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A close call for Holly

The Barton family have been on the look-out for their errant daughter Holly ever since she ran away, and the clan finally manage to track her down this week.

After they find out where she is, John sets out in the hope of bringing her back to the family home, but Holly quickly demonstrates there is no chance she will be convinced easily. Her father finally snaps and resorts to doing things the hard way, attempting to drag his struggling daughter into the waiting car.

A helpless Adam and Scarlett find they can do little more than look on, and John's desperate efforts backfire badly when Holly manages to escape his clutches and disappears once again.

However, that isn't the last he'll hear of his drugaddicted offspring for the time being, as the farm is broken into soon after.

John and Moira immediately begin to fear the worst, believing that Holly is to blame, and sure enough it isn't long until the police show them CCTV footage of Holly selling on their television.

Secret son returns to haunt Ken

Almost half a century after he had a fling with Susan Cunningham, it turns out Ken had a son by her, Lawrence - who himself has an estranged son called James.

This week the pensioner is stunned by Lawrence's reaction to the lad's sexuality. Peter is also in a state of shock as he comes to terms with the fact he and Daniel aren't the only sons his dad sired.

Meanwhile, Molly's pregnant pause is over as she finally gives birth to either Kevin or Tyrone's child. Of course Sally and Tyrone are still in the dark about her affair with Kevin, but perhaps the time has come for her to finally let the cat out of the bag this week.

Elsewhere, Peter explains to Dev and Sunita that Simon pushed Aadi (the usually charming youngster is a right thug this week, as he also punches Russ). The Alahans are stunned when the authorities take away their kids, and they aren't the only youngsters to be spirited away by the powers that be. Becky and Kylie visit Max on his birthday, and he's eventually taken away by the police.

Just a pity Weatherfield PD don't cart off Gary and Kylie as well for stealing Mary's motorhome. It seems they are more interested in questioning Tyrone about hotwiring his van.


Janine's big day is looming in eastenders but she struggles to give up her gold-digging ways, especially when she meets a wealthy stranger.

She admits her fears to ryan, who reassures her. However, with Stacey also in a confessing mood, Janine's wandering eye isn't the only threat to their happiness.

HOME & AWAY MON, C5, 6pm

Trying Time

Angelo's opening night doesn't quite go to plan, as his staff are all too depressed to create the right kind of atmosphere.

The main problem is Tony and Rachel, who are feuding over Daniel's offer for Rachel to go and work in America.

She's angry that Tony won't support her and announces that she'll go whether he likes it or not, but she doesn't know the full story. When Tony confesses that the real reason he doesn't want to leave is because Summer Bay is where he buried Jack, Rachel softens a little, but it doesn't put a stop to her ambition.

She confides in Leah that she hopes she can persuade Tony before the decision need to be made, but when the deadline is brought forward she's forced to make a choice quicker than she had planned.

She goes with her instinct and delivers a bombshell to Tony. But what will he decide?

Happily ever after


Ruth can hardly believe her luck - it's the day before her wedding and everything seems to be going to plan thanks to Morna, who's in charge of organising the event.

But what Ruth doesn't realise is that Sheila is busy trying to convince Andy to rethink everything. Even after spending time with Ruth's family, Sheila is more sure than ever that he's doing the wrong thing and issues him with an ultimatum - it's her or Ruth. Andy, of course, chooses Ruth, which goes down like a lead balloon.

Eventually, they begin building bridges - but they may come crashing down when it suddenly dawns on everyone that Morna isn't all she seems...

Meanwhile, Scarlett and Jimmy continue to have problems with Theresa; finding the money they need to get rid of her for good is proving much more difficult than they imagined.


Saving the day

Donna's upset to learn that her dream wedding dress has sold out, but her friends have a plan to make sure she gets it after all.

Meanwhile, Paul is thrilled to finally have some dirt on Toadie and wastes no time in blackmailing him. The businessman says he'll keep his secret if the lawyer helps him take Diana down. But Toadie's got other ideas and makes a deal with Diana.

Realising that it could have repercussions for Rebecca, the lawyer persuades Paul to sell PirateNet, taking her out of the equation, but she's not happy and tries to stop him.

Kate can't understand why Declan's so happy to see PirateNet close, but he can't tell her the truth, leading to tension between the couple.

Elsewhere, Toadie's struggling to cope with the pressure of keeping Steph's secret at the same time as masterminding a clever scheme to put Paul in his place.

Something's bound to give. And boy does it ever, when Diana finds out what Paul's holding over Toadie!




CORRIE: Becky tries to help Kylie celebrate Max's birthday, but doesn't count on her sister hatching a plan of her own. As Nick prepares to pop the question, Natasha crosses her fingers and hopes her last-ditch pregnancy test is positive. Sally blames herself for Sophie's disappearance - until the Alahans provide a big distraction.


NEIGHBOURS: Donna has found her dream wedding dress - now all she needs is enough cash to buy it. EaSTENDErS: Ryan's stag night looks like being a sedate affair until he decides to bare more than his soul. EMMErDaLE: Maisie tells Nikhil she thinks Ryan is innocent, and David accuses Leyla of cheating on him.

CorriE: Dev and Sunita nervously wait to see if Aadi can come home, while Claire tries to escape the gossips. hoME & aWaY: Ruby is gutted when Liam tells her they won't be making any more sweet music together.


NEIGHBOURS: Callum prepares puppy Rocky for his final guide dog assessment, and Libby begs a favour.

EASTENDERS: It turns out that Janine does have a conscience as she feels guilty about her hen night.

EMMERDALE: Katie helps Andy battle his demons. Maisie confronts Nathan with some fresh evidence.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole asks Penn if he has been lying to her, and a rejected Ruby starts hitting the bottle.

RIVER CITY: Murray takes a look at Fraser's books, and is surprised to see where the cash has been going.


NEIGHBOURS: Natasha thinks the best way to restore her standing at the school is to be seen on the arm of an older man - and she believes Kyle Canning is the perfect candidate for the job. But will he agree with her?

EMMERDALE: Hazel takes Viv clothes shopping - well, it's about time someone did. Edna suspects Eve is up to something, and Maisie vows to get as far away from the village as possible.

HOME & AWAY: The omens aren't good for Angelo's grand restaurant opening as half the diners cancel their booking at the last minute, and Indi tells Romeo a secret.


NEIGHBOURS: Libby is put out when Michael makes changes at the school without consulting her first.

EASTENDERS: Ryan tries to rush to the rescue when he realises Stacey and Lily are trapped inside the Vic.

EMMERDALE: Carl and Eve plan another assignation, and Declan tells Natasha that it's time to start talking.

CORRIE: Becky finds Kylie a job at the cafe, but her sister is more interested in flirting with Gary and Quinny.

HOME & AWAY: Leah struggles to concentrate on her job, so Miles steps in with a few words of wisdom.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie struggles to balance the demands of his job and his complicated personal life.

EASTENDERS: The residents of Walford try to come to terms with the aftermath of the devastating pub fire.

EMMERDALE: Eve storms out of Edna's after a row, but is she brazen enough to move in with Chas?

CORRIE: Rosie picks up on the tension between Kevin and Molly, while Claire drops a bombshell on Ashley.

HOME & AWAY: It looks like gooseberry is on the menu for Sid and Marilyn's dinner date as Dex invites himself along. Gina throws Bianca and April out.

Phil gets blazing mad

Crack friend torches the Queen Vic after desperate Peggy locks him in pub


Where would the residents of Walford do their drinking, gossiping, fighting and murdering if they didn't have the Queen Vic?

Well, we could soon find out as the pub catches fire - and with Barbara Windsor due to bow out of the soap, perhaps the locals could lose more than just their favourite watering hole.

Although disaster is looming, the week starts on a high note for Peggy as she signs the papers to make the Vic officially hers again, and Pat suggests she show the Square that she really is in charge by throwing a wedding reception for Janine and Ryan.

She agrees, but before she can start playing the hostess with the mostess, there's the little matter of Phil to deal with. With Billy and Minty's help, Peggy manages to drag him away from his crack den and back to the pub where she forces him to go cold turkey by barricading him in the living room.

However, Phil isn't about to submit to his mum's own brand of rehab without a fight, and moans and groans so much that an increasingly fragile Stacey overhears him and jumps to the conclusion that Archie is still alive and locked in the Vic. When Peggy gently tries to remind her that Bradley killed Archie, Stacey makes the shocking confession that she is the one who really murdered Peggy's evil ex.

The landlady is all set to hand her over to the police, but before she can make the phonecall a furious Phil smashes his way out of his makeshift prison. Her troubled son accuses her of loving the Vic much more than she cares for her own flesh and blood - and when she doesn't instantly deny his claims, he sets fire to the place. Peggy raises the alarm, and the regulars scramble for the exits - except for Stacey, who's in the toilets and completely oblivious to the chaos that is breaking out all around her.

Meanwhile, Phil, is far more interested in robbing from the till to get his hands on more cash for drugs than actually saving himself. Realising her son is still inside the burning building, a desperate Peggy rushes back inside to try to rescue him. As the pub goes up in flames will any people still inside make it out alive? GoSSip Corrie! a musical based on, you guessed it, Coronation Street, has gone down so well with audiences in Salford that it's being tipped for a West End run. Dog trainer Sonya has proved so popular with Neighbours fans that the character, played by Eve Morey, has been made a permanent member of the cast.


CAN'T heLP... Adam COME HOME... John pleads with Holly to stop running BONDING... Ken enjoys spending time with Lawrence WORRY... Angelo's night goes badly EXCITED... Jo and Ruth DISAPPOINTED... Donna loses out on her ideal dress MIXED FEELINGS... Ryan and Janine prepare to marry, top, and Billy tries to help Phil kick the habit, above
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