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Gail is court in the act

Lovable Gail McIntyre is staring a long jail term in the face thanks to a mixture of events - and despicable Tracy conspiring against her.

Whether the jury bought a word of Tracy's lies or whether Gail's innocence shines through in spite of all the 'evidence' stacked against her will soon be revealed. Ken and Deirdre are shocked by the state of their daughter's injuries and Ms Barlow goes mad when the police tell her she won't be transferred to an open prison in exchange for her testimony.

Elsewhere, Gary gets the chance to be a knight in shining armour and steps in when he thinks newcomer Owen is hassling Izzy. He soon puts the local in his place when he tells him he has every right as he's her dad. And Peter and Leanne are alarmed when they overhear Nick telling the factory workers that he has lost the order and Underworld is finished.



Battling for Ben's freedom

Father's Day is fast approaching but Phil probably shouldn't start clearing a place in the Arches for a Dad of the Year mug just yet as a social worker comes to call and Ian insists that Ben will live with him following the trial.

On the morning his son is due in court, Phil is back to pouring whisky in his coffee, but the Mitchells are thrown a lifeline when their solicitor reveals that if Ben was provoked, it could help his case. Luckily, it turns out Jordan isn't as good at keeping guilty secrets as his dad, and he changes his statement to admit he had been picking on his attacker.

However, even with these mitigating circumstances, Ben's case is sent to crown court, leaving the lad at serious risk of a custodial sentence - and while he tries to put on a brave face in front of his father, he's terrified.

Will Phil finally step up and give his son the support he so clearly needs?

More importantly, will the scriptwriters ever embrace the idea of gradual character development, or will the Square's answer to Billy Elliot continue in this psychopathic vein for a while to come?


In Home & Away, anybody who is put off their tea by the idea of people over the age of 40 having a cuddle should better stay away. John and Gina are a long way from patching things up, but Jill is very much on the scene and there may be some middle-aged hanky-panky very soon.


Ringo's return

A familiar face returns to Erinsborough - Ringo Brown is back.

Actor Sam Clark, who plays him, took a break from the soap to launch his singing career Down Under, so it should be no surprise to see his character breaking into song at the first available moment.

So, why the warbling? It's all because of Bridget. Yes, she may have been dead for some time, but her friends are keen to keep her memory alive, and so gather to celebrate what would have been her 18th birthday.

The event makes Declan's new squeeze, Kate, a little uncomfortable, but this is soon overcome and they are brought closer than ever.

Libby and Dr Doug's relationship also heats up pretty quickly, although Karl isn't exactly thrilled when he realises his daughter is dating his boss.

Dangerous liaison


We always knew that Scarlett's world would be turned upside down by Theresa's arrival, but we thought she might just be learning to cope with it by now.

However, if anything, matters are set to worsen - particularly when Scarlett discovers that her sister has helped Bob out of a tricky financial situation at the garage. She realises the cash must have come from the burglary at The Tall Ship, and thinks the best way to stop Theresa's interference with the business is by persuading Deek to reinvest his money instead.

What she doesn't reckon on is that Bob doesn't want to go down that route again, and prefers to keep the situation in the family. It's a move he may live to regret.

As matters unfold Theresa continues to rope Scarlett into her dodgy activities, this time involving Hayley and another raid on the pub.


It's a Killer thriller

With a name like 'Killer', the latest baddie in the Bay was probably never destined to be a chartered accountant.

In fact, he may be the most charming and deadly sociopath the soap has ever seen. So it's no wonder Hugo is going crazy at the thought of all of his loved ones being in his clutches and is determined to hand himself over in exchange.

Tony is sure there must be another way, but he's soon up to his neck in the whole mess - locked in a standoff with Hugo and Killer. Will Martha, Gina and Xavier perish in a watery grave? And can Charlie and Angelo get there in time? And just on the off-chance that they do, will Martha and Hugo ever get a chance to be together?

Elsewhere, Romeo turns to Irene for advice about his mother, while Leah and Irene set Colleen straight about how she has been duped by Marilyn. And Leah goes behind Elijah's back to make arrangements for his parents' visit... but has she overstepped the mark?




NEIGHBOURS: Donna's latest meeting with Nick takes an emotional turn after she reveals her true identity.

EASTENDERS: Denise frets when Lucas stays out all night. Vanessa gets better acquainted with Max.

EMMERDALE: David realises he's been set up when Tania hands him an incriminating DVD and suggests he show it to Leyla.

CORRIE: Izzy is enjoying flirting with Gary - until her dad puts in an appearance. Meanwhile, as Fiz and John plan a belated honeymoon, Trevor cancels his World Cup trip.

HOME & AWAY: Ruby tries to convince Liam that they can continue making beautiful music together. Charlie and Angelo conduct their own search for the kidnappers.


NEIGHBOURS: Lucas offers to keep an eye on Sonya, who is still struggling to cope with losing Toadie.

EASTENDERS: Darren does his best to impress Jodie, while Carol puts a dampener on Billie's big plans.

RIVER CITY: Eileen hears some unexpected news at the doctor's. Stella is under suspicion when Hayley's purse is stolen.

EMMERDALE: Aaron is uncomfortable about Jackson's presence in the village, but can't help giving him the odd longing gaze - much to Cain and Ryan's amusement.

HOME & AWAY: Although Jill claims to be feeling guilty about ruining John's relationship, she doesn't let her conscience get in the way of a romantic evening for two.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie doesn't really have a leg to stand on when it comes to Sonya, but that doesn't stop him confronting her about all the time she's been spending with Lucas.

EMMERDALE: Jason isn't best pleased when Cain informs him that his new bath is currently resting at the bottom of a skip, underneath a pile of Dingle junk. Rhona finds a new home - and maybe a new business opportunity too, if Marlon can talk Paddy round.

HOME & AWAY: Colleen is furious to discover the truth about Marilyn and Alf's 'relationship' and decides they're the ones who need to be taught a lesson. Romeo takes the sensible step of asking The Wise Woman of Summer Bay, Irene, for advice on sorting out his mother.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew's plot to use Kyle to drive a wedge between Paul and Rebecca hits a major snag.

EASTENDERS: Denise demands to know what Lucas has been up to, but isn't prepared for his answer.

EMMERDALE: Charlie impresses Diane with his heroics, while Natasha is forced to admit Home Farm is happier without Nathan.

CORRIE: Roy proves he does have a romantic side by writing Hayley a heartfelt love letter. Audrey smarts when Lewis stands her up because a date with a client overran.

HOME & AWAY: Leah arranges for Elijah's parents to come to stay. Romeo talks to Liam about his mother's addiction, and John tells Jill he can't keep on seeing her.


NEIGHBOURS: Lucas struggles to understand why Callum wants to spend time with him, while Harry starts to doubt Andrew's motives.

EMMERDALE: The relationship between Diane and George hots up, while Maisie gives Natasha and Declan her blessing. Carl is the latest village man to be tempted by Eve.

CORRIE: Peter refuses to let the vacant Turner's site to Nick, but Leanne pleads her ex-husband's case. Is she really just thinking of Janice's job? Tina sorts through Joe's belongings, and Lewis offers to give up being a gigolo.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier ends his relationship with Ruby after she admits to having feelings for Liam, and Elijah warns Leah to watch out for his manipulative mum.

Nicola's trouble & strife

Bride-to-be bottles it as stress of wedding and court case take their toll


It's amazing how much Nicola De Souza has changed since she became a mother.

It's not that long ago since she was trying to bump off older, wealthier husband Donald by fiddling with the electrics on a toy train set.

For a while she was operating almost completely without a moral compass and the idea of her ending up behind bars wouldn't have seen many reaching for a box of tissues to fix a dampness in the eyes.

However, it would appear that she's mellowed out considerably after settling down with Jimmy and having a baby. In fact, she seems to have lost her murderous tendencies altogether, and you can reasonably be forgiven for hoping she finds a way to avoid landing in the slammer - though there might be a few parents who agree with village firebrand Viv's view that she deserves whatever she gets for biting a child.

Even with the impending trial hanging over their heads, Nicola and Jimmy seem determined to focus on their upcoming wedding. This isn't made any easier when they discover that the two events are due to take place on the same day.

Jimmy realises just how worried Nicola is getting about the court case, even though she tries to hide her feelings, and as the two head off for their respective hen and stag parties, Nicola gets steadily more drunk as the night wears on.

When Jimmy comes out of his own celebration he is concerned to see Chas trying to walk the troubled, and rather intoxicated, bride-to-be home. The next day, the stress all becomes too much for Nicola and, after walking down the aisle at the rehearsal, she tells Jimmy that the wedding is off.

Things only get worse in court when the judge refuses to dismiss the case due to Nicola's apparent lack of remorse. Will she end up in prison?

It's safe to say that, even in Emmerdale, few paths to the altar have been strewn with as many booby-traps as rose petals. Will she draw a veil over these dreadful events?


Lucy Benjamin will be making a brief return to EastEnders this summer, but admits she hasn't kept up with plot developments since quitting her role in 2003 - she says she doesn't miss the long hours either. She's spent 20 years saying no, but Kylie Minogue has now admitted she thinks it'd be great fun if she returned to Neighbours as tomboy Charlene. Do it Kylie.


NO MOVE... Tracy DAY OF RECKONING... Gail awaits her fate in court PARTING OF THE WAYS... Phil Mitchell and son Ben NEW LOOK... Ringo is back in town TURMOIL... Mum Scarlett FIGHTING FIT... Hugo and Killer come to blows SHOW ME THE WAY... Jimmy spots Chas trying to get Nicola home, left. He reassures Nicola about the court case (top) but she later insists that the wedding is off (above)
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