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Sam has moment of truth

Peggy has gone and the Vic is out of action, but life goes on for the Mitchells as the locals play guess the father of Sam's baby.

It's clear who the new mum wants the little boy's dad to be as she names the child Richard and tells Ricky she still loves him, but Bianca continues to hope that Jack is the guilty party. Sam agrees to Jack having a paternity test - but will anyone be happy with the result, especially as Ronnie is about to announce she is having a baby of her own?

Whoever the daddy is, he's going to have to start shouldering his responsibilities straightaway as Sam is struggling with the demands of new motherhood, especially when she thinks there's something wrong with Richard.

She sets out to take him to hospital, but in the end it's Charlie who provides her with the medical advice she needs as he convinces her it's perfectly normal for the contents of a baby's nappy to be green. But while Richard may be fine, the incident further shakes her confidence in her mothering skills, and leads her to make a big decision.


In a spin

Poor Bob doesn't know whether he's coming or going. He's just found out that Scarlett isn't his mother, but Theresa is.

He desperately wants to know the whole story - but is he emotionally strong enough to deal with the truth?

Scarlett needs to speak to him, but Jimmy thinks it would be best if she gave him a little time. So, Bob comes face to face with Theresa first, but she can't cope with his 16 questions and runs away. Eventually, he allows Scarlett to tell him what happened and is devastated when she claims his real father is dead.

However, after pulling herself together, Theresa devises a characteristically devious masterplan - she informs Bob that Scarlett has been telling lies to him for years.

But the story isn't over yet - there's yet another shock on its way...

Sad Holly must pay penalty

One thing is for sure, it's going to get worse, much worse, for Holly Barton before it gets better.

The drug-addicted teenager has fled her home and been ostracised from her family in the past few weeks, and when money got low she didn't think to come home and make amends with her anxious parents. No, she broke into the farm and robbed them instead, selling whatever she could get her hands on to finance her drug habit.

Well, John and Moira decided they couldn't stand for it any further, and when Moira finally catches up with Holly this week, she isn't in a forgiving mood.

Confronting her daughter about the burglary, she humiliates her by dragging her straight into the toilets.

But Holly doesn't even get off that lightly, as Moira subsequently hauls down diane. little other her wayward offspring to the police station and reports her for breaking into their home.

Maybe some direct intervention will get Holly back on the straight and narrow before she is completely beyond redemption? There's also trouble for Nathan who loses his job after taking a swing at his mother's beau Declan while being confronted about what he's hiding.

Let's just hope the mum and her son don't get away with murder...

Also this week...

In emmerdale, Jimmy and nicola decide they no longer want to buy the Woolpack - news that goes down like a lead balloon with poor diane. the place should be a great little earner, seeing as there's no other pub and all the locals like a pint or five - but will the unfortunate landlady find another taker soon?

Tale of the tape


Realising that Toadie's not coping with all the secrets in his life, Steph decides she must confess.

However, Toadie stops her, and plans to work with Diana to take Paul out of the picture. But when the businessman finds out, he takes the ultimate revenge. He plays the tape of Steph's conversation with Dan to a crowded room.

The secret's out! Everyone on the street gets swept up in the fall-out, with Libby on the warpath, Callum unable to forgive his dad, and Lucas completely baffled.

Rebecca throws Paul out of the house when he reveals that he played the tape to hurt Toadie, and Kate and Declan clash over him keeping secrets.

When Lou arrives home he is shocked to find his friends are at war, and after Lyn fills him in he sets about healing the rifts.

But even Lou's wise words can't stop the fighting, as old conflicts are dragged up and things get personal.

HOME & AWAY MONDAY, Channel 5, 6pm

A split decision

Rachel and Tony are still arguing about her decision to move to Boston, and he can't see any way to preserve their relationship in such circumstances.

He blames Daniel for starting the whole thing, so when he turns up to visit Rachel he doesn't exactly get a warm reception. Tony decides that standing firm is the best course of action, and says he won't leave the Bay, no matter what.

However after finding a one-way plane ticket with Rachel's name on it, he panics and realises she really might bid him farewell after all. He spends the night at Gina's to get some perspective, but when he confronts her, things get even worse - it transpires she's planning to take Harry with her!

Tony refuses to let this happen and the couple reach a stalemate.

Seeing how bad things are, Leah tells Rachel she needs to think about her proposed actions. Then she has an idea and calls for back-up from Lucas. Can he help fix their relationship?




NEIGHBOURS: Declan tries to sabotage the PirateNet fundraiser - but only makes it more popular.

EASTENDERS: Shirley gets a new job, but Heather is less pleased to be landed with two fresh housemates.

EMMERDALE: Eve proves she does have standards by refusing to sleep with Carl under Chas's roof.

CORRIE: Izzy finds out exactly why Gary stood her up, but the soldier has more pressing matters on his mind. Katy skips school to spend a day at the market with Ches.

HOME & AWAY: Angelo's workaholism becomes a cause for concern, and April and Bianca are kicked out of Gina's house. Luckily, Irene's home is still open to waifs.


NEIGHBOURS: Rebecca realises Paul hurt Steph and Libby just so he could have his revenge on Toadie.

EASTENDERS: Charlie struggles to get his head around the latest upheavals to hit the Slater family.

RIVER CITY: Jo tries to save Ruth's big day after it turns out wedding planner Morna is a fraud.

EMMERDALE: Jimmy is surprised when Nicola claims she no longer wants the pub, but that's nothing compared to Diane's reaction when the couple pull out of the sale.

HOME & AWAY: Miles and Sid fail to talk any sense into Nicola, so they confront Penn about all the lies he's been telling instead. Bianca spots Liam comforting Ruby.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate wonders where she fits into Declan's life, and Libby returns to work in a defiant mood - which is bad news for Doug and Summer. Lucas opens up to his students about how he is feeling.

EMMERDALE: Leyla is unnerved after Justin arrives to tell her it's all over between him and her sister Alicia. Diane lowers the asking price of the Woolpack and Bob seems to be getting on very well with Hazel.

HOME & AWAY: Dex invites himself over to Marilyn's, supposedly because he's looking for his dad - although he seems much more interested in finding out more about his hostess. There's tension between Indi and Romeo, while Miles is shocked to learn Leah has collapsed at work.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew's plan for a pool party at Chris's workplace end up in his friend being sacked.

EASTENDERS: Minty worries when he spies Heather trying on her old wedding dress from their big day.

EMMERDALE: Hannah is relieved that Isaac is happy to take things slowly. Diana apologies to Doug.

CORRIE: Gary's army career is put in jeopardy when the police arrive to investigate the assault. Ashley fails to convince Claire that they can still be happy in Weatherfield.

HOME & AWAY: Romeo fears he has ruined his friendship with Indi, while Angelo also appears to be on a mission to sabotage his relationship when he misses a date with Charlie in favour of a night in the restaurant.


NEIGHBOURS: Summer resents Andrew's efforts to find the newly unemployed Chris a suitable job.

EASTENDERS: Darren charms his way back into Jodie's affections, and Charlie faces a drink-driving charge.

EMMERDALE: Adele is put out by Katie and Andy's closeness. Terry is perplexed by a mysterious package.

CORRIE: Carla appears to be running out of patience with Trevor after he makes an expensive mistake at the factory. Kirk is the unlikely hero of the hour when he steps in to help Gary, and Sean finds himself facing a dilemma.

HOME & AWAY: Marilyn has an idea how to get Penn out of Nicole's life once and for all - and it involves a cleansing ritual. Sid tries to strengthen his bond with Dex.

Oh baby you're wicked

Natasha's crazy scheme to become pregnant runs risk of being exposed


There was a time when Natasha was one of Corrie's most likeable characters. Attractive, a little eccentric maybe, but she'd usually light up every scene she was in.

Alas, however, it seems the writers of the Weatherfield-based soap haven't known what to do with her, so like most characters they're unsure of, they've resort to turning her into some sort of unhinged soul.

This week Nat's plan to get pregnant in the hope of keeping Nick (after she aborted his child) takes another nasty turn as she sees him examining a scan of the baby. Will she finally do the right thing and confess there is no baby and she got rid of his child when she saw Nick chatting up Leanne? Or continue with the deception reminiscent of a recent Glee storyline, only without the impromptu musical scenes?

Elsewhere, Ashley is stunned when Claire decides to quit Streetcars, and Eileen uses her feminine charm to seduce Owen. However, the builder also has eyes for Liz and it looks like loveable Eileen is about to have her heart broken again as Sean tells his landlady about Owen and Liz's relationship.

Could there be another of Corrie's classic fights on the cobbles coming up we wonder? Kylie continues to annoy the locals, especially her recently emerged halfsister.

While Kylie's dancing with Gary, an angry Becky turns up and drags her out to make the court hearing.

Kylie attempts to convince the court that she is capable of taking care of son Max thanks to Becky. However, it's not long before the young tearaway has resorted to her bad old ways, by stealing cash and trying to seduce Steve.

Elsewhere, there are more problems for Gary regarding Izzy.

The police show up to quiz him about the fight outside the pub and ask him to go to the station to answer yet more questions.

With his future in the Army looking bleak, an unlikely ray of hope comes in the form of Kirk.

And it looks like Carla's honeymoon period is over as hunky binman Trev starts to grate on her.


Emmerdale fans are in for a treat - the soap is about to release its own spin-off DVD. it will focus on the Dingle clan, and explores what happens when Zak and Belle go to buy a lottery ticket. EastEnders' Lucas has behaved like a panto villain at times. Now the man who plays him, Don Gilet, is about to portray such a character for real. He'll be appearing in Aladdin this Christmas in south London.


ADVICE... Charlie FACING FACTS... The results of the paternity test are revealed KEEPING MUM... Theresa and Bob TAKEN TO TASK... Moira drags daughter Holly to one side and confronts her about the housebreak OFFLOAD... Toadie & Steph TEMPTED... Rachel considers Daniel's offer INSIDE STORY... Nick studies the counterfeit scan, main. Eileen hopes to seduce Owen, top. An angry Becky braces herself to drag Kylie to the court hearing, above
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