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Verdict time for Ryan

The odds have been stacked against innocent jailbird Ryan Lamb from very beginning.

Evidence has been planted to incriminate him, witnesses have perjured themselves to frame him, and even his own actions unwittingly painted him as being the person most likely to have killed Mark. But now it's crunch time.

Ryan arrives in court in the prison van surrounded by photographers as the jury prepares to deliver its verdict. Will the truth come out - or will an innocent man go under lock and key permanently?

There are certainly some secrets spilled this week as Rhona hints that she may in love with Paddy when he confronts her about the way she has been treating Marlon. But would she really risk her relationship with the unlucky-in-love because of her feelings for his best friend?

And Hannah catches Holly buying drugs, but it isn't long until Moira decides enough is enough and puts her on a methadone programme.


MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm

Panicked Becky in sister act

Kylie has skipped off on holiday to Aiya Napa leaving Roy with an empty till and Steve and Becky holding the baby - and that isn't the sort of behaviour that social services usually condone.

Becky panics when she discovers that a social worker is expecting to call on Max in his new home, and when she can't get the appointment changed, she is forced to think on her feet and impersonate her feckless sister. The barmaid does such a good job that she begins to wonder what would happen if Kylie never came back and her nephew had to stay with the McDonald's full-time - and decides she'd rather like it.

However, any fantasising is cut short when Kylie swans back into the Rovers with a hunky Greek on her arm. A furious Becky tips a pint of beer over her head but Kylie reveals her new beau has offered her a job, so she's moving to Cyprus - and taking Max with her. However, when Becky worries about what the move will mean for the little boy, Kylie's devious mind goes into overdrive and she tells her sibling that she would consider leaving Max behind - if the price was right.

Elsewhere, Carla is rattled when someone leaves a C-shaped wreath on the steps of Underworld, but she's not nearly as shook up as John, who begins to wonder if someone else knows that Colin Fishwick is resting in peace underneath the factory floor.


Coronation Street fans know how stubborn Claire can be, but when Ashley suffers an angina attack, she accepts it may be time to stop harping on about moving to France, at least until her husband is back up to full strength. But is the butcher really as poorly as his concerned wife thinks he is?


Filming has begun on the tram crash set to dominate Corrie's 50th anniversary episodes. Among those spotted arriving for late-night filming were Peter and Ken Barlow, and Steve and Jim McDonald.Danny Miller, who plays Emmerdale's Aaron, claims he's received hate male from gay men who are upset he's straight in real life.

All right on the night?

Alfie wants the Vic to open again but the lights soon go out on the party


Despite Kim Fox's valiant efforts to fill the gap by setting up an illegal drinking den in Patrick's living room, Walford just hasn't been the same since the Vic has been out of action.

So the locals finally have something to celebrate this week as their beloved local opens - well, sort of.

On Monday, Kat is delighted when Alfie calls her over to the newly-refurbished pub for the unveiling, but Stacey is disappointed to realise that this means her cousin will be giving up her job on the stall. However, Alfie has a plan to keep the Slater girls together as he recruits Stacey to work as a barmaid, and to spare the punters' ears, he also gives silent Tracey her job back too.

With their new crack team in place - and Jean on catering duty - the Moons get on with organising their grand opening, only for Greg to dampen their spirits by revealing there's a problem with the electrics. Ever the optimist, Alfie decides the party will still go ahead, but at the Slaters' house.

Despite Charlie and Kat's misgivings, the bash appears to be a success, and soon everyone is enjoying themselves so much that no one notices an increasingly jealous and resentful Janine sneaking up to Lily's room.

Ryan is later surprised to find his wife sitting behind the wheel of Ricky's car claiming she's taking them away from Walford for a couple of nights. But that's nothing compared to his shock when he realises his baby daughter is in the back seat. As Janine sets off, she explains they can all start a new, Stacey-free life together in France. But Ryan orders her to stop the car, which she obediently does - on a level crossing. And if they only watched Emmerdale, they'd know that's never a safe place to be.

Meanwhile, Carol hits rock bottom the day of Billie's funeral. At least her Alan is there to support her. But when she misreads his signals and moves in for a kiss, even he pulls away.

Distraught, Carol contemplates suicide to be reunited with her son but she's about to find comfort from an unexpected source courtesy of Billie's mate Connor. And unlike Alan, he doesn't have a problem with getting close to the grieving mum.


Penn-ed in

Alf's week looks set to go from bad to worse, as Penn continues to plague the kindly fisherman by breaking into his house and planting pictures of Tulip everywhere.

And later, it becomes clear that Penn is trying to drive Alf crazy when a box arrives for him - it's the photos he took down from his room and threw out. Alf can stand it no longer and confides all in Miles (that man's taking on the burden of all kinds of secrets recently). He tells him the full story, how he had an affair and the real reasons he believes Penn has come to the Bay.

And when Miles gets wellmeaning Irene involved, the pair try to persuade Alf to go the police, but he insists they won't be able to do anything.

Meanwhile, Romeo struggles to deal with Indi's growing feelings and Paulie's latest plan to raise his debt money completely fails.

A proper Charlie


Most teenage girls will have a crush on an older man at some point, but most blokes are sensible enough to keep them at arm's length.

Unfortunately, Charlie has no idea how old Nicole is - he's simply thrilled to have an attractive young woman on his arm. But he wants more than a kiss and cuddle and asks the Tall Ship regulars for some advice on wooing the new lady in his life.

So imagine his surprise when he finally discovers Nicole's real age - but there could be a bigger shock coming when Michael discovers who his daughter has been dating.

Michael is also trying to persuade Ruth to return to work, but she's just convinced another big mistake is around the corner. Eventually, she changes her medication and that appears to do the trick. Sadly, the death knell already seems to have sounded for her relationship with Andy.


Robinson shock

Things have got a little "Orient Express" on Ramsay Street recently. After all, it's harder to find somebody without a motive to attack Paul Robinson than somebody with one, which is proving difficult.

Andrew certainly has his doubts. Suspecting Declan is behind Paul's attack, Andrew confronts him, but Declan insists he is innocent. A frustrated Andrew then turns his attention to Sonya. The nave lad is shocked when he discovers Paul's philandering past and is outraged to discover both Declan and Rebecca knew. Declan then decides to tell Andrew the full truth about Paul.

While Andrew focuses his renewed investigation on Diana, Summer and Natasha compete to be the friend who can offer the greatest support.

To help out, the teens follow Diana, who meets with a mysterious man. Natasha puts herself in danger to try to find out more about him, but will the pair's efforts get them any closer to discovering who pushed Paul?




NEIGHBOURS: Donna gets off on the wrong foot with the Kennedys thanks to a laundry-related mishap.

EASTENDERS: Harry announces he wants a divorce, but Vanessa has shocking news of her own to deliver.

EMMERDALE: Maisie tells the court who she thinks really murdered Mark, and Paddy apologies to Pearl.

CORRIE: Graeme starts to wonder if, for the first time in his life, David might be telling the truth, while Kevin worries that Sally is getting a bit too close to Molly and baby Jack.

HOME & AWAY: Liam gives Bianca an ultimatum, and Xavier tries to let John know that there may be some very serious flaws in April's latest eco-friendly scheme.


NEIGHBOURS: Tempers flare when Andrew learns of Paul's adultery. Toadie becomes curious about Sonya's past after she turns down his offer of legal help.

EASTENDERS: Lauren is stunned when Max admits Bradley didn't kill Archie - but he won't say who did.

RIVER CITY: Neglected Eileen feels invisible as well as pregnant when Raymond bonds with the glamorous new barmaid.

EMMERDALE: Viv pumps Lizzie for information on what really happened between Bob and Hazel while she was away. Eve pressures Carl to tell Chas that it's over.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole encourages Charlie to enter a fashion competition with her, while Indi stuns Romeo with a confession. Paulie prepares for his day at the races.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate and Sophie agree that what they're looking for in a new housemate is DIY skills, but will Lucas or Kyle best measure up to their requirements? Summer and Natasha compete to help Andrew.

EMMERDALE: Eve is demoted to playing second fiddle as Chas gets back from holiday. Paddy notices that Rhona is distant with Marlon, but could wish he'd kept his observations to himself when she tells him why.

HOME & AWAY: Romeo fails to live up to his name, he tells Indi that he doesn't know how to deal with her feelings, and he fears they're moving too fast. Charlie is furious to learn what debt-ridden Paulie and Angelo have been up to, and Marilyn tries to comfort an upset Mitzy.


NEIGHBOURS: Declan is forced to call on Kate's services when he can't find anyone else to babysit.

EASTENDERS: Jay offers Billy some dating advice - well, he really does need all the help he can get.

EMMERDALE: Charity dresses to impress ahead of Jai's meeting with the surveyor. It seems that their charm offensive has worked, until Cain sticks his oar in.

CORRIE: Jack enjoys having Tyrone by his side as he makes the most of the time he has left. David struggles to persuade anyone to give him the benefit of the doubt.

HOME & AWAY: Sid is annoyed when Mitzy sees fit inform Marilyn that she only has a couple of months left live. Alf comes clean to Miles about the Tulip affair.


NEIGHBOURS: Callum suggests Sonya gets more involved in Toadie's preparations for Steph's new arrival.

EASTENDERS: Fatboy feels lost without Leon, and Carol gets the benefit of all Pat's hard-won wisdom.

EMMERDALE: Amy arrives back in the village, and asks Victoria to help her squat in the B&B cellar.

CORRIE: Ciaran wonders how to break the news to Liz that he's leaving the Rovers to go work for Leanne's rival bar, but doesn't count on the landlady simply refusing to accept his resignation. Ashley makes a big confession.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier begs April to be honest with John about the bus project, and Liam is wary of accepting invitation from Bianca - even it is only for a lunch date.


TIME TO TALK... Paddy confronts Rhona LOCK AND KEY...Ryan THIS ONE'S ON YOU...Becky and little sister Kylie NEW MOON RISING...Alfie and Kat, left. Carol reaches her lowest ebb, top. A bitter Janine takes baby Lily, above FAMILY AFFAIR...Alf confesses all KISS...Charlie and Nicole GUILTY PARTY?...Andrew comes to blows with Declan
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