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Where there's a will..

Nathan may like to think of himself as the puppet master of Emmerdale, pulling everyone else's strings, but the neighbours will insist on acting like they have minds of their own.

He's frustrated to discover that he can't stop Faye contesting Mark's will, especially after the redhead reveals that she doesn't even care about the money - it's just payback for what he's done to Ryan. However, Nathan isn't about give up his manipulative ways just yet as he visits his half-brother in prison to warn him that if Faye doesn't drop her case, she might meet with a nasty accident.

A furious Ryan lashes out and has to be pulled away by the prison guards, so Abi visits Faye to tell her that her son needs to start keeping a lower profile.

Unfortunately, she's spotted by Nathan who quickly works out that if the prison guard is that concerned with Ryan's welfare, their relationship must be more than just professional. Has Abi just given him the upper hand again?


Confused Kat taken for a ride

Kat and Alfie have only been back in Albert Square for five minutes and already their marriage is under threat thanks to the arrival of another new Moon - Michael.

Alfie is delighted to be reunited with his cousin and quickly involves him in his latest scam - selling fake stories to the Walford Gazette - but Kat is a lot less happy to have him back in her life. Michael can't understand why until he takes a look at her bump, does a quick bit of mental arithmetic and realises he's the father.

His paternal instincts kick in as he tries to persuade her they could have a life together, but when she turns him down, Michael decides to get out of Walford, leaving behind a note and some cash for the mum-to-be.

It seems he'll be taking her secret with him, until fate intervenes in the shape of Zainab, who strongly objects to Kim's caravan spoiling the new Square's natural beauty and convinces Greg to remove it with his crane - unaware Kat is inside.

Later, when Michael is at the hospital making sure the brief flight hasn't harmed Kat and his unborn baby, Alfie finds the farewell note. His wife tries to tell him the truth during a confrontation, but when he seems unwilling to listen, Kat concludes that he doesn't really want to raise another man's child and decides to accept Michael's offer of a new life in Spain.

Also this week...

In river City, Shieldinch gets a new GP. michael doesn't seem happy about being there, especially after being accosted by nosy molly. His look around his new home doesn't go well either.Then, after meeting another resident, it becomes clear that michael's new life is going to be far from quiet, which should mean we're in for a real treat!


Quiet break

At last it seems Kate's finally had enough of Declan's secrets.

She can't believe he didn't consult her about taking over the business from Paul and ends the relationship. Little does she know he's actually doing it to protect his mum.

With Ringo and Donna's stag and hen parties coming up, the pair decide to keep the break-up quiet and celebrate their friends' big day. And when Zeke's plan to liven up the stag party with two naughty policewomen goes into action, things get pretty rowdy.

But uh-oh, one of the girls is Candace, who sets about lavishing attention on Declan. The newly-single man can't help being flattered as the two get closer and he tells her about his relationship troubles.

The pair decide to take things on to the balcony for some alone-time - unaware that someone else is watching.

Gabriel's no angel


Hmmm... who could the stranger interested in the old Versus site be... ?

He certainly causes a few eyebrows to be raised, as well as some furrowed foreheads. But there's more intrigue when he then begins perusing the McKees' former home - and takes a shine to Amber.

The newcomer introduces himself as Gabriel, then sets up shop outside Versus and begins selling various goods. But he may have a rival for the site - Fraser tells his father he's going to rent the place and will be moving Heavenly Herbals there.

The two men vie for Versus, and it's then that Gabriel reveals he won't be a pushover. Rather than leaving the place for Fraser, he breaks in and takes over anyway, even charming Stella into taking care of the premises while he drums up business.

Murray advises Fraser to make a stand but he may end up biting off more he can chew.

HOME & AWAY MONDAY, ChaNNel 5, 6pm

Alf takes the rap

We all know that Summer Bay stalwart Alf Stewart wouldn't hurt a fly. However, that's not what devious Penn would have us believe this week as he accuses the kindly fisherman of beating him to within an inch of his life.

But as Charlie investigates the assault, Sid warns her that she should be careful what she believes - Penn has a reputation for lying.

But Alf doesn't do himself any favours by remaining tight-lipped about what happened, leaving Charlie with no choice but to charge him.

And things look set to go from bad to worse when Penn's situation deteriorates and it's touch-and-go as Sid tries to resuscitate him.

Elsewhere, smooth-talking Paulie Rosetta arrives in the Bay, laying on the charm thick and fast, but Angelo's having none of it, wanting to know the real reason behind his brother's return - suspecting it involves money.

And Dex becomes more determined than ever in his quest to convince Marilyn that she is meant to be with him and not his dad. We'd be very worried indeed...




NEIGHBOURS: Paul is feeling powerless without his job and Karl suspects Lou has his missing bird.

EASTENDERS: Billy receives a troubling letter from the police but Jean is on hand to help comfort him.

EMMERDALE: Ashley and Doug find Holly slumped in a graveyard and take her home to the Bartons.

CORRIE: Katy and Chesney make plans to spend the night together and Ryan tells Ciaran that he's planning to study in Weatherfield as Michelle can't cope without him.

HOME & AWAY: His love letter may not have got the response he was hoping for but Dex is still determined to convince Marilyn she should be with him and not his dad.


NEIGHBOURS: Karl tries to lure his pet bird back home but doesn't count on Lou's attempts to foil him.

EASTENDERS: Stacey overhears Billy saying that his night of passion with Jean was just a big mistake. Alfie learns Kat and Michael's secret.

RIVER CITY: Meeting Molly does nothing to convince new GP Michael that he's made the right career move.

EMMERDALE: Andy spots a chance to make amends with Adele, while Doug rolls up his sleeves and gets to work behind the Woolpack bar in a bid to help Diane.

HOME & AWAY: Angelo gets a surprise when his brother arrives in the Bay, while doctor Sid refuses to believe that his son Dex is genuinely lovesick over Marilyn.


NEIGHBOURS: Michael pulls rank on Libby when she tries to ban Natasha from PirateNet and gains a dangerous enemy in the process. Donna hopes to show Ringo's mum she's ideal daughter-in-law material.

EMMERDALE: Paddy and Marlon tag along on Aaron and Jackson's big night out but the evening ends in disaster when their car becomes stuck on the train lines. Moria makes Holly an appointment for drugs counselling.

HOME & AWAY: While Liam and Bianca spend an intense night at the library, Romeo tries to show Indi that he lives up to his name with a romantic evening in. Angelo can't quite believes that Paulie has come all the way to the Bay just to natter about his own restaurant business.


NEIGHBOURS: Chris takes to the basketball court for his first game since he came out as gay.

EASTENDERS: Jay tries to get Billy to open up about his troubled childhood - with devastating results.

EMMERDALE: One man's life hangs in the balance following the car crash, while Hannah's first sexual experience is one she will never forget - try as she might.

CORRIE: Anna thinks Eddie doesn't understand how she feels about Gary being in Afghanistan and Sally is bemused when a mysterious benefactor sends her a gift.

HOME & AWAY: Leah keeps quiet after finding VJ's stash of letters from Elijah. Xavier is secretly impressed to see John passionately championing the recycling scheme.


NEIGHBOURS: Lyn worries that Summer is hiding her true feelings for Chris. Declan faces a dilemma.

EASTENDERS: Carol loosens her apron strings and lets Billie celebrate his birthday by drinking all night.

EMMERDALE: Andy's love life is starting to look up after he helps a girl who's suffering from car trouble.

CORRIE: Chesney is a bag of nerves before his big night and turns to Kirk, of all people, for advice. Ryan is still insisting he has to decline the place at Glasgow, while Tyrone struggles to take in Jack's very big news.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier and April go head-to-head for a job at Angelo's. Miles is forced to confess to Leah that he's been secretly helping VJ keep in touch with Elijah.

Sinking to new lows

Peter comes to Carla's rescue after the factory boss seeks solace in bottle


Is Carla suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder or is she having a bit of a mid-life crisis?

Well, whatever's going on in her life it looks like the raven-haired stunner (with the voice like a foghorn) has sunk to a new low.

You can hardly blame her. After all, her first husband, Paul, died in a car crash and her second, Tony, killed himself after trying to murder her.

Having given Trev the boot, she's now happily seeking solace in the bottle.

So who's the best person to turn to at a time like this? Well, they say misery loves company so she's well in with Peter, the fellow alcoholic who takes pity on her when he finds her with a bleeding hand.

With Leanne and old flame Nick showing signs of rekindling their relationship over the revamped wine bar, does this mean Peter and Carla will become an item?

That will remain to be seen but at least Barlow does the right thing while Carla's unconscious - he pours her booze down the sink instead of necking it himself. Meanwhile, Molly - still looking like the Bride of Chucky - finds life is anything but child's play as Sally continues to stick her oar in.

How long will it be before the truth comes out and Sally realises that the baby she helped deliver could actually be her husband's?

Elsewhere, there's romance in the air as Julie receives a single red rose from a stranger. Clearly, she's still got whatever it takes to impress the local blokes.

Nosey duo Fiz and Kirk are naturally keen to find out who her admirer is.

It's also an emotional time for Michelle. Her son Ryan is unsure of whether to study away from Weatherfield for fear of leaving his mum on her own.

However, it looks like hunky barman Ciaran might be sticking around to look after her.

Yes, after weeks of dodging the issue, the couple finally have a good old snog, so Ryan opts for a new life in Scotland.

And young lovers Katy and Ches are all over one another like a rash.

Aww. That's so sweet.


Bradford-born actress Natalie Anderson may only have been an Emmerdale resident for a short time but she already feels like she's come home - she's always wanted to appear in the soap. Margot Robbie is leaving Neighbours. She's become a firm favourite with fans thanks to her portrayal of Donna Freedman but is Hollywood.


PAYBACK... Mum Faye RESTRAINING ORDER... Ryan is visited by Nathan UNDER THE THUMB... Alf Stewart is in custody GETAWAY... Michael tells Kat he wants to start a new life with her away from Albert Square FLATTERED... Declan and Candace STRANGER... Gabriel CRISIS MANAGEMENT... Peter (main) tends to a drunken Carla, top. Molly and Sally with baby Jack, above
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