as the Beeb's long-running medical drama sees another period of frenzied activity on the wards.

In Casualty land it's December 31 and the medics are celebrating. All except Jordan that is, who is preparing for a meeting with Henry in order to further his aspirations to become the best senior surgeon that Holby City Hospital has ever had.

However, when Jordan's driver fails to show, he is forced to get behind the wheel of his car - despite being banned - and his actions have fatal consequences when he is involved in a road accident.

Ruth's New Year also begins terribly when she loses a patient at the stroke of midnight. When Mads decides her New Year's resolution is to be friends with all the staff, Jay pushes her towards Ruth.

Wendy Craig guests stars as a character with a background steeped in espionage.


Fraser's choice

A new year, and inevitably a fresh set of problems lie in store for the eternally troubled residents of River City.

As ever, Fraser shows no signs of starting things off low-key. His ambitions threaten his relationship with his father, and after all they have been through, he faces a big decision about what really matters to him.

There are more challenges for Bob, who faces an upheaval at home when Robbie moves in.

It's never as easy as you would think doing the right thing - let alone in soap.

Meanwhile, Big Bob and Iona struggle to come to terms with the way their friendship has changed following their passionate Hogmanay encounter.

Can they go back to the way things were and, more importantly, do they want to? Viewers may have been screaming at the screen that they should have got together for ages but what do they really want?




EASTENDERS: Spirits are high in the Vic as Jodie persuades a drunken Darren to propose to her, Charlie hits the bottle, and Christian feels guilty about celebrating Hogmanay with a kiss from someone other than Syed. But then a shocking discovery puts an end to the party mood. Meanwhile, Connor continues to pursue Carol.


EASTENDERS: Christian is still full of regret over his passionate encounter with the piper, but Roxy insists what Syed doesn't know won't hurt him.

EMMERDALE: Ella turns to Jai for advice following an argument with Declan, but it's too late for anyone to save Adam and Scarlett's romance.

CORRIE: Colin Fishwick continues to haunt John as he bumps into Joy at the hospital. Audrey is not impressed by Claudia's business plans for the street.

HOLLYOAKS: Ricky takes an instant shine to a new arrival, who turns out to be a face from Duncan's past.


EASTENDERS: Syed confides in Jane about Christian's infidelity, only to be warned that he is overreacting. Ronnie refuses to show off 'her' baby.

EMMERDALE: Will is thrown into a panic when he spots Sam with a gun, and Declan is forced to admit that he can't face the prospect of losing Ella. hollYoAks: It's a dramatic day for expectant mum Amber as Sinead confronts her about the baby's father, while Diane offers to adopt the child.

RIVER CITY: Big Bob and Iona realise their friendship has changed following their encounter at Hogmanay, but can't seem to work out where they should go from here.


EMMERDALE: Jai still has doubts about Nikhil and Maisie's relationship, but it seems his brother is convinced they have a future together - and proves it by popping the question. Lisa and Derek share a drink, while Scarlett has a run-in with Adam and Mia before she leaves for Canada and Chas thinks she's solved the mystery of the nuisance phone calls.

HOLLYOAKS: Tex finds it increasingly hard to cope with her mother's mood swings, and Eva gets hold of Amber's diary. It looks set to make for scandalous reading, especially for Rob, who could find his career on the line.


EASTENDERS: Glenda continues to manipulate Phil and Ian, but Ben isn't prepared to stand back and let her play mind games with his brother.

EMMERDALE: Alicia fumes when Justin picks Jacob up from school, but David thinks it proves she needs to make custody arrangements. CoRRie: John's conscience finally gets the better of him as he visits Joy. Gary starts working for Owen, but bad memories soon come flooding back.

HOLLYOAKS: Lee is intrigued to learn that Tex's mother Melody has a 1980s hit single to her name.


EASTENDERS: Tiffany tells Liam she saw Carol kissing Connor. Phil pressures Ian to clear Ben's name when the teen is accused of GBH.

EMMERDALE: Terry protects Viv from the attentions of an unwanted admirer, and it looks like Diane has missed the boat with devoted Doug. CoRRie: Becky is taken away by the police, but at least things are looking up for Audrey as she meets a charming widower. John tells yet more lies.

HOLLYOAKS: Eva fears the worst when she catches Rob with Anita. With Kyle's trial fast approaching, Theresa worries her part in Calvin's death will be exposed.

Sally's payback

Cheated wife finds solace in the arms of fellow victim Tyrone


They say 'what goes around comes around', so it was inevitable that at some point Sally would get her own back on Kevin by snogging Tyrone.

The drama kicks off when she catches Sophie and Sian in bed together. They flee the house and take refuge at Number 11.

With Sally's life in turmoil and an empty house, it's little wonder she needs a shoulder to cry on. So, after Tyrone pops round for his tea, one thing leads to another and they wind up kissing. It looks more compassionate than passionate, but that doesn't stop Kevin seething when he spots Ty emerging from his family home in the early hours.

Mind you, it probably won't be Kev's house for much longer if Sally takes him to the cleaners.

Mrs Webster delights in winding her husband up, making him believe that a lot more happened, but she regrets her actions when Kevin takes his anger out on Ty.

At least Sally feels guilty for letting the widower take a beating, but how far will Kevin go to vent his anger? Meanwhile, things are looking bleak for Steve as Deirdre thinks he's responsible for Tracy's assault and the authorities are on his case - yet again.

Later in the week, Ken, Deirdre and Amy visit Tracy in hospital as she regains consciousness.

The police arrive at Ms Barlow's bedside and she confirms she has a clear memory of the events of Hogmanay - and with a bit of luck we may discover who attacked her.

There are a few echoes of Tony Gordon resounding in John's life at the moment. The former killed poor Liam in an act of vengeance, and Stape seems to have dug a hole deeper than the foundations of Underworld, Colin Fishwick's current resting place.

He's keen to make amends with the dead man's terminally-ill mother Joy, without revealing how her son perished.

And Gary is still suffering from Afghanistan combat stress, a situation which is compounded when he accidentally gets locked in the back of Owen's van.


Well while Aussie soaps home & Away and Neighbours continue their break, we're keeping an eye on matters in hollyoaks, where village gossip is rife about who fathered Amber's baby.

when the teenager's diary goes missing and tell-tale eva gets a hint that something's amiss, one man is linked to the unborn baby and his future starts to look a little on bleak side...


PRICE TO PAY... Eric and Val NEW START... Scarlett DEVASTATED... Alfie and Kat think their son is dead BULLIED... Jason faces persecution HIT... Jordan's car collides AMBITIOUS... Fraser puts business first LOVE AND WAR... Sally and Tyrone embrace, main. Kevin publically confronts Sally and Tyrone, top. Tracy regains consciousness in hospital, above
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