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Phil set to lose louise

Ever since little Louise turned up wandering the streets of Walford alone, viewers have been wondering what happened to her mum, Lisa.

It's a question Phil has been doing his best to put out of his mind but he's forced to think about it this week when the social worker arrives to tell him that Lisa has decided she would like to resume her relationship with their daughter.

The concerned dad worries he's going to lose another child and refuses to let Louise out of his sight - but Peggy isn't convinced that lying to the little girl and dragging her along to visit Ben in the young offenders' institute is really the best solution.

Meanwhile, there's more heartache for the Trueman-Fox-Johnsons as Libby prepares to mark her first birthday without Denise. Patrick proves he really is honorary granddad material when he gives her a thoughtful gift.

But Lucas has more pressing matters on his mind than supporting his grieving stepdaughter.


No accident

After the disaster of the PirateNet advertisers' event, business is looking bad for Paul. Declan feels guilty about his role in its failure and tries to make amends by coming up with new ideas. Paul forgives him, but then, he has bigger fish to fry.

Declan overhears him on the phone plotting to bring down Jim, who's demanding payment from Paul. And when someone sabotages Jim's building site, Declan knows the culprit. What Paul hadn't banked on was that Donna would turn up to meet Ringo. She's badly injured by some unsecured scaffolding, leaving Ringo to come to her aid. Paul feels guilty and Declan wants to confess, but Paul warns to him keep quiet.

Paul's relieved that Donna's okay, but then learns that Susan's planning to uncover the truth behind the accident for a newspaper expos.

Mutt digs up body of evidence

With Nathan and Natasha's plan to frame Faye for Mark's murder now well under way, it was only a matter of time until the body turned up.

Sam Dingle is the unfortunate soul to make the gruesome discovery when his dog digs up Mark's remains.

After calling the police, he bursts into the Home Farm office to reveal what he found.

Nathan calls Natasha back from her holiday with Declan as the police turn up to begin their investigation, and both mother and son struggle to maintain their composure in the face of probing questions.

Natasha stumbles on her words as she tells Maisie and Will that their father is dead, and is torn with guilt at what she has done, while Nathan is forced to mimic the shock and grief of his siblings.

However, nothing goes quite to plan when Nathan's recent erratic behaviour leads to him becoming the prime suspect. Refusing to cooperate with the police, he is arrested and put behind bars.

Will he crack under the pressure and reveal all? Meanwhile, Carl still has his eye on village man-eater Eve and buys her a drink in the pub.

It's clear she has a soft spot for him too, and Carl is seriously tempted to cheat with her.

However, he is concerned by her growing friendship with his girlfriend Chas.


Poor old lloyd faces more problems as Chris attempts to build bridges with Cheryl in Coronation Street. She agrees to him visiting russ, but the wife-beater warns him not to muscle in on his family. it really looks like the smitten cabby should heed his friends' advice and sever all the ties while he still can.

Hol over for Scarlett


Let's face it, when it comes to holidays, we can all get a bit giddy. Scarlett feels that way as she prepares for her big family break in Berwick.

However, Theresa can't be happy for her - instead, she's almost boiling over with jealousy. Molly tries to calm her down by telling her that she stands a good chance of becoming an integral part of the Shieldinch community - because if Scarlett can do it, anybody can. Theresa decides that getting a job might help, but when she fails to do so, she blackmails Scarlett into looking after some dodgy TVs for her.

Later, Scarlett and Jimmy are questioned by the police, but an unexpected turn of events means that Theresa may have to break the habit of a lifetime and do the right thing by her loved ones.

Well, that's if somebody else doesn't tell the police what's been going on before she does...


Stormy weather

Elijah and Leah have been through a tough time getting their love on track - what with the meddling of his parents and her doubts about his commitment - but there's new storm on the horizon and it's looking doubtful the couple can weather it.

Leah is still reeling from Elijah's announcement that he plans on doing relief work overseas. When Leah tells him it's okay of he feels he needs to 'prove himself', Elijah takes offence and promptly postpones the wedding, worried they're rushing into things. But when an earthquake strikes overseas, he is forced to think about where he really wants to be. Will he drop everything - including Leah - and head towards the disaster?

Elsewhere, Angelo's feeling the pressure in getting his restaurant up and running on time - and it's not looking good. Ruby kisses Liam as she struggles with his and Bianca's flirtations, and Penn's behaviour gets more curious as he turns up at the hospital with serious cuts to his hand, claiming he lost consciousness and can't remember how they got there.




NEIGHBOURS: Natasha sets out to get her revenge by making Libby think that Michael is attracted to her.

EASTENDERS: Pat finally tires of being taken for granted by Bianca, and moves in with Peggy at the Vic.

EMMERDALE: A crushed Diane heads off on holiday, and Marlon tells the Dingles that Shadrach has gone.

CORRIE: Molly urges Tyrone to hand in his notice, while Sally does some stirring of her own as she tells Kevin to make his partner a low offer for his share of the business.

HOME & AWAY: Tony's enthusiasm for his job makes Rachel realise she's lost her own passion. Could an offer from an old university friend help re-ignite her career?


NEIGHBOURS: Callum pitches for the position of Toadie's best man. Ringo tries to come clean to Donna.

EASTENDERS: Abi thinks there may be hope for her and Darren after she overhears him talking to Max.

RIVER CITY: Jack tells Hayley that their kiss was a one-off, but she isn't about to give up without a fight.

EMMERDALE: Leyla is excited about her new business venture, but the rest of the village is more interested in Sam's grisly discovery in the woods around Home Farm.

HOME & AWAY: Sid wants answers when Penn turns up at the hospital with unexplained injuries. Rachel turns down a job offer, but Daniel just won't take no for answer.


NEIGHBOURS: Lucas and Steph go head-to-head, and Ringo learns what Nick thinks of him. Toadie tries to stop Susan becoming Ramsay Street's answer to Miss Marple.

EMMERDALE: David is keen to celebrate Leyla's new idea, but the Wylde family have little to be happy about. Nathan is forced to pretend his father's death is as big a shock to him as it is to Will and Maisie, while Natasha struggles to hold her nerve.

HOME & AWAY: Marilyn continues to work her magic on the men of Summer Bay as she prepares a surprise romantic picnic for Sid, and discovers that she may have yet another admirer when she runs into Dex. Elijah moves back into the rectory to give himself the space to think.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie races to stop Sonya leaving Erinsborough. What will it mean for his wedding?

EASTENDERS: Fatboy's game of rounders distracts the residents from what else is going on in the Square.

EMMERDALE: Carl is annoyed by Jimmy, but he should be worrying about Chas's new best mate - Eve.

CORRIE: Gail tries to make amends with Audrey, while David and Natasha jostle for position at the salon. Liz is getting even more male attention than usual in the Rovers. HoME &

AWAY: Angelo tries to stay positive as he races to get the restaurant ready on time, but Alf can't share his optimism. Liam and Ruby draw up a set list, and Gina agrees to let April and Bianca move in to her house.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew tries to stop Harry accepting a scholarship. Steph makes a very big confession.

EASTENDERS: Phil and Peggy worry about what Ben's sentence might be doing to the sensitive lad.

EMMERDALE: Viv wonders if there's a future for her and Bob after all. Edna worries about Eve's debts.

CORRIE: Cheryl agrees to speak to her violent ex Chris, and there's a spark between Izzy's sister Katy and Ches. Liz is furious to learn about her online profile, but calms down when she realises just what drove Sean to do it.

HOME & AWAY: Ruby decides to tell Liam how she feels, but it seems she may have misjudged the situation. The locals rally around Angelo in his hour of need.

Learning tough lesson

It's Fizticuffs as Stape's other half steps in to spare him from real pain


John Stape has told so many lies over the past few weeks he should change his name to Baron Munchausen. However, his flights of fancy do have a habit of getting him in serious trouble as this week's offering proves.

When Fiz urges him to speak to Roy about getting his old job back he uses talk of Ches's 16th birthday party to wriggle out of it.

Later, as Fiz makes plans for her brother's party, Colin tells John they need to talk. Meeting away from the house, Stape is alarmed as Colin reveals Charlotte's told him everything and he wants his identity back. A desperate John calls Charlotte, so she agrees to talk to Colin again. However, things get far worse when Ben Fielding turns up at the Stapes menacingly demanding to know where Fishwick is.

Fiz caves and gives him the address, leaving John desperately trying to figure out his next move when Colin turns up battered and bruised.

Ben wants him out of town and he needs money but John is aghast as Colin tells him he has got until tomorrow or he'll go to the police and tell them everything. Meanwhile, Lewis feels backed into a corner and is furious with Audrey for announcing their plans. When he stalls over finances, the hairdresser asserts money wouldn't have been an issue but she'll tell everyone she jumped the gun. Lewis' mind is racing as he clarifies that she'd be prepared to sell up for him.

And it seems there's no shortage of folks interested in the salon, though with Maria back, she, Natasha and David create so much friction as they jostle for position, Audrey can't wait until she heads off to Greece. And Liz can't understand why she's getting so much strange male attention. Naturally, Michelle realises it's because of the Facescene page she and Sean set up in her name in the hope of getting in touch with Violet, the mother of his son.

The raven-haired stunner tells Sean it's time he deleted it and tried a different approach.

The question is - will Liz get wise to their underhand hi-tech shenanigans and take it out on them with a few withering stares and horrible


Pauline Quirke admits that filming Emmerdale has been an emotional experience because it reminds her of her late mum, who adored the soap. We finally have the date for Ray Meagher's debut in West End hit Priscilla Queen Of The Desert. If you're planning a trip to see him in action, the Home & Away veteran will be on stage from September 30.


FEELING ALONE... Libby HOME TRUTHS... Louise quizzes Phil about her future BAD BLOW... Donna is injured BONE COLLECTOR... Sam is aghast as dog finds remains PEACE-KEEPER'... Molly DISASTER... Elijah and Leah BLACKMAIL... Fishwick demands cash from Stape for his silence (top), and the pair come to blows (left). Audrey spots Maria and Natasha bickering in the salon (above)
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