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Beale thing for Jane? Jane and Masood have a lot in common - for a start, they both know what it's like to have an overbearing spouse who never listens to a word they say. But does that really mean they'd be happier with each other than with their respective other halves? Jane definitely seems to think so when she gives Ian the slip to sneak off to a hotel with Masood. After discussing their marital problems in the bar, they head for the bedroom but it's clear neither of their hearts are in it and Masood is forced to admit he still loves Zainab.

The would-be adulterers decide to stay friends and head back home but while Masood keeps quiet about what he's been up to, Jane tells Ian the truth before saying that just because she didn't sleep with the postman it doesn't mean she's not serious about ending her marriage.

Following an emotional chat, Jane eventually agrees to give their relationship another go but while she can put her husband's lies behind her, Ian finds it harder to forget about her nearindiscretion.

Is the Beales' marriage really back on track? No such thing as a quick fix Things are still looking bleak for Holly. Outwardly she might seem better but that's only because Moira has been supplying her daughter with heroin to stave off the withdrawal pains.

It's a testament to how serious the soap is taking the issues brought up by this story, that there has been no rapid recovery for the teenager.

The only miracle is that no one has sussed what Moira has been doing so far, but that's about to change as Roz pays Holly a visit.

She assures John she is totally clean, having given up the drugs herself and only wants to help her friend. Holly is more clear-headed than ever before and Roz is highly suspicious.

are the Her fears are confirmed when she calls round again the next day not long after Moira has given Holly another dose of heroin and instantly sees that her friend is on something. Roz tells Adam she knows Holly is still taking drugs and Moira is forced to tell her distraught son, begging him not to let on to her husband John.

However, the decision is soon taken out of Moira's hands when she is caught by the police after going to buy another dose of heroin and arrested.

John takes the revelation badly and walks out, before later returning prepared to go to extreme lengths to understand his daughter's addiction.

Also this week... Stacey returns to Walford following a passionate encounter with Ryan - although she insists the two events are entirely unrelated. She even tells the barman that unless he intends to walk out on Janine, he should leave her alone. However, a heart-to-heart talk with Charlie makes Stacey see things in a very different light.

Grief united Say what you like about the Ramsay Street residents, but despite their feuds they always manage to come together in times of crisis. Such as on the day of Ringo's funeral.

What should be a time for remembering their friend quickly turns to disaster for Donna, Kate, Zeke and Declan, as an argument between the boys results in them failing to arrive. While Donna's initially distraught to 16 miss the ceremony, Kate reminds her that the road to Muttatang actually brought her and Ringo together in the first place, so it would be an ideal place for a tribute.

Feeling inspired, Donna comes up with the perfect way to say goodbye. Meanwhile, a guilty Steph says her own farewell, before vowing to do what she can to stay out of jail. But her plans to raise money for the court case look set to be scuppered by an ex-resident.

Glummy mummy RIVER CITY TUE, BBC1, 8PM Having a baby should be a joyous affair - but it's not proving so for Eileen.

Even Raymond's enthusiasm doesn't get her in the mood for shopping for their forthcoming arrival - she's too preoccupied with the idea of being an older mum. Can a few words of wisdom from Malcolm put her in a better frame of mind? Here's hoping so. And maybe he should sprinkle a little of his magic over Ruth, too. She and Andy have had a tough time of it lately, so he turns to Jo, who's back from Australia, for help in finding Ruth the perfect gift. She thinks a basque would be a good idea. Ruth is thrilled - until she realises it wasn't his choice and that he must have been discussing their relationship behind her back.

Meanwhile, Robbie may possess a flash new watch but he doesn't have the money to pay for a meal with Hayley - so he considers a new method of raising some cash.

HOME & AWAY MON, CHANNEL 5, 6PM Net closes on Alf Alf's week is about to go from bad to worse, as 'tecs Robertson and Graves arrive in the Bay to investigate Penn's disappearance.

It's bad enough for him when Charlie's breathing down his neck but these two are ruthless, so he might want to start thinking about being a little bit more truthful.

However, far from that, his instinct is to get his story straight with Sid. He doesn't do himself any favours when he pays Charlie a visit to confess about knowing Tulip and the reason for the bad blood between him and Penn, but then later denies all knowledge when questioned by Robertson. But Robertson's not daft, and when he and Graves stake out Tulip's grave and Alf turns up to pay his respects, it looks like the net's closing in and they've got him exactly where they want him.

Elsewhere, Ruby flirts her way through her driving lessons, Bianca struggles with her feelings for Vittorio, and infatuated Dex pursues a reluctant Graves - but Robertson's got his own ideas for his right-hand woman... WORKING IT OUT... Graves and Robertson SOAP WEEK THE PLOTS YOU CAN'T MISS!

MONDAY NEIGHBOURS: Steph tries to find her own way to pay tribute to Ringo, despite the criminal charges. EASTENDERS: Ryan seizes one last chance to persuade Stacey not to leave the country with little Lily. EMMERDALE: Declan's daughter Mia arrives in the village with Ella, and Alicia tells Leyla that Justin wants Jacob to spend the Christmas holiday with him. CORRIE: Michelle is suspicious after spotting Peter entering Carla's flat, and Steve tells Becky she's going to have to scale back her plans for a lavish family Christmas. HOME & AWAY: Romeo isn't feeling romantic after Indi confesses to reading his letter, but Ruby is hoping that love is in the air and she falls for her new driving instructor.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Paul's health suffers after he returns to work at the newspaper and Rebecca leaves him. EASTENDERS: Ryan feels torn between Stacey and Janine, while Heather takes pity on a lonely Dot. RIVER CITY: Amber schemes to give Liz a very special Christmas without hurting Malcolm's pride. EMMERDALE: Declan doesn't let Ella's presence in the village cramp his style as he makes his move on Alicia. Maisie tells Nikhil that she was a fool to let him get away. HOME & AWAY: John informs Gina that whether she likes it or not, he is going to find a way to persuade her to marry him. Dex takes a shine to the new detective in town.

WEDNESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Karl and Susan fail to support each other as they find their own ways of coping with their grief. Natasha tries to give Michael and Ruby one last day together. EMMERDALE: Aaron gets to play at being Paddy's agony uncle for a change as the vet opens up to him about Rhona's surprise pregnancy. CORRIE: John tells poor Joy Fishwick that Colin has gone back to Canada and doesn't want to be contacted. Steve is wary when Jim returns, but it soon becomes clear that it's his dad who should be looking over his shoulder. HOME & AWAY: Irene gives Will the benefit of her hard-won wisdom and says his relationship with Shandi is hurting his daughter. Gina tells John that it really is over.

THURSDAY NEIGHBOURS: Callum realises that Sophie has a crush on Zeke, and Lucas receives a shocking email. EASTENDERS: Glenda can't pay her rent, but she's hopeful that one of her admirers will help her out. EMMERDALE: Hazel is shocked when Jerry suggests that Jackson moves in with him. Rhona is not best pleased to learn her pregnancy is common knowledge. CORRIE: The increasingly unhinged Charlotte continues to keep a close eye on what John is up to at No 9, and Jim opens up to Steve as he gets ready to leave hospital. HOME & AWAY: Bianca gets an unwelcome reminder of Vittorio's past indiscretions when she spots him being flirty. Dex adopts a new look to impress Detective Graves.

FRIDAY NEIGHBOURS: Andrew puts his recent argument with Summer to one side to help her celebrate Halloween. EASTENDERS: Billy thinks Julie has been leading him on, and Ryan struggles to stay faithful to Janine. EMMERDALE: Hazel warns Bob not to get caught in Viv's emotional blackmail. Mia takes Adam for a ride. CORRIE: John tells Charlotte that his double life is not working, but she jumps to the conclusion that Fiz is the one he wants to ditch. Tina is offered a job at the Rovers, and Carla pretends that she doesn't care about Peter. HOME & AWAY: Will tells Shandi he is leaving the Bay, which may be just as well, as Irene has been in touch with Gypsy, and knows he's been telling a few porkies.

A bitter pill to swallow A bitter pill to swallow Shocked Tyrone demands to know why Molly doesn't want another baby Shocked Tyrone demands to know why Molly doesn't want another baby CORONATION STREET MON, STV, 7.30PM Corrie is in all sorts of funny places in the schedules this week, mainly due to I'm A Celebrity... Therefore, in many ways, it mirrors the Dobbs' emotions.

Molly is feeling guilt-ridden when Tyrone tells her he wants baby Jack to have the Christmas he never had as a child.

Although Molly plays along with Tyrone's enthusiasm for their first family Christmas, when Sally invites them to a festive dinner, it looks like happy relations will be pushed to breaking point, so Molly rejects the kind offer. The penny drops for Weatherfield's lovable greasemonkey when he discovers she's still taking her contraceptive pills.

Confrontation looms as Tyrone demands to know why Molly doesn't want another baby with him. A massive row ensues as Tyrone demands to know where he stands but when she walks off, a gutted Tyrone pours his heart out to the Websters.

While Sally tries to cheer him up, Kevin slips out to see Molly. She tells him she's leaving Tyrone and taking the baby with her. Webster implores her not to implicate him but when Tyrone arrives home hoping to patch things up, it looks like Molly will break his heart.

Meanwhile, things are also looking stormy for Carla as Underworld gossip about her drink problem leads to her seeking solace at the Joinery.

However, Leanne has other things on her mind and sends her packing. When Ken asks her if she has seen Peter, Carla tells him he was at the Joinery, so he heads to the bar to look for his son, where he finds old flames Leanne and Nick getting on with more than just paperwork. Carla reminds Ms Battersby she can only have one man and must choose, secretly hoping that she'll opt for her ex, which leaves her free to make a go of things with Peter.

Meanwhile, Deirdre is stunned when Ken reveals his shocking discovery and they confront Leanne who claims her fling with Nick was a big mistake and that it's Peter she loves. Will they keep quiet or tell Peter everything? Gossip Rumour has it that Tracy Barlow will get out of jail in time to cause mayhem on Coronation Street this Christmas. It's believed a legal technicality will see her granted an early release from her 15-year sentence.

Sophie Powles, who plays Emmerdale's Holly Barton, says that portraying the troubled teen's descent into drug hell has emotionally. started to take its toll on her


LIAISON... Masood and Jane DUPED... Ian Beale SAD LOSS... Ringo is remembered BABY BLUES... Eileen CONFRONTATION STREET... Tyrone confronts Molly over her contraceptives, main, and Ken and Deirdre demand answers from Leanne, above, after catching her with Nick, top
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