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Natasha in grave warning

Ah Natasha, it was all too good to last. You might have found a new beau in Declan after getting away with killing your husband, but the truth will come out and it seems someone is onto you.

The businesswoman is horrified this week when a bouquet of flowers turns up at Home Farm, supposedly from Mark. This would be no mean feat if it were true, considering how she shot and buried him.

Someone is playing a cruel joke and she immediately suspects Nathan, the only other person to know what she did. However, he claims he had nothing to do with it, though he helps his mum to keep her secret by telling Maisie that he did send the flowers.

Could it be that he is double-bluffing her or is someone else playing games with Natasha?


Smitten Nic

Impressionable Nicole looks set to fall for the wrong man all over again, as she immediately takes a shine to the Bay's newest arrival - Penn Graham.

As she fishes for information about him, he sees right through her and tells her he knows she wants details about him. He reads her palm and tells her somebody wicked is about to walk into her life and walks away, leaving her totally smitten.

He later talks her into having breakfast with him and she's unaware that she's missed an exam worth 10 per cent of her HSC mark. He tells her to calm down, that there's still 90 per cent up for grabs and to look on the bright side. She forgets all her woes when he plants a kiss on her and heads off.

Oh dear Nicole, why are you always so easily led?


SUNDAY, STV, 7.30pm

Sexy Tina falling for lurve doc

After explosive events of the past weeks we could do with a bit of romance to brighten up the street.

Well, the good news is that two of the show's best characters are finally hit by Cupid's arrow.

Following an argument on Sunday, Graeme is amazed when Tina kisses him. The odd-job man is over the moon as he's been keen on the raven-haired local for months. Proctor, aka the self-titled love doctor, is on cloud nine when he wakes up next to Ms MacIntyre who promises him she wants a relationship.

Telling David proves to be a delicate affair, especially in light of recent events in the courtroom.

How does he decide to drop the bombshell? By handcuffing his old cellmate to the radiator then breaking the news gently of course.

David is far from happy by this stunning revelation and after tearing the radiator off the wall he tries to whack Graeme with it.

Jason is also fuming when he hears the news and responds by changing the locks on the flat and kicking Tina out.

And it looks like there's a spark between Lewis and Deirdre as they have a chat in the Rovers. Little wonder they feel a little awkward when Ken and Audrey arrive. Could the bespectacled siren be the latest local to fall for Lewis's charms?


In River City,Theresa continues to make Scarlett's life a misery - and even Jimmy throwing his weight around doesn't help the situation.

Before long, she's bullied Scarlett into selling alcohol for her at the Tall Ship. But there's worse to come when Theresa turns her attention to Bob, tightening her hold on the Mullen family even further.

Eileen's baby blues


If there's one thing we learn this week, it's that communication is vitally important if a relationship is going to be successful.

It may seem obvious, but it's something that soapland's residents forget all too easily.

Eileen and Raymond are the latest couple to ignore the idea. Instead, Eileen has jumped to the conclusion that he doesn't want a child of his own, so plans to abort the baby she's carrying. But before she can do so, Malcolm discovers what's going on and decides to tell Raymond all about it - and you can probably guess his reaction.

He and Eileen then have an almighty row, after which she storms out of The Tall Ship - just as their social worker strolls in to tell them she has an emergency placement she wants them to take care of.

Could their timing be any worse? Probably not, but the big question is, can they put their problems behind them for the sake of a foster child?


Three's a crowd

It's a difficult week for Donna as she struggles to get along with Ringo's new love interest Naomi.

Ringo's been walking on cloud nine since Naomi, the girl he rescued, turned up unexpectedly at his university and made it very clear that she was interested in him.

Donna's not so sure, but the girls agree to make an effort for Ringo's sake. However, it's thrown back in Donna's face when she finds out that Naomi has actually been spreading lies about her in an attempt to shut former lover Donna out of Ringo's life.

Donna defends herself, while Naomi protests that it was all a misunderstanding, leading to a tentative truce. But Donna resolves to find out the real truth about Naomi.

A little detective work leads her to believe that Naomi is not really enrolled at Eden Hills University.

But her claims backfire on her when no one believes what she is saying. Has she ruined her relationship with Ringo for good or will he see sense?




CORRIE: Liz advises Michelle to make a move on Ciaran, but with the ladies of Weatherfield lining up to be charmed by him at the speed-dating event, has the barmaid left it too late? John is still trying to act like it's no big deal that Charlotte knows his secret, but Fiz thinks their only option is to ditch 'Colin Fishwick' for good.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew continues to meddle in his dad's relationship - this time, he's out to persuade Paul that Rebecca has a crush on Kyle.

EASTENDERS: Liz jumps to the wrong conclusion when she overhears Patrick complain about Lucas's ban on pre-marital sex. Libby is jealous of Darren's budding romance with Jodie.

HOME & AWAY: Gina wants a word with Jill about the amount of time she's been spending with John lately. Romeo also makes his disapproval clear, worrying that being in a new relationship won't do anything to improve his mum's behaviour, and may make her drinking worse.


NEIGHBOURS: Erinsborough's new high school principal Michael encourages Kate to be more creative with her Year 7 class, but Libby isn't impressed by his laid-back approach.

EMMERDALE: Paddy feels uneasy when he realises Jackson spent the night with Aaron, while Chas can't resist the urge to stick her oar in.

HOME & AWAY: New arrival April makes a big first impression on Xavier, but their flirtation is brought to an abrupt halt when Ruby puts in an appearance. Romeo comes up with a plan to break-up John and Jill, but Gina isn't convinced that she should be getting involved in it.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew comes up with an idea to promote PirateNet. Unfortunately, it involves a risqu photoshoot featuring a model who turns out to be Michael's daughter.

EASTENDERS: While Vanessa introduces herself to Max's kids, he's busy trying to win back their mother. But Tanya has big news of her own.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier is in a bad mood as he shuts out Ruby and refuses to accept an apology from Romeo. However, there is one bright spot on the horizon when April shows an interest in his boxing classes. Meanwhile, John opens up to Jill about his true feelings - for Gina.


NEIGHBOURS: Lyn decides to split up Doug and Libby before the doctor gets the chance to let slip about Steph's pregnancy secret.

EMMERDALE: Diane makes a big decision regarding her future, and Eve turns up to Pear Tree in a flirtatious mood - and a very revealing outfit.

CORRIE: Fiz tries to put Chesney off leaving school by telling him that if is he's serious about earning a living, he'll have to start paying his way at home.

HOME & AWAY: Marilyn has an idea to boost the takings at Alf's bait shop. Lijuan and Song claim they're leaving after Elijah asks them to tone down their behaviour.


NEIGHBOURS: Harry tries to help Summer and the Ramsays mark Mother's Day, while Lyn warns Libby that she is turning into her mum.

EASTENDERS: Liz vows to track down Owen, if only so he can give his blessing to her romance with Patrick. Lucas will be delighted!

HOME & AWAY: Angelo learns he is being suspended from duty following Hugo's escape. Miles tells Alf that Marilyn's business idea has potential.

RIVER CITY: Theresa's hold on the Mullen family gets even tighter as she forces Scarlett to sell alcohol for her.

Stacey is cot short

Half-naked mum-to-be is shocked to find Ryan building nursery furniture


He may be good at dreaming up scams but Ryan clearly isn't much cop when it comes to counting to nine, otherwise he would have worked out why it really isn't such a good idea for him to keep toying with Stacey's emotions.

This week, it looks like the already grumpy mum-to-be has had enough of the bookie when she steps out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel, only to find he's lurking around the Slater house building her a cot.

However, when she finds a teddy bear on her doorstep and realises Ryan left it, she begins to soften and even considers informing him that he's the baby's father.

Stacey heads to his flat to break the news but, unfortunately, it's Janine who answers - and she can't wait to tell the pregnant, vulnerable widow that Ryan only kissed her to win a cruel bet.

Even after all those months of living with her, Ryan is still stunned that his girlfriend could be so cruel and races after Stacey to say sorry - but it soon becomes clear she needs more than apologies as she goes into labour.

He rings for an ambulance and before either of them know what is happening, they are at the hospital together. Stacey panics when the baby's heartbeat stops. She begins babbling to Ryan that if anything happens to her child, it will be a punishment for all the bad things she's done - including lying to Bradley. Will she feel the urge to make any other big confessions once her daughter actually arrives?

Elsewhere, it seems Lucy Beale isn't quite the evil genius she likes to think she is as Ian sets up a webcam and catches her stealing money from the cafe till. At least we find out where the teen got her morals from when she explains she's behind with her revision and was going to use the cash to buy a copy of the exam papers. And her dad is surprisingly understanding.

But when Lucy turns up to meet Adam to collect the paper, he tells her he doesn't want her money because he's thought of another way for her to repay him. He rings for an ambulance and, before either of them know what is happening, they are at the hospital together.


The charity Stonewall has run a survey to decide which soap carries the best gay plot - and Emmerdale has been crowned the winner thanks to Aaron Livesy's storyline. It's also been widely reported that Charlie Jones and Melissa Suffield will be leaving EastEnders soon, but a source claims their characters - Ben and Lucy - will remain in the show and be played by other actors.


MUM'S THE WORD... Maisie is left in the dark CODED MESSAGE... Natasha recieves an unexpected gift STARRY EYED... Nicole and Penn NEW LOVE... Tina falls for the unlikely charms of Graeme TENSE...Eileen and Gina DECEIVED...Naomi lies about Ringo's ex Donna LABOUR OF LOVE...Will Stacey reveal the truth to Ryan, top? Adam plots for Lucy to repay him, above.
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