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Ben's in need of help

Sunshine, dancing, happiness and laughs ... no, there's none of that in Albert Square.

But for death, depression and imprisonment, it certainly delivers - and this week there's enough misery on tap to fill a swimming pool.

As ever, the Mitchells are at the centre of it all, with poor Ben languishing in juvenile detention, facing a life in the slammer that, let's be honest, he's not exactly cut out for.

Phil always breaks out in a cold sweat in the presence of prison bars, but he and Peggy go to visit Ben and quickly realise they need to do something - and fast.

The other Mitchells, meanwhile, start to get excited about Ronnie and Jack's wedding plans. But an unwelcome reminder of the past puts a damper on the big day. Ronnie is left humiliated when Peggy, Glenda and Jack overhear her telling Roxy a secret.

Patrick is also struggling to deal with Denise's death, with Lucas trying his best to help him.



Time for Nikhil to confess

For a few weeks now, red-blooded male viewers up and down the land will have been staring at the screen in disbelief.

Businessman Nikhil Sharma has repeatedly turned down the chance to get into bed with beautiful barmaid Maisie Wylde. What kind of fool is he?

With the looks that many men dream of and some women would kill for, Maisie simply wasn't expecting to find a frosty reception to her seductive charms.

However, it all became clear when Nikhil finally confessed to his brother Jai the real reason he was avoiding his new girlfriend's advances - he's still a virgin.

Yes, we were as surprised as you. Nikhil's a handsome fella after all, so who'd have thought he'd be a bit shy around the opposite sex?

Unfortunately, after trying to help his brother out, Jai only succeeds in making things a whole lot worse. Nikhil is shocked to discover his ex, Amber, when she turns up in the village due to Jai's interference.

He rejects her advances, but things go from bad to worse when Maisie arrives just in time to see a scantily-clad Amber emerge from the bathroom in nothing but a shirt and knickers.

Before the situation gets further out of hand, Nikhil reveals to Maisie that he's still a virgin. How will she react?

Also this week...

In river City, Eileen and raymond concentrate all their efforts on a visit from Caitlin, the youngster they hope to foster. But after overhearing the couple discussing the pregnancy, Caitlin becomes withdrawn and moody.

Eileen decides to keep mum about her baby news and worries they won't be allowed to foster after all.


Still a sinner

Has Sid really changed his ways? It's looking extremely doubtful, as he prepares for his date with Marilyn by spending the night with one of his colleagues!

And when Indi and Dex find out about their dad's night of passion, they make it clear they're none too happy with him.

He begs them to believe he's changed, saying he wants to keep the family together.

Meanwhile, despite warnings from most of the Bay's residents to be careful, Marilyn's over the moon about bagging a date with Sid.

But the wind's taken out of her sails when Romeo tells her of Sid's dealings with Veronica. Anxious, she then confronts her prospective beau, asking if he's seeing anybody else.

Will this mean the Bay's newest romance is over before it's even begun?

Deek's in big trouble


Most of us have woken up the morning after the night before with the hangover to end all hangovers. And it's not a nice experience.

So you can imagine how Deek's feeling after his session of heavy drinking. Yeah, pretty sorry for himself. But when Eileen and Raymond are too busy to talk to him, he tries to turn over a new leaf - and even asks his friend for some shifts behind the bar. Alas, all he manages to do is annoy the Tall Ship staff.

After secretly drinking on the job, Deek becomes increasingly aggressive and almost starts a fight with Charlie. He then makes an embarrassing pass at Stella, which only comes to an end when Bob steps in.

At least Deek realises he's done something he shouldn't and decides to drown his sorrows alone at the boatyard.

Later, Raymond goes to find him - and makes a rather shocking discovery.


Moral dilemma

Things have gone from one extreme to another for Steph and Toadie. After initially facing hostility from Lyn about their decision to get married, the latter's now fully on board and causing havoc with her over-the-top plans for the event.

When Lyn offers to finance a lavish day, the couple panic. What if she starts trying to take over again? Toadie's not prepared to take any chances and says he'll come up with the cash himself.

But his attempts to keep their money worries under wraps go awry when Paul overhears him discussing the wedding with Steph.

He has a plan to provide them with all the money they need, while getting himself a pretty good deal and a great lawyer into the bargain.

Toadie refuses to work with a man with no morals, but the pressure of Lyn's plans has him reconsidering his options.

The question is, who's the greater enemy? Paul or Lyn?




CORRIE: There's never a dull moment for Lloyd at the moment, what with Cheryl's brutish husband taking pleasure in giving them both bruised faces. In the first visit of the week, the former exotic dancer welcomes the smitten cabby's help as he takes her for the job trial. But will it lead to more?


NEIGHBOURS: Michael delegates responsibility for disciplining Natasha to Libby.

EASTENDERS: Libby finds out what Adam is really like and Christian is taken aback by Syed's brazen approach to their relationship.

EMMERDALE: Shadrach opens up to Marlon about his problems.

CORRIE: Natasha plans a surprise 70th party for Audrey in the hope she will retire and sell the salon to her.

HOME &; AWAY: Nicole summons up the courage to ask Penn whether he has been seeing other girls.


NEIGHBOURS: There's more trouble in Erinsborough as Libby tries to heal the rift between Michael and Natasha, and devises an unusual punishment for the troubled teen.

EASTENDERS: Patrick struggles with his grief over Denise's death.

EMMERDALE: Diane prepares to leave The Woolpack.

HOME &; AWAY: Nicole is troubled by the thought that Penn may be cheating on her.

RIVER CITY: Eileen and Raymond have conflicting views on whether to tell Caitlin about their baby news.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke passes his driving test with flying colours and his friends start taking bets about who will get the highest score.

EMMERDALE: As Diane bids farewell to her life in the village, she introduces the new landlords of the Woolpack. Meanwhile, Nicola is thrilled when Scarlett offers to loan them cash for the pub, but it remains to be seen whether her happiness lasts.

HOME &; AWAY: Ruby tries to prove she is not jealous of Bianca when Xavier offers her advice on how to deal with her feelings.


NEIGHBOURS: The National Basketball Academy offers Harry a trial - leaving Sophie with mixed emotions.

EASTENDERS: Lucas steps in to help a troubled Patrick.

EMMERDALE: The villagers have a hard time coming to terms with the new landlords of the Woolpack.

CORRIE: Seasoned snipper Audrey fears she's spooked Lewis by asking him to move in.

HOME &; AWAY: Xavier cannot decide whether to tell April about his kiss with Ruby.


NEIGHBOURS: Michael encourages Lucas to apply for a teaching job at the school.

EASTENDERS: Roxy looks forward to a nice family meal, but Peggy does not want to include Ronnie on the guest list.

EMMERDALE: Diane is unsettled by the fact that her new life with Charlie isn't going to plan.

CORRIE: A fed-up Eileen tells Steve and Lloyd she wants to buy into Streetcars.

HOME &; AWAY: Penn offers assistance to help Angelo open the restaurant on time.

Powers of attraction

Smitten Sophie tells Sian she's now ready to tell her parents she is gay


As Ryan, Michelle and Ciaran rush Sian to hospital following her collapse, the patient demands they call Sophie.

She's in an awful state when she arrives to hear Sian's appendix has burst and that they've operated.

As Ryan and Sophie wait at her bedside, Ms Webster can't help but wonder why Sian was with her ex, Ryan in the first place.

Later, Sophie is not pleased when Sian agrees to have tea at Ryan's - she feels obligated after he came to her rescue.

Ciaran helps Ryan create a romantic setting but when Sophie hears about Ryan's plan to woo Sian, she storms round to the flat and barges in.

As Sian races after a distraught Sophie she insists she's got it wrong - she was going to let Ryan down as it's her she loves. Ms Powers then seals it with a kiss but Ryan has followed them and his angry reaction leaves the girls wondering what he'll do next.

Eventually, Sophie decides she wants to tell her parents she's gay before they hear it from someone else, but Sian worries that she's not ready.

Meanwhile, John's desperate to put Colin off going back into teaching, but Fishwick is more interested in Charlotte.

Eventually the penny drops and Stape realises Colin left because they were having an affair.

While Fiz still wants John to quit, he claims they're over the worst. However, the stranger returns and introduces himself as Ben Fielding.

Fiz reels when he explains he's turned up to confront the man who's been sleeping with his wife. She's sure there's been a mistake but when Ben instantly recognises John and punches him, Fiz is horrified.

She demands to know whether he is sleeping with Charlotte. He tries to explain it's a case of mistaken identity and begs her to have faith in him.

Fiz issues an ultimatum - he resigns or their marriage is over for good.

Meanwhile cheating Charlotte's got an ultimatum of her own for John. Luke's thrown her out and she needs money. John will have to either pay up or she'll expose his lie too.


Rumour has it that EastEnders' Queen Vic will be destroyed by fire - but like a phoenix from the flames it will be resurrected by none other than Kat and Alfie Moon. Erin Mullally from Neighbours says he isn't worried about keeping fans of his predecessor, James Sorensen, happy. Instead, he's hoping to attract his own set of supporters.


BRIDE TO BE... Ronnie BEHIND BARS... Ben BAD MOMENT... Maisie catches Nikhil with Amber WOMANISER... Sid charms Marilyn LONELY SOUL... Deek UNDER PRESSURE... Paul makes Toadie an offer TROUBLE BREWING... Rescuer Ryan tries to romance Sian, top and John is in a spot of bother with Colin, above
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