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Rodney's ultimate lock-in

Things have been a bit tense between Jimmy and Nicola since they took over as landlord and lady at the Woolpack.

Nicola isn't exactly best known for her serene temperament, even if she has mellowed with motherhood, and all the extra work won't be helping either.

The hapless Mr King didn't exactly impress his wife last week either when he took a driving job instead of helping her in the pub.

As Nicola's volatile mood has done nothing to warm the villagers to their new publican, Rodney decided it was time to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and deal with his daughter.

However, his plan does seem a little radical, as he locks Nicola and Jimmy in the Woolpack cellar and forces them to sort out their issues.

Whatever the outcome, you can guarantee they won't be in half as much trouble as village mechanic-turnedjailbird Ryan.

He goes ballistic when Faye visits and tells him about the evidence going missing. Certain he has been set up, he causes a scene and the guards have to drag him away.

Will lucy make the grade?

Jane is usually the forgiving type - which is just as well, given that she's married to Ian Beale - but this week it seems even her legendary patience may be about to run out.

The trouble starts when the Square's teens receive their GCSE results, and cheating Lucy gets a string of top grades. However, she's barely had time to unleash one of her trademark smug smirks before the headmaster calls round to say he's noticed some discrepancies in her marks, and that not only will the exam board be giving her papers the once over, but Peter's impressive results, which are down to nothing more sinister than hard work, may be overturned too.

Jane is furious that anyone could accuse the twins of cheating, but seeing her brother looking so glum pricks Lucy's conscience, and she admits to her stepmum that the school has got her bang to rights.

But an even bigger fib comes back to haunt the teen as an upset Jane tells Zsa Zsa that she can't believe Lucy lied to her, and the blue-haired beauty jumps to the conclusion that she's found out about the abortion.

Well, she has now.


When Ches spots katy at the yard in Corrie, he waits until owen is out of the way before asking her to be his date to roy and hayley's wedding. Will katy accept? elsewhere, when emily and norris unearth a mouse they're intrigued to also find a letter behind the skirting board addressed to ken barlow. emily muses it must have been there for years as ken left no 3 in 1962.


Dirty Deed

After learning about the trouble he's landed his family in, Andrew tries to make amends by working for PirateNet.

When Zeke quits, Andrew hires Donna as a replacement, but this causes a rift between the friends. Paul defends his son, but later realises he's responsible for Diana getting her hands on the evidence she needs. He hits the roof, and Andrew's out in the cold.

Desperate to fix things, Paul suggests to Diana that they work together to take over Lassiter's, but she won't bite.

She says she needs proof of his loyalty to her, and suggests a very un-businesslike way for him to prove it. So he goes behind Rebecca's back and does the ultimate dirty deed to get Diana on board. But she's set up the whole liaison to get evidence to blackmail him.

What she hasn't banked on though, is that Paul's still one step ahead.

Spanner in works


TUE, BBC1, 8pm

If there's one law in soapland that must be obeyed by all scriptwriters, it's that no character should remain happy.

So it was only a matter of time before Theresa and Bob's world came crashing down around their ears. They've been getting on like a house on fire, but that all changes when Morna, Theresa's dodgy business acquaintance, turns up out of the blue.

She demands a share in the garage and tells Theresa to make Bob carry out a few dubious MOTs for her. When the motors arrive, matters get worse - they're all cut and shunt jobs! Bob says he wants no part in it, so Morna threatens to send around a couple of chaps she's sure will be able to change his mind.

Jack returns from Barcelona with Gordon, and can't wait to see Hayley. She says it's time for them to tell Gordon about their romance, but when he finds out, their 'friend' sets out to split them up.



Blood money

Brendan only arrived in the village a couple of weeks ago and has already rubbed some of the village residents up the wrong way. This week, he's up to no good once again when Veronica blackmails him into stealing from his own flesh and blood.

Not wanting Cheryl to discover that he was behind Malachy's fleecing, Brendan raids the safe at Chez Chez and comes up trumps when Cheryl agrees to store the proceeds from Steph's charity walk, arousing Malachy's suspicions in the process. Brendan's not the only man in the doghouse, however, as Carl struggles to keep his family when they discover he slept with Mitzeee and his sordid affair is soon common knowledge thanks to a well-placed microphone and a mischievous Michaela.

At least Cindy's luck appears to be changing for the better when she meets India's wealthy father, Alistair, but she's shocked when the ageing millionaire makes her a sensational offer.




NEIGHBOURS: Natasha learns what really happened between Chris and Summer in their hotel room.

EASTENDERS: When Ricky says he wants nothing to do with Sam's baby, Minty steps in to support her.

EMMERDALE: Viv enjoys getting to know Hazel, while Moira and John set off in search of missing Hollie.

CORRIE: Sally ruins Sophie and Sian's plan to spend some time together, and Owen plans his date with Eileen, although it seems Liz is the one he really wants to impress.

HOLLYOAKS: Michaela is determined to land a scoop, but her editor has other ideas. Cindy gets to hear all about what went on between Tony and Gabby back in Wales.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew's family forget his birthday, so Rebecca tries to make amends by planning a party.

EASTENDERS: Vanessa tries to get Max to open up about Bradley. Heather consoles a dejected Minty.

RIVER CITY: Scott gets an invite to Ruth's wedding, but is hurt when there's no mention of a plus one.

EMMERDALE: Eve is taken aback by Carl's show of indifference, while Moira and John continue their hunt for Hollie without much success. Cain pays Ryan a little visit.

HOLLYOAKS: Cindy regrets turning up to Tony's food fair - until she encounters a wealthy stranger. India gets a surprise when her younger sister Texas rolls into town.


NEIGHBOURS: As if her life was not complicated enough already, Steph is left facing another dilemma when Lucas returns home from the hospital with news of Dan's injuries.

EMMERDALE: Laurel and Ashley attempt to drum up interest in the art class - perhaps they should talk Lisa into taking up modelling again? Carl struggles to keep his eyes off local temptress Eve, while Maisie realises she could potentially clear Ryan's name.

HOLLYOAKS: Jacqui is attracted to a mystery man she meets on a dating site. Would she still be as interested if she knew the profile actually belonged to Rhys? India's poor financial situation leaves her with no choice but to appeal to her grandfather during a meeting at Il Gnosh.


NEIGHBOURS: Ringo gets the chance to move to America, but worries about leaving Donna behind.

EASTENDERS: Heather is feeling guilty about her night of passion with Minty. Max considers Dot's advice.

EMMERDALE: Nathan panics when he discovers that Maisie has serious doubts about Ryan's guilt.

CORRIE: Claire ropes Sian and Sophie into babysitting while she checks up on her mother, but gets a shock when she returns home and finds the girls kissing on the sofa. Nick asks Natasha to go to an early pregnancy class.

HOLLYOAKS: Cindy goes on a date with Alastair, but starts to wonder if the age gap is just too wide for her to bridge. Malachy starts to doubt his own detective skills.


NEIGHBOURS: A new, exciting opportunity forces Kate to decide between dancing and teaching.

EASTENDERS: Stacey considers saying her final goodbyes to Bradley, and Tamwar remains loyal to Syed.

EMMERDALE: Lizzie is hurt after Viv informs her that she isn't Bob's type. Maybe he fancies a change.

CORRIE: Eileen puts in an offer on No 9, and Hayley's hen do turns surprisingly raucous when a Latin Lothario puts in an appearance. Kylie sets her sights on Ciaran, but seems much less taken with the very disgruntled Michelle.

HOLLYOAKS: Cheryl convinces the Britain's Next Top Model contestants to do their bit for Steph's charity walk, and Alistair has a surprising proposition to put to Cindy.

Siblings at full throttle

Becky may live to regret getting in touch with her estranged sister Kylie


Isn't it funny how the most avid of Corrie fans has barely heard of Becky's sister until this week?

Not that such a trivial thing matters in soap land. After all, Kelly Crabtree was introduced on her final day at Underworld and nobody in the real world had previously experienced her comings and goings.

Anyway, back to Becky's sibling. Here's the lowdown - she's called Kylie, and also looks like a bit of a tearaway.

It seems Becky needs a little TLC after the adoption panel reject her and Steve as parents. Anyway, she nips round to see Kylie, and if she's hoping for a peaceful chat it seems she should be so lucky.

Before long they're spinning around involved in a scrap worthy of any classic Corrie cat fight.

Later in the week there's little sign of Kylie calming down as she gets involved in a bust-up with Michelle, which leads to the raven-haired barmaid getting the sack and Ciaran quitting.

Elsewhere, in a plot that looks like it was lifted from Glee, Natasha is pretending to be pregnant despite the fact she had an abortion last week. As Nick and Tash move in together, she's obviously uncomfortable as he touches her stomach.

And life for the Alahans shows a little sign of getting more interesting.

They may be two of Corrie's best characters but compared to being abducted by Mad Maya a few years ago, their domestic strife seems rather dull by comparison these days.

However, there is a shocking turn of events this week when their fouryear-old son Aadi is injured, falls unconscious and the reunited couple fret by his bedside.

At least Hayley has a good time this week (which probably means unhinged wedding planner Mary has nothing to do with her hen night).

And while Owen goes on a date with a very drunk Eileen, Norris gives Ken an old letter for him which has turned up.

Could it be a love letter from an old flame or a skeleton locked away in his hypothetical cupboard?


pauline Quirke claims that her old friend suzanne shaw gave her some valuable soap-related advice before joining Emmerdale. The stars have been pals since becoming neighbours in the same Buckinghamshire village. Meanwhile, pauline's fellow Dales star Danny Miller has revealed via Twitter that he's been receiving hate mail due to his relationship with co-star Kirsty Leigh potter.


FINAL STRAW... Rodney TRAPPED...Jimmy and Nicola EASTENDERS MONDAY, BBC1, 8pm under scrutiny...Peter, Jane, Lucy and Ian NEW START... Andrew hires Donna ADVICE...Jack and Hayley SAFE HANDS...Brendan continues to cause upset BITTER RIVALS...Kylie and Becky get reacquainted, left. Natasha keeps up the pretence over her pregnancy, top, and the Alahans keep a vigil over their son, above
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