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Paddy's loyalties are torn

Best pals Paddy and Marlon have never had the easiest of times when it comes to settling down with the right woman.

And now it seems that a woman will come between them once again (that's right Marlon, we're looking at you - we haven't forgotten that you snogged your cousin Chas even if Paddy has!).

Rhona is totally over Marlon but can't seem to keep her hands off Paddy, whose pledge to stay true to his friend and not betray him goes out of the window this week when he sleeps with his fellow vet.

Alas, that only makes things more complicated when Rhona discovers she is pregnant - with ex-beau Marlon's baby.

Paddy and Marlon are both stunned by her announcement - but where do they go from here? Meanwhile, John and Moira struggle to cope as troubled daughter Holly suffers the torture of heroin withdrawal.

And when Holly begins to physically harm herself, Moira decides it is time for drastic action.

Lauren sniffs out the truth


Even though she once ran over her dad and then let her mother spend weeks in prison on a false attempted murder charge, Lauren is currently full of righteous fury because Stacey killed Archie and allowed Bradley to take the blame.

She can't suppress her anger either, and Stacey is stunned when Lauren confronts her in the Square and asks how she can live with herself.

Max tries to reassure the panicking barmaid that his daughter just made a lucky guess and can't prove her allegations, but it seems he's underestimated Lauren's sleuthing instincts. She corners Stacey in the Vic's toilets and goads her about Bradley until she snaps and confesses.

Now she can prove that Stacey is a murderer, Lauren wants to know why her dad is so keen to protect her, and jumps to the conclusion that they've re-started their affair. Stacey tries to explain that Max is simply doing what Bradley would have wanted, and reveals that Archie raped her.

Lauren is shocked, but is it enough to keep her quiet, or is Max going to have to decide where his loyalties really lie?

Elsewhere, Bianca is surprised when Carol invites a homeless Connor to move into her flat. However, Glenda quickly realises Carol's feelings aren't entirely motherly.

Also this week...

in Coronation Street, it seems Sophie and Sian's 'life choice' has gone down like a lead balloon with the rather stuffy pastor who makes his feelings about lesbian relationships more than clear. (Basically he's not a fan). The girls feel they have no option therefore but to leave the church.


Last Appeal

Steph's nearest and dearest are desperate to get her home safe and away from Woody, but it looks like she's spiralling further into depression.

First Summer and Andrew try to convince her to leave Woody and his band of bikers, but Steph's adamant she won't be told what to do. Then an increasingly worried Lyn heads to Woody's, but she's shocked to hear Steph's done a runner. In her desperation, she turns to the one person she thinks Steph will listen to - Libby. Surprisingly, Libby agrees to help her former friend, but is it really forgiveness on her mind, or is she planning a confrontation?

And with Steph in such a fragile state, can she handle any more grief from Libby? As she speeds off out of control on her motorbike, it looks like a tragedy might be on the horizon. But will it be Steph who suffers, or someone else?

Gina to the rescue


It's the day of the salon launch, and Hayley is nervous but excited.

Not being especially keen on the idea of Gina attending the event, she tries to put her off by claiming it won't be her sort of thing. Alas the notion backfires horribly when a leak springs up and Jack realises he's booked the caterers for the wrong day. Oops!

So Hayley has to go crawling to Gina, who's more than happy to lend a hand - despite the fact she feels terribly frumpy while surrounded by Shieldinch's 'beautiful people.' .

At least being at the salon means she can spend time with Jack again. The pair agree that last week's snog was a mistake and shouldn't be repeated. But sparks start flying once again when they just can't resist each other.

Meanwhile, Robbie is horrified when Grayson turns up at the launch. But why does he want to keep his new man a secret?


Shandi's surprise

True love never was one to run smoothly in Summer Bay, and Miles is about to get a lot more than he first bargained for when he got involved with glamorous blonde Shandi.

He's stunned to learn that his new love interest is actually John Palmer's daughter - not that John knows it yet!

But Shandi's about to drop the bombshell on her father, turning up on his doorstep and scuppering his plans to take Gina out for a slap-up meal and pop the question.

Elsewhere, Shandi's ruffling all kinds of feathers as Charlie worries about Angelo's confession that he was tempted by the pretty newcomer. Leah doesn't think it's a big deal but Charlie believes it's a sign of bigger problems in their relationship.

When she eventually gets round to talking to Angelo, he confides that he's never felt secure because of her commitment issues, prompting Charlie to take drastic action... And Vittorio's got an important question of his own for Bianca.

RELATIVE STRANGERS... Shandi and Miles




NEIGHBOURS: Kate discovers the identity of Paul's attacker. Donna plans an ambitious dinner for Ringo.

EASTENDERS: Shirley goes on a shopping spree - but it's poor Roxy who's going to be footing the bill.

EMMERDALE: The increasingly paranoid Holly becomes convinced that Moira is trying to drown her. CoRRiE: Jim McDonald is back in Weatherfield, so he is, but he doesn't get a warm welcome from Liz's new man Owen. Ciaran tells Michelle how he feels about her.

HOME & AWAY: Angelo opens up to Charlie about his insecurities, prompting her to suggest they move in together. Miles and John try to take in Shandi's big news.


NEIGHBOURS: Paul threatens to hand Declan in to the police unless Rebecca agrees to stay with him.

EASTENDERS: Darren and Jodie give Tawar dating tips, but their hints don't meet with Zainab's approval.

RIVER CITY: Bob tries to treat Iona mean to keep her keen, but could he be just pushing her away? Hayley's salon relaunch does not go to plan.

EMMERDALE: Chas warns Aaron not to commit to Jackson unless he's sure it's what he really wants. Holly tries to escape the Bartons' DIY rehab unit via a window.

HOME & AWAY: Vittorio pops the question to Bianca for a second time - let's hope it goes better than John's proposal to Gina. Charlie ignores Angelo's reservations.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie and Callum head off on a cruise with Sonya, but their holiday gets off to a bad start when it turns out her ex is also on board. Rebecca tries to take her mind off Paul by helping Michael.

EMMERDALE: Nathan shows a potential buyer around Home Farm, and Aaron is grateful when Chas stands up for him. Moira's maternal instinct also kicks in when she sees Holly suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

HOME & AWAY: Marilyn is outraged when she hears Mitzy admitting that some of her predictions are simply made up. Indi comes clean about why she acts strangely around Romeo, but what April really wants to know is why bride-to-be Bianca isn't more excited about the wedding.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie squares up to his love rival Eli in a karaoke duel. Lyn turns to Libby for help.

EASTENDERS: Zainab pours cold water on Tamwar's hot date. Shirley tells Heather about Roxy's money.

EMMERDALE: Katie tries to tell Andy that they are nothing more than friends. Nathan gets a nasty surprise when Home Farm's new owner reveals her true identity. CoRRiE: Anna and Eddie are shaken by a visit to the military hospital, and Peter gets more than he bargained for when he calls in on Carla, who claimed to want a chat.

HOME & AWAY: Indi tries to the put the past behind her by writing a letter to her mother. Dex's good intentions can't stop his date with Adrian from ending in disaster.


NEIGHBOURS: Ringo plans to surprise Donna on their one-month anniversary. A showdown between Steph and Libby leads to tragedy.

EMMERDALE: Aaron gets the blame when Carl's van is damaged, and Amy gives Val food for thought when she returns to the village in search of a permanent place to stay.

CORRIE: Owen squares up to Jim in the Rovers - but perhaps he'd be better off keeping an eye on mistreated Eileen who is busy plotting her revenge, not to mention Katie who is talking about moving in with Chesney.

HOME & AWAY: Alf overhears Penn spouting some ominous threats by Tulip's grave. Marilyn struggles to cope following Mitzy's death, and Dex tries again with Adrian.

Carla greets a stunned Peter in a towel, above.

Tyrone's final farewell Tyrone's final farewell

Residents pay tribute to Jack, while Molly threatens to spill the beans


There have been countless funerals in Weatherfield over the past 50 years, but one of the most memorable takes place this week as the locals pay their final respects to Jack Duckworth.

Although Tyrone rings Terry to tell him the news about his father's death, he's stunned by his reaction.

With Vera gone, it's left to Tyrone to organise the funeral. He also makes a heartfelt speech about the man he came to look upon as a father, and his words resonate with the congregation.

Later, Tyrone tries to persuade Molly that another baby would be a good idea, but all she can think about is Kevin and she decides that the time has come to tell him how she feels.

It seems the ice maiden has started to thaw towards Webster, and tries to convince him they should be together.

However, he's having none of it and instead goes for a night out with Sally.

Molly refuses to be pushed aside so easily and lets Kevin know that she plans to spill the beans.

After her passionate encounter with Nick, a remorseful Leanne can't face work, leaving Nick covering for her.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Claire wonder if they ought to give things another go, and Peter is stunned when he goes round to Carla's flat.

Ms Connor has a hidden agenda and plants a seed in Nick's mind that Leanne might not be completely happy with Peter.

Anna is shocked when she and Eddie return home to find an army officer on their doorstep with some alarming news: Gary has been seriously injured in an attack which left three of his colleagues dead.

As the stunned community rally round them, a sombre toast is made in the pub.

Fiz is intrigued when she arrives home to find a DVD has been delivered. Putting it in the player she is alarmed by what she sees and calls John to come home immediately.

As Charlotte's reign of terror continues, will Fiz do the right thing (for once) and go to the police or will compulsive liar John manage to successfully talk his way out of yet another incriminating situation?


EastEnders' ian had better watch out - it might be months since Jane found out he'd lied to her about Lucy's abortion, but according to Laurie Brett, who plays Mrs Beale, he's about to get a big surprise... Debbie is heading back to Emmerdale, but has undergone a personality change during her sojourn in Jersey. What will the Dingles think?


FATHER FIGURE... Marlon STUNNED... Rhona and Paddy COMING CLEAN... Stacey is pressured by Lauren CHAIN REACTION... Steph OUT OF STYLE... Gina END OF AN ERA... Tyrone delivers his eulogy at Jack's funeral, main. Kevin tells Molly he doesn't love her, top. Carla greets a stunned Peter in a towel, above.
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